I tried New Style Chain Pull Butterfly Fluid Art

Jun 27, 2020
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Kartha Gewart is back at it again trying to make some beautiful oddly satisfying art. But I'm not a great artist so if it works for someone like me, it'll work for you! Haray for hanging acrylic and pour painting art we made all over the place!
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  • The filament of the butterfly’s are rungs

    carla Wiltsiecarla Wiltsie7 hours ago
    • Tongues

      carla Wiltsiecarla Wiltsie7 hours ago
  • When she said im so qirky and different it made me think Im NOt LIkE OtHer GIrls

    Cassius crawfordCassius crawford18 hours ago
  • MOMO no hate but do y'all know who that is!!! BUT DONT SEARCH IT UP IF YOU DONT!!!!!! if you do know momo like....

    m sm sDay ago
  • Who else thinks of Bob Ross when the theme song comes on??? Just me okay :(

    Alyssa WolfAlyssa WolfDay ago
  • No one: Not a soal: Kassie:paints her white canvas white

    The Maya ShowThe Maya ShowDay ago
  • Unfortunately some butterflies are poisonous

    nothing nessnothing ness2 days ago
  • She gave her dog so many names till I'm not sure what it's real name is lol

    Emily KieEmily Kie2 days ago
  • Find a cattipiller keep it and wait until it grows

    Deven EsportsDeven Esports2 days ago
  • You will get a dog

    Lynne EngstromLynne Engstrom2 days ago

    bogie170bogie1702 days ago
  • Those paintings are gorgeous😱😱😱

    Mary Christine DyMary Christine Dy3 days ago
  • Gloom. Uses a big paint bottle. Me. Just use the tiny paint bottles!

    Avery GladeAvery Glade3 days ago
  • my nickname is momo

    vanillabobvanillabob3 days ago
  • Someone needs to get Kassie a caterpillar so she can see it`s metamorphosis

    TheFoxDiamondTheFoxDiamond4 days ago
  • I have a phobia of butterflies-_-

    Sunflower_GamerSunflower_Gamer4 days ago
  • "it's a messy job being Kartha Gewart "

    i love twicei love twice4 days ago
  • momo is creepy not your do btw

    Jordyn DiazJordyn Diaz5 days ago
  • The one you painted is amazing it is GANA be a museum

    Cat FletcherCat Fletcher5 days ago
  • kassie yoir dog could be friends with my dog bc they are the same yours old and the are the same kind of dogs😂

    AmandaSloth 1AmandaSloth 16 days ago
  • “What kind of caterpillar are yooouuu???? You look gorge!”- Kartha Gewart

    Zoe DZoe D6 days ago
  • I love your video you are my favourite USworlds

    Twirl GirlTwirl Girl6 days ago
  • maybe get a chihuahua

    Matida MukupeMatida Mukupe6 days ago
  • you should get a golden retreiver'

    pixel planetpixel planet7 days ago
  • Another one of his kind!🐶🐕😊perfect chose

    Unice Mendoza-GamaUnice Mendoza-Gama7 days ago
  • I thought your name was GLOOOOOM

    Nazziwa MadrineNazziwa Madrine7 days ago
  • Some Butterfly’s can be deadly from what I have been told .-. Ps. I love them

    Mary KalinaMary Kalina8 days ago
  • You should start reacting to gacha stuff GLOOOOM!

    Lydia MulukenLydia Muluken8 days ago
  • I love both of them, welldone!

    Isla DawsonIsla Dawson9 days ago
  • Wow it’s beautiful and I love it and I hope you will paint more

    Emma On RobloxEmma On Roblox9 days ago
  • Sync you make more painting videos and I know you campaigned so you know those metal beads that your using you can make like a rainbow of them with the rebels that are spread

    Gabriela CamposGabriela Campos9 days ago
  • I think you should get another dog or fire little friend

    Gabriela CamposGabriela Campos9 days ago
  • Your art looks sooo beautiful ✨😍 ❤.

    EfroseEfrose9 days ago
  • I am absolutely terrified of butterflies. I dunno why but THEY SCARE ME. A LOT.

    _BTS4life__BTS4life_10 days ago
  • Get a nether dog.

