Testing "Top Secret" McDonald's TikTok Hacks

Sep 11, 2020
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McDonald's is always delicious, but I found these top secret TikTok Hacks to make it even better. Some of them aren't actually that secret, and some are down right scams.
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  • Where does Kartha Gewart go? Am I the only one who remember it? 😂😂😂

    Adm _dnielAdm _dniel29 minutes ago
  • AHHHH I SEACHED IT UP AND I HATE YOU jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk

    J JackJ Jack4 hours ago
  • the McDonald's near my you can refill the soda cup for free

    Malishka TandraMalishka Tandra6 hours ago
  • I got 12 nuggets and I got free food from McDonalds

    Amber BrazeauAmber Brazeau7 hours ago
  • That chicken nugget hack where you put your chicken nuggets on top of your drink I’ve done that it’s not adults kid meal I’m so sorry

    Liz SuchilLiz Suchil12 hours ago
  • Watching Gloom enjoy different kinds of McDonald's food makes my sad that I can't eat McDonald's.

    Amanda PAmanda P13 hours ago
  • Gloom once you say don't search something there going to sreach it no madder what but they had it on them any ways

    Elizabeth CourtneyElizabeth Courtney13 hours ago
  • Haha its my fault I looked up degloving and expected a naughty thing, nope it was blood. PLEASE DONT LOOK IT UP

    Oof girlOof girl15 hours ago
  • nuuuuuuuu I searched degloving and it looks nasty imma put bleach on my eyes now.

    Kayli DeLeonKayli DeLeon16 hours ago
  • Did anyone else notice that gloom ate the first burger upside down?

    Josparov OwOJosparov OwO17 hours ago

    Georges fun timeGeorges fun time17 hours ago
  • Once i got 9 nuggets and one was mini

    Ava FermaintAva Fermaint19 hours ago
  • One time I got a McDonald’s chicken nuggets and then I got chicken nugget that tasted like a chicken tender

    Penny MalavePenny Malave20 hours ago
  • Roses are red, Violets are blue, I can't taste anything, corona's the clue.

    Anonymous·BoiAnonymous·Boi21 hour ago
  • Gloom: Don't search up Degloving Me: Eh, what's the worst that can happen? Me: *IMMEDIATELY REGRETS MY DECISION*

    Miss_FloppyDuckMiss_FloppyDuck22 hours ago
  • Gloom: Gotta open the Barbecue sauce Me: Eating McDonald's with Barbecue sauce while watching this

    Ayana !Ayana !22 hours ago
  • Gloom : never look up degloving Me : (looks up degloving) Me again : my life is over

    Gyanendra PrakashGyanendra PrakashDay ago
  • If you never hate goom 👇🏻

    Margarita ChavezMargarita ChavezDay ago
  • Now for 3 Mc.Donalds happy meals are like 50 or 40 dollars!

    thatonelonewolf /animatorthatonelonewolf /animatorDay ago
  • She told us not to Google degloving !! Meanwhile me: okay I will Google degloving

    Debjani ChoudhuryDebjani ChoudhuryDay ago

    isabelle coconutisabelle coconutDay ago

    Lisa VogelLisa VogelDay ago
  • Gloom I am so disappointed in you you have never had BBQ sauce with fries that jail time (jk love you)

    Ava SlaughterAva SlaughterDay ago
  • I eat my fries with mayo and Ketchup so you are not alone Kasey

    Midori AvilaMidori AvilaDay ago
  • why did i search it..... crying..

    KamKamDay ago
  • Kassie:don’t search up degloving Everyone:searches degloving

    Ayessa GuimaligAyessa GuimaligDay ago
  • POV:you searched up degloving

    Ayessa GuimaligAyessa GuimaligDay ago
  • Im dying ima have nightmare gonna throw up

    レイナレイナDay ago
  • Oml i gogled degloving and 😱😱😱😱😲😲😲😲 i DIED i cant even go to the first picture

    レイナレイナDay ago
  • i dont have McDonalds in Delhi which is in INDIA..... it got closed down :(

    Michelle DSilvaMichelle DSilvaDay ago
  • Um...I SEARCHED IT😳😳

    Olivia D'ambrosiaOlivia D'ambrosia2 days ago
  • Am I the only that never had McDonalds?

    A Good PersonA Good Person2 days ago
  • Uhh I searched it i just want to delete it from my memory

    Shadu ShaluShadu Shalu2 days ago
  • Gloom:DONT search up deglubing. Other people:WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. YOU MADE ME SEARCH IT UP.

    Terry JardingTerry Jarding2 days ago
  • * googles degloving because I’m dumb * *OH TO SEE WITHOUT MY EYES.*

    Off Brand FantaOff Brand Fanta2 days ago
  • Did you know that McDonalds puts fries in the bottom of the bag even if you don't get fries.

