🔴Among Us: Toast, Aphmau, DanTDM, Pokimane, Corpse, LaurenzSide, Smajor (Gloom POV)

Oct 8, 2020
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This lobby is an eclectic mix of amazing creators, sweat and chaos. @Aphmau , @DanTDM , @LaurenzSide , @Pokimane , @Brianna, @Preston , @Dangthatsalongname (Smajor), @Disguised Toast, @Corpse Husband
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
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  • I love 46:25

    bvnnybonbvnnybon56 minutes ago
  • People that are waching this one moth later ;]

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  • My pet died today. She is in a better place now. But you make me feel so much better.

    Camryn BeardCamryn Beard5 hours ago
  • Can you stream a game of among us where you play in a public lobby and see if people believe if you are the real gloom or not

    Madeleine D'AgnilloMadeleine D'Agnillo6 hours ago
  • I just got here

    Brandon SunthivongBrandon Sunthivong10 hours ago
  • hi

    Amya ArthurAmya Arthur12 hours ago
  • 1:10:19 everyone:... me:WHAT THE HECK IS APHMAU'S KID DOING?!

    Gacha- AnnaGacha- Anna19 hours ago
  • okay i love gloom but it kills me when she is so clueless like i just wanna 🤬

    emma pierceemma pierce23 hours ago
  • CZ

    FunWith NolaFunWith NolaDay ago
  • when Gloom doesn't get imposter: Me: THAT ILLEGAL

    Kitty OmeimaKitty OmeimaDay ago
    • ur a ssniperwolf sub arent ya

      Ainsley WoodwardAinsley Woodward15 hours ago
  • aphmau and corpse, my life is complete

    an0th3r.r0s3an0th3r.r0s3Day ago
  • is this live

    Sherri GonzalezSherri GonzalezDay ago
  • hi

    Sherri GonzalezSherri GonzalezDay ago
  • The first round you were so worried about Toast seeing you come from that direction but remember… The lights were off 😈

    Sarah TateSarah TateDay ago
  • Cassie: Ok so whos the smartets here? Me: using mouse to circle scott

    Etta EvansEtta EvansDay ago
    • just realized I didnt spell that right

      Etta EvansEtta EvansDay ago
  • i didnt know it was streaming...

    Alexis McCoyAlexis McCoyDay ago
  • 16:29 i just noticed how the colors are like the rainbow.

    Zarina_ PlayzZarina_ PlayzDay ago
  • hi gloom my mom loves to watch your art videos

    Ashley WalkerAshley WalkerDay ago
  • Gloom can you play more episodes and I love your videos

    Kelsey WardKelsey WardDay ago
  • When corpse speaks........ I ADMIT IM A SIMP

    BekkerBekkerDay ago
  • 49:17

    Loves anime But doesn’t watch animeLoves anime But doesn’t watch animeDay ago
  • Does anyone else think that kassie and Scott should make more videos together

    I love sitchI love sitch2 days ago

    Nicolas AndersonNicolas Anderson2 days ago
  • lol gloom ur amazing

    E BewsE Bews2 days ago
  • The little exchange between Toast and Corpse was so wholesome! XD T: "I like that." C: "Which one?" T: "You." C: "Oh. I like you too Toast." 1:01:00

    Psycho KittyPsycho Kitty2 days ago
  • People who loves corpses voice 👇

    Jeremy MerrittJeremy Merritt2 days ago
  • Hi

    cat cupcakecat cupcake2 days ago

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  • Corpse knows fashion >:D

    Gacha ChanGacha Chan2 days ago
  • I thought about watching this video and I just clicked on it and then I looked at it it's 2 hours long what are you thinking I ain't going to watch this

    Roxy JohnsonRoxy Johnson2 days ago
  • Wait ok but are kassie and Terry married or I'm I not thinking straight?

    gachaAlly makesgachaAlly makes2 days ago
    • I think there engaged and kassies pan

      Gacha ChanGacha Chan2 days ago
  • are we still able to use the chat?

    Tianna WhiteTianna White2 days ago
  • Hiiiiii

    Lani OchoaLani Ochoa2 days ago
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    Dixie AbelDixie Abel2 days ago
  • She's always purple

    Dixie AbelDixie Abel2 days ago
  • Why is aphmau yellow instead of purple

    Dixie AbelDixie Abel2 days ago
  • I Love Aphmau Videos! Im a fan😇

    Alisson ColindresAlisson Colindres2 days ago
  • I love how every body was so loud while everyone besides CORPSE was speaking

    Jenna ReinhartJenna Reinhart2 days ago
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  • Heyyyy

    Melissa MullinicksMelissa Mullinicks2 days ago
  • When you were following BRIII whenever she faked tasked the task bar went up

    Janzen GirlsJanzen Girls2 days ago
  • I have a question.. how's do you download this game on your computer??

