Please don’t put your finger in that

May 1, 2021
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Keep those hands to yourself, sir. For some reason my Tik Tok FYP people putting their fingers where they don’t belong. It’s entertaining though.
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  • 3:40 the forbidden French fries lol

    Anime WeebAnime Weeb4 minutes ago
  • I learned more here then school- 💀

    •Creamy• •Cream••Creamy• •Cream•10 minutes ago
  • There is a blue ring octopus in Pilipinas I live there I do speak English and Pilipinas and I'm not gonna touch one it will make me die I don't wanna die:(

    sheenabelle guillermosheenabelle guillermo14 minutes ago
  • The conus textile is probably a species of cone snail... They shoot very poisonous darts

    FamilyGamerz !FamilyGamerz !54 minutes ago
  • 8:54 kassie might not see this, but if you dont know what their doing, it’s called liquid sand. You put enough air pressure in sand and It will start acting like water. It’s not actually water, it’s sand and if you turn of the air pressure, it will go back to being like sand is like usually

    4Abby Hutchinson4Abby HutchinsonHour ago
  • It is sand with like a pipe of air blowing air in to the sand

    Faith McAndrewsFaith McAndrewsHour ago
  • 8:59 - That’s actually sand. Mark rober did a video about it around 4 years ago (as of early may 2021)

    Kathryn MooreKathryn MooreHour ago
  • 1:40 those are the fluffy black things from my neighbor tottoro.

    Ivy animates and gamesIvy animates and gamesHour ago
  • oh my gosh

    Amanda Jo JohnsonAmanda Jo Johnson2 hours ago
  • The thing where they where "boilling themself alive " was actually sand pumped with Air

    Beverly Brown-PaulBeverly Brown-Paul2 hours ago
  • Ah, the blue ringed octopus and the conus textile, I’m gonna tell you some things about them. The reason why the blue ringed octopus is so dangerous is cuz their just really venomous, and to warn anything that makes it feel like it’s in danger it makes those blue rings glow before they shoot out the venom. The conus textile has 20 venomous spike things ready to be fired.

    I have a mistery NameI have a mistery Name2 hours ago
  • Kassie that was sand not boiling water

    Alexandra CentenoAlexandra Centeno3 hours ago
  • I can listen to you saying gloom all day O.O

    Sherry BillingsSherry Billings3 hours ago
  • 1:06 Poor dog

    aisha Trocheaisha Troche3 hours ago
  • 0:38

    aisha Trocheaisha Troche3 hours ago
  • me: O aehhhh WoWwWWwW ..-/

    Fun Time! / وقت المرحFun Time! / وقت المرح3 hours ago
  • 8:54 just so you know that is not hot water that is actually liquid sand

    R.c HoorayR.c Hooray4 hours ago
  • “Please don’t put your finger in that” SUS

    Orange • KittyOrange • Kitty4 hours ago
  • My grandma and grandad have a fish shop and they have had for sale 2 sea urchin and they are rlly cool ngl they have these orange ball things at the top of there head . I had a staring completion with one they blinked first then printed there spikes things at me so I walked away

    madholly123 gamesmadholly123 games4 hours ago
  • Anna has sent me 👏🏼

  • Gloom:oh it’s a snail how? Me:oh how much I have learned from this vid

    Ava JordanAva Jordan5 hours ago
  • 8:54 thats a parafin wax bath. also 7:48 is a mud turtle. and 8:36 is quicksand. take my knowledge and use it wisely

    bagelthehorse!bagelthehorse!5 hours ago
  • The Girl With the nails Is it In her Nails like?

    Jayann PavyJayann Pavy5 hours ago
  • Gloom I LOVE ur videos 😁 lol

    Wendy BlankenshipWendy Blankenship5 hours ago
  • that thing that was boiling I think it was a kind of a sand pool where you put sand and a certain mechanism to circulate a certain amount of air in a direction to make it flow and seem like it is is also supposed to feel so weird (never tried it but I saw videos of it and by what I can see now in the video this is what it seems to be. Sorry if the explanation is messed up, English is not my first language

    Neko-chan SubliminalsNeko-chan Subliminals6 hours ago
  • Its snad that is being pushd araond and maks it laik watwher. Dont stop the flove of air wen in it. On word " STUKE"

    Victor CarlesjöVictor Carlesjö6 hours ago
  • Ur mouth isn’t in sink sorry I cannot watch this video

    Sophia DilonardoSophia Dilonardo6 hours ago
  • Yesh...

