I tried Awful Hacks To Sneak Food into Movies

Jun 25, 2020
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Funny ways to sneak food or your dog (I guess) into the movies! Movie food be expensive and this format of video seems to be super popular so I want to see if the hacks are decent. But I can't go to a movie theatre cuz I can't leave my house so... that's useful.
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  • The pizza is cuz a rope i was a white on the skin going to the pizza

    cookieomgc cookiecookieomgc cookie3 hours ago
  • What they can’t check your purse so what movie Theater are you going to

    A BA B21 hour ago
  • I didn’t know that VIP is like something people do have often because the VIP were i live it is the same price as like a normal space😂😅🤫

    h̶a̶p̶p̶y̶1234. bye.xh̶a̶p̶p̶y̶1234. bye.x21 hour ago
  • Where I live, they don't check your bags so sneaking food into the theater is pretty easy.

    Chloe WongChloe WongDay ago
  • Hi I'm Mari your videos. Are mayt. Ruanig. My. Laid😡😤👿😾👎

    Maria GurrolaMaria GurrolaDay ago
  • I love your candy hair😁😍

    justyce guerrerojustyce guerrero2 days ago

    LittleMiss_PineappleYTLittleMiss_PineappleYT2 days ago
  • I would do the same thing you did with the ice cream just think that you tried hard enough LOL

    Grace GachaGrace Gacha2 days ago
  • In sweden you kan bring fode in

    Erika FjellnerErika Fjellner3 days ago
  • Kassie sus

    Natalie harden da bestNatalie harden da best3 days ago
  • Nun of the above I would think your crazt

    zyairah flowerszyairah flowers3 days ago
  • She did not put ice cream in her hair it was the cone

    Tony PalmerTony Palmer3 days ago
  • The title said ways to sneak FOOD into the movies...... yet the thumbnail has a DOG in it... IM SADDDD

    Tord LarssonTord Larsson3 days ago
  • GASP 666 DISLIKES!!!!!

    flipping fish flopflipping fish flop4 days ago
  • Kassie: "I know that they check your purse and stuff." Me: My dad once brought his backpack to the movies- We literally stuffed three subway footlongs. No one checked us.

    Poki PineapplePoki Pineapple5 days ago

    Tamia ClarkTamia Clark5 days ago
  • my movie theatre doesn't check our purses. I don't understand why they would do that??!

    TroutWhisker GamingTroutWhisker Gaming6 days ago
  • She will be able to pole this one of and look so cute with the candy serip

    Lucy T-DLucy T-D6 days ago
  • YOUR DOG IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!

    Aubrie De RuedaAubrie De Rueda6 days ago
  • Yall's bags get checked when your at the movies? I think my theatre has given up lol.

    123Rubby123123Rubby1236 days ago
  • Freckles!?✨✨✨✨❤️

    • Møøn • Cłøūd •• Møøn • Cłøūd •6 days ago
  • Kassie: This tastes like shampoo.. Me: How do you know how shampoo tastes..? 🧐🤨

    Clara-Mari VoslooClara-Mari Vosloo8 days ago
  • I don't see it

    Ed EcholsEd Echols9 days ago
  • Wow

    Ed EcholsEd Echols9 days ago
  • Wow

    Ed EcholsEd Echols9 days ago
  • I love it

    Ed EcholsEd Echols9 days ago
  • She is putting rainbow candy in her hair me: HEYYY CAN I HAVE THAT?🤩

    Bill LoganBill Logan9 days ago
  • Kassie: it tastes like shampoo My mind: how do u know what shampoo taste like 😂 Btw love ur vids😘

    nellyplayznellyplayz9 days ago
  • hahahahahahahahaha

    Twins CuttingTwins Cutting9 days ago
  • at my movie theaters literally my bag has never been checked 😭

    Pia MichellePia Michelle10 days ago
  • the hairstyle is okay. I think you should take them out

    Diana MocanuDiana Mocanu10 days ago
  • when Terry laughs 🤣 I laugh 😆 a loooooot

    New Standard VideographyNew Standard Videography10 days ago
  • im go in to dooit

    Tilly WintleTilly Wintle10 days ago
  • How to sneak food into movies. Thumbnail:Kassie sneaking her dog Me: Twinky is food?

