Creepy Text Messages STUCK Inside A Locker w/ Azzyland

Jun 7, 2020
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I'm texting Azzy from inside a locker, and someone seems to be waiting outside of it.
@AzzyLand got a creepy text a few days ago:
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  • Is that momo

    miriam- robloxmiriam- robloxDay ago
  • Spooky

    {Thûñdêr}{Thûñdêr}Day ago
  • If she just stayed home.....

    Chris SmithChris SmithDay ago
  • hi!!!

    Kalena LeeKalena LeeDay ago

    Dana AlmesmariDana Almesmari2 days ago
  • 😰

    Elise BrownElise Brown3 days ago
  • scary :

    Stephanie SusanStephanie Susan3 days ago
  • You guys are the best...

    hidet Ramirezhidet Ramirez3 days ago
  • Someones looker does it smell like a joks looker or a nerd cherleadr rockstar who does it smell like jim socks

    Carlos RodriguezCarlos Rodriguez3 days ago
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Scary 😭

    Talon ArcherTalon Archer3 days ago
  • Scary

    Talon ArcherTalon Archer3 days ago
  • I honestly knew it was jenn form the begining cause she was so calm nobody would be that calm if that happend unless their jenn but i guess she deserved it

    Meiji VangMeiji Vang5 days ago
  • Dana be like :well why would be prancing me in the first plase

    Maureen BoydMaureen Boyd5 days ago
  • Azzy makes these texts so scarey

    King K9King K95 days ago
  • A locker that is lock then someone steps in the school. Maybe it's the monster. This is so creepy

    karishma ramirezkarishma ramirez5 days ago
  • 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Jonathan MolinaJonathan Molina7 days ago
  • my friend calls me kelly LOL

    kayley joneskayley jones7 days ago
  • This was so creepy when I saw the picture of video with Jeff giving her a smile.

    XFlamingstormXXFlamingstormX7 days ago
  • Y’all scared of water?! I mean I’m scared if it rises up like high but uh not like scared scared

    TikTok IvyTikTok Ivy7 days ago
  • 0:07 Gloom's eyes😂

    Yagmur DemirciYagmur Demirci7 days ago
  • i would have called the cops after i heard footsteps stop at the locker

  • This is not scary

    Sally anne MilesSally anne Miles8 days ago
  • Hi

    Jinx DropzJinx Dropz8 days ago

    DO - 04SS 874695 H F Loughin PSDO - 04SS 874695 H F Loughin PS8 days ago
  • her punctuating every other sentence with "Jenn!!" just makes the whole thing better

    Noa HewlettNoa Hewlett9 days ago
  • Never

    Ron RhuleRon Rhule9 days ago
  • Lucky it's not at 3 AM :) lol

    North mountain hhsrhNorth mountain hhsrh9 days ago
  • Wow uhg

    Cheryl NolyndaCheryl Nolynda9 days ago
  • Make more text stories with azzy

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  • Make more of these videos

    amrit manjari singhamrit manjari singh10 days ago
  • If I were in her shoes I would drink some of the water so atleast I can breath atleast more than not having air and I won’t be scared of the cockroaches bc they would be dead and even if I die people will know that its Jen that killed me bc of the text unless it’s not water proof and I wasn’t dead by the water but by the electricity

    Rozy MapleRozy Maple10 days ago
  • Why does my moms name have to be Kelly lol

    Kendallen GottschalkKendallen Gottschalk11 days ago
  • Um-😙👍

    Gaters VeniceGaters Venice11 days ago

    Dana ZirandaDana Ziranda12 days ago
  • They should of made it so the fireman or whatever it was make them have a chainsaw and be sawing the lockers and when it gets to her locker they stop or and then something random happens idk :p

    Just NahJust Nah12 days ago

    Lps MagicLps Magic12 days ago
  • Hi

    ky dtnky dtn13 days ago
  • Like this Does she make it alive

    Jhaunell WebbJhaunell Webb14 days ago
  • Wear a diaper

    Lindsay RiceLindsay Rice14 days ago
  • You got a new sub 😉

    Blossom ChanBlossom Chan14 days ago
  • i saw inquisitormaster read this

    Mari ChanMari Chan15 days ago
  • Hey I’m the girl texting lol

    Kelly RomeroKelly Romero16 days ago
  • Don't bully anyone's little sister 👸

    The Amazing AminThe Amazing Amin16 days ago
  • Why didn't she look and if it is her. Call the cops📞

    The Amazing AminThe Amazing Amin16 days ago
  • Why didn't she look then if it is her call the cops

    The Amazing AminThe Amazing Amin16 days ago
  • okay now thes is getting creepy

    Edmary HernandezEdmary Hernandez16 days ago
  • I'm angry at Jenn :P

    Gemi BearGemi Bear16 days ago
  • how do u text underwater- is it weird that thats wut im worried about lols

    AnimeAddictionzツAnimeAddictionzツ17 days ago
  • Bro How does No one hear The Texting Like My keyboard is so loud!