    Realaishaafton 123Realaishaafton 1236 hours ago
  • why would you touch leeches! they have 300 teeth !true fact

    Florence MasonFlorence Mason7 hours ago
  • ThAtS wHaT sHe SaId

    shosho7663shosho76637 hours ago
  • The frog is werid -.-

    *TheSleepyCloudy**TheSleepyCloudy*8 hours ago
  • trypophobia clan:

    -just a cat-just a cat8 hours ago
  • Gloom: I would like to touch it with my fingys! Me: laughs hard

    Blue Crystal The neon kitsuneBlue Crystal The neon kitsune8 hours ago
  • I think the thing where she said "ARE THEY BURNING THEMSELVES?!" or something like that, i think what they were doing is putting their hands into liquid sand (if you want to know what that is you can go to mark rober and look for the video)

    Camille KeeneCamille Keene9 hours ago
  • Bro i was holding a seaurchin

    muffin head minecraft playermuffin head minecraft player9 hours ago
  • *sobs in pagan/witch religion*

    CherylCheryl9 hours ago
  • Uhhhhi got stung I think from a see porcupine and it didn’t hurt that much I was just terrified cuz I thought it’s poisonus

    DonutWolfie OMGDonutWolfie OMG10 hours ago
  • Those people are not boiling their selves alive they were putting air under sand and it looks like boiling water.

    Braxton DyerBraxton Dyer10 hours ago
  • Ana sent me

    limxinlimxin10 hours ago
  • this kinda turned into "things kassie would like to touch" 😹😹😹😹

    Emily HowellEmily Howell10 hours ago
  • When she talk king about the 1960s (think she said 1960s ) about the internet there still wasn’t internet

    Unicorn SquishyUnicorn Squishy11 hours ago
  • haha they aren't boiling themselves it's like this sand thing and pressurized air I think lol you can watch marks vid about that

    Simply Starlight!Simply Starlight!11 hours ago
  • 3:40 The forbidden French fries 🍟

    Chloesunshine 16Chloesunshine 1612 hours ago
  • The hand one in the gray stuff I think that's cement

    madyll powaomadyll powao12 hours ago
  • the thing the people put their hands into is liquid sand mark rober made a vid about it check it out for more details

    Jamie CanavanJamie Canavan12 hours ago
  • U should make those nail polish clay thingys

    Chloe’s MakeupChloe’s Makeup12 hours ago
  • Actually i have a shell of that stingy snail thing:>

    MariaPlays !MariaPlays !13 hours ago
  • I’m am soooooo surprised that the squid did not sing her

    Xxblx_butterflyxX CookiesXxblx_butterflyxX Cookies13 hours ago
  • Mentions philippines where blue ringed octopuses live Me: *New fear unlocked*

    r9nd0m m00nl1ght ツr9nd0m m00nl1ght ツ14 hours ago
  • You remind me of Carly from iCarly

    Cranberry MilkCranberry Milk14 hours ago
  • This white bubbling things in the tub is quick sand

    furythehyper a roblox mrbeastfurythehyper a roblox mrbeast14 hours ago
  • How is trimming a bush putting their finger in it no offense

    Livi lifeLivi life14 hours ago
  • Classy are you ok? I mean why would you put your fingers straight in doodoo? XD

    Sniper ReheisSniper Reheis14 hours ago
  • I stopped watching Mlb for this and I don't regret it.

    naomieyznaomieyz15 hours ago
  • Question: “yellow or orange.” Gloom : “ORANGE” Me: “ yellow” Answer: “yellow” Gloom: “YES” Me: “no gloom its yellow”

    Shahi SalujaShahi Saluja15 hours ago
  • @JAKE.PNW she is a ocean lover and I really like him. I love ocean too but I don't like sharks

    Joy MahinayJoy Mahinay16 hours ago
  • 3:45 got me some golden French fries

    Balloon_LUVS〜hello「meh FLYBalloon_LUVS〜hello「meh FLY16 hours ago
  • It it is boys but I am a girl

    AndreeaAndreea16 hours ago
  • Where do blue octopus’ and can I have it as a pet “(insert the countries she said here), PHILIPPINES..” me: Oh sh-

    Frisk DreemurrFrisk Dreemurr17 hours ago
  • That person was doing a hot tub thing something there is one vedio of Mark robber of that he also tried it it is sand it is not water or it is not also boiling

    Amulya cathleAmulya cathle17 hours ago
  • Vaj or ju kol Gloom

    Irena PandurovIrena Pandurov17 hours ago
  • I love you

    Avery PaineAvery Paine18 hours ago
  • 1:09 Thats what she said 😏

    •Sᗩᘻᘻᖻ••Sᗩᘻᘻᖻ•18 hours ago
  • Will you know I touched a cone snail the dangerous snail I think it's called cone snail but I dumb🤣

