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Sep 17, 2020
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Among Us with a crew of imposters (including: @LaurenzSide , @CoryxKenshin , @Kubz Scouts , @jacksepticeye , @penguinz0 , @Yammy , @Bijuu Mike , @Corpse Husband , @Dawko )
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
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  • HII

    Dare devilDare devil22 hours ago
  • I felt so bad for Jack when Charlie sussed him for samples🥺 that map is legit is the only map I’ve ever had samples on

    Aaliyah GomesAaliyah GomesDay ago
  • Cassey nooo in the first game someone vented near u and u didnt see ittt 9:52

    may meirmay meirDay ago

    Cora EllsmoreCora Ellsmore2 days ago
    • whoops caps lol

      Cora EllsmoreCora Ellsmore2 days ago
  • 6:06 Yammy be like: Gloom is sus for no reason *votes gloom*

    Kayla EcholsKayla Echols2 days ago
  • Charlie: Oh, so you thought you could get away with this Corpse? Corpse: Oh, so you thought you could frame me, Charlie? 😂😂 Lowkey best part of the stream.

    sourced podcastsourced podcast2 days ago
  • After watching so many of these game plays, I just now realized the little hamster gets scared and tries to get away from the killer while you're getting murdered XD

    Psycho KittyPsycho Kitty3 days ago
  • > who’s surviving 2020?

    issa mirzaissa mirza3 days ago
  • You can only like if you watched all of it

    Iris RichardsIris Richards3 days ago
  • Your vids are funny

    Nicholas LaraNicholas Lara3 days ago
  • Corpses voice: exist Me: he needs an asmr channel

    Venna CavillVenna Cavill4 days ago
  • I'm so not used to USworldsrs swearing but it doesn't bug me, who agrees?

    Ines BensoussanInes Bensoussan4 days ago
  • Do three imposters it will be fun

    Donika AshtonDonika Ashton4 days ago
  • Gloom: Is that a voice changer? That’s a NICE voice

    issa mirzaissa mirza4 days ago
  • This was actually 2 months ago lol

    Anastasia SimmonsAnastasia Simmons4 days ago
  • I have never heard Corpse before or watched any of his videos. That’s a smooth voice man. And I love how they are all talking about Corpse’s voice before he joins! It’s like: “I’m not going to say it! You say it!” “I’m not going to say it! He can say it!” “That sounds like something he would say!” “What are we talking about?” “His voice.” “Ohh his *voice* ! That’s a nice one!”

  • There is a sample task in the Skeld map

    Izzy RoseIzzy Rose6 days ago
  • Wow

    Kalel GillKalel Gill6 days ago
  • hello

    Sylvie LandrySylvie Landry6 days ago
  • 3 imposts

  • I- Lauren really secretly announced her pregnancy in this stream!

    LilAngelLilAngel7 days ago
    • When

      HarmonyGraceHarmonyGrace4 days ago
  • I play too

    Sabrina O'NeillSabrina O'Neill7 days ago
  • when the vent opens at 9:53 ish

    Ari UeseleAri Uesele7 days ago
  • 。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • Gloom Was Not The Imposter

    ItzEspeonRisingItzEspeonRising8 days ago
  • no one: me: only plays 2 hours on the weekend kassie: plays 4 hour's straight no rest almost every day

    Holly FretHolly Fret8 days ago
  • Hi me Emily

    john mustardjohn mustard8 days ago
  • 1:20:21

    The Crazy LeoThe Crazy Leo8 days ago
  • comment down below on your worst time being imp on Among us! Mine is when i was afk and my imp partner found a body then everyone used a sus on me bc no one saw me even tho i was afk

    Etta EvansEtta Evans8 days ago

    The BestiesThe Besties9 days ago
  • Hi gloom

    Katie GibsonKatie Gibson9 days ago
  • I feel like when gloom plays she doesn't analyze the situation and goes off of what other people say. I enjoy her reckless and chaotic playing so I'm not mad I just wish she said all the evidence.

    Nitcxle gamesNitcxle games10 days ago
  • At 9:52 the bottom vent opens in nav 👀

    Siimply AqqlebombSiimply Aqqlebomb10 days ago
  • Hey Terry why are you telling us who it is

    SophieSophie10 days ago
  • I played with her yesterday!!!! I couldent belive it

    Lily PatelLily Patel11 days ago
  • Thanks for letting me play with y’all

    Spark PandaSpark Panda11 days ago
  • Am hi Cory and gloom

    Caleb RogersCaleb Rogers11 days ago
  • Dumb

    Albert FadriquelaAlbert Fadriquela11 days ago
  • I literally just watched the whole video. Way to entertaining

    Josefine KofodJosefine Kofod11 days ago

    ;-; Tu mamá;-; Tu mamá11 days ago
  • I want to join

    Im_techkiller24 ZornIm_techkiller24 Zorn12 days ago
  • Did anyone else see that nav vent at 9: 52, if she went back up she would know that is was Scrub. And also your face cam blocks a chunk of the screen, you cant see the bottom of the screen if you are watching as a viewer. Can you please make your face cam smaller so I can watch?

    Lexi DickersonLexi Dickerson13 days ago
  • Hi

    Cecelia OlsonCecelia Olson14 days ago
  • Me playing games Mom snoring in sleep Dad sleeping on couch Me hears footsteps in hall and turns tv off and sleeps

    Commander ArsenalCommander Arsenal14 days ago
  • 😘😘😘

    Elizabeth ODellElizabeth ODell15 days ago
  • i wish i could see you

    Elizabeth ODellElizabeth ODell15 days ago
  • i wish could see you

    Elizabeth ODellElizabeth ODell15 days ago
  • im a hug fan

    Elizabeth ODellElizabeth ODell15 days ago
  • hiii

    Elizabeth ODellElizabeth ODell15 days ago
  • Charlie: Oh, so you thought you could get away with this Corpse? Corpse: Oh, so you thought you could frame me, Charlie? 😂😂 Lowkey best part of the stream.

