🔴LIVE Secret Neighbor: Kubz Scouts, LaurenzSide, Smajor, Joey Graceffa, Showthyme | Gloom

Oct 20, 2020
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This is an impostor game like Among Us but we're 6 kids trying to find keys in a house to get into the basement.. but one of us is secretly an old man (neighbor) who can transform as a kid into an adult and snatch the kids for the win. Playing with: @Kubz Scouts , @LaurenzSide , @Joey Graceffa , @Dangthatsalongname and ShowThyme
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  • This is my favorite group that kassie plays with I also love jay and kassies friendship

    melanie macdougallmelanie macdougallMinute ago
  • Gloom r is for to hit the neighbour to get out

    Nightmare 1Nightmare 1Hour ago
  • The ignorant jeff morphologically sigh because spruce phylogenitically part within a living light. zippy, late chronometer

    Alexander MitchellAlexander Mitchell4 hours ago
  • Everyone: Doesn’t say where the dying and they don’t care Joey: nO iM dYinG oN tHe bAlCoNy

    Rylee McDadeRylee McDade7 hours ago
  • Jello

    06Fateful06Fateful9 hours ago
  • Jello

    06Fateful06Fateful9 hours ago
  • Do Another please

    Grace RugarberGrace Rugarber10 hours ago
  • kassie: oh this killer is pretty shy dramatic music starts kassie: AHHHHHHH HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Samantha StewartSamantha Stewart13 hours ago
  • fans everywhere:-WE WANT MORE! GIVE US MORE!

    Vipu Or Manu LokugallapaththiVipu Or Manu Lokugallapaththi17 hours ago
  • I love all your videos

    BlueWølfey GachaBlueWølfey Gacha22 hours ago
  • I actually have this game

    Marie TooleyMarie TooleyDay ago
  • I love secret neighbor 😻

    Abigail FloresAbigail FloresDay ago
  • Wheres Azzy?

    Diyonni JacksonDiyonni JacksonDay ago
  • Hiiiiiiiiiii

    sandy sellerssandy sellersDay ago
  • hi...

    Vincent RobletoVincent RobletoDay ago
  • 😈😈

  • you live or DIE

    pat kellpat kellDay ago
  • what is this!!!!!

    pat kellpat kellDay ago
  • Do more

    Addison YantesAddison YantesDay ago
  • Scott: *saves Joey* Jay: *captures Scott* Joey: igHT iMmA HeaD OuT

    Logan ShermanLogan ShermanDay ago
  • Hi

    OB1FTWOB1FTWDay ago
  • “The chair with the moustache was the highlight of this” Me: no it’s “STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU CREEPY MAN”

    Fan FabulousFan FabulousDay ago
  • It was live a sec a go now it not

    alex malaxoalex malaxoDay ago
  • I like how terry gives so many tips

    H E L L ' S R E XH E L L ' S R E X2 days ago
  • I LOVE you

    Paisley TaylorPaisley Taylor2 days ago
  • Awww.....I remember when you played this with Cory, Lauren, and Jay. They were my favorite videos ever!

    Ella ChadwickElla Chadwick2 days ago
  • I was so mad when she kept getting kid but finally she got neighbor and I was so happy

    Blueberry MuffinBlueberry Muffin2 days ago
  • who else prefers this so much more than among us

    Olivia WindusOlivia Windus2 days ago
  • This killer do be shy tho **neighbor appears** AHHHHHHH HELP ME

    Gacha_Wolfies_SquadGacha_Wolfies_Squad2 days ago
  • When I saw jay I smiled

    10 Jojoplays10 Jojoplays2 days ago
  • Yay its 2 hours ,i missed you playing this finnaly a new one to watch its been soo lang :D

    Nur'Afina Batrisyia AfindeyNur'Afina Batrisyia Afindey2 days ago

    Youtube GuestYoutube Guest2 days ago
  • “So you got a key?” “Yep!” “What color is it?” “.......Yep! It’s a color!” 1:4:38

    Dawn SimsDawn Sims2 days ago
  • Jay: Throws something at Kassie with slingshot Kassie: Murders him without hesitation And this is how murderers start

    Venna CavillVenna Cavill2 days ago
  • Only who missed the livestream can like this video

    Maggie GMaggie G2 days ago
  • You need to do more secret neighbor!! I love it soooooo much! I love it almost as much as I love you!!!

