Mixing Every Top Rated Instant Noodle Together

Jun 19, 2020
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Hello 6600mg of sodium! I'm raving about instant ramen for 15 minutes straight. I got the top performers on various lists as well as sorted by popularity. We're mixing every day ramens with treat yo' self ramens. Let's see how this food challenge goes. Let me know what I missed.
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  • Am I the only one that thinks instant noodles are A LOT better than proper and fancy ramen

    • Anzo •• Anzo •10 hours ago
  • Is it just me who realized I live so close to gloom honestly I’ve never really thought about that

    OREOLOVER GamingOREOLOVER Gaming16 hours ago
  • 800 losers :3

    OREOLOVER GamingOREOLOVER Gaming17 hours ago
  • Awww the dog is sleeping at the back lol

    Aieman FarizanAieman FarizanDay ago
  • Indomie is a late night snack in Lebanon

    7 up rocket launcher7 up rocket launcherDay ago
    • I’m from lebanon

      7 up rocket launcher7 up rocket launcherDay ago
  • Im waching this as i drink a FRESH SWEEEET drink (starbuks)

  • no one commented about Kassie's grandma accent LOL its my racist accent sorry man

    【 I s a d o r a 】【 I s a d o r a 】Day ago
  • Her: The first kitchens appliance a learned to use was a stove, Microwave, fridge, and sink: *Are we just jokes to you?*

    Pain And SorrowPain And SorrowDay ago

    ahmed gamalahmed gamalDay ago
  • who else was waiting for the instant ramen??

    Claire kaminskiClaire kaminskiDay ago
  • Me,an Irish person:Wait does she have koka noodles over there?

    ・:Shining Sparkly Ava Nolan:・・:Shining Sparkly Ava Nolan:・Day ago
  • do u have yumyum noodles in canda

    Isabell LindIsabell LindDay ago
  • I live in indonesia and if I wanna eat Indomie i just go to the store in front of my house and in indonesia most of the people calles Indomie " mie goreng " cuz Indomie has a lot of version there's the one with water to , there's the one that's super spicy and something else 😉 fun fact.

    •Azhira ••Azhira •2 days ago
  • Uuh kassie i live in indonesia is it fine im still your suscriber?

    princess of the cookie worldprincess of the cookie world2 days ago
  • gloom : indomie is best noodle indomie: does that mean you are in do me? get it (in do me - in to me) HAHAHAHAHAHA

    tortillatortilla2 days ago
    • Are u a dad ? Cuz thats a dad joke

      Bani GamesBani Games22 hours ago
  • Nobody gonna talk about how it's *2020* and this was posted on June *20th* and this video is *20:20* minutes long W o w w (It's said June 20th for me)

    pexachy lxxmonpexachy lxxmon2 days ago
  • Hi! This comment got inspired! But do u wanna know how to ECTUALLY Eat ramen? Read more

    •xᴄʜᴇʀʀʏʟ ••xᴄʜᴇʀʀʏʟ •2 days ago
  • Wait but I’m confused she doesn’t look aisan o-o

    ImNotAsh _LolImNotAsh _Lol2 days ago
  • I had ram yun and one bite was s p i c c y y y✨

    TøxicTøxic2 days ago
  • Oh yummy

    Cerys BuchananCerys Buchanan2 days ago
  • So funny as you are talking about Sapporo ichiban I am literally making it for my lunch right now you have the best sense of ramen

    Abby WAbby W2 days ago
  • I like the Spanish YATEKOMO brand!!

    Joel RodríguezJoel Rodríguez2 days ago
  • My whole family would enjoy this-

    DekuDeku2 days ago
  • Where did your comments go

    Maggie NixMaggie Nix2 days ago
  • My favorite noodles is indome

    Kimi ChongKimi Chong2 days ago
  • I like when she say : 'Mie goreng'

    rowinah jakiwarowinah jakiwa3 days ago
  • The first kitchen appliance I ever used was a spoon and a fork😂🤣

    Crystal WCrystal W3 days ago
    • *Atleast u eat ur food in ur hand* 🙂

      Anushka SharmaAnushka Sharma2 hours ago
    • I used a spoon and plate 🙂 *w o w*

      Anushka SharmaAnushka Sharma2 hours ago
  • I have 2 boxes of indomi.... I have a addiction

    •sᴛᴏʀᴍʏ• _ɢᴀᴄʜᴀ•sᴛᴏʀᴍʏ• _ɢᴀᴄʜᴀ3 days ago
  • I actually tried the sanyang hot ramen since i can handle spice my mom makes tons of spicy food so i love it too i literally have 4 packets of it in my pantry right now so I understand how u like it i like it too

