Among Us but I'm Singing (Animated)

Oct 3, 2020
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It's a love song. It's a sad song. It's a high IQ animated music video about a nasty impostor.
Animation and Lyrics by Teebs
Arranged and Produced by Flex Gordon - Spotify:
Lead Vocal by Gloom
Harmony by Rylan
Medbay, Cafeteria, Voting Screen and Anime Tentacles by Mauri
Space Phone by Initial
Drinks brought to us while we were sleep deprived by Sam
Among Us Animation - Blue is Sus (Music Video)
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My TIK TOK is @gloomdog, here's a link:
I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

  • Kassie gave me a love letter thanks 🤣

    lime suslime sus5 hours ago
  • Hello

    DeKontee PyneDeKontee Pyne6 hours ago
  • B e a u t i f u l

    Red ScarRed Scar6 hours ago
  • she can sing so well like if you agree

    Ellie RainesEllie Raines7 hours ago
  • oh and i play with you rit

    Noelle Elise RiccardoNoelle Elise Riccardo7 hours ago
  • Gloom you didit have to do that

    Noelle Elise RiccardoNoelle Elise Riccardo7 hours ago
  • After watching the music video in every among us game i say i knew it was ........ but this crew is low iq

    snowy gachasnowy gacha7 hours ago
  • Is it weird that I am using this as background music for studying and school work??🤣

    Super-Potter GamingSuper-Potter Gaming8 hours ago
  • Your song is amazing you wonderfull casie

    Gabriel joshGabriel josh8 hours ago
  • Why tf am I crying :(

    MaltaLandMaltaLand12 hours ago
  • it is so true i love it

    Olivia MatyasOlivia Matyas12 hours ago
  • Clam your “here before 5 million ticket here” it’s for free

    Jennifer MarshallJennifer Marshall16 hours ago
    • Here at 37 views :)

      sarah dsarah d5 hours ago
  • U sound like old English singers

    aijaaz ahmedaijaaz ahmed18 hours ago
  • This is round control to mayor tom

    Sasha MatengaSasha Matenga18 hours ago
  • did you sing that?

    Rachelle McCannRachelle McCann22 hours ago
  • how did almost nobody realize the david bowie song- some lyrics are even the same as the space oddity song

    milklogzmilklogzDay ago
  • This is Beautiful

    Claire CossotaClaire CossotaDay ago
  • I love your voice

    Scott GrassauScott GrassauDay ago
  • That was a sweet but sad song

    rylee cristrylee cristDay ago
  • I think lime is Azzy

    Madison BrewerMadison BrewerDay ago
  • R.i.p gloom

    rylee cristrylee cristDay ago
  • kassie you are amazing at singing baby (✿◕‿◕✿)

    TaylaTotTaylaTotDay ago
  • :(😭 this is sooo sad

    Sandra SolorioSandra SolorioDay ago
  • Did she draw dis

    Sandra SolorioSandra SolorioDay ago
  • Th Is made me cry 😭

    Valeria Perez QuinteroValeria Perez QuinteroDay ago
  • I remember this song 🎧 so much can’t get it out

    Valentina BernardValentina BernardDay ago
  • why did i cry when light green sent a message like *i love u brown*(as friends). and y was kassie brown isnt she supposed to be pink?

    • B o b a M i l k •• B o b a M i l k •Day ago
  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Kelly MaddenKelly MaddenDay ago
  • Wow. Amazing, awesome

    Venita GoyalVenita GoyalDay ago
  • I love the David Bowie

    Baty41Baty41Day ago
  • She has such a pretty singing voice like if you agree

    Autumn HahnAutumn HahnDay ago
  • Butiful

    Oceanfun12Oceanfun12Day ago
  • I have a question what does it mean to vote on 7?

    S&J MinecraftingS&J MinecraftingDay ago
  • you almost made me cry

    James MartinJames MartinDay ago
  • 0:02 that ship looks like the adventures with the kratts ship

    Juli TorrJuli TorrDay ago
  • I love the animation

    Madeleine susantoMadeleine susanto2 days ago
  • lol

    Jordyn BessingerJordyn Bessinger2 days ago
  • Why did this make me cry

    Claire WegerbauerClaire Wegerbauer2 days ago
  • This song makes me cry-

    Victoria KirkhamVictoria Kirkham2 days ago
  • I have a complain, Wait nvm I don’t have any. LOL

    S DJRS DJR2 days ago
  • Kassie: *can sing* Terry: *can animate* 1.5 k people: *nah...*

  • Gloom I can’t believe you thought people would laugh at you for this! It’s incredible and I love it!

  • Dang this really got me in my feelz

    simpforpsychos :3simpforpsychos :32 days ago
  • This is ground control to major Tom

    Lacey GeorgiouLacey Georgiou2 days ago
  • Lol

    Sweet Strawberrys AmrSweet Strawberrys Amr2 days ago
  • love movies in 2020:

    graciegracie2 days ago
  • Among us lyp

    Yamete KudasaiYamete Kudasai2 days ago

    Peter. Xz123Peter. Xz1232 days ago
  • 0:28 that’s when it’s starts no need to thank me

    Hannah BananaHannah Banana3 days ago
  • My class : * watches after school* Me: *gets 10/10 questions right* Class: bUt ThIs gIrL iS hIgH iQ!!!

