I scammed my friends as impostor 4 times in a row (Among Us)

Sep 26, 2020
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I absolutely rolled a HILARIOUS lobby by winning every impostor game that day. It had some high IQ players and some low IQ players who I had so much fun turning against each other. Sometimes they accused each other on their own. The lobby included @LaurenzSide , @DanTDM , @Dangthatsalongname , @iHasCupquake , @CaptainSparklez , @TheOrionSound , @Thinknoodles , @iBallisticSquid , @ThnxCya (@Corpse Husband , @Kara Corvus and Terry are in the last round too!)
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  • glooms hat says dumb but she is the exact opposite like if you agree

    topaz125topaz1254 minutes ago
  • pour oli

    topaz125topaz12515 minutes ago
  • she is lucky to get imposter so many times I play among us for a hour straight and still don't get imposter

    Tina JozdaniTina JozdaniHour ago
  • Love ya u da best I little late but whatever I lovveeee. uuu. and your puppies.....cuties and u to....... go gloom

    Rashika OjhaRashika OjhaHour ago
  • Can you do more videos like dis pls

    Zachary PhillipsZachary Phillips2 hours ago
  • hi

    Victoria KimVictoria Kim3 hours ago
  • “ no it wasn’t it w was YoU” 😂😂😂😂😂

    Anna DayAnna Day3 hours ago
  • Poor think ;(

    Nature And penguinsNature And penguins4 hours ago
  • No one: . Squiddy: that was neakay

    • Jåmēs • • Plãtê •• Jåmēs • • Plãtê •5 hours ago
  • I love how Ollie said to vote with your heart and then when he died he complained that they vote with their heart not with their minds

    Alyssa PerezAlyssa Perez5 hours ago
  • The way gloom sets up everyones perspectives really makes the video better!! Love u gloom

    Ingrid SalyersIngrid Salyers6 hours ago
  • 15:18 cup quake kills brown and vents to sparkles then he says nothing is suss. So funny 😂

    Lauren GarnerLauren Garner14 hours ago
  • I like how she just keeps a straight face through all this.

    Alan XiaAlan Xia15 hours ago
  • Lauren: What are you doing *while smiling* Kassie: l:|

    Vanessa AlvaradoVanessa Alvarado17 hours ago
  • OK I'm sorry but I seriously don't get why people are obsessed with CORPSE'S voice lol

    Vanessa AlvaradoVanessa Alvarado17 hours ago
  • My class taking a test my teacher: wow she looks really focused on that test me in my head: 31:36

    Brynn HarringtonBrynn Harrington20 hours ago
  • Gloom:*Impostor* Gloom: "I'm a little bit sus of all the people that go into reactor" Me: OvO yes.....about that...

    Kara HermanKara Herman20 hours ago
  • Sparkles killing someone in front of everyone and getting away with it is SUCH a pro gamer move XD

    spyrkle4spyrkle420 hours ago
  • I love u

    Lucy Iris OrmeLucy Iris Orme20 hours ago
  • 4:20 lol

    Bitter Sweet gachaBitter Sweet gachaDay ago
  • My friends always say that i sound like corpse...

    Lucas ChanLucas ChanDay ago
  • It's quite clearly cupquake, she's got an evil personality!! bahahahaha

    Jay DuncanJay DuncanDay ago

    MarshMallow JRMarshMallow JRDay ago
  • 28:19 power couple yes true they are the perfect match ❤️❣️

    MarshMallow JRMarshMallow JRDay ago
  • That was senkay 😂

    Lillie GrammLillie GrammDay ago
  • *Dan talking* Someone interrupts Dan talks aging Someone interrupts Dan says on eword Someone in trusts Meeting ends

    Adorable NatalieAdorable NatalieDay ago
  • did anyone notice that when lights went off the reactor noise was going off lol

    shadow craft 2.0shadow craft 2.0Day ago
  • goolm is the best inpostor EVER!!!!

