I Tried Watching Kids DUMB Class Presentations

Nov 14, 2020
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Public speaking is already hard enough, it’s worse when you either didn’t prepare or are slightly dumb about it. Today RobertIDK and I are reminiscing on our struggles while watching people mess up their presentations in front of the whole class.
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  • ... or with a friend!!😂

    JReese MelvinJReese Melvin31 minute ago
  • this is giving me ptsd low key

    LagitationLagitation5 hours ago
  • the way how robert said "Hey chris" and kassie just freaks out

    JC PJC P9 hours ago
  • Ahahahahahhahahahahahahha😂 Funny I don’t know why I just keep on laughing every single time.

    me cartoon :3me cartoon :39 hours ago
  • I- i looked at the tumbnail, the red name is kiristina.....my name is 3 letters off from mine-

    snow lovesnow love9 hours ago
  • Can anyone besides me tell how old one of Kassie’s videos is based on what her hair looks like because they have been there throughout her entire hair journey?😂

    Uma SczupakUma Sczupak10 hours ago
  • Luckily none of these have happened to me lol😅🤭

    DArk TiMeZDArk TiMeZ11 hours ago
  • I’m bored so I did this: Emojis that u probably didn’t know they existed or u just don’t remember of: 🌐💠⚜️〽️📇🎐🪔📡🔌🕰📠🛕🛰💺🏵🦪🧈

    huhhuh12 hours ago
  • Funny

    KC FoxKC Fox12 hours ago
  • Well at night i have a black out i always know what now whathappens but i black out reeee oof

    Alaya WestAlaya West13 hours ago
  • I always have too much information instead

    Margaret BellattyMargaret Bellatty14 hours ago
  • My class once did like a dance presentation and this one mad lad of a kid did the full Michael Jackson lean and fell not flinching he got back up and finished

    Natalie FogelNatalie Fogel15 hours ago
  • I love your videos Casey

    Ashley BrownAshley Brown15 hours ago
  • 5:28

    Graidy FitzgeraldGraidy Fitzgerald16 hours ago
  • Me and my old friend were playing a game, we were in the dark with hats on our heads so we couldn’t see anything, then we had to spin around and jump where we stopped so it was my turn. I spun around then stopped. I thought I was infront of my bed so I jumped very violently, but instead of landing on my bead I jumped into a wall.

    Nezuko KamadoNezuko Kamado18 hours ago
  • Me while doing a prestitation: so, um, like, this is, um, yeah, so exactly! Yeah, yeah, YES! Thank you!

    Kelly mockKelly mock19 hours ago
  • Me: Watching this video instead of doing a presentation on China I have to get done by tommorow

    Neveah TomblinNeveah Tomblin19 hours ago
  • Hey Robert I do knock knock you who s that's ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrddddddrrrrrrrrrr

    turbo cturbo c20 hours ago
  • weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

    Scott LathropScott Lathrop21 hour ago
  • who else is trying to find the first video they showed to see what the blur is??

    SLAYERSSLAYERS22 hours ago
  • 5:26 is me

    Nan SweetNan Sweet23 hours ago
  • I’ve once blacked out during a play and I couldn’t remember if I was standing properly Or if I said the right lines and I had to ask everyone backstage if I didn’t mess up

    Skye MeakinSkye MeakinDay ago
  • this whole video proves that Murphy's law is real

    Aurora LockeAurora LockeDay ago
  • They're t posing. They play to much minecraft.

    zGamer BallxzGamer BallxDay ago
  • I was practicing for a Christmas assembly, with the whole school, and one kid had a seizure, everyone freaked out and all the practices afterwards, someone fainting from being scared etc.

    Lydia DykstraLydia DykstraDay ago
  • oh Robert... :O-

    Ilyana HuabIlyana HuabDay ago
  • I'm seven years old

    Misty KeneficMisty KeneficDay ago
  • lol

    Jelani Bristow JrJelani Bristow JrDay ago
  • I started crying in a presentation.... I’m shy

    Judy The CubJudy The CubDay ago
  • but umm your follwer count and you hate public speking i-

    Michael polizziMichael polizziDay ago
  • What was the first video

    cameron moysoncameron moysonDay ago
  • K have of them did not go wrong there just pure cringe

    Ellie NatEllie NatDay ago
  • Me the hole vid :👁👅👁 WhAt ThE HeCk

    Madalyn GarzaMadalyn GarzaDay ago
  • Ok so i speak danish and when we have to do german præsentation i just strutter at the numbers right before the corekt me i say the number and that waste time

    Faduma MustafaFaduma MustafaDay ago
  • Oh dear gods! The guy titled his presentation "You've been tricked" and none of you realised it was a joke 🤦‍♀️

    Cute But EvilCute But EvilDay ago
  • when you did a presentation and you would shake and stutter TvT

    winter gacha lifewinter gacha lifeDay ago
  • so when the guys was roleplaying was 2 days after i was born

    Denise RuffingDenise RuffingDay ago

    Astrid KristensenAstrid KristensenDay ago
  • 3:17 wow

    Britt WorldBritt WorldDay ago
  • Actually I have a presentation tomorrow and Idk anything

    Ruskov and coRuskov and coDay ago
  • There was a time in grade 5 where a girl fainted in class while she was doing a presentation in Science and she fainted and hit a kids desk with her forehead...

