🔴 LIVE Among Us but I have mood swings

Oct 29, 2020
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I'm going to alternate from happy to angry between meetings. If that means vouching for impostors, so be it. Godspeed to my friends. @LaurenzSide, @DanTDM , ShowThyme, @Dangthatsalongname , @CaptainSparklez , @Kara Corvus , @Razzbowski , @Thinknoodles , @TheOrionSound , @SeaPeeKay , Bobby (Laurenz's Husband).
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  • hi gloom

    Sophia MillenSophia MillenDay ago
  • kassie me just realized u watched hamilton-

    Galaxy Squad Gaming!Galaxy Squad Gaming!4 days ago
  • I don't think Carl's The Imposter

    Chris HinsonChris Hinson6 days ago
  • Don't get

    Chris HinsonChris Hinson6 days ago
  • I can't wait

    Chris HinsonChris Hinson6 days ago
  • Who falls asleep and wakes up to this

    LeeAnna TilleyLeeAnna Tilley6 days ago
  • I've never seen gloom with black hair

    Tanya islamTanya islam6 days ago
  • I’m

    Antoinette MannAntoinette Mann7 days ago
  • How can i get live chat

    Pipi Popo Fart BurpPipi Popo Fart Burp12 days ago
  • Hello!

    Pipi Popo Fart BurpPipi Popo Fart Burp12 days ago
  • Tiva?

    Neko - FuuNeko - Fuu13 days ago
  • So...no one. No one is going to talk about how gloom murdered Kara in Ned bay with Its Oli right at the telescope

    Ryia SandrezRyia Sandrez17 days ago
  • I like her black hair she looks fab and look like she's an Indian...love from idian

    s fiyas fiya18 days ago
  • Hi

    ijas ansariijas ansari18 days ago
  • I- hol up watching LDShadowLady-

    •That one_person••That one_person•19 days ago
  • I missed the chat! :(

    chris wchris w20 days ago
    • What do you mean

      kuatilamadnesskuatilamadness13 days ago
  • Kassie : *starts singing Hamilton* Me : *singing my heart out*

    Myalle RoffeyMyalle Roffey20 days ago
  • Is this live

    Fatima KarimiFatima Karimi22 days ago
  • Hii

    Fatima KarimiFatima Karimi22 days ago
  • Is it just me or was Cassie acting how she always dose while she was acting nice. Cause she's always nice.

    CalipsoFlowerCalipsoFlower22 days ago
  • Live

    Lucy GooseLucy Goose26 days ago
  • Hi gloom

    Meghan MoranMeghan Moran27 days ago
  • Hi gloom!

    marcoasbunmarcoasbunMonth ago
  • My name is Lauren too!

    OliOliMonth ago
  • Nvm

    Karis VegaKaris VegaMonth ago
  • What’s your code

    Karis VegaKaris VegaMonth ago
  • Hi

    Jackie YartzJackie YartzMonth ago
  • Jihg

    Amy McQuaidAmy McQuaidMonth ago
  • WAFS

    Amy McQuaidAmy McQuaidMonth ago
  • Your with thinknoodle?!

    Gigi LauGigi LauMonth ago
  • I have a shirt that says Happy Go Lucky!!!

    Eden HawesEden HawesMonth ago
  • hi^_^

    ShaniyaShaniyaMonth ago
  • Hi

    Cristina TurnerCristina TurnerMonth ago
  • I think simps watch this stream

    Ward NammasWard NammasMonth ago
  • Lol

    Julie GriffeyJulie GriffeyMonth ago
  • Hi

    Maya Spy KidsMaya Spy KidsMonth ago
  • Hi

    Haya HelalHaya HelalMonth ago
  • Can you see it

    Kalyn McalpinKalyn McalpinMonth ago
  • H I B E S T F R I E N D

    Kalyn McalpinKalyn McalpinMonth ago
    • What

      kuatilamadnesskuatilamadness13 days ago
  • Hi

    Lacie TannerLacie TannerMonth ago
  • Only me that was thinking she was live

    Agnes TorstensonAgnes TorstensonMonth ago
  • Bro every live stream you do is 2:00:00 hours long and maybe even a bit more!

    Dawn RinnDawn RinnMonth ago
  • Hi gloom I’m here late so I’m not watching this live wish I could

    Dawn RinnDawn RinnMonth ago
  • Hi

    Louise WalkerLouise WalkerMonth ago
  • Hi

    Sorcha FitzpatrickSorcha FitzpatrickMonth ago
  • Hi

    Carmelo AdamesCarmelo AdamesMonth ago
  • I just got here it is night now

    Kayla ErolKayla ErolMonth ago
  • Dont be suspicious dont be suspicious

    Raheem ReddockRaheem ReddockMonth ago
  • Soooo i only clicked on the live 2 put this comment U PRETEND TO BE SOMEONE YOU R NOT IM SICK OF IT IM DONE

    Anne TelgenhofAnne TelgenhofMonth ago
  • I love u

    Ivystar123Ivystar123Month ago
  • Is this live?

    The little DevilThe little DevilMonth ago
  • Any sus: **exists** Oli: 50/50

    Alexa BuswellAlexa BuswellMonth ago
  • This is not live its the same!

