I Tried Edible Food Art on Tik Tok | Kids Lunch 2

Jul 2, 2020
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Today we're looking at our beloved Tik Tok mom, @SulheeJessica and trying some comfort food involving uncrustables and chicken dinosaurs! She goes so hard for her kids lunches. Also, we're trying the cheesy grilled hot dog skewers dipped in ketchup and a rainbow themed noodle lunch! I had a lot of fun making these viral edible delights, hope you enjoy!
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  • Is anybody going to tell Gloom that this Kartha girl that she is using her house to film videos using Terry and bringing in a new dog every day

    TIW EI PEI MoeTIW EI PEI Moe26 minutes ago
  • And all the food that you maked I eat all of those at school

    rosy lylyrosy lylyHour ago
  • Girl iam a kid and I like croust

    rosy lylyrosy lylyHour ago
  • In the thumbnail I thought she put rubber bands in it cause she hates kids XD

    Miiku-chanMiiku-chan2 hours ago
  • I loved that name Prince Abubu at 0:02

    GAMING WITH Aryan YTGAMING WITH Aryan YT3 hours ago
  • The dog looks like it has scoliosis I’m sorry Edit:(this is just my opinion no hate)

    Arlene NucumArlene Nucum3 hours ago
  • Your eyes are always pink in your video’s

    Sarah HoutsSarah Houts3 hours ago
  • Gloom: Imagine making little kids lunches! Me: well your gonna be an auntie soon so

    Eleven_ bøbbâEleven_ bøbbâ3 hours ago
  • I’m not a true fan I didn’t know you were in Canada 12 minutes later continuously hitting myself

    N HuntN Hunt4 hours ago
  • Gloom: bread gang Lauren: I LOVE BREAD

    Bonni JohnsonBonni Johnson4 hours ago
  • Gloom come to America to get the uncrustables because we have many

    Elizabeth LauderbackElizabeth Lauderback4 hours ago
  • You should come to America and try real uncrustebles. They are delish

    John ClemansJohn Clemans6 hours ago
  • my dog is a chrrwaa mikcs a chrrwaa and a frenchbrol dog wait breyd

    Ashley SnyderAshley Snyder7 hours ago
  • You gotta do the cooking by the book~ If the way is hazy~ You gotta do the cooking by the book~ You know you can’t be lazy~

    Jaira PlayzJaira Playz7 hours ago
  • I love this watch at like 75 speed 14:03 kartha almost cuts herself with the knife

    KandNeikø GachaKandNeikø Gacha7 hours ago
  • Terry don't like ketchup that made me triggered I'm ok with their opinions but don't touch my ketchup bottle from me >:3

    ZipShyGuy SuperStarZipShyGuy SuperStar8 hours ago
  • at first i thought that the monzarela was a potato 😂😂😂

    shandy showshandy show8 hours ago
  • I was eating the hole,time

    Nana BusinessNana Business9 hours ago
  • Btw she just gives her dog a random weird name it's the same doggggg

    Erin StapelErin Stapel9 hours ago
  • I told my parents about gummys that dont have much sugar in them and now they love them they love the swedish fish

    Erin StapelErin Stapel9 hours ago

    Springy_.robloxxxSpringy_.robloxxx9 hours ago
  • Terry is the best husband I am nine in your lucky to have him him he does a lot for you and I’m A big fan

    Wonderworld HowardWonderworld Howard10 hours ago
  • In Utah we have uncrustables so you're jealous aren't you so you're jealous aren't you

    Heather HooverHeather Hoover10 hours ago
  • Love your vids!

    Olivia GonzalesOlivia Gonzales12 hours ago
  • The dog looking at the peanut butter Dog:😋👀

    Itz CookieSquad MiaItz CookieSquad Mia12 hours ago
  • I actually kind of think that cost a group should be in a movie but a movie from her daily life XD

    Liz SuchilLiz Suchil13 hours ago
    • I said it wrong Karthika guwet If I don’t spell it right I’m sorry

      Liz SuchilLiz Suchil20 minutes ago
  • U.U when she said it’s kind of sauce that’s what you doing I’m on this one

    Ur_in_my_basment___lol UptonUr_in_my_basment___lol Upton13 hours ago
  • I like peanut butter better then jelly

    Rosalia RodriguezRosalia Rodriguez13 hours ago
  • And took and why do you have to do just chicken Buddies come on why I mean regular chicken nuggets with work to now if you feel the same addition feel the same and I'm not trying to be rude but I'm trying to show you how it would feel if someone was hurting your feelings