    Jordan ThomeJordan ThomeDay ago
  • Love that outro music

    Emilia AlphabetEmilia AlphabetDay ago
  • 19:32 yeah i was just doing the task where you *shoot cauliflower*

    noyon rahmannoyon rahmanDay ago
  • Diamond minecart

    Sai NarayaneeSai NarayaneeDay ago
  • Wow you guys never let spoopi have black I actually just played a game with yer

    Monica FieldMonica FieldDay ago
    • You can ask her

      Monica FieldMonica Field19 hours ago
    • I did

      Monica FieldMonica Field19 hours ago
    • Sure you did

      Sofia ParkSofia Park19 hours ago
    • Her

      Monica FieldMonica FieldDay ago
  • I swear- Scott's accent is just, JDJSVSJWKSNGDJSKSBFBEAUTIDUL

    tony manaseriantony manaserianDay ago
  • "I was shooting cauliflower" that cracked me up 🤣

    Diane ReidDiane ReidDay ago
  • Gloom: **gets imposter 4 times în a row** Me and think: **get 3 times in a row** ..REE-

    Itz KittenItz KittenDay ago
  • It is funny how gloom kills DanTDM when he is saying thank you to his fan for the super chat then gloom kills him DanTDM: “ give me the 500 bids “ I was like 😂 lol

    Safiya MusthafaSafiya MusthafaDay ago
  • Gloom : kills Squiddy Squiddy : "That was SsNnEAkAaYy!!!"

    이원우이원우Day ago
  • I really liked this stream to bad she took it down

    F E A R L E S SF E A R L E S SDay ago
  • do you got to pay to get robux or play to get robux

    katera williamskatera williamsDay ago
  • meow

    Ariana ZamoraAriana Zamora2 days ago
  • y dont u play with azzy :(

    Larkyn DeanLarkyn Dean2 days ago
  • Not trying to be mean

    Kendra MartinKendra Martin2 days ago
  • I’m like the second best

    Kendra MartinKendra Martin2 days ago
  • Yeah gloom is a better imposter then me

    Kendra MartinKendra Martin2 days ago

    Peter FernandezdecasPeter Fernandezdecas2 days ago
  • Have u noticed that youtubers who play games, dont do intros or outros anymore?

    Eevisofia H.Eevisofia H.2 days ago
  • my favorite is when Oli said “oh my christ” it was hilarious i keeper watching it. Oli himself is funny 😂✌🏻

    Claire IsaacClaire Isaac2 days ago
  • the last 1: love power

    Ela CayirezmezEla Cayirezmez2 days ago
  • Corpse talks Me: *AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH* -falls off chair- why he's voice so dark im scared ;-;

    LOW XIAO YAN MoeLOW XIAO YAN Moe2 days ago
  • CORPSES voice was soooooo low

    Nicola CookNicola Cook2 days ago
  • Cupquake: “Gloom is over there.. no ones with her. So were trusting each other now.” Gloom: Kills Cupquake Cupquake- :'(

    Peck San HokPeck San Hok2 days ago
  • How many times did kassie say "I dont know" 😂

    kokichi simpkokichi simp2 days ago
  • She's so cute and yet so diabolical.... I think I'm in love

    Daniel WeaverDaniel Weaver2 days ago
  • just need one more baybee

    AND PEGGYAND PEGGY2 days ago
  • why oli die first every round

    Philia McDonaldPhilia McDonald2 days ago
  • squid how did think not see because he the other imposter man

    Britton RexroatBritton Rexroat3 days ago
  • Oli- Vote with your heart Oli dies Also Oli- They follow their hearts not their minds

    Claire NylandClaire Nyland3 days ago
  • I love how oli keeps dying first

    AmxyahAmxyah3 days ago
  • This is so awesome all my favorite youtuber coming together

    S1gh n1S1gh n13 days ago
  • I swear- Scott's accent is just, JDJSVSJWKSNGDJSKSBFBEAUTIDUL

    ruhi kulkarniruhi kulkarni3 days ago
  • Kassie if you see this try to STREAM SNIPED someone.

    Christian MontillaChristian Montilla3 days ago
  • Seapeekay also has yt 😎

    Chlo BeChlo Be3 days ago
  • How is gloom always the imostor

    Gabi AlviraGabi Alvira3 days ago
  • Poor Oli, getting killed the first time always.. 😭

    r i y ar i y a3 days ago
  • Love this

    Aaliyah FramptonAaliyah Frampton3 days ago
  • so many gamers in this vid are from player select my fav show ever

    shelby Deberryshelby Deberry3 days ago
  • One of many sayings: they stabbed me in the back!! Meanwhile... Kassie: kills Cupquake/Tiff Me: well, Tiff did get stabbed in the back for sure.

