If you answer WRONG you're an IDIOT (and lose money)

Nov 15, 2020
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Azzyland and Gloom aka Two Canadians try to answer Who Wants To Be A Millionaire questions for a cash prize. It's quite the challenge because all of this is either old people slang or American geography and notable figures. Welp, here goes!
A donation was made to Toronto Humane Society after this video was filmed. I didn't have an option to donate it in Azzy's name (unless I wanted to pretend she was a pet who died), but uh, it's the thought that counts. Losers gotta stay graceful.
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  • Kassie: MARS ATTACKS, MARS ATTACKS!!!! Me:(silent) what is a mars attack????

    Ariane Nyah Daniel CruzAriane Nyah Daniel Cruz11 hours ago
  • I knew it was Montana because I want on the trip

    Savannah BrockSavannah Brock13 hours ago
  • Hey gloom u got a game with u on amoung us!

    Manminder kaur ManniManminder kaur Manni19 hours ago
  • Your name: Who wants to be a millionaire The actual message: Who wants to be humiliated and look like an idiot on TV

    Gacha_devil Random videos:3Gacha_devil Random videos:3Day ago
  • I didn't forget to hit the like button

    Peggy HaynesPeggy HaynesDay ago
  • Ugh now i have to go donate to dying kids Jk jk lol

    Luciana FaillaLuciana FaillaDay ago
  • Who wants to be a boomerare

    Luciana FaillaLuciana FaillaDay ago
  • Who else screamed Montana

    ashley longmuirashley longmuirDay ago
  • Me screaming from Michigan: IT'S NOT MADE UP-

    Angel SwissAngel Swiss2 days ago
  • At 8:00 Gloom and Azzy were like: idk Utah? Me: ITS MONTANA HNUJXNWUJSNWUJSWNISJJW

    Clusmy berryClusmy berry2 days ago
  • 7:16 I live in Michigan, what the flip

    Cringe_CakeCringe_Cake2 days ago
  • Thumbnail: What do you take off before bed: Clothes or feet? People who sleep in pyjamas and have metallic feet they can detach: *They called me a mad man*

    Natalia Heras TerolNatalia Heras Terol2 days ago
  • Hello everyone who is reading this I have been watching gloom and azzyland since my mom died from ulcerative colitis

    Michelle WattMichelle Watt2 days ago
  • Is no one gonna talk about how WEIRD Azzy is acting.......so mellow and unlike her

    Alekta MAlekta M2 days ago
  • Billions of years of evolutionary advancement And then we have Kassie:

    Tillymabel60Tillymabel602 days ago
  • My mom was from there LOL!!!!!!

    Paige HallPaige Hall2 days ago
  • Gloom: I didn't know Lincoln was assasigned 9 year old me : haha (pause) wait really? YOU DUMB

    Zee SniderZee Snider2 days ago
  • "shes so smart" Chun: *blindly blinks*

    Baby BunniBaby Bunni3 days ago
  • I have found it... the two pretty best friends 😳

    BetchBetch3 days ago
  • Azzy looks like sssniperwolf

    tiktok tvtiktok tv3 days ago
  • These are nice to watch during the week till I can go back to school bc I have covid 😢

    Madison BecknerMadison Beckner3 days ago
  • This isn’t “Who wants to be a millionaire” this is “Two Canadians try to guess American facts”

    CyberWolf 9CyberWolf 93 days ago
  • ♈ Aries Goat First zodiac

    Tamaki SimpTamaki Simp4 days ago
  • d:

    王梓名王梓名4 days ago
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  • :b

    王梓名王梓名4 days ago
  • is no-one going to talk about kassie wearing all blue and azzy wearing all pink?

    Elisha MillerElisha Miller4 days ago
  • The brother Grimm Are A Witer

    Sweet CatSweet Cat4 days ago
  • I know Lincoln was assassinated and I am 9

    5432 FUN!5432 FUN!4 days ago
  • . .

    Kitty tropolisKitty tropolis4 days ago
  • 5:33 in Liv and Maddie, Joey calls his accordion a "squeezebox" That's how I knew the answer right away 😌

    MonaMona4 days ago
    • Finally some one who understands my life.