    Eliza MewariEliza Mewari3 days ago
  • I JUST REALIZED. THE TUNE OF THIS IS A DAVID BOWIE SONG. lol that took me a hot second to figure it out.

    Sabrina OnaSabrina Ona3 days ago
  • U have a beautiful voice

  • can someone please tell me what the red thing that showed the taskbar is andkjasija sorry I'm dumb

    Lena HadleyLena Hadley3 days ago
  • why did I watch this 20 times and I am still crying?

    Jose A TerrazasJose A Terrazas3 days ago
  • Woof

    Doge2000Doge20003 days ago
  • Hey...are you the one who was playing with us today ?? I found u through among

    Samikshya PradhanSamikshya Pradhan3 days ago
  • this actually made me feel like crying ngl

    trusfrated kookietrusfrated kookie3 days ago
  • I’m not being mean but umm she wasent made for this :/ Ok im sorry but its true

    Animiw cwossingAnimiw cwossing3 days ago
  • I am cryinggggg, this is the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard 😂

    Kaidyn ThompsonKaidyn Thompson3 days ago
  • I get the reference Haha

    EmperorPenguin 422EmperorPenguin 4223 days ago
  • She has such a pretty voice

    Darcie MyersDarcie Myers4 days ago
  • no hamster

    I KittenI Kitten4 days ago
  • 🙁🙂

    lisa wardlisa ward4 days ago
  • ❤️❤️

    aslmereaslmere4 days ago
  • Her voice is the best

    Sarah LAngevinSarah LAngevin4 days ago
  • My singing:ahhhhh(cracks voice) Kassie’s singing:heyyyyy yeahhhhh

    Xandra CalderonXandra Calderon4 days ago

    izzy may_vidsizzy may_vids4 days ago

      izzy may_vidsizzy may_vids4 days ago
  • I love this it is my 45th time lol

    Paisley KernPaisley Kern4 days ago
  • yeah

    Jessica ShelerJessica Sheler4 days ago
  • You sound a,a zing gloom well doje

    xxunikitty_ loverxxxxunikitty_ loverxx4 days ago
  • Put this on Spotify kass I mean like I love this song like me casually puts it on repeat every day all day

    A MugginsA Muggins4 days ago
  • I have no words .

    10202-Nehal Waleed Hussein Alnaqeb10202-Nehal Waleed Hussein Alnaqeb4 days ago
  • Poor hamsrterrrrrr😢😢😢😢😢

    Dejanae DawkinsDejanae Dawkins4 days ago
  • Is this on Spotify and can you put it on Spotify

    A MugginsA Muggins4 days ago
  • that was cute

    Oshea'na JonesOshea'na Jones4 days ago

    I KittenI Kitten4 days ago
  • David Bowie would be so proud

    Girls MercadoGirls Mercado4 days ago
    • he's just in space don't worry, he's listening to this and he is proud.

      SuperManyFan ZSuperManyFan Z3 days ago
  • Beautiful

    Razia SultanaRazia Sultana4 days ago
  • Awww

    B O MaghrabyB O Maghraby4 days ago
  • "I knew it was the blue, but this crew is low IQ"- classic gloom

    Gio ChikovaniGio Chikovani4 days ago
  • I did not Realise this is done by you. Tell him minigames ago but besides that this was an amazing vid

    ET GohomeET Gohome4 days ago
  • cute

    riya alexriya alex4 days ago
  • love it looking nice

    riya alexriya alex4 days ago
  • wow gloom

    riya alexriya alex4 days ago
  • Its so nice

    Kulilits J&J VlogKulilits J&J Vlog4 days ago
  • :) luv

    Brooklyn ALLANBrooklyn ALLAN4 days ago
  • wait this is an actual emotional bop lol

    DAMIENDAMIEN4 days ago
  • Friend: Why don’t you sing this among us song Me: Sings Beautifully Kassie:Wait that’s illegal

    Ahsan MahmoodAhsan Mahmood4 days ago
  • your voice is great this is fire

    bloodb4be _bloodb4be _4 days ago
  • Gloom:* sings* Me:*splits screen to writer+* Write that down, write that down!

    Eliza MewariEliza Mewari5 days ago
  • I love her voice This is on ✨point✨

    gacha mousiegacha mousie5 days ago
  • The end though... Just casually watching a ship exploded definitely not concerned by that!

    Daisy _QueenDaisy _Queen5 days ago

    Doug RockDoug Rock5 days ago
  • I love this song you all need to search (major Tom)!

    Drea BolstadDrea Bolstad5 days ago
  • Ya she dose and Great animation

    Kylee HohbeinKylee Hohbein5 days ago
  • lol i love david bowie and this is so funny

    Adele DiegoAdele Diego5 days ago
  • The hamster singing was my fav lol 😂 1:43 - 1:46

    Mila AlliMila Alli5 days ago
  • why did i cry when i watched this :(

    poppy !poppy !5 days ago
  • pray for brown

    cffcff5 days ago
  • Awwwwww you sing so wellll😍❤

    MonikaGacha RealityMonikaGacha Reality5 days ago