I made Tik Tok Food Art | Kids Bento Boxes

Sep 19, 2020
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The best mom on Tik Tok, @SulheeJessica has been making some back to school edible delights, and Kartha Gewart wants a taste.
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  • I love onlyfriend like if you do too.👇💖

    Alexis LopezAlexis Lopez5 minutes ago
  • Oh no o looked it up to and..

    Gacha CloudyGacha Cloudy18 minutes ago
  • Are you married?

    Lily JohnsonLily JohnsonHour ago
  • Are you married?

    Lily JohnsonLily JohnsonHour ago
  • I searchead de gloeving its not that bad its scary but my emotions is gone so i dont get scared Edit:sorry for bad writhing im from turkey

    minecraft delisiminecraft delisi2 hours ago
  • I love sushi ball 🤤🤤💕💓💞💖❣️💕

    Enrico ManaloEnrico Manalo3 hours ago
  • Wow

    Enrico ManaloEnrico Manalo3 hours ago
  • I want her to make lunch for my online class :)

    Alexis RamirezAlexis Ramirez3 hours ago

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  • Have a wonderful day/night

    Loser FruitLoser Fruit5 hours ago
  • What's fu

    Ali PeaAli Pea6 hours ago
  • Is a bento box a pack lunch or sumit

    Ali PeaAli Pea6 hours ago
  • Is anyone going to tell kassie that this 'kartha' girl is using her channel

    Sarah JouharaSarah Jouhara7 hours ago
  • Kartha gewert didn’t cassie or kassie or gloom do the mico strawberry bug thing? Or are you Kassie

    Queen_Gacha-not finished lol-Queen_Gacha-not finished lol-7 hours ago
  • The bottom one is all ways trash because it's at the bottom and the bottom one is not being shaken as much as the top ones so yea that's why the bottom one is trash

    Charley PowellCharley Powell8 hours ago
  • The person on Tik Tok might be Vietnamese because most of these foods is Vietnamese food some are not though. (The reason I know is because I’m Vietnamese)

    Nghiep NguyenNghiep Nguyen9 hours ago
  • The kimchi looks like my friend big toe........

    AimieLPSandgaming6473AimieLPSandgaming64739 hours ago
  • I like potato is yummy

    UwU purple gurlUwU purple gurl12 hours ago
  • Ummm gurll what is your dog's name

    #Gałaxy_ Løvêř#Gałaxy_ Løvêř13 hours ago
  • i like you bc you are pretty and azylan

    Nadhyra Aisha Putri GultomNadhyra Aisha Putri Gultom14 hours ago
  • I'm Vietnamese

    moses nguyenmoses nguyen19 hours ago
  • Is your name that I think is gloom

    baby afsyaababy afsyaa21 hour ago
  • I love how Cassie sings away her problems

    Sonya MSonya M23 hours ago
  • I love how honest she is like " I don't really like children..."

    Dakota JansenDakota JansenDay ago
  • The panda: oh no blubllla Kassie: I will hold you hostage Me: why de panda why

    Cols GreenCols GreenDay ago
  • When she was eating the noodles I was laughing so hard because of that sound effect

    Suzanne JimenezSuzanne JimenezDay ago
  • Pause at the19:07point

    Lisa BuffettLisa BuffettDay ago
  • I would ear this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Ed LEd LDay ago
    • Eat*

      Ed LEd LDay ago
  • Kartha: i dont love children Me: i dont even like them they are so dumb especially if they think that the world is full of rainbows and happiness in 2020 but ok

    Irina TuricaIrina TuricaDay ago
  • Me that beggs my mom to make dried watermelon wrine 👁👄👁

    Chloe XiChloe XiDay ago
  • *_Kids were born to eat POTATOES_* *_Who agrees?_*

    Cookie _CrumbleCookie _CrumbleDay ago
  • *Gloom says DONT GOOGLE DEGLOVING* Me: BROOTHERRR Brother: WHATT me:What’s degloving? Brother: *says meaning* At 12:00 AM Me: I can’t sleeeeppp

    Cookie _CrumbleCookie _CrumbleDay ago
  • me im a kid 8

    Galilea Casarrubias-SanchezGalilea Casarrubias-SanchezDay ago
  • Me using captions to know how to spell fur

