Candy Evolution Throughout History | 1960 to 2020

Sep 3, 2020
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We've done 1890 to 1950, this is the time in history when the marketing of candy really starts to gear up. The flavours get better. Candy becomes toys and/or an experience. Let's taste test!
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  • Ali pop weapon tree thing that’s wax

    Kimonie NashKimonie Nash4 hours ago
  • I love bottle caps

    Isabella BaileyIsabella Bailey7 hours ago
  • Never watch this during midnight like me.

    Jireh PangJireh Pang8 hours ago
  • Due to how much candy she ate I threw up on my bed I got sick and did it everyday

    Tynee WilliamsTynee Williams8 hours ago
  • Simple way to get away from kidnappers trying to lure you with candy: just tell then you have dietbetes and run away

    NicoleNicole13 hours ago
  • bro kassie's dog is older than me XD

    Dhiya SentthilrajaDhiya Sentthilraja13 hours ago
  • 20:04

    Liyah DriverLiyah Driver14 hours ago
  • Gloom: where do you think the crocodile is from Florida Me as a Florida man: excuse me we don't do that here

    Galaxy FoxGalaxy Fox15 hours ago
  • *rachel zay is speechless after this video*

    Galaxy FoxGalaxy Fox16 hours ago
  • Come on, you came here for the candies and the thumbnail, I know you did so no need to hide cuz I wanted to see what types of candies they had :>

    Twinkies The Zombie DogTwinkies The Zombie Dog16 hours ago
  • i LOVE push pop and ring pops

    Dana MartinDana Martin17 hours ago
  • Oooooh when u said sucker I was wondering what you talking about we call them lollipops in australia also what is a gusher

    Kiarra JoplingKiarra Jopling17 hours ago
  • *When I get hungry when watching this video* *gloom still eating candy* me:" I NEED CANDY!!!"

    Gamingwith Gwen14Gamingwith Gwen1417 hours ago
  • i was from 2010

    joyce casillojoyce casillo18 hours ago
  • I never knew USworlds was in the 60’s

    Gwen RobbGwen Robb19 hours ago
    • I know

      Gwen RobbGwen Robb11 hours ago
    • It isn’t.

      Ashleigh MilnesAshleigh Milnes12 hours ago
  • 2010 is my year!!!

    Tommy WalkerTommy Walker19 hours ago
  • I'm a 00's kid

    aligator 1207aligator 120720 hours ago
    • 2009 :)))

      aligator 1207aligator 120720 hours ago

    Jen InstanceJen Instance20 hours ago
  • I have seen the cry baby candy in a super market in the bronx.

    Rosangela ConcepciónRosangela Concepción21 hour ago
  • Ok so kassie shpuld try the cotton candy push pop it is the best one

    Raegyn BlackfordRaegyn BlackfordDay ago
  • What she said my dog farted I actually farted... lol🤣

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  • I was only four when those candies came out cuz I was born in October 2007 I'm not 13 years old at 20 20 art stores in 2020

    Mariah WiggintonMariah WiggintonDay ago
  • 2010

    Mariah WiggintonMariah WiggintonDay ago
  • Holding a cow takes right now

    Lilly Lew86Lilly Lew86Day ago
  • Cassie: If the fetus has a weenus... Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Maddie’s channelMaddie’s channelDay ago
  • Ahh yes the ring pop, now in 2020 my favorite flavor is blue raspberry

    XOX_nightmarewolf _YTXOX_nightmarewolf _YTDay ago
  • Ok boomer

    shirmp royalshirmp royalDay ago
  • Love ring pops also push pops

    ava burkeava burkeDay ago
  • I also love bottle capps

    ava burkeava burkeDay ago
  • I love gobstopers

    ava burkeava burkeDay ago
  • I'm nine and I like pop rocks

    ava burkeava burkeDay ago
  • i love all of the 90s candys even tho im a kid who was born in 2011

    Piper HelmbrechtPiper HelmbrechtDay ago
  • One of my cousins classmates proposed to her with a ring pop she said no and took the ring pop, mind you they weren't even friends

    Artistic RoseArtistic RoseDay ago
  • Gobstoppers have only 2 colors then turn white

    Luna phionexLuna phionexDay ago
  • You should give one of the gum cigars to Lauren if she has a baby boy lol

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  • I love Jelly tots

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  • Cassie don’t change your dogs name but change it to only friend