    Keira ØçęånKeira Øçęån17 days ago
  • No One: Gloom’s Fliters: *Sad Alien Face Intensifies*

    Keira ØçęånKeira Øçęån17 days ago
  • I subbed and liked this vid so pls do the everyone

    Michael BessMichael Bess17 days ago
  • My name is Dana

    Olivia AgnewOlivia Agnew17 days ago
  • Is this really really really really real

    Craig QuinnellCraig Quinnell17 days ago
  • Oh azzy memory,!!!!123 go

    Rae kristan HondoRae kristan Hondo18 days ago
  • Thumbnail Jeff?

    Dream_•_ BlondeyDream_•_ Blondey18 days ago
  • just kiding i dont know what the heck l would do lol

    Rachel SmithRachel Smith18 days ago
  • if someone did that to my sibling i would probly do what Jenn did too lol

    Rachel SmithRachel Smith18 days ago
  • monster:*bangs locker door* me:what the fried chickens are Delicious me after:im lucky my locker is a box phew😌😌

    Leah EspanaLeah Espana18 days ago
  • Um so the person taped it befor putting water in so how did he do it

    Zoie HaddockZoie Haddock19 days ago
  • Hi

    Feras SaadFeras Saad19 days ago
  • GG

    Erin PitnerErin Pitner19 days ago
  • on 3.00am i i died now im a gost

    Ali HafadAli Hafad19 days ago
  • 🤞🏻😱

    May Hnin ZawMay Hnin Zaw20 days ago

    Dolores MccombDolores Mccomb21 day ago
  • Man, I’m watching this at night

    Willow TreeWillow Tree21 day ago
    • And for some reason I’m scared

      Willow TreeWillow Tree21 day ago
  • What locker

    Danica BooneDanica Boone21 day ago
  • Aren’t fireman supposed to protect people

    Rachael RylanderRachael Rylander22 days ago
  • You know that idiot Dana, we don't like here ~Gloom 2020

    Sam GordonSam Gordon22 days ago
  • hiiiii

    KD’s PlaygroundKD’s Playground23 days ago
  • lol I get so scared at the scary thing but I hide under a blanket I am so dumb

    Becky LongleyBecky Longley23 days ago
  • I'm not scared

    Elize CastroElize Castro24 days ago
  • I love this video so much

    Ava MillerAva Miller24 days ago
  • The locker one is scary

    Sophia's TimeSophia's Time24 days ago
  • Me in the basement getting creeped out

    Unicorn power 8Unicorn power 825 days ago
  • So was her friend the one doing this or her friends sister or the janitor or peniwaise I dont understand 🤣🤣🤣

    Lamar KonsowaLamar Konsowa25 days ago
  • Oh no guys

    Eli GuerreroEli Guerrero25 days ago
  • Azzy and gloom are the best youtubers in the whole wide world

    Clara Nallely ÁvalosClara Nallely Ávalos26 days ago
  • M-Mr.... S-Sampson.......? That’s my last name..... 😰 No joke that’s my irl last name. Usually I will see things like Samson but this one even has the “p” in the middle like my name, okay now I’m freaked out

    • K Ã I L Ü Ã •• K Ã I L Ü Ã •26 days ago
  • LOL XD 😂😂😂😂🤣

    barry Mc Connellbarry Mc Connell26 days ago
  • 👉pokemon👈

    Pokémon AshPokémon Ash26 days ago
  • \o/ l /\

    Pokémon AshPokémon Ash26 days ago
  • \o/ l /\

    Pokémon AshPokémon Ash26 days ago
  • G

    GB - 02GK 894826 Parkway PSGB - 02GK 894826 Parkway PS27 days ago
  • The thumbnail creeps me out

    Milko cattoMilko catto27 days ago

    Anna DossAnna Doss28 days ago
  • I’d be freaking out if this happened to me and if I got killed✊✊ if I don’t get killed I’m not doing it again if that happened to me

    Tabitha MyersTabitha Myers28 days ago
  • I love your videos azzyland and gloom!!!

    Katie PerdueKatie Perdue28 days ago
  • Home*

    Acelynn WyllAcelynn Wyll28 days ago
  • But shes not in the locker shes at yome

    Acelynn WyllAcelynn Wyll28 days ago
  • Im so scary that luafing🤣🤣🤣

    Ricky CalacalaRicky Calacala28 days ago
  • Broo she could of used her phone to cut the duct tape and then the water would get out

    Emilija KairyteEmilija KairyteMonth ago
  • This is so funny

    • And a little scary

  • Azzyland you are not a youtuber

    kanasho greatmankanasho greatmanMonth ago
  • This scared me a first but now not really

    Maverick WeaverMaverick WeaverMonth ago
  • XD

    シchxrrrytweシchxrrrytweMonth ago
  • Also why does nobody has called the ghostbusters

    Noah NegreteNoah NegreteMonth ago
  • This entire video the reason the guy could hear her is because the text message sound!!!

    Noah NegreteNoah NegreteMonth ago
  • The thum nail was Jeff the killer

    sangeeta chitlusangeeta chitluMonth ago