I tried Painting Heaven in a Diamond | Acrylic Challenge

May 30, 2020
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Tried my first acrylic painting daily challenge with NO TUTORIAL as a new beginner painter with limited skills...oop. It's my nonsensical idea of heaven in Serena Art’s masking tape diamond. Did Kartha Gewart make an oddly satisfying cherry blossom painting or is it a mess?
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  • My dog idk what breed she is she’s a mix of like 3 breeds she’s 180 in dog years I think

    Alyssa ClineAlyssa Cline33 minutes ago
  • Could oops lol

    Brookie CookieBrookie CookieHour ago
  • Heaven looks like to me were Jesus lives

    lindsey Warrenlindsey WarrenHour ago

    Brooklyn ALLANBrooklyn ALLAN6 hours ago
  • The gaps in the tree bothering me until she peels the tape off and I’m like ooooohhhh

    just to comment and subcribe :3just to comment and subcribe :310 hours ago
  • For the what is heaven question according to the divine comedy SPACE

    GachamanGachaman11 hours ago
  • Kartha:it’s like a cross between a weeping willow and a cheery blossom Me:YoU mEaN A WeEpInG bLoSsOm

    Wolfie the DudeWolfie the Dude11 hours ago
  • SOOOOOOO CUTE! Edit: I forgot the !

    Fluffy ErikaFluffy Erika16 hours ago
  • I am subscribed love you gloom💞

    Fluffy ErikaFluffy Erika16 hours ago
  • I think heaven is a beautiful garden where all your wishes come true

    nisa hamzanisa hamza17 hours ago
  • 4:45 Gloom : What does Heaven look like to you ?? Terry !! Terry : I am looking at it Gloom : 😊 Okay !! Anyways Me : Aww !! 😍😍😍

    Maze RunnerMaze Runner18 hours ago
  • Who else LOVES karthas intro

    m sm s22 hours ago
  • When a dog bends their leg like that means that the dog is happy and enjoying its time

    Myrto VMyrto VDay ago
  • Kartha Gewart traditions: Renaming your dog, trying stuff you have never done before and wearing your nicest clothes while painting and cooking.

    Nora GabrielssonNora GabrielssonDay ago
  • Heaven looks like a place where no one can even imagine heaven is a place where there's no crime there's nothing to worry about but family and friends could be in opposite sell

    Shona TittertonShona TittertonDay ago
  • How????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shona TittertonShona TittertonDay ago
  • I love it so much😊🏅

    Nick KentNick KentDay ago
  • Heaven isn’t real don’t believe it

    Norma GarciaNorma GarciaDay ago
  • Wow

    norma chaparronorma chaparroDay ago
  • That is the most gorgeous, inspirational thing I’ve ever seen. Go Cassie!!!!

    Pixie ExPixie ExDay ago
  • Wit

    Kiwi IKiwi IDay ago
  • its so pretty

    The5 MiltonsThe5 MiltonsDay ago
  • Who else would actually go to Kassie's dream land? I would...

    -Classified Shrek--Classified Shrek-Day ago

    Ling MazenLing MazenDay ago
  • That locks so cool your best one Yet

    Lowri SmithLowri SmithDay ago
  • i wish I can be cassie😭😭

    Shanyll LaurenteShanyll Laurente2 days ago

    Andrea XGachaAndrea XGacha2 days ago
  • There is a place in phillipines that look like that

    Gian Queeny SapaoGian Queeny Sapao2 days ago
  • another way of making stars/snow is to put white paint then hit two brushes together (including the one w/ white paint) then you get a nice affect.

    The Maya ShowThe Maya Show2 days ago
  • you know you can buy a black canvas right

    The Maya ShowThe Maya Show2 days ago
  • Heaven looks like me😏

    Ειρηνη ΣαμαραΕιρηνη Σαμαρα2 days ago
  • The dog at 203

    Lily DanLily Dan2 days ago
    • Lol

      Lily DanLily Dan2 days ago
  • Love her hair

    Dakota YoutubeDakota Youtube2 days ago
  • I know where u can go were it has clear turquoise waters

    Antonia SkibaAntonia Skiba2 days ago
  • plss sign ur paintings :3 i love ur paintings

    It's CandyIt's Candy2 days ago
  • Wait what happened it just turned weird how did you do that

    Deanna HenleyDeanna Henley2 days ago
  • Your tree is an apple tree

    Deanna HenleyDeanna Henley2 days ago
  • bob ross:Who? leonardo da vinchi:Huh???? Vincent van gogh:WHAT??!!!! Gloom:ME KARTHA GEWART!!!!!!

