I finally confess love to my friends brother

Jul 11, 2020
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A rich girl took me in and I love her hot brother even though he has made me pretty mad. I'm taking control of my life and seeing if he can be a part of it. Welcome to Episode's Crossing the Line, part 5, END finale.
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  • I am so sad I loved these😟😞😭

    Tessa KalmTessa Kalm7 hours ago
  • I wish there was a Second one

    Ava RolleneAva Rollene7 hours ago
  • I would literally LOVE to be your friend gloom, out of 21 ears of my life i finally found a favorite youtuber who is a mixture of funny, sweet, and WEIRD. You are my favorite youtuber ever. :)

    Hailey HowellHailey Howell8 hours ago
  • What's this gameeeee

    Austeen Dick MontanoAusteen Dick MontanoDay ago
  • I like how she called the girl with freckles cute...i have freckles

    Trevor PietrzykowskiTrevor Pietrzykowski2 days ago
  • I love you you are my favorite

    Gracie AragonGracie Aragon2 days ago
  • I love how she doesn’t curse! 🥺

    Peyton DiFiorePeyton DiFiore2 days ago
  • I 💗 this

    Kindra BurchKindra Burch2 days ago
  • I feel so sad with your bf gloom,he has to spend all that' money 🤑😭

    S BerS Ber2 days ago
  • Me:*watches* Also me:...wait.....they haven’t eaten in days!

    Snickers Razor blade limited editionSnickers Razor blade limited edition2 days ago
  • Y’all saw the smile on poppy when she said “ girl bye” 8:42

    Elayna VelazquezElayna Velazquez3 days ago
  • Gloom : naaaaa naaaaaa naaaaaaa Me : YAS QUEEN u got it Gloom. Edit was because I didn’t capitalize the g in Gloom

    Elayna VelazquezElayna Velazquez3 days ago
  • Please can you do more glooom

    Curt HibbertCurt Hibbert3 days ago
  • Me

    Ziani's WorldZiani's World4 days ago
  • poppy is rude

    Crystal HurlburtCrystal Hurlburt4 days ago
  • What is that game called?

    jasyca Sokjasyca Sok5 days ago
  • Just get married already

    Paul Watson WatsonPaul Watson Watson5 days ago
  • Me

    Olivia EnyartOlivia Enyart6 days ago
  • does anyone know what this game is called??

    Karley WalkerKarley Walker7 days ago
  • What is that game called, I think you have fun playing it and making videos.

    Cheaw Fern OngCheaw Fern Ong7 days ago
  • Whats the name of the game

    ThunderclanplaysrobloxThunderclanplaysroblox8 days ago
  • Do y’all not get it? They share there money, he works and she gets money from Yt. She may not have a credit card, but they share their savings. Terry isn’t paying with HIS money, but THEIR money

    alyxrismalyxrism8 days ago
  • They should make actual episodes like this

    Rachel EicherRachel Eicher9 days ago
  • Young bentley he in depression mode Beltch beltch bletch beltch Bentley: she filled my mind up with ideas

    Siba SoropoguiSiba Soropogui9 days ago
  • Is that episode crossing the line

    cinthia cabreracinthia cabrera9 days ago
  • Who else tonight that the boy that saved her life from a car at the very start was Bentley?

    Stephanie O'NeillStephanie O'Neill9 days ago
  • Don't we love Laylas accent YOUR TALENTED GLOOOOOOOOM

    •I T Z B L O O M••I T Z B L O O M•10 days ago
  • Let’s compare my name to her name Layla and Leyla like bro

    leyla spearmanleyla spearman10 days ago
  • ;-;this is funny

    Adonai DuarteAdonai Duarte10 days ago
  • Just an idea, (and your probably not going to see this) but you could do this story again, like from the beginning but choose the things that wouldn't be your first choice. If that makes sense.

    Sydney MorrisSydney Morris10 days ago
  • Go check out Jolt_void

    Jolt_ PeytersJolt_ Peyters10 days ago
  • Did u get down to business wonka wonka waaaaaaaaw waaaaaaaaw🤣

    Always AveryAlways Avery10 days ago
  • Shut up,and let me talk -Gloom 2020

    •Akari Chan••Akari Chan•12 days ago
  • Why did this make me squeel so much?!

    Itz_Yuri _TwTItz_Yuri _TwT12 days ago
  • What is this one called

    Maddie forever TwinMaddie forever Twin12 days ago
  • Gloom:*makes these videos* Me:watching them like there Novelas and so into them 😅 Edit: I love how gloom is so into three she literally makes voices for each and every one of them and she's so into them I can't even explain 😅😅❤

    Catelyn nCatelyn n13 days ago
  • Lol she has the same shirt as popy in first

    Mz your best friend Zacarias MMz your best friend Zacarias M13 days ago
  • How do you film this? Like the game part, isn’t this a mobile game???

    Amanda ManzanoAmanda Manzano13 days ago
  • So cute

    Katherine FuhsKatherine Fuhs13 days ago
  • Gloom What is name of the game ?

    Pujitha V.SPujitha V.S14 days ago
  • me : * finds a mix someone made * also me : why the frick is there a vid called i was trapped underwater for 3 day and the tinder gold digger experiment???

    Rebecca RichardsonRebecca Richardson14 days ago
  • Ewwwww glooom!

    Kenya VazquezKenya Vazquez14 days ago
  • I just wish you made Layla’s voice normal because my name is Layla...

    Jenna HelligeJenna Hellige14 days ago
  • Can you play imvu

    Lakaya EvansLakaya Evans14 days ago
  • Gloom should make the sound affects, and get payed gems lol

    - DragonGansta -- DragonGansta -15 days ago
  • What’s this story called??