    Addicted to milk🥛Addicted to milk🥛Month ago
  • The people who dont know among us be like: wheres the one on the thumbnail

    Rainbow PistashioRainbow PistashioMonth ago
  • every time i fall asleep watching youtube i end up on this video

    imnotimportantimnotimportantMonth ago
  • Scott rage quitting was a little annoying and childish, that does not deserve sympathy.

    Zakariyya BrownZakariyya BrownMonth ago
  • Who else fell asleep watching her videos then you woke up and this was on

    CelestroCelestroMonth ago
  • 16:03 the subtle SHADE when Lauren leaves to change back to her own persona. Scott hurt her feelingssss 😂

    -Stage_Number_03--Stage_Number_03-Month ago
  • Hi

    Sadie OsnoeSadie OsnoeMonth ago
  • Lauren: I hate scottish guys Me: WHATS WRONG WITH OUR CULTURE! :(

    Ceyda KeceyapanCeyda KeceyapanMonth ago
  • Hi

    Minty_HaloMinty_HaloMonth ago
  • Everyone in this game is Hilarious

    Izabella LudwigIzabella LudwigMonth ago
  • hi ummmm i ove your vids you mack me so happy

    KaylaJuneO2KaylaJuneO2Month ago
  • 1 like equals no deaths for Oli...

    CookieeeCookieeeMonth ago
  • I love you all soo much 😁😁

  • Sad

    Gilea GeorgeGilea GeorgeMonth ago
  • Hi Im not in the live chat :(

    Gilea GeorgeGilea GeorgeMonth ago
    • Me to

      kuatilamadnesskuatilamadness13 days ago
  • Why does the comments are open but the live chat....

    ياسمين فوزيياسمين فوزيMonth ago
  • Hi guys

    ياسمين فوزيياسمين فوزيMonth ago
  • Wth

    ياسمين فوزيياسمين فوزيMonth ago
  • Tycoon

    Natalie and AllenNatalie and AllenMonth ago
  • I’m am subscribed

    Ashley ceballosAshley ceballosMonth ago
  • Wow

    Ashley ceballosAshley ceballosMonth ago
  • Is it among us 2-1 next time you play

    CJ ShoxCJ ShoxMonth ago
  • Mom:bed time Me:ok can u finish this vid Mom:how much time is left Me:misreads it’s and says 2 mins Mom:ok you can watch that one then bed love you

    Family BennettFamily BennettMonth ago
  • hai

    Frankie MercedesFrankie Mercedes2 months ago
  • yay

    Silvia MartinezSilvia Martinez2 months ago
  • . . . . .

    trina bonillatrina bonilla2 months ago
  • I hate this

    Jodi AnnJodi Ann2 months ago
  • Just go for it 😷🥺😈👎

    Jodi AnnJodi Ann2 months ago
  • Some monga's right killers Thai mergers drive a postert yeah like never mind like it like like to + 2 is that for you so make your math question either 2 + 2 is death for you like to + 2 my crew with 123123 I don't see you meet 123IW care show shut up

    fantasia pricefantasia price2 months ago
  • hiiiiii😊

    Niqua playzNiqua playz2 months ago
  • hi

    hismoehismoe2 months ago
  • Is this live

    Lemon Lover FlamingoFanLemon Lover FlamingoFan2 months ago
    • @Kanade k

      Lemon Lover FlamingoFanLemon Lover FlamingoFanMonth ago
    • It was a couple months ago.

      KanadeKanadeMonth ago
  • Yo

    Kerri VautourKerri Vautour2 months ago
  • I Love among us

    Kimberlyn PorterKimberlyn Porter2 months ago
  • me: gets so excited when she sings hamilton

    Virginia SmithVirginia Smith2 months ago
  • Can talk to anyone in the wild they're dead

    Olympia BickleyOlympia Bickley2 months ago
  • wuwuwu

    Liz NahaneeLiz Nahanee2 months ago
  • I love you

    Emily ButlerEmily Butler2 months ago
  • How gloom get imposter 2

    Robin WilliamsRobin Williams2 months ago
  • Hellòooooooôöõőøœooooooo

    Mehrshid JafarianMehrshid Jafarian2 months ago
  • Helloooooooooooooooooooo

    Mehrshid JafarianMehrshid Jafarian2 months ago
  • Im late 🤣🤣

    Cityhunter714 614Cityhunter714 6142 months ago
  • I love all your vidz

    truth cowgirltruth cowgirl2 months ago
  • HowQ% ŽA@

    LOL elephantLOL elephant2 months ago
  • When you are playing with your friends

    MrAlejandro2229MrAlejandro22292 months ago
  • What app are you using

    MrAlejandro2229MrAlejandro22292 months ago
  • Wait- How does the mood swing thing work? Is it like a period thing girls have? (I’m a M>F gal and i’m trying to understand how period things work lol)

    Just Me ContentJust Me Content2 months ago
  • Gloom you were playing among us with my cousin his name in amog us dantdm u We’re protecting him in the photo in the video will before it

    Genevieve PodGenevieve Pod2 months ago
    • Wha-

      KanadeKanadeMonth ago