I tried CRAZY hacks for Everyday Moments

Jul 17, 2020
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Time to try some questionable household hacks and hope it'll be ok. I'm still wincing from the splinter and contact lens one.
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  • I have the same Blue Glasses- (Me getting in trouble for never wearing my glasses-) HeHe

    Charlotte SchulzCharlotte SchulzHour ago
  • I love your Videos so much

    Vivian MooreVivian Moore19 hours ago
  • Terry’s rude

    Iamkiara ***Iamkiara ***21 hour ago
  • I love gloom

    Vikash KhadkaVikash KhadkaDay ago
  • I love gloom

    Vikash KhadkaVikash KhadkaDay ago
  • You call those pads big??!

    Nevaeh AlkireNevaeh AlkireDay ago
  • I ran out of toilet paper to my bag of chips exploded I couldn't bring my friend to the movies so he got pregnant with her boyfriend the kids do counts

    Vi LewVi LewDay ago
  • I have gray eyes and I love them but I love brown eyes more

    HelløHannåhシHelløHannåhシDay ago

    Penelope LowePenelope LoweDay ago
  • like i mean the hole that you blow

    Lizbeth PaulLizbeth Paul2 days ago
  • gloom if you put the balloon in the left or right that hack works so do try it again

    Lizbeth PaulLizbeth Paul2 days ago
  • The glass supi cup hack is dangers the blone is plactic

    Kashvi jainKashvi jain2 days ago
  • I literally hate eyeballs after this video

    Happy _AngelHappy _Angel2 days ago
  • I have glasses at 5:14 I have those EXACT glasses! Mine are litterally the same with that transparent blue in the back, but all the front is in black! I love them (probably because I use them litterally always)

    I don't get the jokeI don't get the joke2 days ago
  • When you said you wish you had Grey eye's, I actually have Grey eye's 🤔

    Itz_Dark AngelItz_Dark Angel2 days ago
  • One time I got a splinter and my dad had to use a needle to get it out..ouch

    Zoe PetersonZoe Peterson3 days ago
  • yeah I never want put linds on

    Taiba ArmanTaiba Arman3 days ago
  • You might not believe me, but Kassie looks beautiful with gray eyes

    Bubble BeeBubble Bee3 days ago
  • i got heps of splinters

    Tessa FletcherTessa Fletcher5 days ago
  • You can't use suckshun in the middle of your palm😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😑😑😑

    mo lohremo lohre6 days ago
  • 💇🏻‍♀️ 👚 🩳 👟👟

    Kayla VanKayla Van6 days ago
  • Rude

    Charizard CharliebearCharizard Charliebear7 days ago
  • If you have so much that it’s a problem why not just buy a wallet

    Adison EggeAdison Egge7 days ago
  • I'm not bullying any one, and besides I like the color

    Marijana O. DjordjevicMarijana O. Djordjevic7 days ago
  • Umm... when you get a splinter don't the pointy bit go in not sticking out 🤔😂

    Fade_ toxinFade_ toxin8 days ago
  • I like Cassie whth green eyes

    World of MoonShadow gamingWorld of MoonShadow gaming8 days ago
  • I wipe stuff on my pants two

    Daniel L ElseDaniel L Else9 days ago
  • Hacks lol

    Marie LawrenceMarie Lawrence9 days ago
  • Gloom react to 123 go's short people problems i want to see if you relate to any pleeeeease

    Veronica RUCOBOVeronica RUCOBO9 days ago
  • 10:46 gloom the "best" teacher

    iamtomaslikeriamtomasliker9 days ago
  • who loves " Happy day I'm GlOoOom!"

    Kella WiseKella Wise10 days ago
  • I have grey eyes

    SamSam10 days ago
  • You are great at singing

    Katherine FuhsKatherine Fuhs10 days ago
  • I love your videos you are the best 😁

    Lilly’s WorldLilly’s World12 days ago
  • I hate how all of the hack videos always have hacks that are bad and fake. It’s annoying af😒

    Aya AbdelfattahAya Abdelfattah12 days ago
  • What about tweezers? That thing wasn’t really lodged in, it was sticking out.