    Kari SaddorisKari Saddoris10 days ago
  • I love it.

    Kaylin BestKaylin Best10 days ago
  • You have to come to India there is so many beautiful butterflies there

    Ranjith NimaRanjith Nima11 days ago
  • Do you know it’s funny the monarch butterflies are actually poisonous

    Shannon StruckShannon Struck11 days ago
  • Get him a canary they will bond together well

    Salome RamirezSalome Ramirez11 days ago
  • I got to do the butterfly experiment

    Stormy GachaStormy Gacha11 days ago
  • No no no no no no no no no no no momo

    Jaswinder DosanjhJaswinder Dosanjh11 days ago
  • 3:02 best sound

    LAU XING YU MoeLAU XING YU Moe12 days ago
  • I love it

    Elizabeth SabadoshElizabeth Sabadosh13 days ago
  • "if the world needs anything, it's more butterflies" Me: Can hear my sister screaming in fear from the distance

    Δ. Σ.Δ. Σ.13 days ago
  • i have done the butterflie thing and it was so fun

    Con VasquezCon Vasquez13 days ago
  • You know that momo is a lemur from avatar the last airbender BTW you need to watch it

    Michelle :#Michelle :#13 days ago
  • The video has been going for 3 min and 16 sec and your canvass is still blank XD

    Yostina KhalilYostina Khalil13 days ago
  • My cousin Is deathly afraid of butterflies 🦋

    Lily BrownLily Brown14 days ago
  • If you’re crying near a butterfly it will grasp onto your face and eat your tears

    Angelina AngyAngelina Angy14 days ago
  • You are an artist the second painting was magical

    Harshita Devnani maths -IPHarshita Devnani maths -IP14 days ago
  • Kartha gewart......kassy......gloom She has many identities but who....who really is she....

    Z AnimationsZ Animations14 days ago
  • Wow Lassie this is amazing u are a true artist

    sheeba cheriansheeba cherian15 days ago
    • Oops I mean kassie

      sheeba cheriansheeba cherian15 days ago
  • This video reminds me of when my grandma died and she loves butterflies 🦋 and her spirit is a monarch butterfly and so I have this on monarch butterfly that reminds me of her and when I wake Up it is always in my backyard. What miss my grandma!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🦋😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

    Siana RobinsonSiana Robinson15 days ago
  • This is how many people thought Kartha Gewart was a real person at first! 👇🏻 👇🏾 👇🏿

    queen_M16queen_M1615 days ago
  • I liked it

    Brooke GoodwinBrooke Goodwin15 days ago
  • Your such a great artist and you should appreciate that talent you have in art 🤗

    Marley StarrMarley Starr15 days ago
  • I saved a butterfly from dyeing it flew in to my pool and we thought it died but know he or she is Alive and she or he was very pretty dark blue bye☻︎☺︎︎

    Ava Reza-MasonAva Reza-Mason16 days ago
  • Mindcraft should have butterflys am i the only one or what!´・ᴗ・`

    Ava Reza-MasonAva Reza-Mason16 days ago
  • Avatars fans : MOMO Me:MOMO!

    Gauri BhawGauri Bhaw16 days ago
  • My Dogs name is momo

    Sophia WonnellSophia Wonnell16 days ago
  • My name is malayzia

    mary Guillorymary Guillory16 days ago
  • Why do you change the dogs name every video

    Anita BriscoAnita Brisco16 days ago
  • im a really big fan

    amelianeel's magical worldamelianeel's magical world17 days ago
  • 5:44 Gloom:I saw this gigantic butterfly Me:Pokemon!Its pokemon

    Irwan AchirulsyahIrwan Achirulsyah18 days ago
  • Did u have your dog when he was a baby aswell or did u get him when he was 12/13

    Itz_midnight CookieItz_midnight Cookie18 days ago
  • Gloom/ Kartha: This Is Momo Me: * Runs To My Closet I Don't Have* DO NOT MENTION THAT NAME!!!!!! * Remembers The Momo With A Creepy Face* Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope

    NightCove TheFox FanNightCove TheFox Fan19 days ago
    • Ha ha lol

      Kayla PattersonKayla Patterson15 days ago
  • when my mom was in 5th grade she was walking to school and she walked past these 2 6th graders pulling a butterflies wings off and she got the butterfly from them and nursed it back to health and she even made a little terrain and fed it sugar water. oh and like so Cassy can see like my channel Kitty Cat 27 please and thankyou!!

