Funny NEW Animal Tik Toks that Cheer Me Up

May 28, 2020
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My whole ForYou page on Tik Tok is now adorable everyday animals just being their amazingly cute selves. When your faith in humanity is low, watch animal videos. This is me show you and reacting to some of my favs that I liked at 4am.
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
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  • I had a golden retriever thudley so sad he died

    josie suttonjosie sutton5 hours ago
  • Gloom not all cats are cute and nice my mom has a cat that is black and white she's very pretty and we say mom your demon cat scratched me after they scratched us lol

    wolfie _raedywolfie _raedy9 hours ago
  • The cat who has fell in the bath reminds me of my cat the bath was full and I was in it when he jumped from one end of the bath to the next then he trued to jump to the other side and only jumped halfway right after on my lap

    Carrie CravenCarrie Craven9 hours ago
  • I agree that coyotes are kinda cute. buT one ate half a cat and left the other half on the front of a friends yard. So uh now I’m scare cuz I looked at the picture of the ded cat. Even tho. They said not to . And there were coyote attacks in the neighborhood but who cares ab thAT

    hannah duonghannah duong11 hours ago
  • I am a kid and I like you

    Greg and Joanitha VoglGreg and Joanitha Vogl11 hours ago
  • Baby goats are the cutest I go to a place that I call the farm and the owners goats have had multiple baby’s and I have gotten to play with them hold them and watch them grow up animals are amazing

    Cadence KruegerCadence Krueger11 hours ago
  • That’s sad my cousins had a litter of kittens and a raccoon murdered them all 😖😭 Oh when ur cat sleeps so hard u think it’s dead I think it’s like a dead sleep

    Shalysta ZenoShalysta Zeno16 hours ago
  • 6:06 Dumblepooh!

    nisa hamzanisa hamza19 hours ago
  • I want every single little animal in this vide because all of them so cute😍

    Laila BracewellLaila Bracewell20 hours ago
  • A few years ago I was walking with my dad and brother to a park near our house. There was a little bridge across a tiny river and when we crossed it we saw a mom fox with 2 baby foxes, they ran away but they were truly the cutest things I've ever seen. 🥺❤️

    _amiyah_does_thingz__amiyah_does_thingz_Day ago
  • I have 2 bunny. They did kickflip it was cute

    mars twixmars twixDay ago
  • You make me laugh

    Abigail ArmstrongAbigail ArmstrongDay ago
  • My dog is a mix breed of a lab and a golden retriever he kills flys

  • They stop because they are scared

    Crystal Soto RamosCrystal Soto RamosDay ago
  • I miss my bunny he died a couple months ago 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Crystal Soto RamosCrystal Soto RamosDay ago
  • Kassie: Skunks are so wholesome Me: until they spray

    Sophia AutumnyardSophia AutumnyardDay ago
  • I have a very friendly horse in the padoc next to my house and when my friend came over I was patting the horse and my friend kept scaring the horse it was so cute yet so sad

    ashlee cliffordashlee cliffordDay ago
  • My dogs is a Boston boxer pit bull mix and I used to put my bird on her head and she was so gentle

    Sa!ahSa!ahDay ago
  • I have a cat she’s so funny I also have a bunny

    Ava BadstubnerAva BadstubnerDay ago
  • I’m pretty sure most of the grumpy cats are Persians but I could be wrong

    Charlotte SayerCharlotte SayerDay ago
  • I wish there was a person that would be as proud of me, just like how kassie is proud of that goat jumping around

    {saru chan yt}{saru chan yt}Day ago
  • My sister was five Bunny but two got stolen and three died :((((((((((

    Mackenzie marie DellomasMackenzie marie DellomasDay ago
  • *raccoon was the imposter* 0 imposters remain *Victory*

    BeanieBoo VideosBeanieBoo Videos2 days ago
  • Skunks only spray when they're scared. Also my favorite animals are foxes.

    Rubes DubesRubes Dubes2 days ago
  • The cat with the shirt was Winnie the mew

    Layla CrouchLayla Crouch2 days ago
  • I had a cat and let me wash it because I gave it food

    Luz Marina RomeroLuz Marina Romero2 days ago
  • I have a golden retriever and his name is Taz

    Teagan LongieTeagan Longie2 days ago
  • Gloom you can watch that same fox on saveafox

  • I like you and I'm a kid

  • Im not alowed to have tiktok so i wack this.