    BeckyBoo ParishBeckyBoo ParishDay ago
  • Love vids with Robert!

    Cadha ProctorCadha ProctorDay ago
  • I won’t have to go in class with a group of people in second grade and we were deciding who went first and it took like about a minute to figure out who’s going to say something first

    Michael LinkeMichael LinkeDay ago
  • Sorry, I’m that kid who drops their books on the ground

    AphrasAshesAphrasAshesDay ago
  • my sister passed out onto the floor, hit her chin, broke a copule of vanes in her chin, so it turned red ,purple, and green

    Hazel KamannHazel KamannDay ago
  • Ha ha Terry is in the back round

    Alison AkertAlison AkertDay ago
  • At 12:44: presentation Me: plays chubby bunny with grapes Also me: oop-

    ¿Psycho_gacha ?¿Psycho_gacha ?Day ago
  • I’m not shy and all my teachers love me soooooo yeah I never have actually gotten scared during a presentation and I have winged it a few times

    Vlog with EmmieVlog with EmmieDay ago
  • ngl but i froze while doing a speech and the worse part is my crush was there

    Noah Becks eye lashNoah Becks eye lashDay ago
  • Me waiting for her really really wrong experience not realizing she already said it: 👁👄👁

    Dendrobate VRDendrobate VRDay ago
  • "Any time I have to do any public presentation I'm shaking." ... How's life with 5.76 million subscribers? XD Jk, jk. I thought it was just ironic. Love you Kassie.

    Berta DellasalaBerta Dellasala2 days ago
  • Well if your passed out you won’t feel anything so you don’t know what it feels like

    miriam garciamiriam garcia2 days ago
  • Back in 4th grade I had to do a presentation on some guy named pele or something he was a soccer player and thats all I really know but I had all my notes on a piece of paper but I forgot the paper at my house so when it was my turn to present I said all that I could remember but then this girl named katie asked a question and I was just like "umm... He won- umm he scored...7.. Yes seven he scored seven goals and won..."

    Cookies n CreamCookies n Cream2 days ago
  • i❤️you raubrt idk

    karen quigleykaren quigley2 days ago
  • How many people are scared of doing a presentation infront of 8B people 👇💀

    C h o c o L a t t eC h o c o L a t t e2 days ago
  • Gloom u were not ur teacher’s frov

    Aili ThorntonAili Thornton2 days ago
  • I looked at the thumbnail and that was my name on the whiteboard

    Krystina GuerreroKrystina Guerrero2 days ago
  • I hate presenting also. Whenever iWork in groups I always end up doing all the work so I make the rest of my team talk if I'm allowed to

    Avery RileyAvery Riley2 days ago

    •deppressed kitten••deppressed kitten•2 days ago
  • Go to 7:24

    Jude WasingerJude Wasinger2 days ago
  • Robert: I can babble about nothing and make it seem like I know what I'm saying. Me: exactly that's why everyone thinks I'm smarter than I am.

    Charlotte OwenCharlotte Owen2 days ago
  • pause at 0:54 and 5:33 and 6:03

    lolo is cringelolo is cringe2 days ago
  • So I am a middle school debater. One time there was a topic. We only get thirty minutes to prep. LET ME TELL YOU THAT I COULD NOT FIND ANYTHING. The girl I was up against found all her stuff for her side just fine. I had to go based on prior knowledge. The girl also had her dad as her coach. Let's just say I lost that round.

    gacha izzygacha izzy2 days ago
  • My husband gave a speech on "MASS STARVATION " now say that in many sentences for 10 minutes......talk about cringe

    Ashley FortagAshley Fortag2 days ago
  • I had a presentation recently and it was REALLY embarrassing. So I had two papers, one with information, and the other with a diagram. A. I dint have a script so it was BAAAAAD and B. The papers were clipped on the whiteboard-easel sorta thing and so one fell, I picked it up then the *other* fell. ;c

    Vera GalaVera Gala2 days ago
  • who is the mutual friend though?

    OlivlizOlivliz2 days ago
  • This is another level of wrong.......

    Natalie AlperNatalie Alper2 days ago
  • 2:28 u post like every day tho.. btw i know she doesnt SEE us.. its just a joke..

