🔴Among Us Proximity Mod: KREW, LaurenzSide, Smajor, ShowThyme, OMGChad

Nov 8, 2020
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Today Gloom, Smajor, LaurenzSide, ShowThyme, OMGChad, Itsfunneh, rainbow, draco, lunar and gold are using the proximity voice chat mod because it’s the most fun and hilarious thing I’ve played to date in Among Us.
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  • Bro it’s Draaaaco! Not freaking DrAco Malloy pronunciation!

    Kai ReedKai Reed4 hours ago
  • porr funneh on the thumb nale😉😂

    Sambuu SoronzSambuu Soronz13 hours ago
  • I love u gloom

    Alexis ClarkAlexis Clark14 hours ago

    Båbý BëårBåbý Bëår15 hours ago
  • Uh

    Chelsy DenhereChelsy Denhere18 hours ago
  • Hiiiiii

    Chelsy DenhereChelsy Denhere18 hours ago
  • She forgot to say gold!! Noooo😭

    Beyonce BaisBeyonce Bais20 hours ago
  • Who else saw some that had the name Draco on here Harry pottah

  • Gloom: OoOoO! No one: Not a soul: Them: Oh there's gloom.

    Francoise McarthurFrancoise McarthurDay ago
    • Copied~

      Båbý BëårBåbý Bëår15 hours ago
  • draco put up a fonu blue berry faygo

    Lovely's WorldLovely's WorldDay ago
  • why is rainbow stealing glooms pink color

    Justina DirzyteJustina DirzyteDay ago
  • Hi f

    R LRR LR2 days ago
  • I’m was so mad bc funneh didn’t have blue

    UnicornLola552UnicornLola5522 days ago
  • when Kassie was following Lauren and kassie was making ghost noises or whatever I tried to figure out what lauren was saying at one point and at 21:10 when you turn on cc it says that kassie's ghost noises are music

    Natalie CarpenterNatalie Carpenter2 days ago
  • Gloom whats your Minicrewmate baby's name?

    Robert SloanRobert Sloan2 days ago
  • The fact i knew what all of these wree like becasue i waTCHED THEM ON SCOTTS VIDEO xd

    Katie PeaseKatie Pease2 days ago
  • Hi Kassie

    Howard HoemannHoward Hoemann2 days ago
  • I was like "Tell them Rainbow did swipe!!!!!!!" Lol

    Draco 3002Draco 30022 days ago
  • i love that her camera is fixed right when scott murders her at 1:04:11

  • I always say it Dracko not drayco (I’m just saying I know it’s draco but I’m saying that so you understand how I pronounce it Also congrats Lauren!!

    Roxxii2Roxxii23 days ago
  • Hi hi hi hi hi hi

    Yvonne Trisha San LuisYvonne Trisha San Luis3 days ago
  • 44:56 the saddest voice ever

    IMLEIMLE3 days ago

    Alya tri SuryaniAlya tri Suryani4 days ago
  • “You guys always say Dracko” 😐😐😐 I already know someone’s going to say it’s Draco, I meant to spell it like that

    BBQ ReviewBBQ Review4 days ago
  • Do more of this

  • Showthyme: I heard voices on scanner when I was on telescope Crewmate Vision: Idk bout that one Chie- Impostor Vision: Watch it Round just ended, I KNEW IT

    Purple • SealPurple • Seal4 days ago
  • Anyone know what days she streams??

    Madson WilsonMadson Wilson4 days ago
  • Can I join ur discord server??

    Priya LohiaPriya Lohia5 days ago
    • The one where u play among us

      Priya LohiaPriya Lohia5 days ago
  • Aphmau. Where is she😭

    Danna MoyaDanna Moya5 days ago
  • is it just me or is the sound of the keyboard just *satisfying*

    itzZemikyitzZemiky5 days ago
  • Among usssss

    Audrina DeNucce-SimmsAudrina DeNucce-Simms5 days ago
  • Hiiiiii 😀😀

    Audrina DeNucce-SimmsAudrina DeNucce-Simms5 days ago
  • UWU its dra co not dray co watch its funnehs vids youll see

    Mackenzie SandlantMackenzie Sandlant5 days ago

    Chibi-Usa DiamondChibi-Usa Diamond5 days ago
  • guys doe anyone know why the little people are black when we vote