    Julia DoebereinerJulia Doebereiner2 days ago
  • My dog got eaten by a coyote

    Matthew ZempMatthew Zemp2 days ago
  • Kassie: Kids don’t like me Me I’m a 8 year old and I watched all of ur vids and I rewatch ur vids until you post a new one

    Arlyn Olivo RiveraArlyn Olivo Rivera2 days ago
  • The tiny dog is me and my friends🐶🐼

    JoAnna LucianoJoAnna Luciano2 days ago
    • Yaa

      JoAnna LucianoJoAnna Luciano2 days ago
  • that one black bunny looked like my bunny who passed, her name was miku she was a dwarf black bunny she was m life until.. she P A S S E D. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Ella WalkerElla Walker2 days ago
  • i've had two bunnys in my entire life his name was west a black and white bunny and miku (miku is a girl and west is a boy) west, he used to stomp all the time especially when i tried getting him out of under my bed he ran away and i never seen him again cause i was raining so :/ miku, my other bunny who died by breaking her back she was like a dog she used to jump on the wall part of her play pin and she landed on her back im not gonna say the whole story because its very sad and depressing for me also the story is quite long so :(

    Ella WalkerElla Walker2 days ago

    Reeekid Fan67Reeekid Fan672 days ago
  • the bunny part makes me cry cause me and my family got a bunny and she didnt last a week..

    Ella WalkerElla Walker2 days ago

    Leanne AllenLeanne Allen2 days ago
  • Gloom:I want cats so bad Me: umm if you want a cat come to my house I have 4 cats lol

    Yasmin SultanYasmin Sultan2 days ago
    • I had 9

      HELLO BISHHELLO BISH2 days ago
  • “That’s like turquoise!” Me: uhh... you do know that turquoise is a mix of blue and a little bit of green right? It’s more blue than green...

    MythicalDragon3000MythicalDragon30002 days ago
  • I love foxes so much- Cant you tell?

    Fox Gaming RobloxFox Gaming Roblox2 days ago
  • at 17:02 look at doez eyes!!!

    Ella SmithElla Smith3 days ago
  • when she watched the vid of the teeny weeny puppy was it a boston terrier pls reply I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GachaCookieDemonGachaCookieDemon3 days ago
  • Whenever I am sick my cat comes and cuddles me to make me feel way better ❤

    20Subz? A20Subz? A3 days ago
  • I have a pet bunny..

    benita wallerbenita waller3 days ago
  • twinkies tongue tho

    Heart CatsHeart Cats3 days ago
  • november 2020 anyone?

    Heart CatsHeart Cats3 days ago
  • Really CYOTES its CYOTYSSSS ee=y

    BaileyAnn HawkinsBaileyAnn Hawkins3 days ago
  • I have that dog

    massoumeh razzazanmassoumeh razzazan3 days ago
  • So I forgot where this was but my friends grandma has this bear that trys to steal their garbage and she just yells at it and it runs away lol

    potato orangepotato orange3 days ago
  • My dog did

    LeAnne VercandeLeAnne Vercande3 days ago
  • The cat breed that you kept asking what type of cat that’s is,it’s called a parison

    Dailyx DreamsDailyx Dreams3 days ago
  • My labor died on Halloween... (not this year tho)

    Planet BreadPlanet Bread3 days ago
  • I have a pet goat

    Planet BreadPlanet Bread3 days ago
  • Not all Labs are nice thenperson next door has one and it tried to eat my dog

    Kool Kat 23Kool Kat 234 days ago
  • is it juest me or do i fallow all of the people that she is showing

    Kearsten LeechKearsten Leech4 days ago
  • 👏👍 hit the but sab

    Stephen TobinStephen Tobin4 days ago
  • 2 uck my bog.

    Stephen TobinStephen Tobin4 days ago
  • 1

    Stephen TobinStephen Tobin4 days ago
  • Terry your girlfriend wants everything ☺️ but take care of her to

    adriana valenzuelaadriana valenzuela4 days ago
  • Thats exsactly what mydog did on the swing

    Ella GiesbrechtElla Giesbrecht4 days ago
  • My cat is so rude the second she eats her meal she goes to the door and looks at and the looks at the door it's just makes me laugh

    mazhar hussainmazhar hussain5 days ago
  • my cat sniffes my clothes or socks and then does that face. its so funny lol

    Zoi BZoi B5 days ago

    KylievyueKylievyue5 days ago
  • One word "C U T E" it was four letters not a word .,.