    Maggie CleaverMaggie Cleaver15 days ago
  • 👑 🤭 👗 👠 👠

    BubblegumAngel c:BubblegumAngel c:15 days ago
  • My name is Layla but my sis is named alexis we share the tablet but it shows her name

    Alexis WinterrothAlexis Winterroth15 days ago
  • What’s this game called?

    Tyra TackettTyra Tackett15 days ago
  • @Stephen Yeager Gaming @Snapback Gaming @Uncle Derek Gaming

    Brandi KozlowskiBrandi Kozlowski16 days ago
  • Moral of the story: don’t let people control u 😌😇

    čhxrrybún ‘čhxrrybún ‘16 days ago

    sim2986sim298616 days ago
  • Whoever likes this poops there pants 👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿

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  • What game is that

    Kirsty GrantKirsty Grant16 days ago
  • Can you read my babysitting

    Vickeisha GulstonVickeisha Gulston16 days ago
  • What game are you playing??

    Andreea MihailescuAndreea Mihailescu16 days ago
  • I’m not even watching the vid I’m just reading the comments 😂😂😂

    Tammy CottonTammy Cotton16 days ago
  • I’m sad because I liked this one

    Marisa FontenetteMarisa Fontenette17 days ago
  • 6:24

    Victoria VargasVictoria Vargas17 days ago
  • Hi baby

    Ariel TovarAriel Tovar17 days ago
  • ;)

    Ariel TovarAriel Tovar17 days ago
    • Hi baby

      Ariel TovarAriel Tovar17 days ago
  • Did anyone notice in the beginning Glooooooom's hair was black now it's brown 🤨🧐🤔😁

    Your girl Amber EchardtYour girl Amber Echardt17 days ago
  • MORE!!!!!!!!!

    Lovely LadysLovely Ladys17 days ago
  • For these episodes the ship name for Bentley and Gloooooom is GLENLEY

    Makayla LopezMakayla Lopez18 days ago
  • Poppy’s poopy

    Solar VKSolar VK18 days ago

    Karen and Evanelen GonzalezsesKaren and Evanelen Gonzalezses18 days ago
  • You should do a say no to everything video

    A LautA Laut18 days ago
  • Me over here being sad in the corner while Glooooooom has over 1000 gems :(

    Thadsha. NThadsha. N18 days ago
  • I love these seares

    Fox_ killer 1Fox_ killer 119 days ago

    Stacey HoffmanStacey Hoffman19 days ago
  • 5:09

    Leon LeatherbarrowLeon Leatherbarrow19 days ago
  • whees the old happy day its glooom i miss that intro

    Leon LeatherbarrowLeon Leatherbarrow19 days ago
  • i’d like to make a little appreciation comment: kassie, i know you have no clue who i am but i know who you are. ive been watching your videos and supporting you since march 2016. i remember a few years ago you liked several of my tweets and even replied to a youtube comment of mine. i was so so happy that you noticed me. you’ve made me so happy just by making videos and being hilarious and amazing. you deserve all the happiness in the world for making so many people happy. you’re gorgeous, kind, and hilarious. don’t let anyone tell you you’re not. we love you kassie 🤍

    Wash The Rain AwayWash The Rain Away19 days ago
  • Where do you download that

    Melbourne JamesMelbourne James20 days ago
  • Gloom is so so like a drama and i like Gloom sound 👍 👇

    Farah daiyana DaiyanaFarah daiyana Daiyana20 days ago
  • This story gives me "The Kissing Booth" vibes😁😂

    myia Harpermyia Harper20 days ago
  • Bentley asked her what is her room number but didn’t Bentley go to her room before.

    Ray CRay C20 days ago
  • What is the game called

    Erika Yuliana saucedo sosaErika Yuliana saucedo sosa20 days ago
  • Can anyone tell me what the name of this episode is called?

    XxV16xXXxV16xX20 days ago
  • Wow

    Luisa CornejoLuisa Cornejo20 days ago
  • These rich names are weird Chanel and Bentley What's next Mrs Louis V ton

    Brandi KozlowskiBrandi Kozlowski20 days ago
  • Gloom explains better than our teachers

    Shambhavi DeshpandeShambhavi Deshpande21 day ago
  • Df i was falling fully hard for him and now.it.ENDS?!??

    Duck XxxDuck Xxx21 day ago
  • What is this game? it looks so fun!!

    BeanBean21 day ago
  • You always make me laugh 💜😂😂love yah

    Ara ChoiAra Choi21 day ago
  • I love gloom’s Layla accent

    PandaxAmyxAestheticPandaxAmyxAesthetic22 days ago
  • What game is this

    WWE 2K STORYWWE 2K STORY22 days ago
  • What

    Shirley GoodwinShirley Goodwin22 days ago
  • He is so hot 😍

    Priyanka APriyanka A22 days ago
  • 5:14 had me dead

    Zoe HodgesZoe Hodges23 days ago
    • Chick a chick bow wow

      Zoe HodgesZoe Hodges23 days ago
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    Merine TamaraMerine Tamara23 days ago
  • Gloom: reading the text when Bentley was trying to say sorry and she said shut up and let me finish very funny Me: *laughing very hard*

    Lesly OrtizLesly Ortiz23 days ago

    Annabelle GaNungAnnabelle GaNung23 days ago
  • Hi

    Zora FarkasZora Farkas23 days ago

    Kiersten FogelsonKiersten Fogelson23 days ago
  • hey gloom can u please send me the link to that u made it look so cool

    It's Helena HaikaliIt's Helena Haikali23 days ago
  • I love Margo x Layla We stan for diverse sexualities

    Celandine PoppyCelandine Poppy23 days ago
  • I can't beleive you read all of that . Thanks

    Diamond girl. H.A.Diamond girl. H.A.24 days ago