    Mohsin RazaMohsin Raza3 days ago
  • the first thing i learned to use was my sarcasam

    Kaydence MoscaKaydence Mosca3 days ago
  • I know I sound dumb saying this but the Sapporo Ichiban original flavor noodles are THE BEST instant noodles out there 😂

    Audrey LawrenceAudrey Lawrence3 days ago
  • Me sits here eats indomie gloom : all of the indomie almost sold out me *looks at my cabinet* 👁️👄👁️💧

    Karen Elizabeth Setiawan 1214066Karen Elizabeth Setiawan 12140663 days ago
  • For some reason I just scrolled through all the comments... I don’t know why

    Gianna ValencisGianna Valencis3 days ago
  • I eat noodle all day

    Jadeliz MolinaJadeliz Molina3 days ago
  • i always eat the maruchun bc its the only one walmart has- _also i like their chese cups_

    Rainy Day ProductionsRainy Day Productions3 days ago
  • I have read all of the Comment that i READ. I just found a lot,well not much People from Indonesia. And.... They just proud?? Of ther country?? Ok. :^

    Browniz _CanzBrowniz _Canz3 days ago
  • i hate spicy ramen so i eat ramen thats not spicy i dont know how else to word it XD

    Gacha PotatoGacha Potato3 days ago
  • I was eating chicken ramen when she said that it’s bad I was like uhhhh

    madison dumbletonmadison dumbleton3 days ago
    • She wasnt talking about the flavor she was talking about the brand

      Antonio KaramAntonio KaramDay ago
  • MAMA shrimp noodles.

    thai lythai ly3 days ago
  • Title: Top rated Kassie: mr noodle why is it even here

    Ash. BloxiAsh. Bloxi3 days ago
  • Me being a Pakistani eating only knor

    Abeera FatimaAbeera Fatima4 days ago
  • In the Netherlands, with indome you have the oil thingy and the sort of soysause but what is the 3rd?

    ToadToad4 days ago
  • your missing Myojo Char mee/Fried noodles btw im half chinese half malaysian/southeast asian and half british

  • Who watching this in the USA and be like were tf the top ramen

    Makayla ChildressMakayla Childress4 days ago
  • i want ramen now :(

    oof oofoof oof4 days ago
  • 👁👄👁.

    Angela ArmourAngela Armour4 days ago
  • I just watched the video that she included in her video

    • sunny sunflower •• sunny sunflower •4 days ago
  • Kassie :First kitchen appliance I learn to use was the stove. Me: what about the fridge?

    Hamish AugeriHamish Augeri4 days ago
  • You said indome wrong but it's fine

    Patrick AdutwumPatrick Adutwum4 days ago
  • Would love more casual vloggy type content!

    CheyenneCheyenne4 days ago
  • I legit only eat Mr.Noodle

    Caprial GrafCaprial Graf5 days ago
  • Who indonesia? ..... I guess its me only-

    Verline GoenawanVerline Goenawan5 days ago
  • I love twinke

    {Lovely* Rose}{Lovely* Rose}5 days ago
  • I'm from Indonesia and I love indomie

    Keyra Mirah AsinangKeyra Mirah Asinang5 days ago
  • Mr noodle it comes in so many different flavours and spicy

    LivLiv5 days ago
  • My go to ramen mix is just some HEB ramen with soy sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, Cayenne pepper, and chili flakes

    Nava Ariel MarsdenNava Ariel Marsden5 days ago
  • Do you know there’s other flavours of Mr. noodles right?

    Laron HarrisLaron Harris5 days ago
  • Same! I was also one of the asian kids in my school. There were only a few. And all of my asian friends were like: I love spicy food. Lets make some noodles when we come to my house. Now: Get my the spicy sauce

    sreeja madabhushisreeja madabhushi5 days ago
  • Kassie: **talks about all those other canadian noodles* * Me: **eating chicken flavored maruchan in the corner quietly* * 👁👄👁

    JudeJude5 days ago
  • Me: **watching this while eating salad** :

    Sashi SinghSashi Singh5 days ago
  • I l💓ve Ramen 👁👄👁

    AvCv T.V.AvCv T.V.6 days ago
  • Fun fact:I'm eating Mr noodles right now

    falak riafalak ria6 days ago
  • so i showed this to my indonesian mom and she was literally screaming about how its pronounced indomie not indoomie for 1 hour straight

    stqriistqrii6 days ago
    • I kinda got offended even tho I'm not Indonesian man it's the best ever ramen man

      why mewhy me6 days ago
  • Me... eating normal ramen 😝

    cody pagecody page6 days ago
  • I’m watching Azzyland and gloom

    12Jossy Bossy3412Jossy Bossy346 days ago
  • Ummm kassie i would like to be friends with you please

