🔴 LIVE Among Us: Smajor Valkyrae Sykkuno CORPSE LaurenzSide Pokimane Showthyme Neekolul Toast

Nov 5, 2020
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Bless the impostors today, it's a very high IQ lobby || 0:00:00 - Just Chatting || 0:19:50 - Games Start || 2:14:22 - Pokimane shows up || 2:55:26 - Neekolul shows up || 3:52:50 - CORPSE shows up
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  • Big nice friendly lobby ft. My worst impostor games ever hope you enjoy :) ALSO time stamps are in the description of new people showing up if you want to see their games!

    GloomGloom18 days ago
    • big brain

      Rosa De La RosaRosa De La Rosa20 hours ago
    • I’m a Sagittarius AND MY BIRTHDAY IS TODAY!

      Silly FunnySilly FunnyDay ago
    • lOl My LiFe Is FuN!?

      Courtney White KellyCourtney White KellyDay ago
    • heyy gloom!

      Maddi ReeseシMaddi Reeseシ2 days ago
    • @Elizabeth Gerring with who

      Iris FeegelIris Feegel4 days ago
  • The moment Chad realizes Lauren’s dead at 42:19

    James SoeJames Soe52 minutes ago
  • hi

    Carly H.Carly H.10 hours ago
  • At 56:16 someone is groot lol 🤣

    Sadie PettySadie Petty11 hours ago
  • 3:41:47, I'm also sleepy Gloom, its ok

    Amelie KeenanAmelie Keenan13 hours ago
  • title: "corpse" Me: *clicks*

    Kyxlie jxnnxrKyxlie jxnnxr13 hours ago
  • Eating into the mic is a no from me

    Sarah TateSarah Tate14 hours ago
  • kassie~ i was just minding my business sykkuno~ yeah she sounds pretty innocent

    Faith FlemingFaith Fleming15 hours ago
  • wow 4 hours. i barely have time for 4 mins

    Molly BatMolly Bat16 hours ago
  • My face when Kassie got imp 3 times in a row --------------------------------------0-----------------------------------------

    Ana TAna T17 hours ago
  • 2:01:59 Lauren: *starts chanting ritual spells* Toast: *interrupts* Lauren: *frustrated witch noises* Kassie: 👨‍🌾 *wooooooah gurrrrrl, easy does it* Edit: Also I'm just gonna start calling Sykkuno Kassie's little brother

    Commander Harata IdakuCommander Harata Idaku20 hours ago
  • 😃

    Valerie FairchildValerie Fairchild21 hour ago
  • 1007521

    Valerie FairchildValerie Fairchild21 hour ago
  • 100

    Valerie FairchildValerie Fairchild21 hour ago
  • Can you play phasmophobia again (idk if thats how u spell it)

    HLB Club10HLB Club1021 hour ago
  • Hey

    CharloCharloDay ago
  • ayeeee canadian squaddd

    Charlotte MacLeanCharlotte MacLeanDay ago
  • Ok is it just me or does gloom keep making Hamilton quotes

    I love sitchI love sitchDay ago
  • 8:50 😁😁😁💖

    Meg WealeMeg WealeDay ago
  • hi

    Linda BlanchardLinda BlanchardDay ago
  • You know gloom is imposter when she starts saying “it’s not mEeEeEEeEEeEE!!”

    Steph PolicellaSteph Policella2 days ago
  • the wimpering at 1:14.36 broke my heart

    Isis BoussaadaIsis Boussaada2 days ago
  • Ÿÿëïö

    Julia GriffinJulia Griffin2 days ago
  • When you know Thyme's thinking: "hmmm, hmm, hm"

    AudrizzleAudrizzle2 days ago
  • Well, Oompa Loompa's have orange faces, you can only accomplish that with spray-on Cheeto dust.

    AudrizzleAudrizzle2 days ago

    ggonfireggonfire2 days ago
  • Nice videos and hope you do more nice videos!!

