I said “yes” to all peer pressure and this happened

Jul 19, 2020
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It’s a typical Episode but Nora @noraverse is here and she’s thirsty for popularity and a good time.
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    delroy jonesdelroy jonesDay ago

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  • Em I the only one who think her fren looks like Michael Jackson

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  • Brat student in front of everyone insulting other student and talking back to the teacher: SHES A NOBODY Teacher: you do have a point. Yeah ok...

    Anna TaymondAnna TaymondDay ago
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  • penny looks so much like sabrina carpenter

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  • ‘Don’t worry Luna I’m going to fix this. I promise.’ *starts working for the mafia*

    QuinnLondon ゚・QuinnLondon ゚・2 days ago
  • These are so funny! Is that really what straight people are like? Weird…

    QuinnLondon ゚・QuinnLondon ゚・2 days ago
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  • what is this game called??

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  • This is the only thing I don’t like about this that it cursing

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  • No one: Not even Penny: Gloom: "rRrrrRiiiiiiIiiiinnnnnNnnGggggG!!!!!" Also gloom: "wwwwHhhhiiccccqqq" (WHIC) Gloom again: "ya right." "Buuurrrp" I'm a small tuber :)

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