    Andrea KellyAndrea Kelly14 hours ago
  • And dogs the most them are smart but you cannot say a dog is smarter than a human that was just rude and mean and you should stop it now cuz what you did is Unforgivable so stop cuz what you did is unforgivable again dogs cannot be smarter than a human stop being rude what is wrong and that was just really rude so rude I can't believe how rude that was so stop it and it's unbelievably crazy that's crazy can you say you don't know why that some people don't like the cross I don't like the cross and I'm a kid so just be nice and not mean or rude that's all I am saying I'm done

    Andrea KellyAndrea Kelly14 hours ago
  • I'm a kid and I know I don't like the crust on sandwiches are you saying kids are not smart that's just rude really rude I like your Channel but don't say that that hurts people people's feelings and now they feel like they're not smart because of what you just said don't say that it is rude and mean stop!!!!!!!!

    Andrea KellyAndrea Kelly14 hours ago
  • Remember those kid lunches you made well there's a among us what now

    lyrem1990 Jlyrem1990 J16 hours ago
  • Just Imagine telling your kids you only love them because you like to make lunch...but that do be a kids dream on the thumbnail.

  • i luve chinkin nuggies with kethup!!!

    Willow AlegriaWillow Alegria17 hours ago
  • The fact that gloom said sus before among us got popular

    Jazmine GamboaJazmine Gamboa17 hours ago
  • Kartha your dog is broken

    K TK T20 hours ago
  • Where's Azzy ???!!!!

    Jane CouzensJane Couzens22 hours ago
  • Hey, speeking about kids Lauren is prego

    mary tolentinomary tolentinoDay ago
  • Me

    Paulina GonzalezPaulina GonzalezDay ago
  • I like the crust

    b b hb b hDay ago
  • Me waiting for the video to end so i can try the rice one

    abigail narainabigail narainDay ago
  • It sounds like she said ewww

    abigail narainabigail narainDay ago
  • Lol when she added the Dino nuggies It just made me remember online school and l spammed DINO NUGGIES and we got in trouble BUT she never knew it was me so l was glad :d I want Dino nuggies now-

    Andy LiangAndy LiangDay ago
  • Im tarafide of dogs :(

    Evelyn EchavarriaEvelyn EchavarriaDay ago
  • Am I the only one that as a kid, thought jam and jelly was the same thing?

    tiff taylortiff taylorDay ago
    • U ain't the only one🤣

      adones tomeldenadones tomeldenDay ago
  • Excuse me. Did you just call the nuggies the wrong name?!?! They're not called chicken buddies they're called nuggets!!!!! (Grrrrrrrrrr) like come on those are not called chicken buddies they're called nuggies !!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤐🤐😡

    Phyllis FosterPhyllis FosterDay ago
  • Is anyone going to talk about how he said you shouldn’t put chicken in chicken buddies, like.....

    Syd’s Gymnastics TutorialsSyd’s Gymnastics TutorialsDay ago
  • OK these lunches sound AMAZING all I get is fruit and a sandwich oh yea and more fruit

    Ruby RoseRuby RoseDay ago

    Mo Can GachaMo Can GachaDay ago
  • Kartha: “it’s like dipping your grilled cheese in ketchup!” Me:* whos an American* “ wait you don’t dunk grilled cheese in tomato soup!?!?”

    Aluminum_Gacha !!Aluminum_Gacha !!Day ago
  • can the smart sweets do my taxes

    joyce casillojoyce casilloDay ago
  • She knows you can eat hot-dogs raw, right?o.o

    Melanie RogersMelanie RogersDay ago

    Luna Cuffy De JesusLuna Cuffy De JesusDay ago
  • Oh my gosh Now Im hungry ahhhh

    AriAriDay ago
  • I don't like ppandj

    Michelle WilsonMichelle WilsonDay ago
    • You are my fravret you tuber in the world

      Michelle WilsonMichelle WilsonDay ago
    • I only the sepraly

      Michelle WilsonMichelle WilsonDay ago
  • .Once you did your heart the wall and think . you glad you don’t want and not salmonella I know I eat a Civil War because I did it I did why I said my body now have a cold and wet and slippery but I eat it it can be then I’m not.

    王梓名王梓名Day ago
  • mustard sus or mustard sus

    Esme HenselmansEsme HenselmansDay ago
  • in the us there is dino nuggies

    Adalyn StoweAdalyn StoweDay ago
  • I am princess doghuman

    Amia tucholskiAmia tucholskiDay ago
  • Gloom’s fans:This looks interesting...