    Maggie FluffyMaggie Fluffy12 days ago
  • I have never gotten a splinter but I have gotten a paper cut onec

    Bella zuritaBella zurita12 days ago
  • I have the same pads as you

    Pauline SetchfieldPauline Setchfield12 days ago
  • Plot twist: these hack channels only care about views and aren’t actually trying to help us in our daily lives

    Laurel /Refia LockhartLaurel /Refia Lockhart13 days ago
  • What tattoo do you have on your fore arm???please tell me :)

    Reem HakemReem Hakem13 days ago
  • you could just use a piece of bread to get rid of a splinter. Actually a real thing

    Crystal_GamesCrystal_Games13 days ago
  • I have contact lences to go to sleep and I always knew the q-tip thing would not work

    Camila Sanchez-RivasCamila Sanchez-Rivas13 days ago
  • I just love her description of the thumbnails

    Queer And HereQueer And Here14 days ago
  • Splinters, paper cuts, blisters ARE THE WORST JEES

    Raminder KhehraRaminder Khehra14 days ago
  • Girl- you glued wood to your hand, no wonder it didn't work.

    doridori14 days ago
  • “I wipe everything on my pants, I’m disgusting.” I do it too, gloom, I do it too

    The Holy PigThe Holy Pig14 days ago
  • Gloom: I wipe a lot on my pants Me and my family: You wipe it on your pants come to my house…

    Mike SpillaneMike Spillane14 days ago
  • You look beautiful cassy with contacts are not your beautiful

    Alyviah ReedAlyviah Reed15 days ago
  • I only had one splinter and no paper cuts

    Noor ElsemaryNoor Elsemary15 days ago
  • i Luv your yideos

    Julie BoutwellJulie Boutwell15 days ago
  • I hav green iys

    LeAnne VercandeLeAnne Vercande15 days ago
  • My mom is a person that dose cupping

    Isabella LuceroIsabella Lucero16 days ago
  • These thumbnails look like sssniperwolfs lol!

    Steven HypersSteven Hypers17 days ago
  • Cardboard cuts tho

    Ahreanna PennAhreanna Penn17 days ago
  • Me

    DreamsAreRealityDreamsAreReality19 days ago
  • the first one hapend to me with a pencil

  • Just use tape

    Matrix MoistyMatrix Moisty19 days ago
  • i have blue eyes

    Emma QuillEmma Quill21 day ago
  • My eyes have tense looking red veins and everybody is concerned

    MyNameIsDoodlesMyNameIsDoodles21 day ago
  • 7:19 made me die!!! I watched it like a bajillion times

    Hayden GagnonHayden Gagnon21 day ago
  • Kassie: *A commen question I get is if I'm high* Me: oh that's def normal

    Eve MarieEve Marie21 day ago
  • 爸爸你而家做咩嘢呀係咪你唔知中文呀唔知中文咪講中文囉係咪我唔鍾意女孩子我再講啦女牌子我個名係潘梓晴

    omanpoon1230omanpoon123022 days ago
  • Is your name Cassie is your Cassie I know I have put Play-Doh on your skin and head something sharp sharp table and put slide in around your skin the Play-Doh it wasn’t it’s not hurt because of the Play-Doh that soft right it’s so squishy

    omanpoon1230omanpoon123022 days ago
  • Anyone else notice how kassie ties her shoes 13:09

    OxilieaOxiliea22 days ago
  • It's never really like THAT bad and not something that bothers me at all, but I have often thought you could be high :'') so nice you cleared that one up hahaaaa

    Lyam woodLyam wood23 days ago
  • Our canadian money is so pretty! I love it!

    しずあまい。しずあまい。23 days ago
  • Soo it kinda works for suction cause when i used to get them i used to use a perfumee coveer place it on for a little and then when i pull out the cap then when i took out the splinter it was much easier

    dave sookramdave sookram23 days ago
  • Israel he is very rude if they would I agree with you to agree with you Cassie Cassie yeah I agree with you I really agree with you he's boiled he's very rude

    Patricia RackiPatricia Racki23 days ago
  • I probably sound insane but I have trained myself to be able to touch my eye just in case I... ever.... had... to.... touch....my eye?? Idk but I can touch my eyes without flinching now

    keep undertale alivekeep undertale alive24 days ago
  • Ok For the splinter one, When I Was younger And I Was At School. I Was drying my hands and when I Had finished I Felt Somthing In the palm Of my hand A THERE WAS A GIANT NEEDLE (Used for sewing but thicker) INSIDE OF MY HAND & The teachers were amazed of how that got in there.