      Zee SniderZee Snider2 days ago
  • Also we’re you eating avocado pudding I remember that from one of ur Vids

    Madasyn LalkaMadasyn Lalka4 days ago
  • I’m 11 and I know that Lincoln was shot in that theater probably because i learned that in history

    Madasyn LalkaMadasyn Lalka4 days ago
  • I like you when you wear all that blew in your brown hair unless that's black

    Denia FieldsDenia Fields4 days ago
  • I live in Kalamazoo and it’s in Michigan

    Baby CBaby C4 days ago
  • Me I'm dumber for sure

    Avery RileyAvery Riley4 days ago
  • Azzyland yay

    *boba* *plazy**boba* *plazy*4 days ago
  • I remeber playing this is school science and got them all Right

    TIPTOPTIPTOP4 days ago
  • My grandma lives in kalamazoo lol

    Christina MillerChristina Miller4 days ago
  • Bro is know one gonna talk about the fact that they don’t know American history that is that Lincoln was killed in a theater like I know their Canadian but like

    Kaley’s KitchenKaley’s Kitchen4 days ago
  • I'm from utah

    Juana OrozcoJuana Orozco4 days ago
  • I miss the old videos I don't like that its mostly among us now

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  • happy day i’m gloom?

    hāylêy nïcøléhāylêy nïcølé5 days ago
  • Im not even going to lie I guessed the last question right I knew it wasn't Washington I just guessed Montana and I got it right- I didn't even try-

    Gina A ValenzuelaGina A Valenzuela5 days ago
  • Oh yeah

    Lacey ScanlonLacey Scanlon5 days ago
    • Thats correct

      Lacey ScanlonLacey Scanlon5 days ago
  • Me , being an American, are very worried that Canadians are doing batter at getting these questions right more than I am.

    Shard SaborShard Sabor5 days ago
  • I live America 🇺🇸but I always wanted to live in Canada or go there for vacation

    Gameing with Gigi LoveGameing with Gigi Love5 days ago
  • They have such great chemistry!

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  • Kalamazoo natives where you at

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  • Who else just remember the meme- called “you are a idiot” the tile just remind me- 👇

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  • Lol

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  • Terry is so smart🤣

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  • Where’s Anji?

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  • Kal am ma zoo I live close by their

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  • Game: who was assasinated in a movie theatre Me: Abraham- Kassie: *I DONT KNOWWWWWWWWWW!!! TERRYYYYY* ok im not trying to hate im just trying to make it funny T^T

    Moon•LightMoon•Light6 days ago
  • The people who hit the dislike button are the people who were to dumb to tell the difference between the like and dislike button.

    Kenna MKenna M6 days ago
  • i love you vid i watched all af Sssniperwolf your vids and azzys

    Bella DavisBella Davis6 days ago
  • *me internally screeching bc someone outside of my country is answering questions about my country* .... I've been wanting to go to Canada so bad on a trip when everything's over...

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  • Trust me y'all do not wanna live in Kalamazoo, if you're gonna go to Michigan go to Grand Haven or something

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    Adrienne DiduloAdrienne Didulo6 days ago
  • Fun fact: Massimo is a pizza restaurant in a mall near my house in my country-

    Little_Nafeesha 1Little_Nafeesha 16 days ago
  • Kassie: Kalamazoo Me: bless you!

    Roland RodriguezRoland Rodriguez6 days ago
  • In india it's called *kaun banega crorepati*. By the way love from india ❤️❤️❤️

    Alice GujjarAlice Gujjar6 days ago
  • Thats rude when it said ir a idiot

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  • I never realized what a BEATY and QUEEN we have, kassie is a amazing person and is beautiful on the inside and out I am jealous-

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  • Fun fact Azzy name is azara

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  • Them casually making fun of my hometown... Yeh i live in kalamazoo.....

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  • I love your videos! Ok funny story that kinda includes you. One time I was in a aclab, what my school calls study hall, and I had all my work done so I decided to watch one of your episode videos. Long story short I got in trouble because the title of it was "inappropriate" even though the video wasn't. But that doesn't stop me from watching your videos 😂

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  • Azzy: so not like rupauls drag race. Kassie: Uh no

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  • Game on first question choices: *maine* Me:THEY WANT ME

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    • Yep she came out 2 years ago

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  • Watching this video gets hungry 🤣

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  • Terry whos dummber???

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  • Welp I guess I'm an idiot But I'm 8😌

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  • This is like a english game copy of a show called kaun banega karodpatii witch mean who will be the millionair.Even the music its the exact same and the seats and chairs.....

    SS - 06MD 788403 Sir William Gage MSSS - 06MD 788403 Sir William Gage MS7 days ago
  • anouncer : kassie or azzy me: what that rymes! my soumate: error cAnT ApPrOvE

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  • GLOOM Lauren's PREGNANT!

    • Ikr

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  • Terry Actually Mega Mind 🦲 Knowledge 👨‍🦲

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  • I literally live in Michigan... This is an insult.

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