    Miranda DiazMiranda Diaz2 days ago
  • Hii

    Patricia GonzalezPatricia Gonzalez2 days ago
  • Who else is here just to hear CORPSE'S voice and to see ppls reaction to it? 👇

    sARinaqi CargidaksARinaqi Cargidak2 days ago
  • gloomMove to camera to the right up corner

    eleanor jaquezeleanor jaquez2 days ago
  • oh no oh no oh no no no no no no

    eleanor jaquezeleanor jaquez2 days ago
  • hahahaha!!!!!!!!

    Lily JamesLily James2 days ago
  • Why did everytime corpse talk i spit out my cereal.... his s so powerful-

    Katherine SeitzKatherine Seitz3 days ago
  • I just wacth toasts vid

    Madison DarnealMadison Darneal3 days ago
  • These are all of the youtubers that i watch

    Charleigh Kate BeckCharleigh Kate Beck3 days ago
  • hi

    Ilaria MorcosIlaria Morcos3 days ago
  • I like you playing with Preston and bri

    Tiffany LTiffany L3 days ago
  • does anyone know how to download amount us on a MacBook?

    Once Ler-Once Ler-3 days ago
  • gloom you are playing with aphmau

    Clayton SipfClayton Sipf3 days ago
  • Do u look at people that super chat u bc i did two times and u said nothing nog hate love u

    Drina Is hereDrina Is here3 days ago
  • I want too play with you I'm a big fan

    Brian WBrian W3 days ago
  • Imagine dream , toast , smajor and all the big brain players just playing in one server , just accusations everywhere 🤣

    Accio Art !!Accio Art !!3 days ago
  • Aphmau!!!!!! I love her videos

    Pumpkin CatsPumpkin Cats3 days ago
  • Aph is so salty Lauren took her colour. 😂

    elemental _nightelemental _night3 days ago
  • Couldn't stop smacking my head when she couldn't figure out that Preston was the other imposter with poki.....💀 like girl you are literally looking at the messages where he told you it was him 🤦‍♀️ you funny 😂

    jane may6jane may63 days ago
  • Aphmauuu didi not talk much

    Saybons Kk hospitalSaybons Kk hospital4 days ago
  • No one: Kassie when she sees random people: EEEEEK, AHHHHH

    Arwen DaniaArwen Dania4 days ago
  • akye

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      Buseka Wendy NonguboBuseka Wendy Nongubo4 days ago
  • Nobody: Poki:*breaths* Everybody:*stares at poki falling into lava* :c poor poki

    Marcin SekMarcin Sek4 days ago
  • Nobody: Kassie whenever somebody goes near her: Ew get away you freak

    Brandon YipBrandon Yip4 days ago
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  • Gloom that girl aphmau is my fan

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  • I love corpse'es voice :3

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  • hi i am max i love gloom

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  • Gloom don’t fake shields the lights will light up

    Cecilia AbateCecilia Abate4 days ago
  • First round so sneaky

    Fatima ShakerFatima Shaker4 days ago
  • I loved the video soo much

    Gina BenelliGina Benelli4 days ago
  • Preston: oh I have to play among us tomorrow with Kassie Kassie: where's preston and bri oof size mega

    Skyler HagermanSkyler Hagerman5 days ago
  • Anyone else did see this live but fell asleep-

    •StrawBerry Milk••StrawBerry Milk•5 days ago
  • I did not realize how long this livestream actually was...

    Natalie AlperNatalie Alper5 days ago
  • STOP! It is to long

    Lisa SmallwoodLisa Smallwood5 days ago
    • It was live Karen

      AmaniAmani5 days ago
  • Oh oops 😅

    Jenna TipsJenna Tips5 days ago
  • Imagine at ur funeral nobody’s crying, they’re all saying: “wHErE”

    Fayez BilalFayez Bilal5 days ago
  • at 1:04:11 if u look at the left side of the voting thing it is bisexual colors

    Stich FamStich Fam5 days ago
  • Everyone *talking over everyone when they speaking * Everyone when corpse is speaking *completely quiet *

    Vivian GarciaVivian Garcia5 days ago
  • On the first round CORPSE kinda looks like ennard from fnaf sister location

    Christy GerringerChristy Gerringer5 days ago
  • hi

    Jasmine SmithJasmine Smith5 days ago
  • This is how many people love Corpse voice👀 👇

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  • i just realized CORPSE sounded like my friend ;-;

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  • This is how many people who like toast 👇

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  • You are so cool I watch all your videos

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