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Nov 19, 2020
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Some of us do be a little burnt so today we sit back and meme a little. Hope I can win an impostor game tho. We shall see!
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  • DanTDM YoUr ThE bEsT yOuTbEr EvEr

    Patricia EverlyPatricia Everly3 hours ago
  • Can you do one more live?

    Advita AroraAdvita Arora4 hours ago
  • Oop yes I am lol

    Swirly CloudsSwirly Clouds4 hours ago
  • Hello am I late

    Swirly CloudsSwirly Clouds4 hours ago
  • Who else falls asleep to these and/or watches them again after they were Filmed

    Dahlia JestingsDahlia Jestings4 hours ago
  • I love you videos happy thanksgiving everyone! (If you celebrate it)

    • SleepyTea •• SleepyTea •5 hours ago
  • Hi! I can't get among us on my pc because i'm scared to get a virus by using the wrong website? Could you tell me which one you use please?

    O u a k i l a ArbaouiO u a k i l a Arbaoui8 hours ago
  • Did you guys know that Lauren is pregnant

    Emily SchwartzEmily Schwartz9 hours ago
  • you should play among us with larray and addison rea and charli.

    Teegan HallTeegan Hall11 hours ago

    Derry BerryDerry Berry12 hours ago
  • And I'm late😔😔😔

    lps twixxlps twixx13 hours ago
  • Is it live? How u go onto live chat

    J4YDEN J4DEJ4YDEN J4DE13 hours ago
  • *sees kassie and scott as imposters together* Me: yeah this is an imposter win.

    Lindsey BrelandLindsey Breland14 hours ago
  • Is it just me or when sykkuno died beside admin I saw red ( aka chad ) running away? Just me? Ok

    C CheshireC Cheshire15 hours ago
  • Chad is just really bad 😂🤣

    Addy LaceyAddy Lacey17 hours ago
  • hi gloom i love you soo much i look like a 19 but i am 9 bye love you gloom

    Kariah’s LifeKariah’s Life18 hours ago
  • Hi

    Cathy DuHadawayCathy DuHadaway18 hours ago

    Ashanti FaithAshanti Faith19 hours ago
  • Or53:18 chad walked past body wich meaning it was him

    Keyla WingzKeyla Wingz20 hours ago
  • hello

    Agnieszka Matys FoleyAgnieszka Matys Foley23 hours ago
  • 9:24 🤣👌🏻🤣👌🏻🤣👌🏻🤣👌🏻🤣

    Chelsea ListwinChelsea Listwin23 hours ago
  • Cool

    Paige 1234Paige 1234Day ago
  • Ok I love you so much and I don’t know why you have content.

    Shadow IFNShadow IFNDay ago
  • hi

    Addison WeimerAddison WeimerDay ago
  • hi gloom

    Natalie AmesNatalie AmesDay ago
  • i dont have the live chat but hi

    Natalie AmesNatalie AmesDay ago

    Peri OvertonPeri OvertonDay ago
  • I was playing with you literally right now I was orange!!!!!!

    Daliah BazerbashiDaliah BazerbashiDay ago
  • Pls say hi deedee and lina

  • HII

  • I watch something else like tik toks on yt and wake up to this every morning like how did I end up watching this lol

    Nylah HesterNylah HesterDay ago
  • Hi

    Gacha GirlGacha GirlDay ago
  • I love your videos gloom

    Sofia GutierrezSofia GutierrezDay ago
  • Do live among us pleas you are the best

    Eva HniličkováEva HniličkováDay ago
  • Can I plz help u plzzzzz!

    Jose SaenzJose SaenzDay ago
  • Can I help plz plz plz plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I beg u

    Jose SaenzJose SaenzDay ago
  • Can I help

    Jose SaenzJose SaenzDay ago
  • i like the discord setup better than the voice mod

    evxsieevxsieDay ago
  • Gloom just was playing with me in among us I’m still in shock She is soooo nice

    Deja KoleanDeja KoleanDay ago
  • here it cooooooooooomesssss

    Kennedy MalloryKennedy MalloryDay ago
  • I'm drawing nishinoya rn lol

    joannajoannaDay ago
  • 1:12:03 😧I'm not disappointed 😍

    Gigi GamerGigi GamerDay ago
    • Scott😏

      Gigi GamerGigi GamerDay ago
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  • uggggg

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    Eshal ArshadEshal ArshadDay ago
  • Shields is visual, weapons is visual, scan is visual, storage trash’s visual

    poisondragonpoisondragonDay ago
    • And visual tasks are off you may see it but others dont

      Andrej StojkovićAndrej Stojković19 hours ago
  • Hopefully you were imposter and you win

    benb9410 benb9410benb9410 benb9410Day ago
  • You are the best you tuber

    benb9410 benb9410benb9410 benb9410Day ago
  • when terry went in the frame he is wearing a mask. TIME: 2:12:22 it was one of the white and pointy masks

    leeraz blankaleeraz blankaDay ago
  • I love your vids, especially your Among Us vids! keep doing what your doing!

