🔴 LIVE Among Us with Proximity Voice Chat Mod

Nov 6, 2020
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Sub has created a mod where you can hear the other crewmates when they're close, so we're imposting in public with 5up, LaurenzSide, iHasCupquake (w/ her Husband Red), CaptainSparklez, Joey Graceffa, Kara, Jvckk and Rifkin!
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  • This is Among Us with a proximity chat mod but I’m also dressed as LaurenzSide and she’s dressed as me so we have to play each other in very intense situations. It’s a mess. I loved it.

    GloomGloom19 days ago
    • "It's a mess I loved it" that's sound like something a serial killer would say 😂👌

      Bailey ForsethBailey Forseth5 days ago
    • That makes sense, i was so confused in the beginning

      SophieSophie6 days ago
    • Gloom, UR AWSOME

      Hannah PomakisHannah Pomakis6 days ago
    • I love among us 🦋

      rosell solisrosell solis7 days ago
    • I’ve watched Lauren and now I’m watching you do it

      Robert InghamRobert Ingham9 days ago
  • hi im new

    Cassidy ChamberlinCassidy ChamberlinHour ago
  • Gloom~Lauren if your the killer move up and down *moves Lauren's character up and down* *Joey runs away screaming* THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING EVER😹😹😹

    Sofia HoffmanSofia HoffmanDay ago
  • do this with Azzy and proximity chats!

    Grace CohnGrace CohnDay ago
    • or tiff

      Grace CohnGrace CohnDay ago
  • Is gloom, lauren

    Sally ThomasSally ThomasDay ago
  • Gloom: Lauren if you are the imposter

    Ali SilvisAli SilvisDay ago
    • Oops

      Ali SilvisAli SilvisDay ago
  • Ok🤨

    Lilac FallsLilac FallsDay ago
  • Round one cupquake came down to Lauren and gloom she could have killed

    Adilynn WolfAdilynn Wolf2 days ago
  • Hi

    Troy UrichTroy Urich2 days ago
  • Can I play

    Jacob McknightJacob Mcknight2 days ago
  • Can I jion

    Jacob McknightJacob Mcknight2 days ago
  • Red did come in with you guys watch back the footage

    Ava RosserAva Rosser4 days ago
  • I find it so awkward to watch when you just stand next to your tasks without doing them ._.

    Caro :DCaro :D4 days ago
  • Please do more of these swapping roles!! 😂

    GoldentaeberryGoldentaeberry4 days ago
  • 21:08 just saving this for myself

    GoldentaeberryGoldentaeberry4 days ago
  • By Cassie

    Jodi SchaferJodi Schafer4 days ago
  • Hi

    Jodi SchaferJodi Schafer4 days ago

    Fiery PollyFiery Polly5 days ago
  • I was SO sad when she voted for 5up instead of Sparkles

    rainyzrainyz5 days ago
  • 53:19 do you not realize you’re playing as Lauren and gloom😂😂😂😂

    Jacquelyn JohnsonJacquelyn Johnson5 days ago
  • This was the best Among Us game ever! Especially when Joey held you captive @gloom

    Calista WillisCalista Willis6 days ago
  • Okay this is totally off topic-- Who else thinks Gumi's voice is A D O R A B L E?! Like- I-- *Internal Screaming*

    Stephanie DanisStephanie Danis6 days ago
  • hi

    Brooklyn PanzarellaBrooklyn Panzarella6 days ago
  • Gloom: Lauren if your the killer go up and down Also Gloom that's playing as Lauren: goes up and down Joey: AHHHHHH! Me: Wheezing

    Vazquez VazquezVazquez Vazquez7 days ago
  • Me: kinda believing the lava monster thing just cause I want it to be true.

    KewtieKewtie7 days ago
  • So cool I want to play to

    rosell solisrosell solis7 days ago
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    Stephanie HernandezStephanie Hernandez7 days ago
  • I love ❤️ tou

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    Natalie BartonNatalie Barton7 days ago
  • Sorry don’t like videos

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    Chance CoyleChance Coyle7 days ago
  • 58:57 had me dead fr tho XD

    •Minty Cheese••Minty Cheese•7 days ago
  • i love your vidos

    Erin DwyerErin Dwyer8 days ago
  • Fav one so far

    XxyaoicosplaysxXXxyaoicosplaysxX8 days ago
  • Tbh i'm kind of salty about them saying red came in late. he came in first!

    Wolfy poofyWolfy poofy8 days ago
  • How do I get a among us game with you

    Natasha HolmNatasha Holm8 days ago
  • This is how many people herd the f word randomly 👇🏻

    Ima bootifull trash bag playing amungst weIma bootifull trash bag playing amungst we8 days ago
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    Valentina FerreiraValentina Ferreira8 days ago
  • I sow Lauren do a video of this! Great vid !

    lighting2 shocklighting2 shock8 days ago
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    Leigh Anne WilliamsLeigh Anne Williams9 days ago
  • How does it even work? Through discord? I’m confused lol.

    Emma DrewEmma Drew9 days ago
  • 58:58 😂😂😂

    Deer CupidDeer Cupid9 days ago
  • There should be a part two exactly like this and love how gloom said Lauren to up and down if your the killer and gloom did and JOEYS SCREAM XD!!!!

    CryBabyCryBaby9 days ago
  • There should be a part two exactly like this and love how gloom said Lauren to up and down if your the killer and gloom did and JOEYS SCREAM XD!!!!