    Mel’s M00linMel’s M00lin5 days ago
  • Draco can be pronouced like the one from harry potter or with a short a

    《Lila》《Lila》5 days ago
  • k u were literally NEVER impister

    FoxyBreezeFoxyBreeze6 days ago
  • "DRAYYYCO you guys always say DRAACO" 🤣

    Itz MeeAmayaItz MeeAmaya6 days ago
  • I'm playing among us

    Isaiah CargillIsaiah Cargill6 days ago
  • Im playing among us

    Isaiah CargillIsaiah Cargill6 days ago

    Cooper BassCooper Bass6 days ago
  • How do you proximity mod?

    ༺•Super Pøwer Gácha•༻༺•Super Pøwer Gácha•༻6 days ago
  • Lauren's scream is amazing. "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!"

    ceceliacecelia6 days ago
  • hi, gloom hi crew I am a big big fan!

    Mirlo Arte en MetalMirlo Arte en Metal6 days ago
    • I like all your videos so so so much :) :D

      Mirlo Arte en MetalMirlo Arte en Metal6 days ago
  • So long but worth the time😍

    it's kate offficialit's kate offficial6 days ago
  • Also draco

    DarkfeathersDAILEYDarkfeathersDAILEY7 days ago
  • That's how you say draca

    DarkfeathersDAILEYDarkfeathersDAILEY7 days ago
  • Hey gloom I have a thing were u have to perfect thing and um it is Draaaaaco not Draaayyyyco

    DarkfeathersDAILEYDarkfeathersDAILEY7 days ago
  • I'm late by a WEEK :>

    Flxxy LxxyFlxxy Lxxy7 days ago
  • We have draco not drah co Me: draco malfoy

    Bubble SafariBubble Safari7 days ago
  • Woah woah hold up ive watched thr krew since I was like 5 years old and is it really drAco and not Draco?! Because the krew always says it like draco???

    Leah SmithLeah Smith7 days ago
  • Kassie isn't PINK??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!

    Noa Grace WelbornNoa Grace Welborn7 days ago
  • Ok but we are not going to talk about draco?😃

    Bts_fan ʕ•ᴥ•ʔBts_fan ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ7 days ago
  • Can someone please tell me why they hear a scream every time a body is reported? I don't quite know how that works

    The TV LoverThe TV Lover7 days ago
  • If you have a pet the pet can stay from the place of the ded body it can help if someone is lying where the place

    dino pigdino pig7 days ago
  • Is anybody Potter head? Draco remind you of anybody

    Arya DhutiaArya Dhutia8 days ago
  • The Krew, literally Draco’s siblings: So Draco- Everyone else: DrAyYyYcOoOo

    What's the point W҈h҈a҈t҈s҈ t҈h҈e҈ p҈o҈i҈n҈t҈What's the point W҈h҈a҈t҈s҈ t҈h҈e҈ p҈o҈i҈n҈t҈8 days ago
    • @caroll bacongol what do you mean? i’ve been a fan for 5 years?

      What's the point W҈h҈a҈t҈s҈ t҈h҈e҈ p҈o҈i҈n҈t҈What's the point W҈h҈a҈t҈s҈ t҈h҈e҈ p҈o҈i҈n҈t҈20 hours ago
    • Ur welcome to krew 🙂🙂

      caroll bacongolcaroll bacongolDay ago
  • kassie introducing everyone: DRAY-CO, you guys all say draco

    What's the point W҈h҈a҈t҈s҈ t҈h҈e҈ p҈o҈i҈n҈t҈What's the point W҈h҈a҈t҈s҈ t҈h҈e҈ p҈o҈i҈n҈t҈8 days ago
  • I just love how the crew and gloom are playing again the last game they played together was human flat

    • LosxerGirl •• LosxerGirl •8 days ago
  • I just tried to check the chat while I had the video enlargedon my screen. I obviously play lots 😝 😆 😂

    Mikayla Te RietstapMikayla Te Rietstap9 days ago
  • 1:05:49 this made me laugh way too much

    Anežka SikorováAnežka Sikorová9 days ago

    Kaydence KayKaydence Kay9 days ago
  • Make more harder

    Anna RiveraAnna Rivera9 days ago
  • One hour... 27 minutes... and not once was gloom imposter

    Valeria AcuviValeria Acuvi9 days ago
  • Kassie: *Exposing Scott* Scott: *Kills* 😀👍

    miss tressmiss tress9 days ago
  • The thumbnail ♥️

    Alfred JohnsonAlfred Johnson9 days ago
  • Hi

    ceci ortizceci ortiz9 days ago
  • Why cant you do comms??