    BunnieBunnie2 days ago
  • I have winged a presentation for population

    Paige BabcockPaige Babcock2 days ago
  • The more you know about that ear

    Kyra StiglinghKyra Stiglingh2 days ago
  • I wish that i was as cpnfident as the Last guy😔im...im very shy and akward soo i always envy cpnfident ppl😔😔😭

    Farah SuleimanFarah Suleiman2 days ago
  • It would be better for him to hit the floor because you could see that he wasn’t like right in front of a desk from how far down we saw him fall so if he were to hit a desk then it would really hurt and he would still fall on the floor so a lot of pain ouch and if he did not hit a desk would only hit one thing and so on

    Leilani RodLeilani Rod3 days ago
  • 10:32 Robert Goes YOOT

    CherryStarCherryStar3 days ago
  • 1:04 LOL ! 🤣

    H . H .b OoH . H .b Oo3 days ago
  • I also get a blackout

    • It happens all the time and I am a kid 10 years old

  • that grade 9 dude was a little cringy lol

    Isabella BucklandIsabella Buckland3 days ago
  • I have black outs in class and my eyes twitch and it goes black and I forget what the teacher just said

    MarshMallow JRMarshMallow JR3 days ago
  • I’m 8 I and I know what the coklea is... (I don’t know how it’s spelled) The coklea vibrates from sound waves and produces electrical signals which tell the brain what it’s hearing

    Xxtrordinary RibbitXxtrordinary Ribbit3 days ago
  • Ate you and azzy freinds still

    Kerry WoodsKerry Woods3 days ago
    • Did you mean are

      Lizelle • ToornLizelle • Toorn3 days ago
    • I don't think she ATE Azzy

      Lizelle • ToornLizelle • Toorn3 days ago
  • my mam did a virtual one

    Sophia AlexanderSophia Alexander3 days ago
  • Fun fact about me I've never done a presentation I'm to scared so I will sit in my desk and my teacher will come up to me and tell me it's my turn so i will stare my teacher dead in the eyes and say "I. Don't. Want. To." then I get to show my work later with my teacher alone

    Jayden RobarJayden Robar3 days ago
  • *see that she said "tried" in the title.*

    Dagny is Not AwesomeDagny is Not Awesome3 days ago
  • I am laughing at how dumb that is 🤣

    Emma SmithEmma Smith3 days ago
  • Please read: when presenting or performing DO NOT lock your legs, keep them loose and your blood flowing, maybe wiggle your toes, so that you don't pass out.

    KewtieKewtie3 days ago
  • So, when I was in 4th grade, my teacher Mrs. Boykin wanted us to do a artic animal project, and I chose a polar bear. My friend said she did a polar bear too, so I said that we should see who gets an A. But then, I completely blacked out once I started talking, I eventually received a B because someone else had to read it for me. And my friend got an A so I had to give her my lunch money.

    WinterSkeleton 12WinterSkeleton 123 days ago
  • I love you guys

    Marlen CavazosMarlen Cavazos3 days ago
  • 11:55 *Am I the only person that think it looks like tubbo-*

    Cãkè_The _EditørCãkè_The _Editør3 days ago
  • The dab is dead. nobody does it, it died in 2018 and it's still dead so like just don't =-=

    Zephery JacksonZephery Jackson3 days ago
  • And my presentation is due next Friday.........

    Yingtong LiYingtong Li3 days ago
  • I winged a school election and i actually won 😆

    Sign InSign In3 days ago
  • One time I had a presentation that had to be 6-10 Minutes and I was so nervous so I spoke really fast...I said everything in about 3-4 Minutes...I said it would take me 10... I was standing there looking like an idiot staring at the teacher..

    Dark_Wolf_xxDark_Wolf_xx3 days ago
  • So one time in class we were learning about some things laws and one was where if you were a surgeon you killed a wealthy man during surgery you would have to have your hand cut off and I raise my hand and I said what if the surgeon had no hands and then I realized he couldn’t be a surgeon if he had no hands ;-; I need help

    Datplayer Who makes itDatplayer Who makes it3 days ago
  • The Cochlea is a bone in your ear

    Jamie CochranJamie Cochran3 days ago
  • I joined the choir and i was picked for a duo but she never showed up and i had to sing infront of the whole school on my own

    Cíara o 'neillCíara o 'neill3 days ago
  • On the hit or miss one i said what if i dont have friends

    Jamie CochranJamie Cochran3 days ago
  • so once in school, me and my friends and everyone else in the cafeteria weren't slowed to talk and the princesble said she only wanted to hear our chewing so I decided. To chew as loud as possible .😁🌭🍕

    Kyla MarshallKyla Marshall3 days ago
  • The ear drum is the part that vibrates, sends sound waves and through nerves its sent to ur brain.

    chicken fluffypantschicken fluffypants3 days ago
  • Once a girl in my class she hit her head on the table and got a big cut on her head and had to get stitches and had to go straight to the hospital and her friends where crying and we had to go into another classroom some people were scared if she had gotten badly hurt and we had to get the table out of the class because it is a danger haserd 😥😥😥 give this a like if you feel bad for her

    Justine McCarthyJustine McCarthy3 days ago
  • i like presentations they take time from the school day so less time for real work

    husky lover1husky lover13 days ago
  • I can accept failed but I can't expect not trying - Michael morpergo

    Katelyn MeakinsKatelyn Meakins3 days ago