I was Flirty as possible in a CREEPY GAME

Jul 5, 2020
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I'm a girl trying to get some sleep and a boy crawls into my window telling me to come with him into the forest. When I reject him, things get weird. Welcome to Choices, It Lives in the Woods.
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
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  • don't worry guys, episode is coming! i'm thankful you are all so enthusiastic about it!

    GloomGloom5 months ago
    • Yass

      Draco MalfoyDraco MalfoyDay ago
    • @UN- -Known Um what?

      educationeducation16 days ago
    • @zoey land APP: Choices Title: It Lives in the Woods

      UN- -KnownUN- -Known17 days ago
    • @zoey land of the story?

      UN- -KnownUN- -Known17 days ago
    • Oaky what is the title?

      zoey landzoey land17 days ago
  • Making jump scare list for my scared friends.. go to end time stamp to skip the jump scares! “Dan” 1 - 3:50 - 4:05 2- 19:16-19:20 Well um that’s it-

    shameonyou49shameonyou497 hours ago
  • Evil dan! And sorry gloom I’m scared! Uhh 🙄 hey dan are you nice!

    Miki jiangMiki jiang3 days ago
  • Sorry for screaming Yes punch him

    Miki jiangMiki jiang3 days ago
  • 100% would flirt with a cute monster

    Lim ExoraLim Exora3 days ago
  • 12:17;Harry Potter Dolores Umbringe

    Planet BreadPlanet Bread6 days ago
  • *Creepy things happen* *Noah grabs your arm* Gloom: Oh hi Noah, are we dating now?!?!!

    Cierra MartinezCierra Martinez6 days ago
  • PART 2!!!!!!!!

    Arianna AngelArianna Angel6 days ago
  • I'm currently reading this story too. You should keep going!

    Cynthia PeckaCynthia Pecka6 days ago
  • Is it just me or does dan look like Tom Holland.....

    My favouritsMy favourits8 days ago

    Tae형TaeTae형Tae8 days ago
  • great

    Zoe CleghornZoe Cleghorn10 days ago

    Melany Hernandez RuizMelany Hernandez Ruiz10 days ago
  • I actually played this book I finished it yesterday.

    Misty BlepMisty Blep14 days ago
  • Uhh is there a part 2 ??

    Ana DiazAna Diaz16 days ago

    jeongyeon's cereal bowljeongyeon's cereal bowl22 days ago
  • did you make part 2?!!!!!!!!

    Elody ClarkElody Clark23 days ago
  • probably shouldn't be watching this at 10 pm

    Zoe AndrewsZoe Andrews23 days ago
  • 2:43 love your expressions 😂😂

    Bandhana Sambyal sambyalBandhana Sambyal sambyal24 days ago
  • you are the best

    Savannah KyleSavannah Kyle25 days ago
  • can someone tell me if gloom posted the second part ???

    camila martinscamila martins26 days ago
  • Pls continue ;-;

  • Can you make a part 2

    Lilly BlockxLilly Blockx27 days ago
  • We need a part 2

    gaia mclellangaia mclellan29 days ago
  • Why is it that I've completed evey single book of choices and the ones that she completes in episode? 😂

    Surinder SinghSurinder Singh29 days ago
  • I love her intro

    Jenna MahoneyJenna MahoneyMonth ago
  • do it again plz

    Mackenzie TasevskiMackenzie TasevskiMonth ago
  • if any other Norwegians is here you may have heard of the book "Harpa" den var med i bokslukerprisen i fjord. This game reminds me of that book

    Itzui TanakanItzui TanakanMonth ago
  • But wheres the part 2?

    KatKatMonth ago
  • Do chapters next pleaaase

    Dolin BasarabDolin BasarabMonth ago
  • Gloom: 1:51 Me: *WHEEZING*

    Hannah KollascheckHannah KollascheckMonth ago
  • I JUST LOVE when gloom says: Happy days i'm 𝔊𝔩𝔬𝔬𝔪

    Bella DowdBella DowdMonth ago
  • I've heard of this game before! You should do the paranormal one!