    CryBabyCryBaby9 days ago
  • Yass I really wanted to see Gloom’s side of this

    Candy1467 UnicornCandy1467 Unicorn9 days ago
  • Hilarious what Lauren did

    Samantha D.Samantha D.10 days ago
  • Joey: Lauren if your the killer to up and down :) Gloom as Lauren: *goes up and down* Joey: aaaAAAAAAAAH

    Nya LopezNya Lopez10 days ago
  • how do i use this mod

    Brianna ReedBrianna Reed10 days ago
  • Hi

    Vihara PeirisVihara Peiris10 days ago
  • Best video ever😍😍😍😍

    Stephen SmithStephen Smith10 days ago
  • 3:15

    Hailey NoskoHailey Nosko10 days ago
  • Gloom: “Lauren if you are the killer go up and down” Gloom: moves lauren’s character up and down Joey: “AHHHHHHHHHH” 😂🤣🤣🤣

    Dyqluzh TgetDyqluzh Tget10 days ago
  • 5up: **not pink** Me: 5uP Is LoOkInG sUS...

    Madeleine GuangcoMadeleine Guangco10 days ago
  • I clicked this after I watch Laurens side of the story xD amazing video

    •JessMeqwq••JessMeqwq•10 days ago
  • LaUrEn WhAt ArE yOu DoInG cOmE bAcK

    Julia ZielJulia Ziel10 days ago
  • Nobody is here yet yes I am

    O 2O 210 days ago
  • I literally hate Gumi’s voice! She so annoying!

    Madeline GranatirMadeline Granatir10 days ago
  • How can I get proximity chat when I play?!

    Lonely_love.rLonely_love.r10 days ago
  • The last round be like Lauren: 🌘👅🌒☕️ Kassie: 👀💧 Tiff: 👁💧👄💧👁 Joey: 🤫🔪

    Midnight MeadowsMidnight Meadows10 days ago
  • Is this actually a live stream or a video

    Josh GJosh G11 days ago
  • Chile- it looks like you are being Lauren ngl

    Sunny_BrookieSunny_Brookie11 days ago
  • Alright why is no one talking about at 17:49 where gloom has to voice for Jordan and she starts singing in his voice and then says why are you singing Jordan? 😂 this had me deaddddddd 😂 😂 😂 😂

    Erin MaloneErin Malone11 days ago
  • So I was thinking but can you switch with again on hello neighbor. I think that we’ll be a funny live or video. I was dying when Lauren died😂🤣

    Grace StatenGrace Staten11 days ago
  • I’m

    Professor RADProfessor RAD11 days ago
  • gumi voice is so cute

    ItslegendbaconItslegendbacon11 days ago
  • If this is live answere me

    Floyd HultquistFloyd Hultquist11 days ago
  • At 11:45 in the video I noticed that there’s like a Among us scene outside Probably everyone know’s this already

    da potatoda potato11 days ago
  • Kassie should have vented in front of Lauren because Lauren could do nothing about it

    Grace MouserGrace Mouser12 days ago
  • 16:47 I wouldn't vote him cuz no one was watching but he was doing tasks...wait but so was red...nah I'd vote red

    Remofilwe ChiloaneRemofilwe Chiloane12 days ago
  • how do you get that and what does gloom use to talk to people

    Jasmine PengJasmine Peng12 days ago
  • 7:40 I saw Jack

    Remofilwe ChiloaneRemofilwe Chiloane12 days ago
  • Loved this stream it was so funny and entertaining ur amazing kassie💝💝

    JKitty MeowJKitty Meow12 days ago
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    Brook BinderBrook Binder12 days ago
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    Aria AdrignolaAria Adrignola12 days ago
  • You should play among us and set your computer to April 1st then every thing is backwards

    Tessa Girl 5Tessa Girl 512 days ago
  • Why is your name Lauren’s name

    Caroline SeibertCaroline Seibert12 days ago
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  • What is the code

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  • Hi I'm your biggest fan

    Lauren FineganLauren Finegan12 days ago
  • in the binging who thought it was caupcec

    Iratxe RodriguezIratxe Rodriguez12 days ago
  • Hi!

    Sophie LinSophie Lin12 days ago
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    Alaska PohlkampAlaska Pohlkamp12 days ago
  • can you please play among us with me i really like you videos and i really wanna play with you

    Elouise TrimbosElouise Trimbos12 days ago
  • lol i actually thought she was live rn

    Galaxy UniverseGalaxy Universe13 days ago
  • what happened to kassie and azzy

    Sophie RodriguezSophie Rodriguez13 days ago
    • I know right

      Natacha JeanNatacha Jean13 days ago
  • Me: concentrated on video also me: accidentally puts yogurt on burritos instead of sour cream

    Jaylynn RosenbaumJaylynn Rosenbaum13 days ago
  • Could you move your video from the middle of the screen

    Jhuvaughn JosephJhuvaughn Joseph13 days ago
  • Am I the only one that clicks on the chat thinking it isn’t a vid? No, just me.

  • Gloom: Lauren if your the killer go up and down Also Gloom that's playing as Lauren: goes up and down Joey: AHHHHHH! Me: Wheezing

    Dawn SimsDawn Sims13 days ago
  • Love you

    Arney IngvarsdòttirArney Ingvarsdòttir13 days ago
  • The part where Joey held gloom hostage was soooooo funny

    AlinaAlina13 days ago
  • Gloom is like a wholesome devil. ♡

    i t z s a l e mi t z s a l e m13 days ago
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    Hi I am kkHi I am kk13 days ago
  • Lauren:uhh sorry

    Rob CarruthersRob Carruthers13 days ago
  • red faked task

    Christopher ManisChristopher Manis13 days ago
  • Me:lauren your un muted

    Rob CarruthersRob Carruthers13 days ago
  • i miss the regular crew:(no hate

    acorimaacorima13 days ago
  • 50:03 Lauren’s scream when Kassie killed was so funny like AHHHHHHH

    Kwookie and Sloth GamezKwookie and Sloth Gamez14 days ago