    XxKayla_DevilkittyxXXxKayla_DevilkittyxXDay ago
  • When she calls them buddy's not Dino Nuggets 😤😡

    {galaxy_ Boba}{galaxy_ Boba}Day ago
  • did you know my favorite snack is pretty healthy and it is: salty popcorn!

    TheLegendaryRainbowCatTheLegendaryRainbowCatDay ago
  • I have that lunch box!!!

    LNichole DLNichole DDay ago
  • 13:29 such a scary face😂😂

    Ritika JainRitika JainDay ago
  • She protec She attac But most importantly She makes food art

    Ilio 133Ilio 133Day ago
  • How many times have you changed his name

    anna zamoraanna zamora2 days ago
    • 900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

      anna zamoraanna zamora2 days ago
  • the reason why the hotdogs are wet is because they were steam cooked, froze and then froze again in the store, then froze in your freezer.

    RedTom BoiiRedTom Boii2 days ago
  • Hi

    Lori HayesLori Hayes2 days ago
  • How many times did she say right now XD

    Stacey _ClaytonStacey _Clayton2 days ago
  • Has anyone ever been to halo burger in Michigan? They have Dino nuggets!

    Easton the ElephantEaston the Elephant2 days ago
  • I'm a bred gang girl

    -Amy2020--Amy2020-2 days ago
  • Is this you in

    Angelina SalinasAngelina Salinas2 days ago
  • I'm just saying I DONT LIKE HOTDOGS

    GachaGamerGachaGamer2 days ago
  • Who noticed that every time she changes the name of her dog 🐩

    Diana ParrishDiana Parrish2 days ago
  • When i saw the thumbnail I thought it was a Bento of diabetes but then i watched the video i was like oh Nvm 🤣

    genderless spoongenderless spoon2 days ago
  • 👍❤️💋

    JellybeanJellybean2 days ago
  • Me LOVES Smart Sweets!!!!!

    Elisabeth KheirElisabeth Kheir2 days ago
  • This video made me so hungry I ate all my strawberry’s i hade in my fridge

    MermaisleyMermaisley2 days ago
  • You said zebra to a giraffe

    NiyagaNiyaga2 days ago
  • In canada: chicken buddies In america: chicken nuggies

    Luna phionexLuna phionex2 days ago
  • Kartha a pretty women

    Marie GMarie G2 days ago
  • At first I that you were crasy and now you are like the only person I will watch.❤❤🐶

    Lynne EngstromLynne Engstrom2 days ago
  • I love chicken friends

    Lynne EngstromLynne Engstrom2 days ago
  • Most of the comment: *rAnDOm sTuFf* Me: ¶∆¶ Is hEr hAnD oKaYy? If you want the thyme Get it ¶w¶ Here- 14:07 Check it onwards yOuR sTilL rEaDinG?? AwWwW tAnKu πwπ Have a greatt morning/afternoon/night/midnight!!💗💗

    •》Kyra Aesthetic《••》Kyra Aesthetic《•2 days ago
  • Pls make more kids lunches please 😇🙏🏼

    Angie HernandezAngie Hernandez2 days ago
  • I’m in the bread game to no toast !

    Donna WatsonDonna Watson2 days ago
  • I’m gonna throw up in a second

    chloe kennedychloe kennedy2 days ago
  • Kartha I hoped you realized that the fork in the sandwich was a GIRAFFE NOT A ZIBBRA!!!!😐😑

    Tim KnoellerTim Knoeller2 days ago
  • Her: I’ve never understood why people don’t like the crust Me: because my kindergarten teacher made me eat it and I threw it up that’s why 🤗

    Burnt Toast558Burnt Toast5582 days ago
  • Nice like catch up

    نجوم فطوم رياكشننجوم فطوم رياكشن2 days ago
  • I'm a kid and i ,love the crust

    Tsahai's WorldTsahai's World2 days ago
  • i love mustard on my hot dog

    Leila CaudillLeila Caudill3 days ago
  • What you don’t have uncrstabls

    Luke StrohmeyerLuke Strohmeyer3 days ago
  • Who else is hungry now?

    Kara JapanKara Japan3 days ago
  • it looks so yummy it’s making me hungry

    MoonarixxMoonarixx3 days ago
  • i LOVE Bread

    MaddiePlayzGamezMaddiePlayzGamez3 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Margaret JahMargaret Jah3 days ago
  • You should watch family fudge they make lunch for their kids and is looks so nice

    nur insyiraahnur insyiraah3 days ago
  • Prince a boo boo is the best

    Angie The personAngie The person3 days ago
  • I the first food I have though and I loved them!!!

    Vanette GunterVanette Gunter3 days ago