    Destiny FernandezDestiny FernandezMonth ago
  • part 2?? 🥺🥺

    yo it’s meyo it’s meMonth ago
  • Can we pllleeeeeeaaaasssseee get a part 2

    Mag WishheartMag WishheartMonth ago
  • 3:09

    :rosey :ᑎOᔕᗴY:rosey :ᑎOᔕᗴYMonth ago
  • Try chapters

    King PraterKing PraterMonth ago
  • Did Gloom voice Mother Gothel or something?

    IzzyWGachaIzzyWGacha2 months ago
  • I get scared easily too

    Hobby KattHobby Katt2 months ago
  • Gloom needs to read Americas most eligible. Now that will give some great gloom voice acting.

    Smudge Says NoSmudge Says No2 months ago
  • Do baby bump on choices

    Mayté Connor - ArchibaldMayté Connor - Archibald2 months ago
  • Where's part 2

    Hayde EHayde E2 months ago
  • can you make more of these

    Tony ChanTony Chan3 months ago
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  • /scoreboard players test @p Money 750 1999999999 /scoreboard players remove @p Money 750 /give @0 spawn_egg

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  • gurl i just now saw ur coming out vid! i'm pan too!! :)

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  • Please continue the story please!

    Gracie McCollumGracie McCollum3 months ago
  • i love you gloom and all of your content

    Lily McAdamLily McAdam3 months ago
  • So want her to do more of choices. I like a lot of episodes and she make it funnier but I cant get enough of choices. My favorite characters is Dr. Ramsey, Drake and my two loves is getting hard to choose between Mason and Harris. Gah

    Ocean KuhnOcean Kuhn3 months ago
  • Do more please

    shoys68shoys683 months ago
  • Who what’s part two

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  • Chapter 2! Chapter 2! Chapter 2! This is one of the most interesting games for me! Please tell me you'll play the whole game? 😇

    Vanessa WilliamsVanessa Williams3 months ago
  • Gloom : and i get scared easily Me : and i get Angry or mad easily ^-^

    Somthing wired MakingSomthing wired Making3 months ago
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    Phami Lebo LangaPhami Lebo Langa3 months ago
  • pls more epies!!!

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  • Yeah I am so excited.

    Garima Gurung Can you find unicorns photo as well.Garima Gurung Can you find unicorns photo as well.3 months ago
  • Oh gosh that was very creepy I didn't know that we can play creepy games on the choice.

    Garima Gurung Can you find unicorns photo as well.Garima Gurung Can you find unicorns photo as well.3 months ago
  • i just love when she do that vocies i cant even do that.and do somemore vocie's

    Jordan FamilyJordan Family3 months ago
  • Me and my neighbor played this and we didn't sleep for months

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  • isnt this just anohana but made into a horror story

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  • My name is Ava haha

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  • My name is Ava

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  • ☹️ I'm a nine years old cheerleader ☹️💔

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  • I love stranger things 💕🌸😂

    Lana StapelbergLana Stapelberg3 months ago
  • This is like the it it comes when they are kids but then comes back when they get older

    Clare the CatClare the Cat3 months ago
  • i only watched to 3:01 and I'm scared

    Kooty CatKooty Cat3 months ago
  • Continue it pls

    Kaiyah MaeKaiyah Mae3 months ago
  • Hi

    Lilly Pop makerLilly Pop maker3 months ago
  • Gloom do episode 2 PLEASE!!!

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  • I need part 2 :(

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  • Just finished this book, and I love how she made it way less serious🤣🤣

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  • Can someone tell me which game is this plssss

    Atul KhareAtul Khare3 months ago

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  • Please make another vedeo about this

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    • Ok?

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  • Uhh my cousin had a bad dream and she had bruises because her dream was a bully dream............

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  • I low-key just played this!! I love it

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  • I was Flirty as possible in a CREEPY GAME

  • I get scared easily too, i can't even play SL or FNAF, even thougn i really wanna play SL.

    Flutter Bugg2606Flutter Bugg26064 months ago
  • Pls do another chapter l really love it 😍

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  • 18:19 funniest time pause

    - Miu Iruma -- Miu Iruma -4 months ago
  • She watches stranger things too

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  • And I oop- -2019

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