Candy Evolution Throughout History

Aug 28, 2020
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I found a candy website that sells candy throughout the decades so we're starting in the 1800s at 1890 then working out way up to 1950. Next week I want to do 1960-2020 so let me know what you think! The evolution of candy and the marketing is pretty interesting!
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  • I think Goobers is named after Gomer from Andy Griffith? Lol 🤣🤣

    Violet ClubViolet ClubMinute ago
  • I ate the necos and the pink one is mint i don't like the yellow and the two purples

    lightfuryboilightfuryboi44 minutes ago
  • Im 9 British and LOVE walnut whips

    Malachy DobbinMalachy DobbinHour ago
  • Hi tis is de future is thanksgiving and in gettin b r o w n I e s

    Jennifer BoumenotJennifer Boumenot3 hours ago
  • My question is that why has gloom tasted a car

    Crazy JaxonCrazy Jaxon3 hours ago
  • Go dolly mix I love them 0

    Gemma DrewGemma Drew3 hours ago
  • Sassafras tea

    Cheezy animations playsCheezy animations plays5 hours ago
  • "In the US people call rockets smarties" Me: Wait they dont call them smarties?

    WingedStarfireWingedStarfire6 hours ago
  • Yes yes do it yes yes

    Scott ThomasScott Thomas7 hours ago
  • Her: eating the rock candy her later after eating it: it looks like i made out with shreak

    William och Emil OrtenWilliam och Emil Orten7 hours ago
  • "It looks like I just made out with Shrek" Me: yo, let's keep it family friends in here

    DarkWolf_74DarkWolf_7410 hours ago
  • She's so unimpressed with most of it...

    S CelebiS Celebi12 hours ago
  • I had to much moon cakes on the eclipse

    FitziBoiFitziBoi13 hours ago
  • ill eat of the candy you have gloom

    Ariah NewtonAriah Newton14 hours ago
  • :0 I moved from England awhile ago. Whenever I went to my grandma's, she had a bowl of those dolly mix candies set out! They were my fav growing up! And now I'm crying-

    Bakugou KatsukiBakugou Katsuki15 hours ago
  • your nose is pingk.

    Simone DixeySimone Dixey15 hours ago
  • My sis got a MASSIVE sugar rush when she had fun-dip.

    I'm not a fairy FairyI'm not a fairy Fairy16 hours ago
  • I ate suger dad

    Brandon SunthivongBrandon Sunthivong16 hours ago
  • why Kassie always talking about root beer flavor

    Brandon SunthivongBrandon Sunthivong16 hours ago
  • Okay so, Buddy Bars turned into Nutty Bars? Or are they two separate Bars? I’m confused....🤔

    Pancake CatPancake Cat16 hours ago
  • I thought she was gonna say s'mores not moon pie

    Abby JeanAbby Jean17 hours ago
  • Me when you sed I have never had a moon pie me when you sed that😨😰😥😢😭😱😖😣😞😓😩😫

    Reagan LawsonReagan Lawson18 hours ago
  • Who here likes saltwater taffy

    L PlettL Plett20 hours ago
  • My dad loves Thrills and will buy them all the time and so dose my brother and when I ate one it made me wanna die

    Beth DukeshireBeth Dukeshire21 hour ago
  • I AM IN LOVE!!! WITH DOLLY MIX HOW COULD U HAVE NOT TRIED EM YET........................................................................?!?!?!?!?

    victoria collievictoria collie23 hours ago
  • Sugar daddies is one of my favorite candies

    Brittany HBrittany H23 hours ago

    candy kawaii UwU bear :3candy kawaii UwU bear :3Day ago
  • 8:59 M O O N P I E

    Marcela XDMarcela XDDay ago
  • i love root beer to

    Jakoba PriceJakoba PriceDay ago

    Jakoba PriceJakoba PriceDay ago
  • mE LoKiNg At ThE kAnDyS🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💅💅💅😘🥰😘🥰😘😍🤩🤩🤩

    Rana AmmarRana AmmarDay ago
  • Kassie:it looks like a jelly tot me:GUM DROP

    TinaSalmaKinda SalhaTinaSalmaKinda SalhaDay ago
  • gloom can i please have the sticks

    Kayla BarnettKayla BarnettDay ago
  • Kassie:smarties cmon guys Me: rockets cmon guys