    •plxñèt Mílkッ•plxñèt MílkッDay ago
  • You dont eat then with skin

    GeckogirlGeckogirlDay ago
  • Thank you so much for getting me into cooking! The first one i did was the king oyster mushroom fried rice. And im vegetarian so i liked the mushroom one the most

    Xxwierdo_koixX FishXxwierdo_koixX FishDay ago

    •Milee . Lemon••Milee . Lemon•Day ago

    •Milee . Lemon••Milee . Lemon•Day ago
  • Wait idk if you like fries but if you do it’s potatoes-

    Star DreamerStar DreamerDay ago
  • I LOVE CRAB!!!!!!

    Cindy UrrutiaCindy UrrutiaDay ago
  • Snack

    Glitter PowerGlitter Power2 days ago
  • That seaweed is my favorite snake

    Glitter PowerGlitter Power2 days ago
  • My respect for kassie went up bc she used the piller men theme 😏

    Esther Is ExistingEsther Is Existing2 days ago
  • Nioce

    Laila RachadLaila Rachad2 days ago
  • ⛄️⛄️⛄️=🍑🍑🍑

    Laila RachadLaila Rachad2 days ago
  • lIKe tOlLdY

    Laila RachadLaila Rachad2 days ago
  • I searched up water melon sugar heigh and it's no I water melon sugar died

    Maggie PooMaggie Poo2 days ago
  • Don’t tell anyone but I’m 11 so that means I’m a kid and u said u don’t like kids 😩😖😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Karaoke QueensKaraoke Queens2 days ago
  • I searched degloving however you spell it and it’s not that bad I HAVE SEARCHED RAINBOW KISS I THING THAT WAS NOT THAT BAD

    Sophia QuadeSophia Quade2 days ago
  • Did you say you don't Love children so road

    Shireen HussainShireen Hussain2 days ago
  • or don't like faw

    Cosette KittyCosette Kitty2 days ago
  • I love this! I didn't know what to use this 🍱 for but now I do so thank for showing me

    Ivy ThibodeauIvy Thibodeau2 days ago
  • Try 2x speed for Kartha’s intro!

    Natalia Heras TerolNatalia Heras Terol2 days ago
  • Yum seaweed I’m so jealous 😡😞

    unicorn Sundaysunicorn Sundays2 days ago
  • Gggfgg

    Monika GonzalezMonika Gonzalez2 days ago
  • I searched it and I am not mad at you I am not surprised I dunno wby

    melody whiteheadmelody whitehead2 days ago
  • Gloom is kartha gewart ur real name i just wondering people who wondering with widdle ol meh | v

    Jaclyn CallenderJaclyn Callender2 days ago
  • Who else loves when she's toxic on the notes

    Ruby Toaster6542Ruby Toaster65422 days ago
  • if you dont like potatoes, you dont like fries. FaCtS

    Vanja NyholmVanja Nyholm2 days ago
  • Yeah, eat it with the bear crotch -terry 2020

    That Random GirlThat Random Girl2 days ago
  • How dare you say you don't like patatos I'm a patato lover

    Nosipho JongwanaNosipho Jongwana2 days ago
  • Kartha: I don’t really like kids Me:but I’m a kid and fan so you don’t like me?🥺

    Ora FarchiOra Farchi2 days ago
  • You see.. My problem with these lunches would be... Not enough food, I eat a lot, and seriously like at school, lunch just isn't long enough, I'm the kid who never socializes, I NEED TO EAT PEOPLE! And then the problem is, An Apple, Chunky expired Chocolate Milk, Burnt Pizza, Raisins, 20 minutes, like are they trying to make us switch schools!?!?

    Miraculous LadybugMiraculous Ladybug2 days ago
  • pls dont eat beef in your videos i am indian and eating beef here is illigal

    Akriti MehtaAkriti Mehta2 days ago
  • 13:41 to 13:50 soon so spotify

    Sachiko NIturaSachiko NItura2 days ago
  • The mango cups come with tiny spoons. :)

    • P E A C H I A •• P E A C H I A •2 days ago
  • Ahahahhahhahahahha now I have to put dis 👉 👁👄👁 Edit: HoW meNy PaRenTs Saw Dis?? 👇

    ¿Teddy or Charlie? ¿¿Teddy or Charlie? ¿3 days ago
  • 😨!?