    Evie's KiwisEvie's Kiwis2 days ago
  • Wow that is so beautiful

    Elyza EdmondsElyza Edmonds3 days ago
  • My life was a happy accident

    Eri AizawaEri Aizawa3 days ago
  • that's more like the beach to me

    Sarah DodsonSarah Dodson3 days ago
  • to me haven just looks like haven

    Sarah DodsonSarah Dodson3 days ago
  • Get my little girls painting

    o1dt001o1dt0013 days ago
  • Get my little girls painting

    o1dt001o1dt0013 days ago
  • Hi I love your video so much 💋

    Stephanie DavisStephanie Davis3 days ago
  • She looks like a toor guide for the jungle

    Mike SpillaneMike Spillane4 days ago
  • Wow

    Chloe WatsonChloe Watson4 days ago
  • Kassie talking about who knows what: Me:watching stinky turning himself into an old hag with the blanket...

    Eamo DunnEamo Dunn4 days ago
    • *twinky not stinky lol

      Eamo DunnEamo Dunn4 days ago
  • MY HEAVEN: Candy Land mixed w/ Azzyland mixed w/ Gloom Land

    Ruth CarterRuth Carter4 days ago
  • She so talented

    frankey brewerfrankey brewer4 days ago
  • Are you sure that's your heaven 😇 case you are mine 💗💖 and I'm Paula and 9 you are my idol and i subscribed

    Ennis CooperEnnis Cooper4 days ago
  • its Awsome!!

    Kyra TokarchukKyra Tokarchuk4 days ago
  • twinkle:is that food may I sleep

    Kyra TokarchukKyra Tokarchuk4 days ago
  • Me looking at her dog in the background the whole time-

    Irina BalabanIrina Balaban4 days ago
  • Kartha : My vision of HEAVEN is a forest, In the woods. Admiral ( The dog ) : mY hEaVeN iS tO gEt aWaY fRoM u. Heaven also looks like To me, hAvINg rEbEx :>

    •Ice Bear ••Ice Bear •4 days ago
  • woow

    Madison PerryMadison Perry4 days ago
  • i do

    Madison PerryMadison Perry4 days ago
  • thats actually amazing

    Imogen CarrollImogen Carroll4 days ago
  • 😁😀😊☺😍😘😮😵😵😵💖💖💖👍👍👍👏👏👏👏

    KR GORAKR GORA4 days ago
  • 😂😂but it`s😂😂😂💖👍👏👏ULFA 💖👍👏👏👏👏👏👏😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😃😄😁😀😏👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👏👏

    KR GORAKR GORA4 days ago
  • Heaven to me is where people are nice there's no trash people don't get kidnapped my heaven is where nothing bad happens like if you agree. I I I I I I I I

    Deztiny LozanoDeztiny Lozano5 days ago
  • You cant see heven it is not a joke or not a dream

    Maria AlbastakiMaria Albastaki5 days ago
  • Heven is not stuff to laghf about just saying

    Maria AlbastakiMaria Albastaki5 days ago
  • At the time 6:42 it looks like a dinosaur not a hill

    Keegan FisherKeegan Fisher6 days ago
  • Someday, Kartha shall be famous artist 🌺

    Nico VanderJagtNico VanderJagt6 days ago
  • Your voice is beutyful

    Sonia ShuvoSonia Shuvo7 days ago
  • Kartha: What does heaven look like to you Terry? Terry: I'm looking at it ❤️❤️ Kartha: K Anyways