    Jen BoazJen BoazDay ago
  • (ง'̀-'́)ง

    Simply Cherry Yt!Simply Cherry Yt!Day ago
    • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      Simply Cherry Yt!Simply Cherry Yt!Day ago
  • I love shurger dadys

    Tessa AinsworthTessa AinsworthDay ago
  • You missed the jolly ranchers from 1949 :(

    Games_Wørld!Games_Wørld!Day ago
  • Parents don’t understand how educational Gloom is

    Mehreen RiyazMehreen RiyazDay ago
  • Showing all of theses gummies and Carmel. Me crying in braces

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku MidoriyaDay ago
  • I loveeee moon pies 🥧

    Lillian FrahmLillian FrahmDay ago
  • Is it me but candy is like sour sweat u know and like chocolate Is chocolate

    Shalysta ZenoShalysta ZenoDay ago
  • Imagine if ur getting robbed and they look in ur closet and see ur funny outfits they would be so confused lol I hope u get robbed 🤣😃

    Shalysta ZenoShalysta ZenoDay ago
  • U love all snaxls eqauley

    Carlos RodriguezCarlos RodriguezDay ago
  • At 21:23 When she brings out the nerds I just started to scream I LOVE NERDS THEY ARE THE BEST

    Charli Rufus-EllisCharli Rufus-EllisDay ago
  • Seeing this makes me want to go to the gas station to get some snacks

    Jessie JJessie JDay ago
  • Did you know that if you put the moon pipes in the microwave for about 15s it make it so much better! Promise, eating it right now!

    •Super Nova••Super Nova•Day ago
  • Kassie: Its like liquid Koolaid Me: ah yes because Koolaid was never liquid before

    Unsuccessful GachaUnsuccessful GachaDay ago
  • Gloom: guess what you get when you mix gram crackers,marshmallows and chocolate Me:SMORES gloom:MOON PIES Me: Oohhhhhhhh I totally knew that

    Fnaf plushFnaf plushDay ago
  • i'm a goofy goober yeah your a goofy goober yeah were all goofy goobers goofy, goofy, goofy, goofy, goofy, goofy goober!! get it there is a candy called the goobers.

    Jason DennisJason DennisDay ago
  • I love the rock candy that is the green one

    Arctic FoxArctic FoxDay ago
  • Cassie: What do you get when you mix grahm crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate Me: Smores- Cassie: Moon pie! Me:*breathes heavily and suffocates*

    xX-Dragøn's Shadøw-XxxX-Dragøn's Shadøw-XxDay ago
  • Gloom: eewww to much chocolate and marshmallows Me: there isn’t enough!!!

    Liv Plays RobloxLiv Plays RobloxDay ago
  • Huh

    Danny Opoku-AgyemangDanny Opoku-AgyemangDay ago
  • About candy from 1800 I was curious

    Danny Opoku-AgyemangDanny Opoku-AgyemangDay ago
  • I thought 💭 you were doing 1960 to 1990 but I love 💕 history

    Danny Opoku-AgyemangDanny Opoku-AgyemangDay ago
  • i love root beer

    Ieyna DinaIeyna DinaDay ago
  • I used to get those root beer things at the peach stand when I was like 5 lol I’m only 12 tho

    Chelsea MidgleyChelsea Midgley2 days ago
  • Gloom: The American had a say, the German had a say... Me: *try’s to guess the next one* the British had a say! Gloom: and now the British had some Me: IM A PSYCHIC!!!!!

    Kelly JournellKelly Journell2 days ago
  • I was eating candy while watching this video I was eating different kinds of candy and I got like I felt really weird after eating all that candy and I am 8

    Lindsay LihouLindsay Lihou2 days ago
  • im british and i love the dolly mix!!! also thanks for saying 1 pound instead of 1 dollar or 1 buck. also i have got a question: how many times haveyou been to England

    izzy may_vidsizzy may_vids2 days ago
  • as a person who lives in England have no idea what that whippy thing is XD

    Kristen WoolfKristen Woolf2 days ago
  • marshmallows, gram crackers, and chocolate moon pies but also smors

    Fire phoenixFire phoenix2 days ago
  • Choose a name for your dog plzzz just one

    Layla RATLIFFLayla RATLIFF2 days ago
  • You look 👀 red gloom

    Adrianna DiazAdrianna Diaz2 days ago
    • Is everything ok 👌🤷‍♀️

      Adrianna DiazAdrianna Diaz2 days ago
  • I have had them you chew them and spit them out...they are not great....