    Nihal FernandoNihal Fernando6 days ago
  • Shoot you should have put kottu mee It’s my favorite food on earth it’s found in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 India too I think

    Nihal FernandoNihal Fernando6 days ago
  • you forgot the original

    adarosaslopezadarosaslopez6 days ago
  • *Kassie* said: _Hi, I'm Kartha Gewart_ The *CC* said: _Hi, I'm Karthik Yurt_

    JudeJude6 days ago
  • you like roman more then my cousins, and that’s saying a lot!!

    Chocolate chipped CookieChocolate chipped Cookie6 days ago
  • do you like My Hero Academia?

    Declan DanielsDeclan Daniels6 days ago
  • sorry, nuddles combined?

    Declan DanielsDeclan Daniels6 days ago
  • Maggi all my Indian theydies and gentlethem

    Kumar SubramanianKumar Subramanian6 days ago
  • I am angry that my parents have never let me try any form of ramen

    Lovey Dovey TVLovey Dovey TV7 days ago
  • Bro I did not see any of these before the one I always see and love is not here

    Fortnite_warFortnite_war7 days ago
  • i don't know if aisa supermarkets have it but it call maruchan ramen

    Patricia SorsbyPatricia Sorsby7 days ago
  • I feel so uncultured with my Great Value ramen. 🤣

    butterfly bulbasaurbutterfly bulbasaur7 days ago
  • what adout fridge and microvave????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Kaylee GontermanKaylee Gonterman7 days ago
  • I thought I was the only one who ate this and when I asked people they'd be like hUh? what is that? (This is my first time seeing people appreciate Indomie)

    Yay dumboYay dumbo7 days ago
  • The video is 20:19 I wish we could go back to that year XD

    Asethetic CheetaAsethetic Cheeta7 days ago
  • Shim ran yum is my favorite I literally just ate some lol

  • The thumbnail: Eating Danganronpa Blood

    jessica diepjessica diep8 days ago
  • I have the indo mie to but i have the beef flavour and its only one flavour packet

    Gaming with Jacob!Gaming with Jacob!8 days ago
  • after watching this , then i know she’s from singapore . what was i thinking :)

    belle isabelle isa8 days ago
  • I don't really like Mr. noodles😅

    Felix's Friend Wouldn't Give Him A Raw EggFelix's Friend Wouldn't Give Him A Raw Egg8 days ago
  • HEY! I lived off Mr. Noodles in university!

    Emily DupliseaEmily Duplisea8 days ago
  • How many you say indomi you keep on saying it 😂😂😂😂😂

    valen1010valenvalen1010valen8 days ago
  • Mi Maggie curry UwU

    ♡•°RG_gaming_girl°•♡♡•°RG_gaming_girl°•♡8 days ago
  • Kassy: the first kitchen appliance I learnt how to use was a stove. Me: RICE COOKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oka rutoOka ruto8 days ago
  • I don't like Instead noodles

    Lauren RyanLauren Ryan8 days ago
  • Ok I think I might know what your talking about bec one of our family friends has a Korean restaurant and we get noddles there a lot so I can see where your coming from

    Annabelle FranzeseAnnabelle Franzese8 days ago
  • Am I the only one who loves Mr noodles (with soup)

    Tasnimz GamingTasnimz Gaming8 days ago
  • its not ramne its ramen ;-;

    Nari KimNari Kim8 days ago
  • I can’t eat anything spicy and I sense spice so easily I hate it so much

    Amelia GarrodAmelia Garrod8 days ago
  • The exact same time your thing beeped my house fan turned on

    Werdow 72Werdow 728 days ago
  • De first wan you have to put de wet and dry thing together

    Aubriche-Josef DecockAubriche-Josef Decock9 days ago
  • Im now craving noodles thank you

    Siena_ LopezSiena_ Lopez9 days ago
  • I love indome and the samyang ones

    Zackery GreganaZackery Gregana9 days ago
  • I want someone to talk about me like she talks about that noodle packet! 😭😅

    India FryIndia Fry9 days ago
  • Im ndonesia Like my everyday noodle is indomie :,) idk whats my Stomach gonna do to me.

    Maru AnimateMaru Animate9 days ago