Tasting Fast Food for Kids so you don't have to

Oct 10, 2020
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I be judging based on flavour and flavour alone. Kids do be eating good meals these days, but I feel like fast food isn't trying as hard as they did in the 90s.
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  • Yum biscuits from red lobster

    General Doge2010General Doge2010Hour ago
  • I wish I could go to McDonald's and Burger King but .......... Corona

    ꧁Creamy Edits꧂꧁Creamy Edits꧂2 hours ago

    Tali and KotaTali and Kota3 hours ago
  • How do you not like Mac and cheese bites?! You are CLEARLY not American.

    Maisy WMaisy W3 hours ago
  • Gloom: I didn’t even like Chick-fil-A that much Me: ok well you only got chicken nuggets and fries like get one of their sandwiches or salads or wraps they are the best fast food they HEALTHIEST and they have the most variety of any fast food restaurant

    Aubrey ManersAubrey Maners4 hours ago
  • Gloom

    ibrahim khalilibrahim khalil5 hours ago
  • Ha

    ibrahim khalilibrahim khalil5 hours ago
  • So are burger kings nuggets

    KG - 06DC 777121 Erin Mills MSKG - 06DC 777121 Erin Mills MS6 hours ago
  • you only got the bag a McDonalds because of quarantine

    KG - 06DC 777121 Erin Mills MSKG - 06DC 777121 Erin Mills MS7 hours ago
  • I don't have carmeal also the packaging looks different

    The big ChanelThe big Chanel7 hours ago
  • Her dogs name always changed xD

  • In my country it is way better

    Jamila SafariJamila Safari15 hours ago
  • I ran out of things to watch So I scrolled a bunch and found this...

    Mary GraceMary Grace23 hours ago
  • Do wendys

    Lamy AwadLamy Awad23 hours ago
  • I don’t like Chick-fil-A I mean the chicken is gross to me

    Audrey HolbrookAudrey HolbrookDay ago

    Gaming cat AccountGaming cat AccountDay ago
  • Gloom realizes she can ask for 6 right

    Rubi MargieRubi MargieDay ago
  • Believe it or not, I’ve never been to any of these restaurants or eaten any of their food Except subway 😴

    ・曇り・・曇り・Day ago
  • y'all are so lucky in the us! in england, the happy meals just have nuggets, chips (fries) and a drink (and fruit extra if u want)but yall have a yoghurt and fruit and all sorts on the side!!

    isabelle lilyisabelle lilyDay ago

    Deidre BouwerDeidre BouwerDay ago
  • I used to get a happy meal a lot I could never open the yogurt and you’re right for chicken nuggets was not enough for my fat little body and a small fry so small :< it was depressing I was still hungry

    Syddie KittySyddie KittyDay ago
  • Ok I really think she over reacted for every place

    Nikitha MulayNikitha MulayDay ago
  • Chick-fil-A and McDonald’s are so different in Pennsylvania

    Harper :} OUTHarper :} OUTDay ago
  • mOlD aNnNnNnNnN

    Melissa WeiszMelissa Weisz2 days ago
  • I disagree on the chic fil a

    Sunny wordSunny word2 days ago
  • When she said Boston I freaked out bc that’s where I live well in the same state

    Sunny wordSunny word2 days ago
  • I can’t believe she doesn’t have chic fil a

    Sunny wordSunny word2 days ago
  • Make a part two!

    gia beargia bear2 days ago
  • Yeah I used to buy Happy meals but then they had like no food in them so now I have to spend more money on a burger and large fry.. 👀😂

    IzzeDraws !IzzeDraws !2 days ago
  • Im 9 and i eat the red lobster happy meal and i basicly i love lobster

    Eugenia DemetriouEugenia Demetriou2 days ago
  • The apples used to have CARAMEL WITH THEM😢

    Peyton PostelPeyton Postel2 days ago

    Madison BerghMadison Bergh2 days ago
  • I just ate 2 happy meals XD

    Miss Pøtatœ HêådMiss Pøtatœ Hêåd2 days ago
  • McDonald’s apple slices taste 🤮 no hate I just don’t like them

    Talia KoganTalia Kogan2 days ago
  • At the macdonalds i get three chili chickens burgers with lettuce chicken and really hot saus

    cookieomgc cookiecookieomgc cookie2 days ago
  • Chick-Fil-A is very homophobic though so be aware of that

