If I’m toxic 3 times the video ends

Aug 13, 2020
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Testing Fall Guys for the first time with the boys @Kubz Scouts, @Razzbowski and @Bijuu Mike . Let’s just say we spent more time in the lobby than playing but we persevered with the power of friendship.
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  • So fun😂

    ygrubyjaneygrubyjaneDay ago
  • When it ended I thought my I pad died😭✋

    Kalea Plays24Kalea Plays243 days ago
  • Can someone please tell me what that honey comb game is called

    Nalinka FernandoNalinka Fernando5 days ago
  • me continuously replaying them roasting the fire skin guy

    Medusa The evil goddess!Medusa The evil goddess!18 days ago
  • My name is Phillip I am a poet I died because George Freaking Eacker can't count to ten

    dragon goosedragon goose21 day ago
  • ... GAMER GULS O My

    Diana SeguinDiana SeguinMonth ago
  • Who else notices that bijuu mikes shirt always gets green screen

  • What is the game called

    Julie OelofseJulie OelofseMonth ago
    • Fall guys duh

      Naomi Jarrett thorpeNaomi Jarrett thorpe27 days ago
  • What game is that

    ItzEva XItzEva XMonth ago
  • Kassie: We gotta go, gotta get the job done Me: Gotta start a new nation, GOTTA MEET MY SON

    skittleskittleMonth ago
  • This is just a video of razz and jays bromance/romance

    Haha HashHashHaha HashHashMonth ago
  • Razz:We’re proper gamer girls I’ve got an onlyfans Me:WoAh tHeRe

    Best Girl Chiaki NanamiBest Girl Chiaki NanamiMonth ago
  • The end tho

    Krizelle BerberKrizelle BerberMonth ago
  • Kassie:ug- *vid ends*

    Sushi SquadSushi SquadMonth ago
  • Dinosaur

    Veronica OoVeronica OoMonth ago
  • Boi

    Veronica OoVeronica OoMonth ago
  • Yaaaaaaa

    Veronica OoVeronica OoMonth ago
  • So cool

    Veronica OoVeronica OoMonth ago
  • Hi yall cool

    Veronica OoVeronica OoMonth ago
  • I feel bad for bijou mike. Razz, gloom, and Linz all were talking most of the time and quiet bijuu just sat in the corner laughing and maybe making a comment. A+ for cooperation bijuu and A+ for everybody because ya’ll r the dream team. INCLUDING BIJUU

    yoonieyoonieMonth ago
  • fall guys isn’t that popular like when it first came out ever since among us was made

  • Cassie: "Gotta go gotta get the job done" Me: Gotta start a new nation gotta meet my son!

    X x Naji x XX x Naji x XMonth ago
  • THAT DUDE sent us

    Stacey MelsonStacey MelsonMonth ago
  • If I see one more Hamilton comment 😩😩😩

    uh oh poo poouh oh poo pooMonth ago
  • Kassie:gotta go gotta get the job done Me: GOTTA START A NEW NATION GOTTA MEET MY SON!!!!!!

    Avalee GraceAvalee GraceMonth ago

    Omni zxOmni zxMonth ago
  • im the most toxic when i play video games

    Adorabella ValenzuelaAdorabella Valenzuela2 months ago
  • 7:28 Gloom is just honoring him at the funeral then Jay pulls out a freakin gallon of water.

    Weird MuffinWeird Muffin2 months ago
  • “ gotta go gotta get the job done “ me ...... GOTTA START A NEW NATION GOTTA MEET ME SON

    Lily ZitoLily Zito2 months ago
  • mike is soo quiet xd

    Shinobu KochouShinobu Kochou2 months ago
  • Kassie make a collab with lia(SSSniperWolf)

    jessica meyerjessica meyer2 months ago
  • Me: watching video dying while laughing Kassie: “ gotta go gotta get the job done!” Me: GOTTA START A NEW NATION GOTTA MEET MY SON! TAKE THE BULLETS OUT YOUR GUN! WHAT!! THE BULLETS OUT YOUR GUN! WHAT! WE MOVE UNDERCOVER AND WE MOvE AS ONE! Through the night, WE HAVE ONE SHOT TO LIVE ANOTHER DAY! WE CANNOT LET A STRAY GUNSHOT GIVE US AWAY! We will fight up CLOSE! Seize the moment and STAY in it! ( long story short I’m and Hamilton fan

