🔴Among Us! Valkyrae, Smajor, Toast, Corpse, Jacksepticeye, ShowThyme, Poki, DanTDM, Sykkuno

Oct 16, 2020
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Valkyrae and I decided to mix some friends together today and this lobby is the result! @Valkyrae, @Dangthatsalongname, @Disguised Toast, @Corpse Husband, @jacksepticeye , ShowThyme, @Pokimane, @DanTDM , @Sykkuno
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  • not trying to be rude but it is siiiii kkouno not sekouno

  • hii

    Pilar GranadoPilar Granado6 hours ago
  • Toast voice be like: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Corpse: aaaaa

    BenxieBenxie6 hours ago
  • Sounds like a hamster was making love to her key board -Gloom 2020 🖐🤣

    Tòxįć HõpTòxįć HõpDay ago
  • Me when I get killed: ahh oooh that scares me of corse it’s then wow oh oof Kassie when she get killed: ooh * silence *

    Kim Bell WilliamsKim Bell WilliamsDay ago
  • I want to meet u in rill life its my dream or even calling u iam your 1 fan can u plzz call me cas we can't meet in rill life cas covid 19

    Colleen MackulinColleen MackulinDay ago
  • you can tell that gloom loves corpses voice 😂

    Aoi VibezAoi VibezDay ago
  • When you have friends to play with: giving proof for accusations, being honest... Online playing: everybody yelling and calling each other sus

    Diane ReidDiane ReidDay ago
  • Gloom lauren and say are the best

    Janzen GirlsJanzen GirlsDay ago
  • 5:48 6:38

    Bri GBri G2 days ago
  • Corpses voice ughhh 😩

    Jayda ReynoldsJayda Reynolds2 days ago
  • .    。     •  ゚  。   .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •  ゚  Gloom was not An Impostor.  。 .  .     。 . . . .   .   .     .  .  ゚  。   .

    luwen huluwen hu2 days ago
  • zaneta kaniputrizaneta kaniputri2 days ago
  • 13:00 matchs the among us song ............ I found a body beside the reactor some body killed orange aka showthyme

    Jessica BukkuntodJessica Bukkuntod2 days ago
  • hi

    takwaki jamestakwaki james2 days ago
  • Idea from @Anna Martin.     。     •  ゚  。   .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •  ゚  Gloom was ejected...  。 .  .     。 . . . .   .   .     .  .  ゚  。   .

    small doggosmall doggo2 days ago
  • you should have the krew play with them

    Alexis StanigarAlexis Stanigar2 days ago
  • this was on my birthday

    Yolanda GomezYolanda Gomez2 days ago
  • I love how everyone all of a sudden gets smart when Kassie is the imp😂

    BrynnroseflameBrynnroseflame2 days ago
  • 1:57:12

    Igmarelise LucianaIgmarelise Luciana2 days ago
  • I just smacked my head when I heard Hherb....

    lisa bell stewartlisa bell stewart2 days ago
  • Hey Gloom, I am Olive who you just played among us with. I was the person who said that you being in my game was the highlight of my life.

    Olivia FordOlivia Ford2 days ago
  • While watching this, I got bored and started drawing corpse.......

    Tamaki KaminariTamaki Kaminari2 days ago
  • Hi guys, welcome

    SKYBLAZE👑SKYBLAZE👑3 days ago
  • *Me, skipping every round where Kassie is a crewmate*

    Ainsley WoodwardAinsley Woodward3 days ago

    Nagito KomaedaNagito Komaeda3 days ago
  • well done my comrad im proud of u

    The True MemersThe True Memers3 days ago
  • Hi gloom I m new I love your video

    Illumanaty123Illumanaty1233 days ago
  • I m new So

    Illumanaty123Illumanaty1233 days ago
  • Gloom looks so happy with her friends🥺🥺

    Jaz MolinaJaz Molina3 days ago
  • 😷😷🤧

    Sasha ByrdSasha Byrd3 days ago
  • gloom btw i did take your name to get you more subers and also you are cute

    Zaedyn MooreZaedyn Moore4 days ago
  • i swear i forget that dan is even there because he's so quiet