    GalaxyPi _GalaxyPi _2 days ago
  • she put chick-fil-a below mcdonald’s and aw-

    Arianna ReneeArianna Renee2 days ago
  • I live in America and chick-fill-a is the busiest but the best, in my opinion. also why is the Mcdonald's meal in a bag, no offense, but did the people at McDonalds just stop trying or are they just lazy...NEED ANSWERS

    Belle JonesBelle Jones2 days ago
  • I do not like subway

    Mya's WorldMya's World2 days ago
  • Hi

    Mya's WorldMya's World2 days ago
  • I... never knew we had some of these fast food places wow

    Beach Baby HopeBeach Baby Hope3 days ago
  • No one: Kassie:”I don’t really like these chick-fil-A fries.....” Me: :0 How dare you! But I still love u, but the waffle fries from Chick-fil-A is just, MUAAAA👌❤️!

    Kathryn borgesKathryn borges3 days ago
    • I'm a vegetarian so .........EWWWWWW NO

      ꧁Creamy Edits꧂꧁Creamy Edits꧂2 hours ago
    • @Belle Jones dude right THE BEST FRIES, it’s literally, 🧇 +🍟 + 🍗 =Chick - Fil - A!

      Kathryn borgesKathryn borges2 days ago

      Belle JonesBelle Jones2 days ago
  • Me: sees Swiss chalet food Also me: I want Also me:*realizes that Swiss chalet is only in Canada* Me again:*remembers that I am vegetarian* Me:*starts crying*

    Titus The LegendaryTitus The Legendary3 days ago
  • chickfile is out of style.

    Kaitlyn YuenKaitlyn Yuen3 days ago
  • I am nine and this video kinda offends me

    LGminemasterLGminemaster3 days ago
  • No one: Kassie: bUrgEr KiNg YaY!

    Eliza MewariEliza Mewari3 days ago
  • Mine: S chick fa la A McDonald’s B pizza Everything else F

    lozer ._._sadlozer ._._sad3 days ago
    • I only agree with the Chick fa la (no offense)

      Fire NinjaFire Ninja3 hours ago
  • I’m 10 and I still get the kids Meal but I get a side of the McChicken because I don’t like the burger I do I just like the chicken

    Gao MingGao Ming3 days ago

    Muhamed MiftariMuhamed Miftari3 days ago
  • the toys are not garbage gloom you hurt my feelings i buy the happy meal for the toy

    Sunu Binoy VSunu Binoy V3 days ago
  • i live in canada to

    Kishara is hereKishara is here3 days ago
  • It’s December :))))))

    RunaRuna3 days ago
  • gloom saying she never had Chick-fil-A me be like NANI

    Cato GamesCato Games3 days ago
  • i remember like when i was 5 and I got the yogurt and when I opened it it exploded all over our car me my baby brother and the dog all because of a McDonalds yogurt

    Bella McCantsBella McCants3 days ago
  • Kassie: gettin old these days? Old people watching:👁 👄 👁

    Elijah roaElijah roa3 days ago
  • I'm sorry but... WHO IS SAM?? I know she's always in the vids but like- WHO IS SHEEE XD

    Yīnghuā ShèngkāiYīnghuā Shèngkāi4 days ago
  • For Macdonalds you can get 4 6 or 10

    Brandi LawsonBrandi Lawson4 days ago
  • Who else kind of got upset when Gloom said that Mac and cheese bites were a horrendous idea?

    kenton kyuubi ninefoxkenton kyuubi ninefox4 days ago
  • That's not how we get our food at McDonald's where I live

    Chloe McDonnellChloe McDonnell4 days ago
  • I'm from the states and I've never eaten Chick-fil-A, probably because I dont like chicken but my family hasn't had it either and they like chicken

    K-PoppinTasticK-PoppinTastic4 days ago
    • ?????