    The personThe person2 days ago
  • Golden nugget games come on mean

    Meaghan CryanMeaghan Cryan2 days ago
  • Mrs Freshly is like Little Debbie but worse.

    Sarah HoutsSarah Houts2 days ago
  • What about Little Debbie‘s grind

    Sarah HoutsSarah Houts2 days ago
  • Did you have pink eye in this video?

    Sarah HoutsSarah Houts2 days ago
  • Whan i tested soap I was 7 years old and now i hate it.

    Liz BarnoskiLiz Barnoski2 days ago
  • 8:59 Me - s'more Kassie - moonpie Me- not a 19's kid

  • I love moon pies

    Carmela CurtisCarmela Curtis2 days ago
  • When I was little my Dutch dad would get me the sherbet fountain things and I hated them but pretended to like because he loved them.

    Ailsa BoganAilsa Bogan2 days ago
  • where dose she get some of her ideas

    Abby JamesAbby James2 days ago
  • Gloom how old are you I think you are 21 but how old are you?

    Ashley HigginsAshley Higgins2 days ago
  • don't want her to die obviously, but didn't people in the 1800s eat candy served in bags that had mercury coating in it

    Gamerkid_5 YTGamerkid_5 YT2 days ago
  • You posted this on my B-day this year.

    Phoebe LanderPhoebe Lander3 days ago
  • Cartha- Says a bunch science stuff about bad breath in the morning that sounds right Me-uhmmmmm Cartha- I think

    Kristy MadiaKristy Madia3 days ago
  • It tastes like pez but I like pez better because of the dispenser Kartha 2020

    Macie AndersonMacie Anderson3 days ago
  • Sherbet is so sour! It’s my favourite thing ever!! English person here

    CravenCottageNewsroundCravenCottageNewsround3 days ago
  • I love walnut whip sherbet the liquorice is a straw

    Turon MiahTuron Miah3 days ago
  • Gloom: it looks like i made out with shrek 😫 me: girl you ate shrek

    Crystal Lazy crazyCrystal Lazy crazy3 days ago
  • It is saf-rans

    Gamer universeGamer universe3 days ago
  • Did u ever get rid of the sticks?

    KittyCatKeiraKittyCatKeira3 days ago
  • The British rappers (the rappers that go around food) you have to fight to get into like you pull rlly hard and it ain’t budge so the only noice that you make is eeeeeeeeeeeee

    CravenCottageNewsroundCravenCottageNewsround3 days ago
  • Liquid kook aid but kook aid is liquid oml

    The Roblox GoblinThe Roblox Goblin3 days ago
  • I’m just gonna drop some knowledge on you Cassie the guys you called is a little soldier dudes with weird hats are they called beefeaters because originally they were paid in beef

    cutegirl Sagittarius the Minecraftercutegirl Sagittarius the Minecrafter3 days ago
  • The second one is called the straw candy.

    Xuan ChenXuan Chen3 days ago
  • I thought she was going to say smores not Moon pie

    Tri3h BTri3h B3 days ago
  • Dont throw up

    Everlyn Playz Among UsEverlyn Playz Among Us3 days ago
  • a sassafras is a north amirecan tree something i dont know that much

    Sambuu SoronzSambuu Soronz3 days ago
  • gloom turned into distorted Miranda sing

    Diamond PumpkinDiamond Pumpkin3 days ago
  • I meant to say hate not have

    Daisy, Family & FriendsDaisy, Family & Friends3 days ago
  • Hate

    Daisy, Family & FriendsDaisy, Family & Friends3 days ago
  • I'm from britain and I HAVE dolly mix

    Daisy, Family & FriendsDaisy, Family & Friends3 days ago
  • Can u do some more next time?

    Ashley Chang Woan SiAshley Chang Woan Si3 days ago
  • I wonder what goes through a parents mind when their kid says “can you buy me a sugar daddy”

    MaxerdoMaxerdo3 days ago
    • Haha I would laugh

      Jacobi EllisJacobi Ellis3 days ago
  • the sour in 1910 looked like if u pull a dumbo lollipop off a stick

    Heather LangilleHeather Langille3 days ago
  • Who else sees that it’s open again the thing that she went op about in the beginning no just me OK

    J SoJ So3 days ago
  • I just think it rude when she said smarty's really like

    Emma BlalockEmma Blalock3 days ago