I messed up a Reality Show with the WORST answers possible

Jun 4, 2020
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You wanted Episode, here it is. I’m answering questions in the worst ways possible in an attempt to sabotage the show. Who wants to date me?!
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  • I,m play this also and I,m chapter 9

    mishi challengesmishi challengesHour ago
  • I just got this game and i love it i love your voice for The characters you Mack it funny you are the best yt

    Lana AndradeLana AndradeDay ago
  • As soon as she said isadora I started singing dododo dora

    Kristen JohnsonKristen Johnson3 days ago
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

    Layla HowardLayla Howard3 days ago
  • Well...cats are actually terrifying

    RandomKitty2021RandomKitty20213 days ago
  • Me voicing out all the text bubbles because I played this one

    K VlogsK Vlogs3 days ago
  • And I dated clhoe

    stefanos stamatakisstefanos stamatakis3 days ago
  • U gonna meet camila the owner of this show and she gonnaove you

    stefanos stamatakisstefanos stamatakis3 days ago
    • Gonna love you

      stefanos stamatakisstefanos stamatakis3 days ago
  • I have episode and love on fire is kinda of my favourite

    stefanos stamatakisstefanos stamatakis3 days ago
    • Oh and

      stefanos stamatakisstefanos stamatakis3 days ago
    • U gonna date a lot of guys

      stefanos stamatakisstefanos stamatakis3 days ago
    • I picked harley

      stefanos stamatakisstefanos stamatakis3 days ago
  • yesterday was picture day at my school and the secretary said "...Walking with all the boys!."

    Elora BeninatiElora Beninati4 days ago
    • lololololololololololol

      Elora BeninatiElora Beninati4 days ago
  • I laughed so hard when she told the cat story!!!!!

    MaggieLaggy NMaggieLaggy N5 days ago
  • Ur hot

    Adam AlabedAdam Alabed5 days ago
  • Game?

    Ellie GolledgeEllie Golledge5 days ago
  • Oooof

    Betty LacandlerBetty Lacandler5 days ago
  • Bro

    Betty LacandlerBetty Lacandler5 days ago
  • I love πŸ’— u Cassy

    Betty LacandlerBetty Lacandler5 days ago
  • You are very funny in these videos. I love you sooo MUCH!!

    Angel MoeyAngel Moey6 days ago
  • She make so many sounds πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    kristen malcomkristen malcom6 days ago
  • Kiss him

    Ziyana HothiZiyana Hothi6 days ago
  • I play the same game yesterday

    kristen malcomkristen malcom6 days ago
  • We play the same story gloomπŸ˜‚

    Maddie GartenbergMaddie Gartenberg6 days ago
  • I play that game to

    Vionne HopmanVionne Hopman6 days ago
  • Yes OK I don’t understand this one OK but this is one thing emoji no thank you I like your videos so much but I like your hair by the way but you beautiful but what’s your boyfriend look like send a video to me hi bye

    Linda GayLinda Gay7 days ago
  • ❀️❀️❀️❀️ I think I like this so much I even like the videos you make about this there’s one part I don’t like I think the videos are one of the videos is him why did your videos you make about you’re hiding something from the boyfriend I have no idea what that is that is crazy❀️❀️❀️❀️

    Linda GayLinda Gay7 days ago
  • I’ve played this before

    Moonlight StarsMoonlight Stars7 days ago
  • Game name is episode 😌

    Roblox bubble girlRoblox bubble girl7 days ago
  • I already completed that episode

    Quianna HarrisQuianna Harris7 days ago
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    That’s_nice GACHAThat’s_nice GACHA7 days ago
  • What game is this

    Sasha HolmesSasha Holmes8 days ago
  • My Name is chloe tooooo

    Brenda AylingBrenda Ayling8 days ago
  • Me name sydney

    Sydney LySydney Ly8 days ago
  • Hi πŸ‘‡

    Kalantzopoulos ChampilomatiKalantzopoulos Champilomati8 days ago
  • I play that game episode 🀣 mi and Chris did married at the end πŸ”šπŸ”š

    jannae Lintonjannae Linton9 days ago
  • Haha

    Gaby CordovaGaby Cordova9 days ago
  • Chloe and zoe from miraculous ladybug

    Mimi TachikawaMimi Tachikawa9 days ago

    TripperTripper9 days ago
  • SHUT UP Cassie Your literally just telling yourself to SHUT UP

    SPSP9 days ago
  • You’re the best you tuber

    Plush FightsPlush Fights9 days ago
  • the grapes im eating are spicy no joke

    Gael AcostaGael Acosta9 days ago
  • Gloom on another Episode movie : Yas gurl we are going for the gems!! Gloom now : WHAT?! I DIDN'T EVEN TRY! I'M TRYING TO MAKE MY CHARACTER LOOK BAD RIGHT NOW BUT IT'S NOT WORKING!!