    Idk EitherIdk Either4 days ago
  • Among us =/

    sans odd you knowsans odd you know4 days ago
  • I like when Sykkuno was like, “Actually that story is true I just left out the part where I was the one hopping out of the vent.” Lol I’m dead

    Lizzie PoshLizzie Posh4 days ago
  • Ok I'm sorry but I pointed this out at 15:08 when gloom giggles and she smiles and also giggles Terry I'm sorry I pointed this out

    Courtney VanDenHoekCourtney VanDenHoek4 days ago
  • Sykkuno: “Oh great to gloom”...”I mean great to meet you gloom” that was so nice😂

    Bertha CoxBertha Cox4 days ago
  • :)

    Rena QingRena Qing4 days ago
  • That is so sad. Gloom wanted to be the imposter for sooo many rounds. And when she gets imposter she gets caught killing and voted off first

    Josie EdwardsJosie Edwards4 days ago
  • Nobody: Rae makes weird toggle sound: kassie/gloom: why does that sound like a hamster is trying to make love with her keyboard

    Šåđiĕ_ 84Šåđiĕ_ 844 days ago
  • Hi

    Domiano GolianDomiano Golian4 days ago
    • Hi

      Josie EdwardsJosie Edwards4 days ago
  • I love among us

    Brownies_auf_horses_ Brownies_auf_horses_Brownies_auf_horses_ Brownies_auf_horses_4 days ago
  • im playing among us while im watching

    Melinda ChickeringMelinda Chickering4 days ago
  • Nya

    Beth KrystofiakBeth Krystofiak4 days ago
  • It's

    Beth KrystofiakBeth Krystofiak4 days ago
  • Only the people who watched the whole stream can like 😌 ☟︎

  • Can we all just talk about the “SuPPperRrrR cHatTtTtT”

    Lauren D SchammelLauren D Schammel5 days ago
  • can we all agree that gloom is SO FRICKIN SMART

    Skye ShatleySkye Shatley5 days ago

    Helan GiraviHelan Giravi5 days ago
  • so is no one gonna talk about how Kassie first time cursed ..or well it was me seeing her curse the first time

    Nova StarkNova Stark5 days ago
  • I don't know who that kara girl is but I know her from that other among us live stream She was dead but she still kept on talking about "you guys are dumb" I think she forgot to mute herself 🤣 Uhh, yea I don't like her, but if you do I'm sorry

    Franny worldxoFranny worldxo5 days ago
  • When gloom was caught murdering corpse, my head immediately played “oh no... oh no... oh no no no no no”

    Celestia LudenbergCelestia Ludenberg5 days ago
    • Hey celestia what about um....FIRE

  • Hi

    Love DobsonLove Dobson5 days ago
  • I like the lobby/group you're playing with! Prob because Sykkuno and Corpse are in it... But the other lobbies/group are cool too!!

    Cady GiustiCady Giusti5 days ago
  • You need to listen to corpses songs.

    •Furryfoxes••Furryfoxes•5 days ago
  • Kassie explaining that she invited Jack for chaos. Me: Oh. Don't worry Sykkuno's got that covered.

    KewtieKewtie6 days ago
  • Toast: me and spedicey are clear Rae: TOASTTTTTT

    Rrejo18Rrejo186 days ago
  • ok so i have watched 5 of glooms streams now and every time she is imposter first game of the stream. Weird luck

    Michael FrancisMichael Francis6 days ago
  • um Gloom one time can i please be in you game??

    MayMay6 days ago
  • Hi

    Commander ArsenalCommander Arsenal6 days ago
  • 30:06 someone name a meme for that face haha 😂

    luvvlyluvvly6 days ago
  • Scott: jumps out of a vent... Sykkono: doesn’t notice because he’s to busy cuddling a snowman Edit: thank you so much for all the likes, I have never gotten this many☺️

    Antoinette SextonAntoinette Sexton6 days ago
  • You guys should have an all girls among us game. like have Lizzie, Poki, Rae, Lauren, Stacy, Tiff, Kara, Kassie, Azzy, and Aph in a lobby. and Scott and alot of other people That...would be an insane game-

    Vinnie RidlenVinnie Ridlen6 days ago
  • Scott should go from "Smajor" to "Susmajor" Edit: 5 minutes after I posted that, Rae said it in the vid.. So uhm... Credit to her ig lol

    Vazquez VazquezVazquez Vazquez7 days ago
  • You should have a lobby with Azzy, Kara, Poki, Scott, Lauren and Lizzie

    Family ElmesFamily Elmes7 days ago
  • Is this live right now

    Kiara LovatoKiara Lovato7 days ago
  • Did you know that among us! Was mAde In 2018!?!?!?