    Kylee MagicKylee Magic2 days ago
  • Did anyone else think of the song joey run from glee when jay was the imposter and it was scott and Joey left and they kept saying joey run

    Baylee BeeBaylee Bee2 days ago
  • I want a compilation of Scott saying “Lauren”

    Brendan PassarellBrendan Passarell3 days ago
  • Are we not gonna talk about the fact they used to play this and it brings back memories 🥺

    Brendan PassarellBrendan Passarell3 days ago
  • Her: izku mideria Me being the weeb I am: IZKU WHAT YOU DOING HERE!

    Lyric. GamergirlLyric. Gamergirl3 days ago
    • Wait did she say todoroki later on it or am i just hearing things

      Lyric. GamergirlLyric. Gamergirl3 days ago

    Rayyan MRayyan M3 days ago
  • At the 1:27:42 look at the window behind Cassie in the game Scott said to look for a bricked in window isnt that a bricked in window

    Alexis GrissingerAlexis Grissinger3 days ago
  • Ladies and gentlemen Joey has got the Chow Mein, Joey I don’t know if that Chow Mein is gonna help you- OH MY GOSH SCOTTS BEEN KIDNAPPED JOEY SAVE HIM! Oh Joey! Not the Chow Mein!! It won’t help!! Joey- and Scotts gone.

    not suspicious what so evernot suspicious what so ever4 days ago
  • Scott: *saves Joey* Jay: *captures Scott* Joey: igHT iMmA HeaD OuT

    Yesenia AriasYesenia Arias4 days ago
  • Kassie keeps saving everyone and then they all let her die!

    Abigail HoganAbigail Hogan4 days ago
  • Me the entire game: Kassie press Q!!!!

    Abigail HoganAbigail Hogan4 days ago
  • Yes

    Sarah ChaseSarah Chase4 days ago
  • This is a live rite it is just a vid what on earth bro

    Vicky JohnstonVicky Johnston4 days ago
  • Is it just me that think’s that this is a scarier version of amung us its not but um thats the only thing i can think about

    Rebecca MobergRebecca Moberg4 days ago
  • The Terry cameos are honestly my favorite part of every stream.

    Sara KlassenSara Klassen4 days ago
  • Your video are the best

    SIF YeetSIF Yeet4 days ago
  • Ewww Lauren get away from me you freak Gloom 2020

    The FoxThe Fox4 days ago
  • I don't think joey has ever saved anybody before. When everybody dies he just runs away like a coward.

    Icyblue_ waterIcyblue_ water4 days ago
  • Why are they acting like they’ve never played before when some of them have lol

    Emma DrewEmma Drew5 days ago
  • Kinda disappointed they didn’t acknowledge Hello Neighbor once

    Emma DrewEmma Drew5 days ago
  • 😁😃😆

    Kristen HKristen H5 days ago
  • Hi

    Biker MXBiker MX5 days ago
  • I was so terrified this whole video

    Abigail HoganAbigail Hogan5 days ago
  • You need to so another on of these

    Kassidy CorleyKassidy Corley5 days ago
  • why is it called imposter?

    Dustin HarrisDustin Harris5 days ago
  • gears are for the inventior he use them for making shotguns and keys

    Khayri SibbliesKhayri Sibblies5 days ago
  • hi!!!!

    Aeris SearsAeris Sears5 days ago

    selene ginerselene giner5 days ago
  • Joey, “Jays the perv!!! “ Me: OML Joey is my new favorite when they play neighbor 😂

    Brendan PassarellBrendan Passarell5 days ago
  • you should play more secret neighbor when streaming

    emma probynemma probyn5 days ago
  • Thyme: Very High Me: Height or? If you get me hit like.