    Jesseka SeteroffJesseka Seteroff19 days ago
  • Try to draw a portret of yourself

    Selena SmithSelena Smith20 days ago
  • This is karthas world and we are just living in it

    Char LatteChar Latte20 days ago
  • You should get a puppy they are cute

    Jenna ReinhartJenna Reinhart20 days ago
  • Hah my dad hates butterflies. Don’t worry I think they’re pretty

    Cloudy_starwolfCloudy_starwolf20 days ago
  • Cat😂

    Betty SkořepováBetty Skořepová20 days ago
  • girl if butterfly dust gets on u you will have infection

    xxtanvir_ovixxxxtanvir_ovixx21 day ago
  • My class had a butterfly enclosure and there were about 64 butterflies in that one enclosure and our class counted how many boy and girl butterflies there were and each day my teacher would let 2-4 students release a butterfly. Large story time.........

    Danielle KrupnykDanielle Krupnyk21 day ago
  • I hatte Butter fys

    Azra TVAzra TV21 day ago
  • what is a pepe

    Ava SmithAva Smith21 day ago
  • Those are the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen

    Aniyah CloreAniyah Clore22 days ago
  • Kartha(kassie):let’s catch butterflies Momo: Id rather catch a bone

    Gacha _WolfyGacha _Wolfy22 days ago
  • Gloom I have been painting your paintings so I can see the picture.

    Cristina SaldivarCristina Saldivar22 days ago
  • Maybe you should get momo a lady so then they can have a family or a friend

    Vedika RajwanshiVedika Rajwanshi23 days ago
  • Butterfly’s freak my out ☹️😂

    Izzy FairhallIzzy Fairhall24 days ago
  • Cat

    Carrie EastlandCarrie Eastland24 days ago

    LaceyLacey24 days ago
  • A BOG are a cat

    LaceyLacey24 days ago
  • Thay are not butterflys thay are moths

    cutekitty Badowiczcutekitty Badowicz24 days ago
  • A boxer dog because they are so playful and loving They get along with any dog aswell

    Ebony SwiftEbony Swift25 days ago
  • kartha: And this is *momo* Coryxkeshin fans: *MOMO MUSIC ITENSIFIES*

    Morgan BMorgan B25 days ago
  • Once a butterfly laid it's eggs on me

    SophiaSophia26 days ago
  • today kartha gewart looks beautiful

  • Butterflys only live for 1 month

    Shi NomdoeShi Nomdoe28 days ago
  • Kartha oddly reminds me of Kassie I wonder why? 🤔🤔

    Sanjana ChoudharySanjana Choudhary29 days ago
  • owwowowowowowwoowowowoowwo i love that so much

    Ani ChambersAni Chambers29 days ago
  • Golden retriever

    Kayla Agwu-EmeleKayla Agwu-EmeleMonth ago
  • I am scared of butterflies

    Kinga SnowKinga SnowMonth ago
  • Aaahhh the lil bow at the back of her dress is soo cute😍😍

    Unicorn PotatoUnicorn PotatoMonth ago
  • Kassie I think i want one!

    Dave RossDave RossMonth ago
  • I released butterfly in grade two

    Planky MontagesPlanky MontagesMonth ago
  • Caren: Kartha Gewart is inappropriate im sewing Manager: what did Kartha do Caren: She said the word shes got a pp when talking about painting a butterfly Manager: i give up just talk to my manager

    Channel GucciChannel GucciMonth ago
  • you look so so Beautiful

    Sophie HammerSophie HammerMonth ago
  • Mandy my dog Gus

    Blake BaganzBlake BaganzMonth ago
  • I HATE that shes always like "so this is really bad lol but hopefully it wont be horrible" AND THEN SHE MAKES A MASTERPIECE AND SAYS ITS BAD

    itsmejayda plays robloxitsmejayda plays robloxMonth ago