oddly satisfying but make it exciting

Apr 27, 2021
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usually oddly satisfying is super relaxing or makes you want to sleep, these are ones i found that are more on the fun and exciting part of the spectrum. They just make me feel good in a motivating way!
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

  • her sweater is maching the cloud drink!

    APA squadAPA squadHour ago
  • It was beautiful

    Catured AngelCatured Angel4 hours ago
  • The one that said I freaking love Japan is my least favorite one Because I'm from China and Japan copied China and my mom said that Japan destroyed,grenade,shoot, China

    Unspeakablegaming GAMING UNSPEAKABLEUnspeakablegaming GAMING UNSPEAKABLE7 hours ago
  • Hi

    Roblox me RoseRoblox me Rose10 hours ago
  • Ooooo..cool wait no i mean ADORABLE hairrrrr!!!YAAAAAAA:>♡♡♡♡

    MariaPlays !MariaPlays !12 hours ago
  • I like how she actually tries some of these hacks and not just react to it because you can agree when tries it it is way better than other people trying them!!!!! I also love that she doesn't say bad words so I don't have to use my headphones around my parents.

    Lainey MillerLainey Miller14 hours ago
  • The name for the cloud is stratus

    PurplepinapplepopPurplepinapplepop15 hours ago
  • GLOOM why is that soo cute that you have the same design as the Kirby drink

    Has NameHas Name16 hours ago
  • Kassie you should make a video trying different gummies and like try tajin and Chamoy on the candy bc you like spicy stuff ✨🔥🍭

    bea pretoriusbea pretorius18 hours ago
  • I fed a squirrel and in return it tried to rob is

    Graceplayz RobbinsGraceplayz Robbins18 hours ago
  • nooooooooooo y

    Sheldon KahnapaceSheldon Kahnapace23 hours ago
  • 2:12

    Marley SanchezMarley Sanchez23 hours ago
  • Everybody: awww those rosy like cheeks are soo cute Me: ANIME CHARACTER

    Catalina NguyenCatalina NguyenDay ago
  • i find mini-wheats the best gurl!!

    Gord LinklaterGord LinklaterDay ago
  • Gloom you look so cute

    Trinity RigginsTrinity RigginsDay ago
  • Gloom lauren had kid go check it outttt

    cyan☆inkycyan☆inkyDay ago
  • Satexiting😳

    A bit of everythingA bit of everythingDay ago
  • gurl, i looked weird too =/

    PeeeazlePeeeazleDay ago
  • At 11:22 my family friend has one fo those disney things from disney and it was stitch adorable.

    FlamgoFlamgoDay ago
  • It looked great on you

    stephanie wesselsstephanie wesselsDay ago
  • It's supposed to be red for the first makeup thung

    Sophia_hiiiSophia_hiiiDay ago
  • Okay that Disney soap in whatever country how did that thing come out perfect like what if it didn't come out perfect I'll be angry if it don't come out perfect.😠😠😠

    Donna DawseyDonna DawseyDay ago
  • It looks great

    Natalie GrebeNatalie Grebe2 days ago
  • people: putting red makeup under their eyes problematic influencers planning their next apology: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN

    Sammi WilliamsSammi Williams2 days ago
  • *me putting lipstick under eyes* My black circles: 👁👄👁

    N i k iN i k i2 days ago

    karen rosenbloomkaren rosenbloom2 days ago
  • It looked brilliant on youuuuu ☺️

    Florence LongleyFlorence Longley2 days ago
  • You don't Look Like a Clown you Look cute

    Avin DarwishAvin Darwish2 days ago
  • The lipstick 💄 underneath the eye thing is for you to look sick 🤮not to be makeup 😭😂

    Summer BurkeSummer Burke2 days ago
  • 6:39 that’s what she said

    Samantha MckieSamantha Mckie2 days ago
  • How I right dollar store:DOLLAR $TORE

    Flower PartyFlower Party2 days ago

    Dave & Patti FloresDave & Patti Flores2 days ago
  • Did anyone noticed that her top is same mach to that Kerby boba drink

    Ayat.123 AlmoizAyat.123 Almoiz2 days ago
  • I love how kassie's shirt matches the cloud drink ❤️❤️❤️

    474 029 M.Ramyashree474 029 M.Ramyashree2 days ago
  • Is it just me or does her sweater like perfectly math the cloud drink

    Nishkaa's WorldNishkaa's World2 days ago
  • 1:11 y does he look so cuteeeeeeeeee not in a crush way just like he looks like a little bean

    Elma NoorElma Noor2 days ago
  • Cassie: I love going to the US because they have so many cereals that are banned here Me: WOOHOOO!! Terrible health in the USA!!!!

