Comics about how ugly girls are

Aug 30, 2020
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It is what it is but I think you’re pretty
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  • I Don't Do “I’m not like other girls.” I Do . . . "I'm An Alien, Are You?. Thought So"

    Velthas NadarajahVelthas Nadarajah20 minutes ago
  • Wait do you have a twin

    Zna AramZna Aram21 minute ago
  • kassie: counting her likes in a story me: that's like me tho

    Rosie KayRosie Kay4 hours ago
  • Eek!! The thumbnail is my favorite WEBTOON; True Beauty!!

    CharlatteCharlatte7 hours ago
  • "it is what it is but i think youre pretty" that hit hard but i still refuse to believe it

    get outget out12 hours ago
  • what do you look like without makeup?

    Katalia PercyKatalia Percy15 hours ago

    Duckduck awayDuckduck away21 hour ago
  • She looks booootiful!!!

    yummybear Yumyummybear YumDay ago
  • True beauty on webtoon is amazing

    spicy dumplingspicy dumplingDay ago
  • Ok i rewatched this again and there gonna me a drama a kdrama Im so exciteddd

    Yoongi MinYoongi MinDay ago
  • “I feel like we’ve all had the huge eye brow faze” Me: can’t relate because I’m a 9 year old who doesn’t wear makeup and hasn’t plucked my eye brows since I was like 5... LOOK AT MY PROFILE MY BROWS ARE HUGE

    SassetteshouseSassetteshouseDay ago
  • cassie: "i wish we could see ourselves the way other people see us" thats the message/background/meaning of ariana grande's new song "pov" when you listen to the lyrics

    popopopoDay ago

    Nooshicorn UnicornNooshicorn UnicornDay ago
  • I love ur vids

    Abdel HakimAbdel HakimDay ago
  • I have never put make up in my life, I just wash my face 2 times a day and I look fine

    Weirdo AU ArtistWeirdo AU ArtistDay ago
  • Cassie looked gorgeous without makeup on I literally couldn’t tell the difference when she showed up with makeup at first

    Jessica CJessica CDay ago
  • 9:00 my natural curls are beautiful!

    Isabella DesauvIsabella DesauvDay ago
  • Who else read this on weebtoon?

    LightWorld _LightWorld _Day ago
  • do You know who is really Pretty Hint: you!༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    Jolene BarrettoJolene BarrettoDay ago
  • Memes: Kassie:YAAAAAA

    Jessica HolmesJessica Holmes2 days ago
  • Does anyone else notice that Cassie’s sleeve keeps switching sides, or is it just me

    Daniel HortonDaniel Horton2 days ago
  • Well it looks like I wear foundation but I don't I just don't have pimples

    bts 4 Lifeubts 4 Lifeu2 days ago
  • Childhood is the only time girls will feel comfortable with their own face... Rest in peace happiness ;~;

    Jamie TischlerJamie Tischler2 days ago
  • Kassie without makeup was gorgeous She also looked like me everyday.

    Isabelle AugustineIsabelle Augustine2 days ago
  • Team suho gang

    Megan RaeMegan Rae2 days ago
  • Oh btw gloom I’m ten and grew up with tiktok,Instagram,and USworlds also I do compare myself to other girls that’s also how a lot of young kids like me have self esteem problems:(

    Cucomi AizawaCucomi Aizawa2 days ago

    Valentina BarreraValentina Barrera2 days ago
  • Well I’m only on USworlds and I have no like idk but I have litteraly no expectations

    Jessination LockheartJessination Lockheart2 days ago
  • 0:03

    ThyleaaThyleaa2 days ago
  • You are so pretty gloom you do not need to wear make up

    Laura ElyLaura Ely2 days ago
  • As a girl in grade school and a lot of girl are bullied by girls with Instagram so I wanna let us have some reminders that we are queens. -have a day with no makeup -do what you love -look in the mirror -bask in it “ooh aah” -say “ I’m a queen” -if you went trough a breakup recently say “pfff he ain’t worth NOTHIN” Girls,we are QUEENS and don’t let anyone tell you you’r not