    Elise Lohne NæssElise Lohne Næss7 days ago
  • Am I the only one that realized she was the only girl at 55:50

    Da BananaDa Banana7 days ago
  • I love ur vids Gloom and you joined my among us game before

    GodOfPinkGodOfPink7 days ago
  • Herb!!!!!!!! Not erb

    Millie HowieMillie Howie7 days ago
  • I hope you do great!😇

    Destiny ArthurDestiny Arthur7 days ago
  • Dont worry Gloom, were here for you

    Kaisa SokolovaKaisa Sokolova7 days ago
  • when anyone has to argue against the lawyer....

    softball2KendylS Awesomesoftball2KendylS Awesome7 days ago
  • Gloom my among us character is always pink

    Sierra GilgerSierra Gilger7 days ago
  • Sorry 💘 you too gloom

    Thomas RThomas R7 days ago
  • I was so depressed.but now im not.wheres tinna lol she's my true fav that and toast,sykkuno, and Rae

    Thomas RThomas R7 days ago
  • Can we get a GLIZZY chain? ✨🌭GLIZZY🌭✨

    - RainAnimates -- RainAnimates -7 days ago
  • its hilarious probably cuter when Sykkuno admitted that he was cuddling with a snowman

    Carolyn PickensCarolyn Pickens8 days ago
  • i hate pokmiane for that

    alex sisalex sis8 days ago
  • Hi

    ava fungamesava fungames8 days ago
  • Sykkuno’s little “ITS NICE TO MEET YOU” was so cute I-🥺🥺

    井上崇彦井上崇彦8 days ago
  • why do I feel like Corpse cant laugh bc how deep his voice is

    Ramata BahRamata Bah8 days ago
  • Winning against corpse in any way. Is a Victory in its self

    Idk EitherIdk Either9 days ago
  • If you remember this one stream, Then you'll know what I'm saying Think says hes been in the same room and gets voted out *Gloom admitting to going in the room where the body later is and doesnt get voted*

    Haily SandovalHaily Sandoval9 days ago
  • uhmmmm I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten in a game with CORPSE before like uhhhhh...🤣🥳

    Sydnee WSydnee W9 days ago
  • Rae: I added another task Also Rae: *gets impostor* Kassie: nice

    Kat DKat D9 days ago
  • She mad serious 90% of the time 😬.

    Feeizzy KicksNthingsFeeizzy KicksNthings9 days ago
  • ✌🏼

    Miah EstradaMiah Estrada9 days ago
  • im shoto todoroki

    Miah EstradaMiah Estrada9 days ago
  • when I knew it was poki and rae BiG BrAiN tImE

    softball2KendylS Awesomesoftball2KendylS Awesome9 days ago
  • whoever ships sykuno and corpse liken this.

    jacquelinne lopezjacquelinne lopez9 days ago
  • Lot of f-bombs in the video...

    Claire FungClaire Fung9 days ago
  • You can do this

    Robert GreenRobert Green9 days ago
  • Ha its smajor and gloom😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😀😀

    A.J. sings WenceslaoA.J. sings Wenceslao9 days ago
  • .....

    Pineapple Queen14Pineapple Queen1410 days ago
  • 1:28:17 like scott big brain moment it was dark green and orange.

    anika ryle castanedaanika ryle castaneda10 days ago
  • When I was playing Among us I saw someone name gloom today

    Ariel MinAriel Min10 days ago
  • Hi

    Briella Becker-MercerBriella Becker-Mercer10 days ago
  • How do u make a discord???

    Knuckles HKnuckles H10 days ago
  • Gloom being to sus😳😳😔

    Emely VazquezEmely Vazquez11 days ago