    Aisha SombreroAisha Sombrero2 days ago
  • Can you play a game with your fans?? Please😁

    P GilesP Giles2 days ago
  • 1:01:19 u can ignore me just a timestamp so i remember where i left off

    Madison BrownMadison Brown2 days ago
  • yes you do look like a op

    KragainisKragainis2 days ago
  • I love when Valkyrae, changed her colour to gloom’s, but gloom’s the one that got imposter.

    MM - 06KM 776370 Castle Oaks PSMM - 06KM 776370 Castle Oaks PS2 days ago
  • Anybody else play on phone!!!!! 👇

    Bella BeaudoinBella Beaudoin3 days ago
  • 4.12

    ayesha skayesha sk3 days ago
  • claim your “missed the stream ticket here” 😭😩😑😯

    Brandon YipBrandon Yip3 days ago
  • Me: why is it so nic outside now it's the weekend xD

    The adventure KittensThe adventure Kittens3 days ago
  • Dang I’ve been watching her for three years

    Betsy CasilloBetsy Casillo3 days ago
  • Am I the only one that heard her swear

    Sophie MooreSophie Moore3 days ago
  • When she said she was a Sagittarius I got so happy because I am one too!!!

    Cherie TaylorCherie Taylor3 days ago
  • The thumbnails are so cute

    BBQ ReviewBBQ Review3 days ago
  • How can this girl play for almost 5 hours :O

    Kalya LingKalya Ling3 days ago
  • Nobody: Scott: We were just re-enacting the Titanic

    Julia GutkinJulia Gutkin3 days ago
  • why did f...

    Bella D WillBella D Will3 days ago
  • yo ive been here for 5 years. like on diffrent accounts and stuff and mann your amazing

    clown attackclown attack3 days ago
  • if you do episode you should do the story Loving The Tomboy. They are coming out with a part 2 soon i’m pretty sure

    GrimLagoonGrimLagoon4 days ago
  • Also you playing on a computer?

    Adie Horse crazyAdie Horse crazy4 days ago
  • 2:06:21 did only i see Sykkunos name on top of the vent

    Nanul HovakNanul Hovak4 days ago
  • 2:06:22 was it just me or did anyone else see sykkuno name hover for a quick second over the vent. I legit was like bruh it sykkuno and it turned out it was lol

    Cactus - ChanCactus - Chan4 days ago
  • i love you sooo much

    Zeniyah MosleyZeniyah Mosley4 days ago
  • 1:19:24 Kassie: Tha's bullying! Kassie again: *messages her psychiatrist* (no offense)

    Its_Mini CassieIts_Mini Cassie4 days ago
  • No one: Scott when he's imposter: "Litrally, no." "There's like a bar of tasks left so let's skip." "Literally!!"

    Elaine WangElaine Wang4 days ago
  • Do you all notice that when Scott brings up how close they are to finishing tasks, he's the imposter?

    Elaine WangElaine Wang4 days ago
  • Umm i think im in love with Sykkuno?

    NickyNicky4 days ago
  • Rewatching streams because I can😊

    Lil bossLil boss4 days ago
  • do your tasks

    richelas 20richelas 204 days ago
  • Roses are red Violets are blue The first game starts at 19:52

    Sophie HowrenSophie Howren4 days ago
  • Hi Kassie! I know you won’t see this, but your Among us live-streams, your episode videos, and all of the random content you make always makes me smile and laugh. Especially in the time we are in and other things happening in my life, I always need a laugh. Thank you.

    Kyrie RamirezKyrie Ramirez4 days ago
  • My cat is an imposter, he opened and climbed into the vent in our floor!

    Revna SigridRevna Sigrid5 days ago
  • I have been here since cloudy apples keep up with the great content and u are a great rollmodel

    i am a potatoi am a potato5 days ago
  • I felt bad when Sykkuno was trying to change his color because Corpse was his usual color (dark green), but they started the round so he just went, “oh ok”

    Mia PolleyMia Polley5 days ago
  • “I PUSHED THE BUTTON “ “NO I DID” love it....

