🔴Among Us with LDShadowlady, KREW, Aphmau, Laurenzside, Kubz Scouts (Gloom POV)

Sep 24, 2020
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For this weeks Among Us stream we got Lauren, Aphmau, Lizzie, Jay, KREW (Rainbow, Draco, ItsFunneh, Golden and Lunar) and it's going to be an interesting mix of high IQ and low IQ.
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  • Gloom tell me ur next stream in among us please I wanna play with you?!!

    Lexie’sCraftKingdomLexie’sCraftKingdomHour ago
  • i wanna see you kass so so so so much but it is carooooooooooooona so i cant but i live in sheron if you need my adress ever incase tell me

    marutti p.marutti p.Hour ago
  • just me or does anyone else hear the animal crossing music in the background LIKE if ya do

    MezziMezzi3 hours ago
  • Kassie: talking Jess: I was- Kassie talking Jess:*I was-* Everybody:*talks* Jess: i give up-

    Dawn SimsDawn Sims4 hours ago
  • What's the l?code

    Kelly KingKelly King5 hours ago
  • Umm guys shields is a visual task, when Lauren did shields the thing didnt light up it was her

    Kate AshbyKate Ashby6 hours ago
    • I think visual tasks are off

      Molly RoughanMolly Roughan4 hours ago
  • its getting leggy But i still like it

    Elny AzieanElny Aziean7 hours ago
  • me to

    Anna RiveraAnna Rivera7 hours ago
  • Izthm

    lol edinmoodylol edinmoody8 hours ago
  • I cant go in the live chat :c

    Hazbin hotel fan uwuHazbin hotel fan uwu8 hours ago
  • Kaisie your man is cheating with kartha guwert

    Chilli VlogsChilli Vlogs8 hours ago
  • Hi

    Mariyah CoeMariyah Coe9 hours ago
  • My Favorite USworldsrs In One video Holy Mama

    jenny blinkjenny blink9 hours ago

    Irving PietriIrving Pietri10 hours ago
  • Aphmau is a famous you tub

    Whitley SwickWhitley Swick11 hours ago
  • Krew

    Maryanne SiasMaryanne Sias11 hours ago
  • It’s not a Draco I know it’s spells the same thing but it’s not the thing that you said ask the groom have a said

    Maryanne SiasMaryanne Sias11 hours ago
  • Every time she did the me day scan a body was reported lol 😂 😂

    Burnt Toast558Burnt Toast55811 hours ago
  • Is thus live

    Mylissa MondouxMylissa Mondoux12 hours ago
  • hi hahahahahahahahahahahh

  • When I play the Monk class and I was stuck in there too but when I restarted it's going to be somewhere else

    Eloy CarabijalEloy Carabijal13 hours ago
  • I miss the live video but I love aphmau the it's funny and everybody that was on that live video I'm so happy she posted it

    Taleah BartolomeTaleah Bartolome13 hours ago
  • is this live?

    Adam ArmendarizAdam Armendariz13 hours ago
  • hi

    reania quinnreania quinn13 hours ago
  • gloom: its jay among us: jay was not INPOtewr

    Ella ChapinElla Chapin14 hours ago
  • sus

    London ChannelLondon Channel14 hours ago
  • Hi

    Nellys VlogsNellys Vlogs15 hours ago
  • She is my favorite person to watch I want to join her

    Benjamin NicklausBenjamin Nicklaus15 hours ago
  • What is the code guys

    Benjamin NicklausBenjamin Nicklaus15 hours ago
    • Uhhh she only plays with her friends or people in her discord

      Edmond the bunnyEdmond the bunny13 hours ago
  • Did anyone else notice the animal crossing music...no one just me?ok...

    Siya NaikSiya Naik16 hours ago

    NotMaya RNotMaya R16 hours ago
  • hi

    Laikyn HarperLaikyn Harper20 hours ago
  • draco

    Lauren PolingLauren Poling21 hour ago
  • *red is sus tho*

    Lorcan FeelyLorcan Feely23 hours ago
  • it ok

    marutti p.marutti p.Day ago
  • you can tell when draco's the imposter bc he will always be quiet

    cristina ugartecristina ugarteDay ago
  • The way your saying draco wrong and no-one is correcting her Even draco Cool vid guys!

    Elemental SkyzElemental SkyzDay ago
  • How the HECK does she get away with kills that sloppy?

    David JohnsonDavid JohnsonDay ago
  • you are with all my favrite youtubers i love you guys

    Jaya Kristin WardJaya Kristin WardDay ago
  • Ooo

    Xx Izzy Gamer Girl xXXx Izzy Gamer Girl xXDay ago
  • I love 💘 aphmauls channel

    Jaxon PiearceJaxon PiearceDay ago
  • I didn't realize this was THREE HOURS! 👁👄👁

    hope starhope starDay ago
  • dude

    Thomas SunderlandThomas SunderlandDay ago
  • it is jay

    Tiffany WinterTiffany WinterDay ago
  • hi hi hi hi hi hi

    Tiffany WinterTiffany WinterDay ago
  • gold has the cutest voice

    jouza alshammarijouza alshammariDay ago
  • Gloom: Just stares at everyone doing a task shes sus of and doesn't look at task bar Me: Sees lizzie's task make the bar go up Also Me: 👁️👄👁️

    WingedStarfireWingedStarfireDay ago
  • Come join the Fun Squad!