    Dawn SimsDawn Sims15 days ago
  • hi me big fan

    Piper And ToysPiper And Toys15 days ago
  • 2:39:06 lol ok why are you following me bit- oop LOLL

    dd gangdd gang15 days ago
  • So we're just going to ignore the fact that before the game started mike said there's no way he's imposter again and no one sussed him? 1:11:33

    Cajmere Ingram IngramCajmere Ingram Ingram16 days ago
  • It’s lily I love your videos

    Jenna CJenna C16 days ago
  • So cool

    Jenna CJenna C16 days ago
  • we love watching terry in the back

    Chew not ChweChew not Chwe16 days ago
  • That’s adorable that she brought a note pad

    BBQ ReviewBBQ Review16 days ago
  • Can we just talk about Terri in the background? lol

    Danea McClurgDanea McClurg17 days ago
  • She has a new dog

    Bert BBert B17 days ago
  • I knew it was Razz because he was standing in front of the closed door and that had me sus of him.

    ツCrxstaIツCrxstaI17 days ago
  • Yammy only blames people when she is the imposter. All I learned from Cheri's video.

    ツCrxstaIツCrxstaI17 days ago
  • Segunda ronda por eso uno no juega nunca con gente novata de putísima m***** qué salió del caño

    NotKrisNotKris17 days ago
  • When loren did the astroid task you can tell if she is faking or not she was if you go by the side while someone might be doing the task if the like rocket things move they are a crew mate if it does not they are faking

    Alexia KalafutAlexia Kalafut18 days ago
  • Who knew that gloom could be such a third imposter...

    Jonathan TomahnJonathan Tomahn18 days ago
  • 2:54:56 this was on cory’s vid and he sussed you so hard

    Orbit The HedgehogOrbit The Hedgehog18 days ago
  • Hi

    Isis WestIsis West18 days ago
  • Hello!

    Benjamin FuentesBenjamin Fuentes18 days ago
  • Astriods is a visual task

    Althea CooperAlthea Cooper19 days ago
  • Tip for the shooting asteroids the red things with a pole that comes out of the ship there shoots when somone does the task Lauren was fake tasking

    kutie lexiekutie lexie19 days ago
  • I love when she says "I'm puking!" It is so funny

    sophia powersophia power20 days ago
  • 3:00:45 Yammy saved you by skipping

    Isabella HatsonIsabella Hatson20 days ago
  • Anybody: Breathes Cory: ~that boy- that boy- that boy sus~

    Francoise McarthurFrancoise Mcarthur20 days ago
  • This stream was literally almost 5 hours long

    sophia powersophia power20 days ago
  • lol

    Sarah GorslineSarah Gorsline20 days ago
  • i dont know what to say... XD

    Xenia DimaXenia Dima20 days ago

    Darlene BullockDarlene Bullock20 days ago
  • Why does she always sound like she’s monning

    Queen bree breeQueen bree bree20 days ago
  • Hiiii

    Saanvi ShankarSaanvi Shankar21 day ago
  • :)

    Vincent RobletoVincent Robleto21 day ago

    Vincent RobletoVincent Robleto21 day ago
  • hi

    Vincent RobletoVincent Robleto21 day ago
  • Did y’all really play for 4hr???😅

    Wyatt BrissonWyatt Brisson21 day ago
  • Gloom: Bathroom break Terry: Dance randomly at the background 😂 Relationship goals hahahaha (i dare you guys to comment the time 😂)

    Jayden ShawJayden Shaw21 day ago
  • among us tips 1.astroids task in weapons 2 littlee beams on the otside of the ship shoot if you are an crewmate if you are an imposter they will not shoot

    Eden GainesEden Gaines21 day ago
  • yay i am fisrt one

    peyton whitepeyton white22 days ago
  • Hi can you tell me code pls

    cotten candy unicoen unicotten candy unicoen uni22 days ago
  • Z😭

    ReRe GachaReRe Gacha22 days ago
  • what was the secret?

    Marla WettsteinMarla Wettstein22 days ago
  • It’s been forever since you have streamed

    Ella MartinElla Martin23 days ago
  • should be 6 am by the time I finish this

    scarlettscarlett23 days ago
    • XD its one of the longest one ever

      Rachel SchullerRachel Schuller23 days ago
  • Everyone : /breathes Jay : _that boy- that boy- that boy sus_

    Nayra ManiezNayra Maniez23 days ago
  • you should react to gacha life

    Dawn ChatorDawn Chator24 days ago
  • It warms my heart when Lauren says it's bring your kids to work day and she's pregnant, eeeeeeek (She doesn't say she's pregnant in this video btw)

    NaomiNaomi24 days ago
  • I gond 9 seind

    deniseanderson527deniseanderson52725 days ago
  • hi gloom

    deniseanderson527deniseanderson52725 days ago

    Mallory FallonMallory Fallon25 days ago
  • The 1% of person that seeing subscribe to me and reply to this so i sub to u

    Sunshine :DSunshine :D25 days ago
  • When Lauren said bring your kids to work day she was actually finding out she was pregnant!

    Lizzy69Lizzy6925 days ago

    Alexa CooperAlexa Cooper26 days ago
  • What’s the secret?

    Raegan HarrisRaegan Harris26 days ago
  • Hi gloom I love you and you'r dog

    Secret Agar.io.Secret Agar.io.26 days ago