    TheFandomPerson UwOTheFandomPerson UwO5 days ago
  • You will not bileve that I saw a poor little dead fox 🦊😢so sad

    Galaxy DragonsGalaxy Dragons5 days ago
  • Watch the youtube channel saveafox

    Connor ReillyConnor Reilly6 days ago
  • dog dress up as baby Yoda gloom: this dog me: DOG??? THAT'S BABY YODA GIRL WHAT WRONG WITH UUUU

    aimee bubblesaimee bubbles6 days ago
  • Gloom I dare you to look up " Foxes Screaming " and record your reaction and post it (if you want you can say it was from me!)

    8BlackPasta8BlackPasta6 days ago
  • I just watchEd your crazy tiktok video and that freaked me out but now I’m happy

    Horse Rider1123Horse Rider11236 days ago
  • The reason the cat did that is because it was trying to get more the sent in my cat does this a lot when she sniffs close that my that we have worn a lot so I don't know why but captures want to get more send of anything apparently so yeah that's what she was making that face.

    Angus BeefensteinAngus Beefenstein6 days ago
  • Did gloom not realize that the dog was pooping next to the girl in the rain

    Willow HawkeWillow Hawke6 days ago
  • Honestly she just needs to buy every kind of pet in the world

    Mary GraceMary Grace6 days ago
  • I am a huge fan but 3:59 bruh it’s a Alpaca

    Em PEm P6 days ago
  • did you know foxes eat skunks

    josie doughertyjosie dougherty6 days ago
  • By the way a FOX FRIKING ATE TOW OF MY GUINEA PIGS sorry am still not over it

    Ludmila MereacreLudmila Mereacre6 days ago
  • 5:33 if only she knew it was just the sound on the tiktok not the actual cat 😔

    The Gaming DuckyyThe Gaming Duckyy7 days ago
  • Huskies are the MOST dramatic dogs ever

    Keira Della PennaKeira Della Penna7 days ago
  • That was so funny the cats reaction when he bit the hairball so funny.

    Princess GoosePrincess Goose7 days ago
  • i relly want a pig,sheep or goat

    valurfvalurf7 days ago
  • Today we got a rabbit!!! But yesterday one of our otger rabbits died-....

    AnimalsAreDaBest :DAnimalsAreDaBest :D8 days ago
  • Cue-tip with legs... Ladies and gentlemen.... We got ‘em

    X Jxeda XX Jxeda X8 days ago
  • i'm literally in love with kassie lol. she be like "Madison Beer eXisTs." and I be like, b you prettier

    BlaizeStuffBlaizeStuff8 days ago
  • imagine if Kassie got all of the pets she said she wanted.....

    Sophia LomacSophia Lomac8 days ago
  • 5:40

    The Happy Gaming ChannelThe Happy Gaming Channel8 days ago
  • Kassie it’s okay when I was five I used to have a dream about this panda that could talk and used to cry I used to slap it a lot so I would still love to traumatise kids aswell sometimes u just wanna 👧 🤛

    Amelia GarrodAmelia Garrod8 days ago
  • Gloom to answer your question about how the baby raccoon ended up with the cat, sometimes animals may adopt other baby animals if they lost their parents. And now the baby raccoon has a home!

    Maci PerezMaci Perez8 days ago
  • The white bunny is a holandlop

    Pandi HafandiPandi Hafandi9 days ago
  • Fact when a bunny dose a hop it is called a binki

    Pandi HafandiPandi Hafandi9 days ago
  • husky are so dramatic

    Rox EnglebertRox Englebert9 days ago
  • Hi also that cat it is a Persian cat I have one she my world

    Jamison KiddJamison Kidd9 days ago
  • stoopid fox hunters

    Mr. Bawk the chickenMr. Bawk the chicken9 days ago

    ceceliacecelia9 days ago
  • The one where the cat falls into the tube reminds me when my cat did that.

    Unicorn 26Unicorn 269 days ago
  • Gloom: kids, don’t like me Me: I dOnT lIkE yOu I lOvE yOu

    Alexis wolfAlexis wolf9 days ago
  • My kittens love water, they're so weird

    Selena ArinSelena Arin10 days ago
  • If u like foxes and skunks watch save a Fox

    Squirr3l and Chas3Squirr3l and Chas310 days ago
  • Foxes? I got the fright of my life when one took TWO of my chickens on the same night, and three years later showed up with its offspring, hoping for dinner.

    Vegetarian VampireVegetarian Vampire10 days ago
  • Awwwwwwwww a got

    Mari LopezMari Lopez10 days ago
  • A skunk?! You know they stink right?!

    Eliya Serena BEliya Serena B10 days ago