    Virág HadnagyVirág Hadnagy7 days ago
  • 1:33 that’s dark:/

    David UlloaDavid Ulloa7 days ago
  • I’m mad at 707

    I HATE Blue WafflesI HATE Blue Waffles7 days ago
  • Anyone remember happy day it’s gl0oOom

    AmeliaAmelia7 days ago
  • Terry: I’m looking at heaven Kartha gewart: meh meh

    AmeliaAmelia7 days ago
  • Did she say a forest in the woods

    Josie SinnigerJosie Sinniger8 days ago
  • This scared me but 1:13

    mariel.enomismariel.enomis8 days ago
  • Please tell me what twinky was doing in the back round 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mia AguirreMia Aguirre8 days ago
  • why does she buy a white canvas when she can buy a black one 😁

    Fallout BrosFallout Bros8 days ago
  • They say in heaven love comes first will make heaven a place on earth.

    wolfie love gamingwolfie love gaming8 days ago
  • I ment to say that baker lake is a forest with a teal color lake and it is very pretty and it has a rope swing😇😀🗻

    daylewofforddaylewofford8 days ago
  • Baker lake is a forest with a teal color it Oslo has a rope swing and it was so fun p.s. you can camp there to😆😊🗻

    daylewofforddaylewofford8 days ago
  • my Chihuahua was 20 but we had to put her down

    Wolfie PackWolfie Pack8 days ago
  • To me heaven looks like you need to buy more purple paint

    Anna FabaAnna Faba9 days ago
  • Wow Singingggg Glooom~ Ya Should make a song of painting Madaam Gloom

    Ysabella MenrigeYsabella Menrige9 days ago
  • Can u do a graffe

    Lacey NunnLacey Nunn9 days ago
  • kassie: forest in the woods kassie, forests are woods,

    Ginger_ Tai1Ginger_ Tai19 days ago
  • The admiral in the background: ↗️↘️➡️⬅️↙️⬆️↖️↕️⬇️⤵️⤴️

    Misty LokiMisty Loki9 days ago
  • me being a canadian too and knowing everything she means C:

    Captain Of CrazyCaptain Of Crazy10 days ago
  • The last paint of purp was like a heart

    Crista Cheetah Cats LeongCrista Cheetah Cats Leong10 days ago
  • Wooww... Karth is talented!

    lollol10 days ago
  • Ok this is not a hate comment but you dod not pant going strait only strait back strait back

    Niobe GamesNiobe Games10 days ago
  • Was it just me or did kassie call Bob Ross a she

    Macarten McGuiganMacarten McGuigan10 days ago
  • *why is kassie giving her dog a zillion names that are completely random*

    Lakshmy MLakshmy M11 days ago
  • Cartha Goort are you a Christian

    Destiny StahlDestiny Stahl11 days ago
  • bob ross died a long time ago on 1995 july 4

    Sophia and freinds !!!!!Sophia and freinds !!!!!11 days ago
  • The painting looks like one of the islands in my country

    Brunco billy TuilevaBrunco billy Tuileva11 days ago
  • Your an artist Kartha! 🥰🤩 Don’t tell Kassie I said that.😳🤫

    Hudsyn LivingstonHudsyn Livingston11 days ago
  • 4:49 awwwww

    ANiceHotPotatoANiceHotPotato11 days ago
  • kartha: we are drawing somthing that does not exist heaven Catholics: how dare you say that heaven does not EXIST kartha: ask Terry do you think heaven is a real pace on earth Terry:why do you say that Catholics:😠😠😠😠😠 kartha :some screaming lady on the internet Terry: I don't believe the screaming lady on the internet Catholics: HEAVEN IS REAL STOP SAYING IT IS NOT

    just march 34 Ganttjust march 34 Gantt12 days ago
  • Forest in the woods - Kassie 2020

    Sila SaliSila Sali12 days ago
  • I can't like this video

    Bailey SaundersBailey Saunders12 days ago
  • Bob Ross could never

    Hi !Hi !12 days ago
  • Totally not me ignoring what Kassie is saying and trying desperately to name all of the paintings she made in the background.

    •Rʏᴏᴋᴏ••Rʏᴏᴋᴏ•12 days ago