    Holly CameronHolly Cameron11 days ago
  • No

    Tonia Daniel'sTonia Daniel's11 days ago
  • I had a plushie bag and we put the snacks in the plushie and the man wouldn't see in that bc he thought it was a plushie but is was a PLUSHIE BAG

    Eva PetrovaEva Petrova11 days ago
  • You look cute

    Kelly HoogeboomKelly Hoogeboom12 days ago
  • the candy in the hair kinda look's weird, but if you took the scrunchies out, it wouldn't look too weird

  • I love your here

    KonsoulWarV3TKonsoulWarV3T12 days ago
  • I didnt actuelly realise the babybell

    TheJeab2004TheJeab200413 days ago
  • 4:43 I feel like it is a look.

    Danny TruongDanny Truong13 days ago
  • I love your dog

    Joe DunneJoe Dunne14 days ago
  • are you pregnant

    Andrew ClaytorAndrew Claytor14 days ago
  • no w

    luke zoncaluke zonca14 days ago
  • I love your hair!!!!

    Suzy RicciSuzy Ricci14 days ago

    Danielle PattisonDanielle Pattison15 days ago
  • title: trying life hacks to bring you're own snacks in the movie thumbnail: shows her dog in her shirt me: what have you been eating?

    Bubbis MoeBubbis Moe15 days ago
  • I love the rainbow hairstyle But I don't have long hair so I can't do it.

    NovaWolfSpiritNovaWolfSpirit16 days ago
  • Just wear a backpack

    Rylee PlayzRylee Playz16 days ago
  • it js cute

    neilsmarstonneilsmarston17 days ago
  • were i live you can take your own food and snacks so point les way don t just ask him if you can take it in?

    neilsmarstonneilsmarston17 days ago
  • I though you Pregnant lol

  • Life hack kinda idk: go to philipines and learn how to speak filipino and u can bring your own food into the theaters but not your own drinks we go to the theaters sometimes and they accually allow chips😂😂😂 Disclamer/p something: i dont know what to do other city's i just know this couse iam from aduas norte cabanatuan city kulungile usalekahle its zulu translate it

    janeed31 playzjaneed31 playz18 days ago
  • Did any body notice during 3:34 and 3:40 that she switched her Scrunchie

    Malia CallawayMalia Callaway19 days ago
  • They don’t check your hand bag where I’m from, just buy some sweets and put them in there

    Floren HowellsFloren Howells19 days ago
  • I once entering a theater (cinema?) With two complete Italian dishes. They don't care.

    Erika MErika M20 days ago
  • I’ve never been to a movie theater that checks ur purse

    Sarah AndersonSarah Anderson20 days ago
  • I loved you hair too

    Stephanie SextonStephanie Sexton21 day ago
  • 5:33 how do u know how shampoo taste like

    •mariiaa studio••mariiaa studio•23 days ago
  • LOL

    Lisa WoolfLisa Woolf23 days ago
  • Lol the hair candy thing is cringy but so cute!

    Top IconicTop Iconic23 days ago
  • Hey my name is Rory

    Alison MarrelliAlison Marrelli23 days ago
  • OkBZZ

    خالد الرشودخالد الرشود23 days ago
  • WoW🖤🦇🦇

    خالد الرشودخالد الرشود23 days ago
  • My theatre I went to didnt check my bag

    Adam RuseAdam Ruse24 days ago
  • Gloom it says ways to sneak food in theaters but on pic it's your dog in u belly

    Adam RuseAdam Ruse24 days ago
  • I ve seen thiS

    Vivek im a fan P KVivek im a fan P K24 days ago
  • I cant have candie

    Eliza StewartEliza Stewart24 days ago
  • Where i live they dont check your bags or purses for snacks