    Kaki&Tere VirgilKaki&Tere Virgil19 hours ago
  • Kassie did you know that when you stomp on the sand like that one girl did, you are making quick sand

    Renee OsengaRenee Osenga19 hours ago
  • Can I tell you something gloom once you said thingies I was like what her finger is what are thingies like thingies I am laughing so hard right now I think I’m going to P in my pants

    Jasmine EdwardsJasmine Edwards20 hours ago
  • One time i made something out of clay and my sister ruinned it

    Alisa and IremAlisa and Irem21 hour ago
  • You should react to polynesian/New Zealand school vibes on yt

    Selina RakiSelina Raki22 hours ago
  • Ooh...that crunch 😌

    Angel Wolfie9873Angel Wolfie987322 hours ago
  • 8:53 that is sand and blowing air in the tub of sand so it feels like liquid

    Its2014Its201423 hours ago

    Sian RutaSian RutaDay ago
  • Loran has her baby 👶 😍

    shristypradhanshristypradhanDay ago
  • 8:53 this is pressurised sand

    Lydia LeeLydia LeeDay ago
  • What if they brought it home

    Cupcake GachagirlCupcake GachagirlDay ago
  • Fun fact I have a man duh ditch in my back yard and the frogs moved in with there eggs 😂

    Brooklynn Gillam-WrightBrooklynn Gillam-WrightDay ago
  • The first one is my favorite cuz I watch him

  • OK not tryna be offensive but the dude who ate the green plants um is my fav tik toker bc he help the wild life to raise awareness of pollution and you stuff like that he is really nice so yeahhhhhhh hehe he's my fav tik toker...🙃

    Veronika SmithVeronika SmithDay ago
  • WoUhOo

    tiktok re uploadstiktok re uploadsDay ago
  • Is it weird that I was eating saw the whole time I was watching this video?

    Brielle ClowneyBrielle ClowneyDay ago
  • The people in medical gear is probably something to do with preserving blood or something

    Mixed Up Mutt StudiosMixed Up Mutt StudiosDay ago
  • 6:44 might be a different snail but there’s a snail called the cigarette snail, because it can shoot venom out at you, and it only takes the time it takes to smoke a cigarette before your dead. Dangerous

    Mythica0Mythica0Day ago
  • It was a sand hot tub they werent boiling there hands

    CraneCraneDay ago
  • For the guys that were burning themselves alive it’s not actually water it’s sand and they’re adding pressurized air into the tub and that’s what it looks like water but it’s not there completely fine you should check out the mark Robert video if you want more explanation about it😊

    Itz_sabrina :3Itz_sabrina :3Day ago
  • 8:30 Lol that face tho😂👌

    gacha_lemon_ Lime_gacha_lemon_ Lime_Day ago
  • I pull me dogs tounge

    #playSilly#playSillyDay ago
  • Also the people who are "boiling them self's alive" it is sand and air

    David RowleyDavid RowleyDay ago
  • The stinging snail lives in Australia and or Mackay

    Pickle LlewellynPickle LlewellynDay ago
  • Oooo that thing is long... -Gloom

    KZ J4X0NKZ J4X0NDay ago
  • Those are fake urchins

    FnF FanaticFnF FanaticDay ago
  • on 8:53 that's actually sand tht is moved by air. Some peeps call it liquid sand, but ya. Ik it's pretty cool

    Kayla MathewKayla MathewDay ago
  • You may not subscribe to witchcraft, but I (a witch) am subscribed to your channel.

    The Human TreeThe Human TreeDay ago
  • 8:54 lol that's sand and there's tubes and stuff underneath it that makes it look like it's boiling search up sand hot tub

    •Les Lizard••Les Lizard•Day ago
  • btw its called a cone snail it can sting bc of the little darts they shoot out with mini posion/sting thingys :)

    Erin DaleErin DaleDay ago
  • The turtle is a snapping turtle and if I was the turtle I’d just CHOMP

    The Olivia and Lily ShowThe Olivia and Lily ShowDay ago
  • yas ghach

    Sarah ColleySarah ColleyDay ago

    Sarah ColleySarah ColleyDay ago
  • So uh.. unrelated, but are you wearing Holo Taco polish? Because that very much looks like my nails rn with the pastel rainbow collection 👀

    JessMystJessMystDay ago
  • 2:55 mmmmm.......dnf..........

    Cantinho da CamillyCantinho da CamillyDay ago
  • My mom is sleeping and I was watching the dogs tongue part and when she made herself a dog I screamed laughed.

    Jason HouseJason HouseDay ago
  • Watch that too when he was licking a rock it was so weird and then he found his way to his friends and that it was a parasite in it and Petland one he put on his arm and something got on his cheek and he

    Emersyn ColonEmersyn ColonDay ago