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  • I was born in 2010

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  • 17:02 Like if you thought it was one of the krusty Krab burgers I I I I I \/

    Liv TasticLiv TasticDay ago
  • I love your videos and thank you for subscribing to me

    Maddy's Sweet Treats for KidsMaddy's Sweet Treats for KidsDay ago
  • Ooooo stop have mini burger gummy in my country

    Lisa TeoLisa TeoDay ago
  • We still have candy money

    Lisa TeoLisa TeoDay ago
  • Kassie: here are some stickers in case your kid wants to put them on their binder or on the walls Me when I had stickers as a kid: *puts them on my face*

    Sarah MacleodSarah MacleodDay ago
  • 9

    Joseph CioneJoseph CioneDay ago
  • I was born it 2010 but I looooove bottle caps,push pops,ring pops

    Red ImposterRed Imposter2 days ago
  • My grandma was born in the 70’s and we both loooooove bottle caps and her favorite is root beer and mine is cola

    Red ImposterRed Imposter2 days ago

    Madison PetersMadison Peters2 days ago
  • I'm literally eating Gobstoppers right now

    Rainbow JazzyRainbow Jazzy2 days ago
  • I'm a kid I'm 9 and I LOVE CANDY and 2020 you gotta wear mask

  • i also at the caramel and appel thing

    pixieriverpixieriver2 days ago
  • 0:03, 0:21, 0:31 EL Coincidence? I think not

    CherylCheryl2 days ago
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  • For my Halloween party at school somebody brought ring pops and I ate mine while watching a movie-

    ღ Lxttle Lxme ღღ Lxttle Lxme ღ2 days ago
  • lol i had candy ooze and i would put it on my lips as lip gloss

    Gorilla CatGorilla Cat2 days ago
  • Gloom: he’s tired he’s been around seance the 2010s- Me: *so am I*

    ღ Lxttle Lxme ღღ Lxttle Lxme ღ2 days ago
    • ᵒᴍᵍ ˢᵃᵐᵉ

      Wolfy101 YeetWolfy101 YeetDay ago
  • My dad used to have that at his office

    Kendall MakarKendall Makar2 days ago
    • Caramel apple pop

      Kendall MakarKendall Makar2 days ago
  • can you do more vids on candy. like if you think she should .

    Krystyana RoseKrystyana Rose2 days ago
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  • Me was born in 2010

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  • Hi kartha when i was in 4th grade we dress up like were from 1970's and i look crazy

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  • ring pop is still here but i think the name is a new name

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  • Where I live jelly tots are in every shop

    Animation StationAnimation Station2 days ago
  • The 2 1 in the 90 I love

    Kins ObannonKins Obannon2 days ago
  • Ok love outer space

    Astro Arely CAstro Arely C2 days ago
  • They did black currant because for some reason grape flavor was/is illigle

    Willow BishopWillow Bishop2 days ago
  • My favorite was the Carmel apple sucker 🤤

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  • Jelly tots are a British sweet now

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  • Wow ur doggie lived for 10 years?! Lucky.......mine died...she only lived for 2 years =(

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    the toga foxy gamers ùwú and a afton gachatuberthe toga foxy gamers ùwú and a afton gachatuber3 days ago
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    the toga foxy gamers ùwú and a afton gachatuberthe toga foxy gamers ùwú and a afton gachatuber3 days ago
  • I got a candy ooz once, it was a smaller one and took me like a few weeks to finish

    •Itz Tess••Itz Tess•3 days ago
  • Oh my gosh, this is my opinion. I love the burger candy! I remember wanting to eat it when I was a kid, but my mom wouldn’t let me because it was artificial.

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  • Me: PAUSE Cassy: really can we like, chill for a minute Also me: 👀

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  • I eat that candy from 2010

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  • I was born in 2010

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    Izabella BaublitzIzabella Baublitz3 days ago
  • I was born in 2010

    Victoria TrottierVictoria Trottier3 days ago
  • Gloom:it’s like gum but it just disintegrates Me:Hunny that’s a starburst

    Lyla FordLyla Ford3 days ago
  • hate you chmaru and your content is bad

    samlemus50samlemus503 days ago
  • Kassie: **brings out a packet of everlasting gobstoppers** Me: *wait I'm eating them-*

    E̸x̸o̸t̸i̸c̸ L̸u̸l̸a̸E̸x̸o̸t̸i̸c̸ L̸u̸l̸a̸3 days ago
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