    The Queen of Gaming XoXThe Queen of Gaming XoX5 days ago
  • This is fun

    Enah GoergeEnah Goerge5 days ago
  • No one: No one EVER Scott: I gOt My PlAnT

    Brendan PassarellBrendan Passarell5 days ago
  • does anyone else get annoyed when they call it an imposter or is it just me?

    sasha van Drielsasha van Driel5 days ago
  • Yes yes I know this game VERY SCARY

    • s u n n f l o w e r •• s u n n f l o w e r •5 days ago
  • -2:03:51: rip headphone users I was deaf for 5 seconds

    Jenna WiggettJenna Wiggett5 days ago

    DennisDennis5 days ago
  • Yo

    gacha sistersgacha sisters6 days ago
  • Hi

    Rose WoodwardRose Woodward6 days ago
  • i have this game and i love it

    Turner HollandTurner Holland6 days ago
  • i think its funny how thyme just changes into scott and gets kassie just across the backyard

    Hayley BaldwinHayley Baldwin6 days ago
  • Hi

    Kenada WilliamsKenada Williams6 days ago

    yunikowashere ayunikowashere a6 days ago
  • What is you reel name

    So so legendarySo so legendary6 days ago

    The Queen of Gaming XoXThe Queen of Gaming XoX6 days ago
  • Hiii

    FARAH ZIAFARAH ZIA6 days ago
  • Kassie : it's not meeee Everyone else: yea right WHY IS THIS ME IN AMONG US LOL

    Dustin PintensDustin Pintens6 days ago
  • Srry if i spelled it wrong

    Marilou SniderMarilou Snider6 days ago
  • The mystery person aka when Loren was gone the person name was splashaWatta just in case

    Marilou SniderMarilou Snider6 days ago
    • Lauren*

      Edmond the bunnyEdmond the bunny6 days ago

    Arenah JonesArenah Jones6 days ago
  • *me just thinking* *kassies videos make my day* *me smiling* I hope I get pinned I am a big fan of kassie she is awesome and great

    Shiona EvetteShiona Evette6 days ago
  • ummm when kassie was the neighbor her first time the game ended at 8 mins but when other people where the neighbor the game ended at 1 min or less

    AftonFamily_ StudiosAftonFamily_ Studios6 days ago
  • From four to six? I think you mean from SIX to FOUR!

    Zoe RoseZoe Rose6 days ago
  • Girl you were the one who through the glue so... technically you called your SELF having poor aim!!!!! :/

    Zoe RoseZoe Rose6 days ago
  • 44:41 “Hey killer” *flashback to Cory, gloom, Lauren, and Jay’s collab in secret neighbor* “Hey if you’re the killer just do killer things”

    F a n d o m _C l o u dF a n d o m _C l o u d7 days ago
  • Kassie: OH.... YIKERS Joey: WHAT Kassie: nothing Joey: has death come for you Kassie: It came Joey: oh

    Maggie NixMaggie Nix7 days ago
  • Kassie: OH.... YIKERS Joey: WHAT Kassie: nothing Joey: has death come for you Kassie: I came Joey: oh

    Maggie NixMaggie Nix7 days ago
  • Kassie: OH.... YIKERS Joey: WHAT Kassie: nothing Joey: has death come for you Kassie: I came Joey: oh

    Maggie NixMaggie Nix7 days ago
  • "Runnnn!!!"

    DaKnight94DaKnight947 days ago
  • Scott : I'm off

    M & MM & M7 days ago
  • Hi I’m a dig fan

    Teresa Knaack-FerraroTeresa Knaack-Ferraro7 days ago
    • Ya, I like digging too,

      Ava belle NobleAva belle Noble6 days ago
  • tip: you can open the gates by hitting the clock hope this helped :)

    Eliza JankowskiEliza Jankowski7 days ago
  • 27:55 um kassie that’s a bookshelf

    Cadence MahanCadence Mahan7 days ago
  • 1:46:03 for no reason at all

    Lana EdhahLana Edhah7 days ago
  • HELLO i luv ur vids

    amanda spenceamanda spence7 days ago