      Belle JonesBelle Jones2 days ago
  • Kids in 2020 👩🏽‍💻

    Finlay0727Finlay07274 days ago
  • McDonald’s is the best it all round the world

    Sheena RobinsonSheena Robinson4 days ago
  • I just find kassie’s reaction to cfa soooo funny. She was unsure if she would like it and she thought it was overrated... until she tried it. 😂 I loooovvvveeeee cfa... and kassie

    Jamie GraysonJamie Grayson4 days ago
  • The subway sandwich is actually 5.5 inches

    Minecraft FanMinecraft Fan4 days ago
  • I do

    AQ MartinezAQ Martinez4 days ago
  • so she not eating the mcdonalds fries?

    sarahannesarahanne4 days ago
  • I remember freezing the yogurt, then eating it like icecream

    Iris KittyIris Kitty4 days ago
  • Gloom: it only says Chick-fil-A sauce Me:(yelling) that’s because the it’s the special sauce

    Eva QuinteroEva Quintero4 days ago
  • *looks at the apple slice * Kartha: This tastes like a vegetable.......... 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Bella ThomasBella Thomas4 days ago
  • Just know offense but I do PS I love your videos

    Khloe RayKhloe Ray5 days ago
  • I still care about Happy meals

    Khloe RayKhloe Ray5 days ago
  • Mcdonald's apples are disgusting

    {JustTigerGirl }{JustTigerGirl }5 days ago
  • Gloom:"But if you said nugget's or pizza" *Quietly moves Boston Pizza down*

    Sharon AsiamaSharon Asiama5 days ago
  • You should try lobster Mac and cheese

  • Umm i open those all the time with my bare hands.

    Chicken NuggieChicken Nuggie5 days ago
  • In the UK we still have the happy meal boxes

    louis Jacobslouis Jacobs5 days ago
  • I love Happy meal 🤩 awesome 8-year-old 🤗

    Charity FullerCharity Fuller5 days ago
  • Kids are simple?! I didn’t know a ten year old eating a bigmac was simple.

  • soooo sweeeeet of you

    Miraal FatimaMiraal Fatima5 days ago
  • I love the McDonald’s yogurt

    Melina KillingerMelina Killinger5 days ago
  • Gloom: look at this baby baby Whopper it's so cute then takes a bite out of it imagine how it feels

    Liam JohnsonLiam Johnson5 days ago
    • Wen you want likes that bad...

      Abi ForsaithAbi Forsaith4 days ago
  • My family calls Burger King, Ray King. Cuz when my mom’s friend worked there as a teenager, there were a ton of rats

    ManateeManatee5 days ago
  • I hate lobster 🤢

    ManateeManatee5 days ago
  • McDonalds is one of the finest fast food restaurants out there Jimmy Johns and Qdoba are quaking

    ManateeManatee5 days ago
  • umm are we not gonna talk about Dasani in subways HAPPY MEALSS

    julia poojulia poo5 days ago
  • Gloom: the fries taste like a veggi Me: its a potato

    may vlogzmay vlogz5 days ago
  • gloom: ipad danger : unsanitary :me SO ARE PLAY PLACES

    Unicornsies 84Unicornsies 845 days ago
  • Me just chilling here enjoying my mcdonalds 😋

    Magic DragonsMagic Dragons5 days ago
  • i love BergerKing

    Allie KernAllie Kern5 days ago

  • I haven't had a happy meal in 4 years even tho I'm a minor

    kirby is a Christian mankirby is a Christian man5 days ago
  • Person

    Bella_Does Gacha clubBella_Does Gacha club5 days ago
  • As a person that lime does not like to eat animals but I think I would like the Mac and cheese with the chicken

    Bella_Does Gacha clubBella_Does Gacha club5 days ago
  • I'm American live in California and have never had chick fa lay

    Sarina LockhartSarina Lockhart5 days ago
  • Chick fil a is the best

    Emalinka The GamerEmalinka The Gamer5 days ago
  • Gkfsr

    Erin RogalskiErin Rogalski5 days ago
  • I found is so funny when gloom said what is a kid going to do with this many biscuits

    Myia BowdenMyia Bowden6 days ago
  • I'm sad me and my mother are allergic to sea food!!

    Mink AngelaMink Angela6 days ago
  • Eating Luxuriously Painting Luxuriously Ordering Luxuriously Whats next, Sleeping Luxuriously!?!?!?! *Not an insult*

    Abena TateAbena Tate6 days ago
  • I am 9 years old and I love red lobster

    Mia BerryMia Berry6 days ago