    Bianca BielecBianca Bielec24 days ago
  • I carry dental floss EVERYWHERE!

    Jenny MathewsJenny Mathews24 days ago
  • Is it weird that I am twelve and my mom still doesn’t let me drink juice out of a cup, I have been using a sippy cup TvT

    LayLay NielsenLayLay Nielsen25 days ago

    Mxnsoonn8Mxnsoonn825 days ago
  • I have a paper cut right now

    Oswald And FriendsOswald And Friends26 days ago
  • Okay. Terry’s RUDE!!!! Is that okay? ☺️

    Bacon ‘n EggsBacon ‘n Eggs26 days ago
  • I need to know what nikes those were!!

    Annie FelleAnnie Felle26 days ago
  • I’ve once had a splinter underneath my toe nail and I had it in there for 7 hours until it could come out Like if you said ow or yikes

    orange blossomorange blossom26 days ago
  • Hł łM ЛłϾHФŁΛS

    Ciornei LilianaCiornei Liliana27 days ago
  • if you're a kpop stan you'll understand this comment... gloom; who can break glasses like that?! me; gurl if you knew RM he does that all the time so it's normal for me

    JennieJennie27 days ago
  • Umm don’t you slide the veggies off the cutting board with a knife? I mean I’m like 12 so I’ve only made muffins and cut potatoes but you know sims knows best

    Serenity SunflowerSerenity Sunflower27 days ago
  • I have gray eyes

    Cosmic Alpha girlCosmic Alpha girl27 days ago
  • Do Not do that Hack it is not cool . Some are fake hack

    Emaan MalikEmaan Malik28 days ago
  • I have blue eyes

    Purple cat luvPurple cat luvMonth ago
  • Hy I have blueee eis

  • To stop foot blisters, just grab 2-3 normal bandaids and put it where you need to break it in, it will push it out and protect your feet, I use it when I get new boots and it works just fine!

    Ducky curtDucky curtMonth ago
  • I am so done with splinters I stay with them I got some raining now

    Meagan de GrootMeagan de GrootMonth ago
  • Her eyes are gorgeous though with the green ❤️

    Brynn CarneyBrynn CarneyMonth ago
  • Gloom: Watches hack. Also Gloom: MiCrOfIbReS!

    Lil ThudLil ThudMonth ago

    Kathryn FranklinKathryn FranklinMonth ago
  • the magnets she used are realllllly strong so taking them apart is pretty hard and would likely rip the money

    The Swallow With the CoconutThe Swallow With the CoconutMonth ago
  • Groom is a buy and then I'll know it boo.!!

    Megan KingMegan KingMonth ago
  • Ewwwww balloon flavored coffee my worst nightmare

    Diane La PorteDiane La PorteMonth ago
  • I have blue eyes and they are official so I don’t have to worry about contacts

    Diane La PorteDiane La PorteMonth ago
  • I hate splinters too. I would tell My Splinter Story, but I doubt you’d like it...

    Blue BananaBlue BananaMonth ago
  • 8:10 me: who was blue eyes

    MoonlightGachaMoonlightGachaMonth ago
  • oh cassy can you make one when you play this app it is called i do not no but it tracks your locasn

    Hana FrazierHana FrazierMonth ago
  • I had an abrasion on my left cornea bc of my horrendously long eyelashes

    kittyplayer 36kittyplayer 36Month ago
  • My family just put tape on the splinters and then rip the tape off

    Kaylee GardnerKaylee GardnerMonth ago
  • You are so relatable

    Time to ShineTime to ShineMonth ago
  • 4:51 Sooo when I was small my mothers sunglasses broke but I was too young and I wanted to play with them so I took a small piece of paper and rolled it and put it in that small hole I had no idea what I was doing and I fixed the glasses my mum was like shook 😂😂😂plus the paper couldn’t be noticed

    Moonlight WolfieMoonlight WolfieMonth ago