    Elissa-nicole BrownElissa-nicole Brown3 days ago
  • She gagged at chocolate chip cookies?

    Marissa StumpMarissa Stump3 days ago
  • That looks so cute 😍

    Kim DelgadoKim Delgado3 days ago

    Alex KephartAlex Kephart3 days ago
  • Kassie: why do I look like a clown? Terry: oh that, you look like that before the makeover Had me dying 😂😂😂

    Ash•Ash•3 days ago
  • The Kirby boba maches her shirt

    Rachel SeedersRachel Seeders3 days ago
  • Grandpa drinking boba:👌

    Sunflower Sisters GamingSunflower Sisters Gaming3 days ago
  • I always wondered how Bella Poarch had such cute cheeks

    Sunflower Sisters GamingSunflower Sisters Gaming3 days ago
  • you talk about clouds when your wearing a cloud shirt did anyone else see that

    Liam SULLIVANLiam SULLIVAN3 days ago
  • 🌸😘🥰

    bunny playsbunny plays3 days ago
  • I think that you are so cute

    bunny playsbunny plays3 days ago
  • 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡👹👹👹 jk I love using these emoji’s

    Mila TranMila Tran3 days ago
  • 00:27 he's jeon changha right

    Anu BoroAnu Boro3 days ago
  • I love your hair kassie!

    JJamesgamesJJamesgames3 days ago
  • Kassie terry is being wrong about the eye thing you looked amazing terry I bet was just jealous hmm isn’t that right terry

    Erin FisherErin Fisher3 days ago
  • Kassie you always make little kids happy

    Thando ChiloaneThando Chiloane3 days ago
  • I live in Wisconsin

    Levi HenkelLevi Henkel3 days ago
  • 12:18 rip people with braces lol

    The Kewl KoalaThe Kewl Koala3 days ago
  • Lol I’m eating cookie crisp

    Im afreaking idiotIm afreaking idiot3 days ago
  • the cloud drink and her shirt i love it!

    Adele CroallAdele Croall3 days ago
  • I like the makeup

    Psycho Gacha GirlPsycho Gacha Girl3 days ago
  • 1:38 or 1:40 "i don't want this to look like i have pink eye" me: GURL I HAD PINK EYE AT 2016 OR 2017 AND U DON'T LOOK LIKE U HAVE PINK EYE (sorry i was shouting at my ipad this but i'm not trying to be mean)

    Ramisa AlamRamisa Alam4 days ago
  • I LIKE frosted Minnie Wheats

    Savanna HasserSavanna Hasser4 days ago
  • Kassie:mini wheats are discussing me: mini wheats are my fav breakfeast

    Christine SyChristine Sy4 days ago
  • I totally wish I had that Mickey mouse soap dispenser but I live with the toddler and she already washes her hands too much

    cats and stuffs and other thingscats and stuffs and other things4 days ago
  • We have trees that make the sunset look like the Detroit zoo map picture. It just matches accept for the animals.

    Samantha WordenSamantha Worden4 days ago
  • You should do a colab with sssniperwolf

    AR BainbridgeAR Bainbridge4 days ago
  • She be like but gummies me be like I'm allergic to gummies 😳😚✌️

    Abigail WymanAbigail Wyman4 days ago
  • Kassie* sorry-

    SunflowerMario ;-;SunflowerMario ;-;4 days ago
  • *massive giving a motivational speech about gummies* me eating hard candy while watching this video: hmm...

    SunflowerMario ;-;SunflowerMario ;-;4 days ago
  • 😂 Man:”looks like a brain with a spinal cord coming out of it”. Gloom:”looks like a jelly fish”. Me:”looks like squid-wards brain lol”.