    That one girl That does music coversThat one girl That does music covers2 days ago

    Kei_ TsukkiKei_ Tsukki3 days ago
  • I don’t use Instagram even though I have it

    Erika PillonErika Pillon3 days ago
  • I have only ever worn makeup once in my life, and its like the exact opposite of how you feel about not wearing it, i feel weird when i am wearing it, i swear people were looking at me funny

    FelicityFelicity3 days ago

    c fabiola g avilac fabiola g avila3 days ago
  • RuPaul yess! Werk! Shashay away! vanjie

    Alexandra TurmanAlexandra Turman3 days ago
  • i read it too but i lost intress in it soo yeah

    AnzuAnzu3 days ago
  • I love how people have been taking the "i'M nOt LiKe OtHeR gIrLs" toxic comics and making them sweet and wholesome. And I didn't think I could love Gloom anymore than I do and then I watched this video. You're just so kind and positive :)

    Jazmine JordanJazmine Jordan4 days ago
  • i dare her too have no makeup for 1 vid

    Never ending Awesome stuffNever ending Awesome stuff4 days ago
  • me

    Never ending Awesome stuffNever ending Awesome stuff4 days ago
  • I don't ever wear any makeup and my friends always compliment me

    Parker SimcoeParker Simcoe4 days ago
  • I cant believe you read "True Beauty", its my favorite webtoon 🥺❤

    -random--random-5 days ago
  • I’m 9 I have Instagram and it’s not bad cuz kids are cute and I’m complimented all the time😌

    Tom NookTom Nook5 days ago
  • I don’t feel weird with make up but when I wear make up I feel strange lol 😂 like I’m being judged me and my anxiety lol 😝

    That Unknown devil girlThat Unknown devil girl5 days ago
  • 8:02 see anything different 0-0

    ItzMinty_ForeverItzMinty_Forever6 days ago
  • 4:28 Someone once told me “treat yourself like your favourite person” it didn’t affect me back then but now that I’m older it makes sense.

    Kiera ForestKiera Forest6 days ago
  • 0:03 Wait how? Even editing cant do that

    MΘηֆƬЄᏒ _GนRl ツMΘηֆƬЄᏒ _GนRl ツ6 days ago
  • To be honest i hate make up bc i dont feel comfortable at all but i respect people who use it

    Roro MeowRoro Meow7 days ago
  • Lol if u pause at 4:41

    io derio der7 days ago
    • Lol i repeated this about ten times XD

      Roro MeowRoro Meow7 days ago
  • Great vid!

    unicornkittydragonunicornkittydragon7 days ago
  • i do not use insta

    Queen of the SeaQueen of the Sea7 days ago
  • i just realized how many times she said "like"

    Jim WareJim Ware7 days ago
  • I don't care I literally deleted the app and my accounts because doing that dose not help your mental look on yourself

    Rosey VillegasRosey Villegas7 days ago
  • im in 9 grade and i dont wear makeup at all (sorry for my bad English)

    Emmi KaartinenEmmi Kaartinen7 days ago
  • There is this girl in my school (btw we are 10-11) And she has Instagram ; Her bio is “I need to love myself before I love anyone else after she “broke up with my best friend, But she’s really toxic she calls me fat and she threw I rubber at my face because her new “boyfriend” said, “ You won’t actually throw it at her cause your a pu- and then she threw it at me and I then I got a nose bleed so I ran into the toilet and sat there crying for 10 minutes. She is toxic because of society and social media, I don’t know how to get away from her because we only have 33 people in our class. Btw your beautiful Kassie, Love you all. Byee 🌸🦖🥺

    Amazing LottieAmazing Lottie8 days ago
    • Aww you are not fat u r just full of personality ignore poeple who only wish to hurt you and focus on the people who respect you :)

      Roro MeowRoro Meow7 days ago
  • I feel like social media gives a really exagerated ‘perfect’ image of women. Perfectly shaved legs, no plus-sized girls, ... I really feel like social media makes me insecure.