    Nevaehh MaresNevaehh Mares5 days ago
  • the thing i hate about her live streams are that shes over dramatic like when she screams its cute but kinda annoying

    alexia arellanoalexia arellano5 days ago
  • Is this supper chat

    April PhillipsApril Phillips5 days ago
  • Hi

    April PhillipsApril Phillips5 days ago
  • What happened to Lizzie playing

    Bracelet CafeBracelet Cafe5 days ago
  • Hey it’s me from among us I was Red and we were with Doody ball hi!!!!

    Adina TompkinsAdina Tompkins6 days ago
  • Hi

  • Kassie: completely freaking out about being imposter The bottom right corner: *SUPER CHAAATTT*

    Sydney FeldmanSydney Feldman6 days ago
  • do you have twitch if you do reply PLZ!!!

    Veronica CrazyVeronica Crazy6 days ago
  • Hi

    Armando SanchezArmando Sanchez6 days ago
  • I love your videos

    Armando SanchezArmando Sanchez6 days ago
  • Hi

    Armando SanchezArmando Sanchez6 days ago
  • i love the occasional "she will do what it takes to survivee"

    Ambition and Tea 11Ambition and Tea 116 days ago
  • Is this real

    Kimm LKimm L6 days ago
  • Hi

    James HaleyJames Haley6 days ago
  • I love your vids

    rogelio salasrogelio salas6 days ago
  • Hello

    Wild FamWild Fam6 days ago
  • lauren stay simping on corpse

    Y OY O6 days ago
  • Yellow?

    Sophia Love animalSophia Love animal6 days ago
  • 21:38

    Leanna Abraham-ErazoLeanna Abraham-Erazo6 days ago
  • Did anyone else see Lauren’s baby in among us at 44:03

    Pretzel GuyPretzel Guy6 days ago
  • sykkuno is so cute when he protected kassie :(

    irishirish7 days ago
  • oh i do love terry time

    Siane LeaSiane Lea7 days ago
  • 4 hours

    Alice DaisyAlice Daisy7 days ago
  • Aww sykkuno protecting her while she was afk was so sweet

    Lexi M.Lexi M.7 days ago
  • I like you a lot Cassie because you remind me of me older cousin. She’s Canadian, funny, looks like you A LOT and is such a kind and care person!

    Erin KennedyErin Kennedy7 days ago
  • Try forbidden chemistry on episode it’s such a fun story that has a lot of action and drama. I love your content and I love your personality so much. Watching your videos makes me so happy and I always enjoy watching you play among us and all your other videos.

    Kyndal BlackwellKyndal Blackwell7 days ago
  • What was the first episode Yo

    Sabrina NorrisSabrina Norris7 days ago
  • 4+ hours long

    Poppy ToopPoppy Toop7 days ago
  • I like that health potion glass.

    Rob WaTkinsRob WaTkins7 days ago
  • Nedajte sa ojebať

    Daniel KontraDaniel Kontra7 days ago
  • I wish she didnt go like so mature it is kidda hard to wath and know shes back to her old self and I think she was just a bit neves

    Madison CookMadison Cook7 days ago
  • Kassie not massive sorry typeo

    Brad StoddardBrad Stoddard7 days ago
  • Massive you are my favorite you are pretty superchat

    Brad StoddardBrad Stoddard7 days ago
  • 4:19:00 Terry thinks Sykkuno is sus.

    FlurryQuackers DoritoFlurryQuackers Dorito7 days ago
  • I absolutely LOVE when these two lobbies come together! We need 5up in the mix tho! Love ya Kassie, and sorry I couldn't make it live. Keep doing what you're doing and creating amazing content! By the way every time you change I always love the new you!

    Lyly SmaLyly Sma8 days ago
  • "sykkuno i love uuu!!!" Me : "laughing so hard

    Luna KyotLuna Kyot8 days ago
  • Wow it has been four years since ive subscribed to you channel

    Luna Đurđina DobrićLuna Đurđina Dobrić8 days ago
  • Hi!!! I really love your videos! My name is Rachel. I'm just on a different profile.

    Joseph BlytheJoseph Blythe8 days ago
  • You so cool

    Cheryl BellCheryl Bell8 days ago
  • 4:15:00 I like how she kept hitting that emergency button

    SophieSophie8 days ago