    Mei M eiMei M ei3 days ago
  • if a school cafeteria had an onlyfans:

    your momyour mom3 days ago
  • Play Roblox and play pushing simulator everybody

    Angela ThierryAngela Thierry3 days ago
  • I searched de globing I was scared for life but I don’t blame u I blame my slef for doing that now I have nightmares

  • Never say do not because they always do because they’re so curious so don’t just don’t

    Ruim MaylfoyRuim Maylfoy3 days ago

    cherry spectacularcherry spectacular3 days ago
  • Why did I search dee gloving nownim scared for life🙄😓😫

    Leo LealLeo Leal3 days ago
  • do you like the food?

    Ambar CoronadoAmbar Coronado3 days ago
  • My brother walked into my room as they said " yeah, you eat with the best crotch" and he looked at me weird

    Rose _Potter22Rose _Potter223 days ago
  • Why! Why did I look up degloveing it was fine until I saw 👀 the images I am going to have nightmares

    Loralai SchmidtLoralai Schmidt3 days ago
  • You don’t love meh😢😭😭

    Valerie LopezValerie Lopez3 days ago
  • It looks like she is doing a mukbang ⬇

    angelie castilloangelie castillo3 days ago
  • Her dog is so cute

    angelie castilloangelie castillo3 days ago
    • We are all famliy ⬇

      angelie castilloangelie castillo3 days ago
    • And love you no matter what ⤵

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    • I love you guys :)

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    • Wash your hands pls :)

      angelie castilloangelie castillo3 days ago
    • Make sure to stay safe

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  • I can't eat that because I'm allergic to it

    reaction Squad with Kaykay and Kikireaction Squad with Kaykay and Kiki3 days ago
  • I love the way she pill her watermelon

    killak ahhhkillak ahhh3 days ago
  • Why don’t you like potato’s

    Elisa KlubElisa Klub3 days ago
  • Only friend LOL

    Isourde CentineIsourde Centine4 days ago
    • Same .......

      Isourde CentineIsourde Centine4 days ago
    • True but I like it he's so cute I want him so much

      Isourde CentineIsourde Centine4 days ago
  • Degloving is disgusting why would you tell us not to search it if you tell us not searched it we really want to search it

    Mattelyn's WorldMattelyn's World4 days ago
  • Well I guess you don't like us cuz most of us are children

    Lillie DoddsLillie Dodds4 days ago
  • My brother told me how was school and I said I am watching gloom

    Julie HernandezJulie Hernandez4 days ago
  • my fav food is potao

    Stephanie SusanStephanie Susan4 days ago
    • and u don’t XD

      Stephanie SusanStephanie Susan4 days ago
  • I don’t live in Canada so it’s weird seeing things not in my country

    Fox Girl234Fox Girl2344 days ago
  • I’m so mad I love potatoes how can you nottttt

    Mary Lou CavanaughMary Lou Cavanaugh4 days ago
  • Wow look tasty imma sub

    Zari WoodsZari Woods4 days ago
  • Ima try something that I wanted to do for a long time.... Gloom Gloom Gloom Let’s hope this works

    Hollie SiglerHollie Sigler4 days ago

    the armythe army4 days ago
  • It is like 3am and I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo huger I want to eat ok goodnight tomorrow I have school 🎒🎒 bye bye 😔😔😔I forgot that tomorrow it is injection day for us 💉😭😭😭 noooooooooooooooooo I don't like injection day plz comment something nice for me PLZ

    the armythe army4 days ago
  • I always tell my mom to give me a normal lunch

    Here and always JennaHere and always Jenna4 days ago
  • I am a kid

    Beverly GloverBeverly Glover4 days ago
  • Jessica where are you!?!?!😅😅😅

    Atticus They , thenAtticus They , then4 days ago
  • Casie:Your a failure❤️mom Me:what a great mom j.k.

    Rebecca Dos SantosRebecca Dos Santos4 days ago
  • put the link to buy the rice ball maker

    Spencer RandomSpencer Random4 days ago