    Lauren BrandweinLauren Brandwein4 days ago
  • Her sweater is so cuteeee I want one :3

    Amer BarznjyAmer Barznjy4 days ago
  • Kassy: miniweats r so discusting Me 😶**unsuscribe** (I didn’t actually unsubscribe tho haha I wouldn’t)

    Amy BerthiaumeAmy Berthiaume4 days ago
  • 5:20 This girl is a literal Disney princess.

    Killer BunniKiller Bunni4 days ago
  • once we only payed .35 at safeway

    Allie TurnidgeAllie Turnidge4 days ago
  • 6:15 : Is that the little miss perfect i spot?!

    PASTELchøsaws ・PASTELchøsaws ・4 days ago
  • U look like Carly from icarly also that's a compliment!!

  • Is it buggin anyone else thatt there is just ONE lil hair sticking out? 2:19

    Raegan GoodRaegan Good4 days ago
  • Does this girl look like Azzy or is it just me??? 0:37

    CrUShEdMelOn :3CrUShEdMelOn :34 days ago
  • Did anybody see that the girl in the bubble bouncing video that she didn’t blink at all

    Nick ChioreanuNick Chioreanu4 days ago
  • The Kirby drink matches her sweater.

    Alex FartAlex Fart4 days ago
  • I love your cloud sweater it’s so cute🥰

    Isabella Fenn HoldnickIsabella Fenn Holdnick4 days ago
  • Dry ice bubble, bubble fluid with water in a jar, stick a bubble wand in there and bam-dry ice bubble 2:44

    Steve PrestonSteve Preston4 days ago
  • can u put the link of the “skincare queen” video plssssss somebody respond to this and put the link plssssssss

    Malena SantillanMalena Santillan4 days ago
  • That second person looked like kassies friend Azzy ( Azzyland) how didn’t she realise that 😂🤣

    Lahni MaloneLahni Malone4 days ago
  • She should have added a darker shade

    Fi KKFi KK4 days ago
  • Why is nobody talking about the first dude? Like, whoa bro you gonna pop out of my anime? Ngl... he's kinda- THE LOVE OF MY LIFE MATERIAL!?

    BelleBelle4 days ago
  • 7:12 it the Portal to Narnia

    Lazzari SantosLazzari Santos4 days ago
  • 13:33 i actually saw hat tik tok while scrolling on my fyp

    Harmony SernaHarmony Serna4 days ago
  • Tip for rosey cheeks when you can’t have makeup: grab the most painful thing in your house and use it to scratch your cheeks red

    Joy MassageJoy Massage4 days ago
  • Ok ok so when you put on the Stuff at the beginning of the video it looked cute

    TropicalKittyTropicalKitty4 days ago
  • Love that beat at the end lol 😂

    DA - 06SN 792694 Morning Star MSDA - 06SN 792694 Morning Star MS4 days ago
  • Can u do a makeup challenge please

    charlene mosleycharlene mosley4 days ago
  • the girl with the bubbles had the same glitterfrecklemakeup cassie tried on in aother vid.

    judyjudejudyjude4 days ago
  • "COoOOoooLlL"

    Kaylee HernandezKaylee Hernandez4 days ago
  • Hi

    Luka.ry0Luka.ry04 days ago
  • I dont get the appeal of the red under the eyes. It just makes the person look tired/sick/dead.

    Delicate DisasterDelicate Disaster4 days ago
  • i liked the look but what is most important is your inner beauty

  • Ok, my favorite part of living in Michigan is that almost EVERY DAY we have a beautiful sunrise and sunset. Like, when I rode the bus to school, at like 7 in the morning... *Chefs Kiss* BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Jossie LynJossie Lyn4 days ago
  • What did she mean with “ not the time” ?*coughs* i don’t know if you heard about quarantine and COVID??!!

    Daphne MollingtonDaphne Mollington4 days ago

    Kylie ShackelfordKylie Shackelford4 days ago
  • I love frosting but in weeks how dare you!!!!!!!

    B GarrisonB Garrison4 days ago
  • kassie I really need to know where you're getting your clothes from ahhhhhhhh i need themmmmm 😔😔😫

    shishi4 days ago
  • kassie I really need to know where you're getting your clothes from ahhhhhhhh i need themmmmm 😔😔😫

    shishi4 days ago