    Just MeJust Me8 days ago
  • kids made fun of me in grade school cause my parents wouldnt let me use social media

    PikaTheCatPikaTheCat8 days ago
  • Ok so my mom today was going to Giant dressed up like she’s going to a party lol

    Katie RaeKatie Rae8 days ago
  • Which team do u support Team Suho Or Team Seojun

    ⟭⟬ HEY STOB IT !!!⟭⟬⟭⟬ HEY STOB IT !!!⟭⟬9 days ago
  • I'm in 7th grade. I'm usually excluded. If I do something, like talking to a teacher about my grade, it get rolling eyes. If my bestie, who where's make-up and is gorgeous in general, can do that without anyone getting mad. I have trichotillomania, so I want to get fake eye-lashes. I haven't gotten any, yet. So basically, yes, pretty girls can do whatever they want. Especially girls without patchy eyelashes. Hey, at least I'm not one of the unlucky people who picks at their scalp.

    Fred WinifredFred Winifred9 days ago
  • I wish I was a pretty Kassie she’s beautiful and I love her hair too

    Mary JordanMary Jordan9 days ago
  • 10:14-10:17 new song for like a few secs lol

    Sowda ChoudhurySowda Choudhury9 days ago
  • I honestly don’t do my makeup a lot, but when I do I do it because it’s fun

    MaddieMaddie9 days ago
  • I love the WEBTOON True Beauty! Its amazing you should read it!

    Cheesy Cake GachaCheesy Cake Gacha10 days ago
  • i get really sad when i see girls that are really really pretty. :c

    nawehsnawehs10 days ago
    • So do u get sad everytime u look in the mirror? ;)

      Roro MeowRoro Meow7 days ago
  • Make a vid without makeup!! In the beginning u looked so cute!!!!

    Gloomy_SkyGloomy_Sky10 days ago
  • i love you so much

    Avery SilgaAvery Silga10 days ago
  • I love True Beauty its the best webcomic I have ever read!!!

    Maggie CampbellMaggie Campbell10 days ago
  • Kassie didn't age, she still looks like CloudyApples

    EucliffeFTEucliffeFT10 days ago
  • I love this webtoon ♥️

    StephiePlaysStephiePlays10 days ago
  • I have no form of social media while everyone else in my class does. No sorry I can’t relate but everyone else in my year group can

    #HisDarkMaterials &Bookofdust oof#HisDarkMaterials &Bookofdust oof11 days ago
  • take a shot whenever kassie says "I feel"

    Genevieve VitzthumGenevieve Vitzthum11 days ago
  • There an advert that just shows makeup like what rn really?

    Amelia GarrodAmelia Garrod11 days ago
  • do not care

    Hannah KimHannah Kim12 days ago
  • 12:05 sometimes, but it doesn't bother me that much. I do wear high lighter and mascara, but i do have a face routine because I am tall and have pimples.

    NovaNova12 days ago
  • i love that webtoon

    Noelle ThresherNoelle Thresher12 days ago
  • I am born 2009 but I don't care about my beauti but following me on Instagram @celistageorge

    Zeeshan IlyasZeeshan Ilyas12 days ago
  • *"all the makeup in the world won't make you less insucure"* -Malanie Martinez-potato head

    Amy_ BTSAmy_ BTS12 days ago
    • @Devil thanks

      Amy_ BTSAmy_ BTS5 days ago
    • “All the make up in the world, won’t make u less insecure”** u forgot a word....

      DevilDevil5 days ago
  • am i the only one who couldn't stop staring at kassie's hair? oh just me..... ok ._.

    Nina :0Nina :013 days ago
  • I’ve never even worn makeup

    TrueWolfGirlTrueWolfGirl13 days ago
  • 1:35 I've done research on a nickname and wa la! GloomLand! Not your choice? Go one if you don't like it, give it a downthumbs 👎! If you like it give a like 👍! OK bye! ✌😁✌ If you have a suggestion comment!