    RedRiot143RedRiot14324 days ago
  • When she said "it might be too nice" Me:I wore a ballgown to the movie theater

    Its Just hai haiIts Just hai hai24 days ago
  • Min of sleep is the best thing ever haha was my birthday ever so much easier to play

    Minghui WangMinghui Wang25 days ago
  • Hershey’s cookies and cream r da BEST!

    shanna boltzshanna boltz25 days ago
  • i like how the title of the video is how to sneek food in the movies and in the tumbnail shes sneeking in her dog

    Lemon Pop!Lemon Pop!25 days ago
  • Lol. Maybe theater is just where is your tickets and enter this This room they don’t even check you so probably these hacks would work for me

    Vicente AlvarezVicente Alvarez26 days ago
  • In my village the theater food is like 5$

    The April ShowThe April Show26 days ago
  • Lol

    Gabrielle KellerGabrielle Keller28 days ago
  • Wait... you guys have to sneak food into a cinema?? in the UK we can just walk in with food from outside....

    CookDaCookiesCookDaCookies28 days ago
  • Kassie ITS EDIBLE GLUE!!

    John MaliuwelurJohn Maliuwelur28 days ago
  • u did this on my bday :D

    Evelynne MullinsEvelynne Mullins29 days ago
  • why in the world would you put ICE CREAM!!!! in your hair!

    Mizumu The Pink PrincessMizumu The Pink Princess29 days ago
  • i LOVE Kassies hair with the sour straps in her braids. who agrees?

    jpcannavojpcannavo29 days ago
  • Like my comment for 10000000000 hugs for kassie

    madison fishermadison fisher29 days ago
  • When I go to the movies no one checks my moms bag the guy who checks our tickets just is all like, "enjoy the film."

    mx.spoopy _mx.spoopy _Month ago
  • the food is expensive because people normaly go to the movie not long after relese but that's the time the therter gets the least money

    CornQueenCornQueenMonth ago
  • Why Would You Bring Your Mutt With You To The Movies 😠

    Craig WatersCraig WatersMonth ago
  • Hair products

    PorcupinePorcupineMonth ago
  • THEY CHECK YOUR PURSE! THEY DONT CHECK MINE! Probably cause your in Canada. But my friends mom brings a CLEAR bag to the movie theater

    Ashley BashirAshley BashirMonth ago
  • My aunt sneaks entire subs into the movies🤦🏻‍♀️

    Marissa CorenMarissa CorenMonth ago
  • Or natural?

    Lyndsay CassidyLyndsay CassidyMonth ago
  • Am I the only one who thinks kassies freckle makeup r so cute!?like if u agree👇

    Lyndsay CassidyLyndsay CassidyMonth ago
  • It looks cute😍

  • Kassie I want to be your friend please please please please please please

    Love the world!! Girl’s rockLove the world!! Girl’s rockMonth ago
    • Love you Kassie

      Love the world!! Girl’s rockLove the world!! Girl’s rockMonth ago
  • Kassie ai love you!!!!!

    Love the world!! Girl’s rockLove the world!! Girl’s rockMonth ago
  • She is always hot to me with candy in her hair or not

    Stream StreamsStream StreamsMonth ago
  • Am i the only one who's never been in a cinema that doesnt let you bring in food-

    Burger DudeBurger DudeMonth ago
  • how do you know what shampoo tastes like hmm?

    CayBean GamerCayBean GamerMonth ago
  • most of these are pointless, just use your pockets

    Jessie VanderbeekerJessie VanderbeekerMonth ago
  • candy hair hack by gloom is so cute

    Mericherri diysMericherri diysMonth ago
  • In Britain they’ll just let you in brandishing your bag of sweets...

    Blebbie RulesBlebbie RulesMonth ago
  • When you said the brand of pizza but there was actually a pizza on your shirt I thought that was just a shirt

    MC MayaMC MayaMonth ago