    Natalie CarragherNatalie Carragher2 months ago
  • Kass: We gotta go gotta get the job done Me: GOTTA START A NEW NATION GOTTA MEET MY SON

    AbigalAbigal2 months ago
  • I can hit parade and I am 8

    Raid EzraRaid Ezra2 months ago
  • Toxic Gloom mode :O

    Da Banny GamingDa Banny Gaming2 months ago
  • 4:53

    adaada2 months ago

    Adelaide HenryAdelaide Henry2 months ago
  • Me: this must be short The time: 16 minutes Me again: o she can not be toxic for that long nice

    Wolfie PlayzGachaWolfie PlayzGacha2 months ago
  • Yo who thinks that she should start a gaming channel

    Cash GunnarsonCash Gunnarson2 months ago
  • 9:17 mike got green screen

    amellia mirzaamellia mirza2 months ago
  • me sitting with my guinea pig 6.41

    dimali02dimali022 months ago
  • 4:45 was that a Hamilton reference Kassie?!

    Sparky AnimationsSparky Animations2 months ago
  • what game were they playing?

    RebeccaRebecca2 months ago
  • Kassie: Gotta go gotta get the job done me: getting very exited goes to check the comments to see if anyone else realizes me: I’m satisfied

    Dill PickleDill Pickle2 months ago
  • Collab, Fall Guys!!!

    Churry FontamillasChurry Fontamillas2 months ago
  • I guess when he said he has a swamp in his underwear he peed himself a lot maybe that's what he meant.

    Shanell HolimonShanell Holimon2 months ago

    Tamaki UwUTamaki UwU2 months ago
  • You neeeeeeeed to. Do more in this Quartett 😍🤣

    Billie EilishBillie Eilish2 months ago
  • We really love you all.

    S RS R2 months ago
  • GoT To stArT a NeW NaTioN gOtTa mEeT mY sOn

    Brooke Is meh nameBrooke Is meh name2 months ago
  • anyone knows what game this is?

    HanCS75HanCS752 months ago
  • mike's shirt is green now her the green screen they don't talk to him cause he's the green screen XD LOL sorry mike

    its_me_faye2010its_me_faye20102 months ago
  • I am sooooooooooo silly 😜

    Chloe LinaresChloe Linares2 months ago
  • Imagine being that fire guy

    Ophelia LuOphelia Lu2 months ago
  • No one: Razz: SMeLLs LIkE ViCtoRy AnD SwEAtY MeN

    SB pawpiSB pawpi2 months ago
  • Can we get more BitLife videos 👀

    OhMyGod It’s Ju’dahOhMyGod It’s Ju’dah2 months ago
  • The guys: You're wonderful/You are wonderful/You are wonderful you're awesome *When Gloom got offfed* No one: Jay: NOOOOO I LIED

    Ying YangYing Yang2 months ago
  • Me: *sees mike with 18+ people* Me: wait that's illegal

    Sophia RodriguezSophia Rodriguez2 months ago
  • she just snapped

    Lilia AspelingLilia Aspeling2 months ago
  • ...Jay sent me : )

    Birthday FruitecakeBirthday Fruitecake2 months ago
  • Gloom-tries not to be toxic Razzbowski-tries to flirt on everyone

    Jade翡翠Jade翡翠2 months ago
  • I love how Cassie was the only girl and she still went on saying thing like: let’s get ‘em boys! She just gets along so easily with ppl!!

    Lizzie CalderheadLizzie Calderhead2 months ago
  • Me: *sees* *thumbnail* : Kassie toxic? Nooo. The video will go on forever. Video length: League of Legends has not done enough damage and toxic tft has not destroyed enough hope. But seriously though Kassie was doing this with friends who laughed. Spamming question marks won't make your ally play better.