    Jules O'MearaJules O'MearaDay ago
  • Not trying to be mean but hafu sounds luna form harry potter

    Trayana StoichkovaTrayana StoichkovaDay ago

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  • Is this live

    Darryl EvansDarryl EvansDay ago
  • Gloom did you know I watch Dantdm, you, and Azzyland

    Remy MittonRemy MittonDay ago
  • can i have your roblox accont

    Bella MoralesBella MoralesDay ago
  • Five of my fav yters are playing it. Smajor, Sykkuno, ValkyRae, lauren and kassie

    AxstheticQuxxn ChxrliiiAxstheticQuxxn ChxrliiiDay ago
  • hi]

    Isabel HaselhuhnIsabel HaselhuhnDay ago
  • i love it when you randomly start singing. it makes my day.

    Angi SapiensAngi SapiensDay ago

    Madison GibbsMadison Gibbs2 days ago
  • Did you play with a person name baby bear

    jaejaebears Channeljaejaebears Channel2 days ago
  • I haven’t watched you in a long time

    jaejaebears Channeljaejaebears Channel2 days ago
  • I love your videos

    jaejaebears Channeljaejaebears Channel2 days ago
  • Hi

    jaejaebears Channeljaejaebears Channel2 days ago
  • Hh i

    bubbles snowbubbles snow2 days ago
  • when kassie found sykkunos body just standing and chad walked from it and she didnt see him i was screaming in my head

    katie harriskatie harris2 days ago
  • this cool

    Bethany HolminBethany Holmin2 days ago
  • Why didnt you say you had found scotts body

    Melody ZerbyMelody Zerby2 days ago
  • Hi

    Emma BandolaEmma Bandola2 days ago
  • at 2:19:00 Smajor, "Sykkuno if you had told you were there it would have had to be Rae!" Me already knowing it wasn't Sykkuno because he passed Gloom, *facepalm*

    Buggy7Buggy72 days ago
  • Her: oh I was muted ..*unmutes* Me: *sings* Teacher: please mute. Me: oh-well heh.. ummm sorry

    Lola CalimaLola Calima2 days ago
  • 3:00:07 What’s this sound 😳

    Blond blue eyed bitschBlond blue eyed bitsch2 days ago
  • Times Kassie got imposter: 2:24 She won 22:22 She lost 1:14:58 She lost 1:33:28 She lost 1:45:46 She won 2:19:53 She lost 3:13:27 She lost

    Balu KBalu K2 days ago
  • Hi

    Jarle AleksandersenJarle Aleksandersen2 days ago
  • Can you say hi lele because iam in the hospital

    Mohamed SalimMohamed Salim2 days ago
  • Gloom i love to play

    Neriada ZenuniNeriada Zenuni2 days ago
  • Is it just me or r u guys like shut up Scott just let her be imposter

    Emily HallEmily Hall2 days ago
  • Hey!c

    Demon foxDemon fox2 days ago
  • Me(red):iposter my cuz:it red me y so ded irl

    Mariah HamiltonMariah Hamilton2 days ago
  • Who wants to play among usss: code: POHGBf

    Ruvie YmbongRuvie Ymbong2 days ago
  • Ya

    madisyn trumanmadisyn truman2 days ago
  • 51:23 I saw Thyme's little lime feet and I was like CASSIE NO ITS THYME!!!!

    CrazyKittenCrazyKitten2 days ago
  • i played among us on mira a lights were out i didn't go to lights and next thing i see is i am dead

  • Hafu kills gloom: hmmm

    It’s me RyIt’s me Ry2 days ago
  • Hello my name is Julie I played with you before I was the purple Julie with barriers I don't know if you remember me I hope you read this bye

    jayjenejo gamezhernandezjayjenejo gamezhernandez2 days ago
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    William GlassWilliam Glass2 days ago
  • Nice headphones

    William GlassWilliam Glass2 days ago
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    William GlassWilliam Glass2 days ago
  • I think there is something wrong with your internet because your past streams have been a little laggy. Love you though gloom

    Aubrey ManersAubrey Maners2 days ago
    • Anyone agree or is it my internet

      Aubrey ManersAubrey Maners2 days ago
  • 1:57:12

    Igmarelise LucianaIgmarelise Luciana2 days ago
  • Ur weird

    Mommy MEMommy ME2 days ago
    • *uno reverse card*

      Andrej StojkovićAndrej Stojković19 hours ago
  • Hi

    kerry kattickkerry kattick2 days ago
  • This game is making me *MAD*

    Igmarelise LucianaIgmarelise Luciana2 days ago
  • No one: No one at all: No one in the entire century No one in the history Terry: Vibes behind Cassie 2:17:56

    • Jåmēs • • Plãtê •• Jåmēs • • Plãtê •2 days ago
  • 2:11:41.... is Terry fishing?

    Paulina Louise GatmaitanPaulina Louise Gatmaitan2 days ago
  • hi

    Jenna ElamJenna Elam2 days ago
  • 3:02:06

    Alyssa _Alyssa _2 days ago
  • i wish live chat

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