    Tiff PlayzTiff Playz4 days ago
  • I just played among us with this girl and she told me to subscride

    Maddison HutchesonMaddison Hutcheson4 days ago
  • awwww i love oli and Scott they just seem so innocent 🥺

    Mel’s M00linMel’s M00lin4 days ago
  • How?!

    Lora PattonLora Patton4 days ago
  • IncludingScott

    Gotcha GachiGotcha Gachi4 days ago
  • I love that accent

    Gotcha GachiGotcha Gachi4 days ago
  • Let’s be real here... *gloom has 10,000,000 IQ*

    •ʟᴇᴇɴ••ʟᴇᴇɴ•4 days ago
  • Happy Dan'yo lixer terrain thank you for the' Sad Dan ' 500 bits'

    Sophia de LisserSophia de Lisser4 days ago
  • Everyone when I am Crewmate : Idk anything Everyone when I am imposter : It’s *my name * I saw her vent

    𝒢𝒶𝓉𝒸𝒽𝒶 𝒫𝓁𝒶𝓎𝓏𝒢𝒶𝓉𝒸𝒽𝒶 𝒫𝓁𝒶𝓎𝓏4 days ago
  • How did you even get imposter 4 TIMES A ROW LIKE WHAT??

    Neemiaa jocelmaNeemiaa jocelma4 days ago

    Bunny _playzBunny _playz4 days ago

    TanakasimpTanakasimp4 days ago
  • -hi-

    TanakasimpTanakasimp4 days ago
  • gloom: *walks by squiddy* Also Gloom: I think that squiddy is dead..."

    Cirus WayneCirus Wayne4 days ago
  • Bruh corpse's voice hella scared me!

  • Oof I hope I would never met such a smart imposter like gloom because I'm going nuts if I was the crewmate :")

    ReveluvBuddyForeverNeverlandCheshireForeverOnce048ReveluvBuddyForeverNeverlandCheshireForeverOnce0485 days ago
  • this so cool you just getting imposter

    blue the imposterblue the imposter5 days ago
  • I’m a little sus of the people who are not going to reacter gloom your the imposter how can you be sus of other people

    Alessia IslaAlessia Isla5 days ago
  • (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿): don't be suspicious don't be suspicious Me: accidentally vents in front of someone

    Willowsworld TalonstalesWillowsworld Talonstales5 days ago
  • Th

    Beauty Life With NikiBeauty Life With Niki5 days ago
  • Terry is so supportive 9:10. I ship 🛳

    Arai HodariArai Hodari6 days ago
  • I feel the title should be "being imposter 4 times.(No one suspects me)"

    XD midnight WolfXD midnight Wolf6 days ago
  • No

    The Lama KingThe Lama King6 days ago
  • Honestly,I'm confused anyone else wonder how she does tasks when she's imposter

    Eva WeissmanEva Weissman6 days ago
  • i love among us

    Bushy SushiBushy Sushi6 days ago
  • I wonder how Jordan’s reaction is gonna be when he sees this video how Cupquake literally vented into security and didn’t see it

    Brandon WBrandon W6 days ago
  • Oli be like I don’t think it is gloom... Gloom kills Oli Oli:reeeeeeeeeeeee

    Pepper PiePepper Pie6 days ago
  • oooo

    Aidan HudsonAidan Hudson7 days ago
  • :) :O ;-; :(

    DarlingDarling7 days ago
  • Gloom how old r u

    Husna HusnaHusna Husna7 days ago
  • they were destoyed with casey and terry thou

    kit katkit kat7 days ago
  • you are amazing at this game teach me howto play please

    hacked acconthacked accont7 days ago
  • I love you gloom

    GraciwalkerGraciwalker7 days ago
  • If it was me I would have been like If I get imposter I’m gonna take out the easiest person then I’m going to take out the big brain person so they can get off my sent

    Zi BirthdayZi Birthday7 days ago