    Chamiqua KarelChamiqua Karel9 days ago
  • Forgot that Chris was from my home state- YEESH

    JowithanEJowithanE10 days ago
  • I love your videos there funny and cool

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  • Do part 2

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    the Black sistersthe Black sisters10 days ago
  • Is it just me or does Henley look kinda like Taylor Swift lol 🀣🀣

    XxRainbowPuppyxXXxRainbowPuppyxX11 days ago
  • ik im late but i laughed so hard my dad asked if im ok XD

    Two Chestnut PoniesTwo Chestnut Ponies11 days ago
  • i played this one but i felt bad rejecting everyone

    Sydnie HSydnie H12 days ago
  • 23 seconds in IM DEAD 🀣

    Laney JohnsonLaney Johnson13 days ago
  • Ben:where do you from? Glam:the middle of now where Ben:I've always wanted to go to the middle of nowhere Me are you serious I die of laughter 🀣 πŸ˜‚

    Snow ballSnow ball13 days ago
  • i did every thing you did on love on fire i felt i love whit asher

    Sarah BoodooSarah Boodoo14 days ago
  • Plus at the end I ended up with Chris

    Dolly SOSDolly SOS14 days ago
  • I played this same episode game i chose that same coach Henry I finished the game and it was fun!! And HOT πŸ”₯ 😍 BTW isadora is mean Im watching and typing

    Dolly SOSDolly SOS14 days ago
  • Your new USworlds name is glam ✨😌🀚

    Charlie ._. RandompersonCharlie ._. Randomperson14 days ago
  • 11:00 oh oh u know ee ee u know ooh ooh That had me going for a while

    FURYFURY14 days ago
  • I'm 12 and I have a girlfriend and my brain is mentally 17 years old hahaha lol

    FURYFURY14 days ago
  • I got in that game and I glt the end and married Cade

    Evelyn the gamer girl CantyEvelyn the gamer girl Canty15 days ago
  • I read that story on episode and the black boy was my love coach

    Kaylina CunninghamKaylina Cunningham15 days ago
  • I got so mad when she did zoe's voice like that beacause I played this and Zoe is a great choice to team up with

    Amrita SenAmrita Sen15 days ago
  • Her: *WHAT HOW?” cringe*

  • Who’s else used to play this game but love it bc the the cute girls I already have a girl friend so........

  • The SECOND I saw Isadora knew she was a mean

  • I play that game

    Taylor BovianTaylor Bovian17 days ago
  • i miss the old intro "Happy day i'm GlOoM"

    Norah FarrellNorah Farrell17 days ago
  • hey

    Ashely LongAshely Long17 days ago
  • I waw playing this I was not ecpecting that skinny dip

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  • The way she says no to all her dates to stay πŸ˜‚

    Lonely PineappleLonely Pineapple17 days ago
  • I also played episode love on fire. And i was engaged to Vlad. Abd ehen you picked Vlad i said: NnNOoooOoOO VvvVvvVVvlLlllllAaaaaaAaAAAAdDdddddDdd is mine

    Haley BautistaHaley Bautista17 days ago
  • Cade

    dancer girldancer girl18 days ago
  • Play hard to get

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  • The story is so interesting you will love it

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  • Is this love on fire?

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  • What game is this?

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  • I'M DYINGπŸ’€πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

    Kallen AkaeshaKallen Akaesha19 days ago
  • I had this game but I deleted it

    Victoria SchelmVictoria Schelm20 days ago
  • Oh! i played that game!! It's pretty fun, but boring.

    Emilee ChungEmilee Chung20 days ago
  • What game is this?!?!?

    Dabozz_ DatwinzDabozz_ Datwinz20 days ago
  • did anyone juts click on this video just because its says they hate me what should i do lol i did

    Eva Olsen (Student)Eva Olsen (Student)21 day ago
  • Me:eating popcorn and watching Gloom:saying weird things Me:dies of laughter and drops popcorn

    Shahajahan BanuShahajahan Banu21 day ago
  • how hot? T~T

    Chocolate PwllowsChocolate Pwllows22 days ago
  • Sorry My is kassie

    Khetselo NdzinisaKhetselo Ndzinisa23 days ago
    • Sorry sorry πŸ˜” my name is kassie

      Khetselo NdzinisaKhetselo Ndzinisa23 days ago
  • Hi it my first time talking to you my name khetsie I'm a very nice fan of yours please text back 😊😘😊😘

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  • hwat is this game called i wnat to play it

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  • Gloom: are you ready for something hot? Me: yes i want to have spicey cheese burgers pls

    hi hihi hi25 days ago
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  • What game is that

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  • Kassie: finds a girl named Cassie, I want YOU!

  • The enthusiasm scars me

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  • The fact that I also play this game

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  • I played that game on my phone

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  • Imagine you go on a love show but you like anime boys. The boys there are anime boys-

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