    1Greninja WolfBossDeath1Greninja WolfBossDeath2 months ago
  • that dude sent me hii

    potato catpotato cat3 months ago

    seaveys soulseaveys soul3 months ago
  • It ended and i got acared lel

    Team DuoTeam Duo3 months ago
  • E

    Rainbow Swirl VRainbow Swirl V3 months ago
  • E E E E E E E E E E E E

    Rainbow Swirl VRainbow Swirl V3 months ago
  • E E E E E

    Rainbow Swirl VRainbow Swirl V3 months ago
  • Kassie: "We gotta go, gotta get the job done." no one: like no one: Hamilton fans: GotTa StaRT A NeW NatIoN, GoTTa MeEt My SoN

    月分Luna Min月分Luna Min3 months ago
  • Imagine being in this game with a bunch of famous yters and not even realizing it-

    Animal Crackers :3Animal Crackers :33 months ago
  • “I think I’ve seen this one in a Japanese cartoon.” *my mind went to joseph climbing the wall of oil.*

    Prince KnockdownPrince Knockdown3 months ago
  • I actually love this kind of video 😁

    NoSleepNoSleep3 months ago
  • *hi*

    unoriginal personunoriginal person3 months ago
  • Who here realized gloom is the only girl playing?

    Unicorn QueenUnicorn Queen3 months ago
  • Me: we gotta go gotta get the job done Kassie: sings the same thing BRO WHATT IM SO SERIOUS BRUH THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED HAMILTON GO OFF

    NeriahxfaithNeriahxfaith3 months ago
  • Oh My Gosh through this whole video I was laughing my but off well trying not to since it is 12:40am where I am and I'm supposed to be asleep but this reminds me of when I used to hang out with my friends😂😂😂

    Janelle ThersonJanelle Therson3 months ago
  • “I’ve always been a gamer girl” Jay, I think quarrantine has hit *d I f f e r e n t*

    MochiCrossingMochiCrossing3 months ago
  • This one goana go by by by

    pink riot Momopink riot Momo3 months ago
  • 😂😂😂

    xen hoangxen hoang3 months ago
  • Did anyone else notice Cassie’s Hamilton reference?

    Eliza Hamilton Le CatEliza Hamilton Le Cat3 months ago

    Willow AmberWillow Amber3 months ago
  • "Fallin' for you, Baby ;)" The can of monster that he just kissed: ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME?!

    Hilda LightHilda Light3 months ago
  • Cloudyapples

    Kayly NguyenKayly Nguyen3 months ago
  • That dude sent me

  • Why is no one talking about 12:10?

    Marilyn C.Marilyn C.3 months ago
  • Who is the person in the green shirt? I feel so embarrassed not knowing

    Princess AbbyPrincess Abby3 months ago
  • Me: sees it’s only 16 minutes oh what a suprise 🤣 No hate love u gloom

    BarryBarry3 months ago
  • My parents have a ps4 and they are playing this rn

    「stormy•cloud」「stormy•cloud」3 months ago
  • Fall guys isn't like school the popular kids don't go in the back - me 2020 This is original DON'T COPY

    「stormy•cloud」「stormy•cloud」3 months ago
  • they should do a minecraft survival series together

    Togami cries in gucciTogami cries in gucci3 months ago
  • 😬

    Psycho KittyPsycho Kitty3 months ago
  • What is this game called?

    Salina RipleySalina Ripley3 months ago
    • Fall guys

      「stormy•cloud」「stormy•cloud」3 months ago
  • I love the gamer girls! Their the best, USworlds gamers!

    Sof the Loaf of BreadSof the Loaf of Bread3 months ago
  • ok she wasn’t kidding when she said the vid would end when she’s toxic 3 times😂

    Melissa WilsonMelissa Wilson3 months ago
  • let someone make a yandere mod so thay can play that together

    Kristie NelsonKristie Nelson3 months ago
  • Razz: Pray for me! Pray for me! I’m nowhere near! I’m nowhere near! Jay: I’m getting on my hands and knees! Razz: Yes! YeS! Tee heehehehhehe!! I did it! I did it! I leapt through! Me: 😂😂😂

    「 • Zana Quack • 」「 • Zana Quack • 」3 months ago
  • Kassie: Gotta go gotta get the job done Me: Gonna start a new nation gonna meet my sonn!!

    madridmontecarmelo 2013madridmontecarmelo 20133 months ago
  • Why did it finish when Kassie was in mid sentence

    Tanya KotzeTanya Kotze3 months ago
  • woah! did kassie just use a hamilton reference?

    Stormi NightzStormi Nightz3 months ago