    Adela SampsonAdela Sampson9 days ago
  • imangine being 6 days late...🙄

    georgia wrengeorgia wren9 days ago
  • So interesting!

    {•c•o•o•k•i•e• c•l•u•b•}{•c•o•o•k•i•e• c•l•u•b•}9 days ago
  • i love your vids

    Juju cJuju c9 days ago
  • Kassie we have the same birthday 🥳😁 December 19th 😄

    OompaVille’s ChildOompaVille’s Child9 days ago
  • There's an easier way of playing with proximity chat where you don't have to waste a button you can just go on discord and then when you get on meetings mute yourself on proximity and unmute yourself on discord and you can talk normally

    Emma OrtegaEmma Ortega9 days ago
  • Kassie

    Calliesta_buildsCalliesta_builds9 days ago
  • ok kassie its Draco not DrAco

    wierdgachaboywierdgachaboy10 days ago
  • hey Kassie you say that it is actually (Dr-a- co). But we only say (Dra-co) because the krew says Dra-co, I dont mean to offend you.... I was just saying.... I LOVE your vids please dont take this the wrong way... Love you!!!

    Carter kidzCarter kidz10 days ago
  • I hate when she’s not pink it’s just wrong

    TrxpicalxCat_xTrxpicalxCat_x10 days ago
  • so gloom to fix the comms you just turn the nop slowly until the red light turns off when it turns off stop turning it then the green light will turn on and comms will be fixed hope this helps :)

    Lulu gacha GamesLulu gacha Games10 days ago
  • 666k views oh

    • Mēøw •• Mēøw •10 days ago
  • Plz tell the code I wanna join I can play

    Aaradhya GCAaradhya GC10 days ago
  • Frist round I knew it was both of them

    Katherine BarnesKatherine Barnes10 days ago
  • and gllom your so pretty! gloom*

    Jennifer BockingJennifer Bocking10 days ago
  • lunar is so sweet showtyme: say's lunar's name wrong showtyme: noiteced what said8 showtyme: so sorry! lunar: awe its oK!

    Jennifer BockingJennifer Bocking10 days ago
  • lunar: glomm is safe lunar: gloom* draco:glomm lunar lol

    Jennifer BockingJennifer Bocking10 days ago
  • It’s dra-coe

    Fall RhinoFall Rhino10 days ago
  • my head go's Oof it give's meh pain when you say drakeo! when its draco!

    Jennifer BockingJennifer Bocking10 days ago
  • What if gloom was ur sis

    Karina ChenKarina Chen10 days ago
  • Hi gloom

  • Thanks for making my day gloom, hopefully lizzie could join you guys again with her big brain and also please do more collabs with the krew.

    AJ OgbacAJ Ogbac10 days ago

    AnliIxxAnliIxx10 days ago
  • Was Adam b in the video because it sounded like hime

    Lucia KuckerLucia Kucker10 days ago
  • Intro Kassie talked kinda like 2017 Kassie

    Yolanda ZondiYolanda Zondi10 days ago
  • I’m still confused... is it Draco or Drāco?

    Lily HoLily Ho10 days ago
  • I swear it’s draco Not drayco idkkkkk

    Rachael SmythRachael Smyth10 days ago
  • I love 💕 azzyland and gloom 😊 ❤️

    Maryam SajidMaryam Sajid10 days ago
  • How do you get among us on PC

    Kathy KearneyKathy Kearney10 days ago
  • *When gloom said lunar your a savage* Me: ocf she is she like black purp and evvvill stuff and magic and witches

    陈美娇陈美娇10 days ago
  • I love your videos I watch him every day

    Evelyn PrukaEvelyn Pruka10 days ago
  • Hey

    Evelyn PrukaEvelyn Pruka10 days ago
  • Hi gloom !

    Lydia MurphyLydia Murphy10 days ago