    Pusheen The Cute CatPusheen The Cute Cat13 days ago
  • This can also go with guys. I know for sure my son has self image issues and when he sees other guys or even girls that are thinner he feels bad about himself. I know this video is all about girls but let’s not skip over the fact that men are human too and they have self esteem issues just like us. So just enjoy your image and love yourself for who you are and love others for who they are. There should never be any sides, we should all just stick together and make sure we can all survive in the end, that’s what life is all about, having fun, making friends, and surviving til’ the very end. For anyone who reads this, have a great day and make sure to stay safe. 🙂

    Megan SMegan S13 days ago
  • Comic: “I got ten hours of sleep-“ Me: *haha not with my insomnia*

    Mischievous SomethingMischievous Something13 days ago
  • Me: sees the thumbnail Me: True Beauty?!

    ScarScar13 days ago
  • simplynailogical yay

    Lillian BlottieLillian Blottie13 days ago
  • with insta for me im 12 it gives lots of mad a expectations for me and thats one reason i have a ed and bad body imagine but its different for everyone

    Taleah DunnTaleah Dunn14 days ago
  • some recommended comics on webtoon are lore olympus, freaking romance, and sirens lament

    Serena RobertoSerena Roberto14 days ago
  • Why am I here?

    da_Revoda_Revo14 days ago
  • Ahhhh did she read True Beauty from webtoon. I also heard they are making a kdrama of this series.

    𝙱𝚞𝚋𝚋𝚕𝚎 𝚃𝚊𝚎 𝙵𝚒𝚌𝚜𝙱𝚞𝚋𝚋𝚕𝚎 𝚃𝚊𝚎 𝙵𝚒𝚌𝚜15 days ago
  • Okay you posted this 2 months ago but I’d say even though we’re young I feel like social media makes us feel worse about ourselves when we follow all these models and everyone expects you to look like them

    Bri Solorzano 🤍🌟🎧Bri Solorzano 🤍🌟🎧15 days ago
  • I was reading that-

    Lil YanLil Yan15 days ago
  • I wish people would feel better without wearing makeup otherwise it raises the standard and makes people upset. Also opposites don't always attract. The reality is that the prettier girls always put down the ones who don't follow fashion or can't afford Iphones. Maybe she's just uninformed because she's from a different generation but that's how it is nowadays. So the people who are comparing themselves to prettier girls are actually having self expression about how sad they feel because of the pretty bullies

    Tara GrantTara Grant15 days ago
  • Holooooo

    Sandra EapenSandra Eapen16 days ago
  • It's really sad that most of my friends started wearing makeup in 6th grade and I started wearing makeup at 15 for my first date, and I only wore it for special occasions (like a party or a date) and I did like a natural-ish look

    Paulina GORDILLO FOREROPaulina GORDILLO FORERO16 days ago
  • Anyone else think that style is not an acurte rep of their personality

    Unicorn MegUnicorn Meg16 days ago
  • It makes me mad, when people assume I am not allowed to wear make up, because of my height, then see me glare and run away fast as they can

    Unicorn MegUnicorn Meg16 days ago
  • Put makeup on under mask, at lunch “wait.... are you wearing lipstick?” Me: yesss? Boys:”but no one gonna see it” Me: duh Sherlock, I just love makeup and jewelry” boys: why, so you can flirt? Me: only with the handsome ones, leaves strutting. Boys”what just happened?”

    Unicorn MegUnicorn Meg16 days ago
  • Can u do make up tutorial? 😃

    Weronika VerrWeronika Verr17 days ago
  • 10:11 the girls: almost kissing kassie: "best of friends ! 🤩"

    Robyn TuttRobyn Tutt17 days ago
  • having instagram at a young age, I have to say, affected me. I have no confidence. Nada. ive had to go to a therapist for the past year

    Amalya RosenAmalya Rosen19 days ago