    Brandi KozlowskiBrandi KozlowskiDay ago
  • You should ask azzy to play

    Bethany FelkerBethany FelkerDay ago
    • OMFG. AZZY IS BUSY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Edmond the bunnyEdmond the bunny13 hours ago
  • *FUN FACT For people who don't know this beautiful woman is pansexual* 🥺

    [Dark angel][Dark angel]Day ago
    • Yep!

      WingedStarfireWingedStarfireDay ago
  • can we play among us with u

    Jake KeithJake KeithDay ago
  • 1 of u sanes lik a atr frum uglle dolls

    Jake KeithJake KeithDay ago
  • all of u r gud at among us

    Jake KeithJake KeithDay ago
  • I always wondered if I could play with aphmau

    breezy Brebreezy BreDay ago
  • i on mi dads computer

    Jake KeithJake KeithDay ago
  • hi i me 8 me nam willow hi

    Jake KeithJake KeithDay ago
  • hi

    Jake KeithJake KeithDay ago
  • Am I the only one that thinks Azzy would be lowkey amazing at Among Us?

    Pays ParkPays ParkDay ago
  • Lauren venting second round: Gloom not seeing: Me:👁️👄👁️

    Lois SmithLois SmithDay ago
  • lol draco probably annoyed you called him Drakeo LOL its dracko

    Zeddiac眠れぬZeddiac眠れぬDay ago
  • Hi

    Yvette PuenteYvette PuenteDay ago
  • Can I help plz I want you to win

    Jose SaenzJose SaenzDay ago
  • Can I help u plz

    Jose SaenzJose SaenzDay ago
  • Bye

    Jose SaenzJose SaenzDay ago
  • say you where with jay

    Jose SaenzJose SaenzDay ago
  • Plz let me help u

    Jose SaenzJose SaenzDay ago
  • Can I help u plz

    Jose SaenzJose SaenzDay ago
  • Can I join the lobby plz

    Jose SaenzJose SaenzDay ago
    • It's over and she only plays with her friends

      Edmond the bunnyEdmond the bunny13 hours ago
  • Let's go

    Jose SaenzJose SaenzDay ago
  • Is It Dray-co or Dra-co •.•

    Lil Green kingLil Green kingDay ago
  • Ok say that your where at wepons

    Jose SaenzJose SaenzDay ago
  • Do light

    Jose SaenzJose SaenzDay ago
  • I love you aghmuu

    Wisp On WillowsWisp On WillowsDay ago
  • That's why I told u to sabotage light but it ok

    Jose SaenzJose SaenzDay ago
    • Uhh the lie ended

      Edmond the bunnyEdmond the bunny13 hours ago
  • Hi aphmau

    Wisp On WillowsWisp On WillowsDay ago
  • Sabotage light

    Jose SaenzJose SaenzDay ago
  • Say I was doing the O2 but then I was dun but I did not see the boddy

    Jose SaenzJose SaenzDay ago
  • Sabotage o2

    Jose SaenzJose SaenzDay ago
  • Can I join the lobby pls

    Jose SaenzJose SaenzDay ago
  • USworlds made my girl hate on them because is their fault 😒 keep the channels that she likes that is not rate them 0 star

    Asha Muhidin.Asha Muhidin.Day ago
  • me to

    April SalazarApril SalazarDay ago
  • ni

    April SalazarApril SalazarDay ago
  • gloom u r the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remedy PlaysRemedy PlaysDay ago
  • hi

    Lilyann GundersonLilyann GundersonDay ago
  • oml

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  • hi

    Lilyann GundersonLilyann GundersonDay ago
  • Hello

    Michael DiazMichael DiazDay ago
  • Hi

    Sofie BarberSofie BarberDay ago
  • just me or does anyone else hear the animal crossing music in the background

    Hoang Duy tanHoang Duy tanDay ago
  • Or maybe getting some video my favorite USworldsr is also with you

    Ali PackardAli PackardDay ago
  • You were playing with all my favorite USworldsrs

    Ali PackardAli PackardDay ago
  • hi

    Chelsea Nicole Santiago-GutierrezChelsea Nicole Santiago-GutierrezDay ago
  • Yo

    Stella DavisStella DavisDay ago
  • Hai

    Welcome To Joe's World!Welcome To Joe's World!Day ago
  • Funneh cake 🎂!!!!

    Esmeralda MartinezEsmeralda MartinezDay ago
  • Where’s azzy kassy

    Zoey GZoey GDay ago
  • Is this live

    Modupe ShosanyaModupe ShosanyaDay ago
  • HAY

    zahkeya powellzahkeya powellDay ago
  • Who else watched til the end without skipping?

    Mei ツMei ツDay ago
  • Hi itsfunneh

    Kimela SuttonKimela SuttonDay ago