    Totally TaterTotTotally TaterTot2 days ago
  • I agree with kassie

    Tanika Dos SantosTanika Dos Santos2 days ago
  • 0

    Tanika Dos SantosTanika Dos Santos2 days ago
  • I read the comments about degloving and I am not going to look it up

    Addison SellAddison Sell2 days ago
  • Gloom: don't Google degloving. Me: I'm think I'm going to Google that wait I am. 2 seconds later...... Knock knock I'm coming

    Kambria WrightKambria Wright2 days ago
  • Me searches degloveing Me meh aint that bad Everyone eww 🤢 Me ive seen worse

    itslockinpop #share the loveitslockinpop #share the love2 days ago
  • im 11 and i googled degloving, im scared for my life

    Burnt RaiderBurnt Raider2 days ago
  • ummm so I search degloving and wow

    simply taylorsimply taylor2 days ago
  • I serchd degloving and its weird scary and cringe😫😖😱😱😱😱😨😨

    Melina DroptinaMelina Droptina2 days ago

    Clare TanClare Tan2 days ago
    • 😖😫😷😷😷😷😷😷😲😲😲😲😵😵😵😵😣😣😣😣😣

      Clare TanClare Tan2 days ago
  • Gloom: The girl off camera is a vegetarian and she is wincing right now Me: Actually a vegetarian🤣

    Contortion Sisters!Contortion Sisters!2 days ago
  • like every sane person i searched it but i don't hate her why would u hate her? it is ur fault for searching it

    Auryn's Excellent AdventuresAuryn's Excellent Adventures2 days ago
  • Gloom: don’t look up degloving Me: should of listen

    Olivia HowardOlivia Howard2 days ago
  • I just saw an image of what degloving is and I I just wanna say I WANNA DIE LIKE FRICK

    c̶l̶ø̶u̶d̶y̶_̶s̶t̶a̶r̶s̶ A̶e̶s̶t̶h̶e̶t̶i̶c̶c̶l̶ø̶u̶d̶y̶_̶s̶t̶a̶r̶s̶ A̶e̶s̶t̶h̶e̶t̶i̶c̶3 days ago
  • Ok I searched degloving but I didn't see the image because I was scared

    Roblox layal mostafaRoblox layal mostafa3 days ago
  • If you tell me not to Google, I'm going to Google it. I regret it. By the way. I love your videos.

    Matt ChaseMatt Chase3 days ago
  • Am I the only one that’s been dumping their fries in the nugget box my whole life

    jayla alfanojayla alfano3 days ago
  • Can someone tell me what was that scene when someone one was saying let me in?

    noor Fatimanoor Fatima3 days ago
  • I’m going to cry

    King KvKing Kv3 days ago
  • I did the complete opposite and looked up degloving and I’m half dead

    King KvKing Kv3 days ago
  • Ok so I looked it up and I was like: :/ it doesn’t sound bad...but then I looked at the pictures. i don’t think I can unsee

    Strawberry MilkStrawberry Milk3 days ago
  • 7:42 a guy invented that😑😑😑

    epic coolepic cool3 days ago
  • Follow her dont ever search it i promise plz plz

    Sophia Jmaac vlogsSophia Jmaac vlogs3 days ago
  • I google it and its so gross🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Sophia Jmaac vlogsSophia Jmaac vlogs3 days ago
  • I am the only one who did not google degloving

    Dianna JamesDianna James3 days ago

    Astac ArtzAstac Artz3 days ago
  • 1 time I got 13 nuggets but two were stuck to gather and not cooked so threw them out and someone ate the 11th one so I was still stuck with only 10 nuggs. 😢

    Unicorn GirlUnicorn Girl4 days ago
  • I always thought she said “happy day and whoohoo!” Until today

    Diakko KagarishDiakko Kagarish4 days ago
  • Lol the two coated sauce thing is me! Just different sauces cuz... I'ma kid of being weird and being proud of it UnU

    Da chocolate galDa chocolate gal4 days ago
  • i searched it :o

    Marni AinaMarni Aina4 days ago
  • There is this Maccas near where I live and I always get fresh food

    Kayla WestKayla West4 days ago
  • 14:14 When your teacher tells you to answer and says the answer with you but you just copy whatever she/he says

    wat u lookin atwat u lookin at4 days ago
  • Kassie:"i cannot stand sprite" Me: "Oh- ohkay." *changes username* note- i love kassie and do not take thispersonally. i could care less if she did or didnt like sprite. it doesnt change my very positive view on her.

    SpriteTellsaStorySpriteTellsaStory4 days ago
  • Lol I got a as for subway

    xXPONCHOXx 111xXPONCHOXx 1115 days ago
  • shes lost it in 2020

    Jason HarmonJason Harmon5 days ago
  • im scared she is not ok

    Jason HarmonJason Harmon5 days ago
  • I love how gloom is like a normally person and doesn't fake it, hacks, no hacks work and people make it belive for it to work, but gloom is true shes a normal person, MOST HACK DON'T WORK XD

    ĪtśHërä Dä çłöwñĪtśHërä Dä çłöwñ5 days ago
  • l searched it im sorry for searching it my eyes are dead

  • 16:45 Story time! I have actually had 12 chicken nuggets in a 10 pack once!

    lesbean gamerlesbean gamer5 days ago
  • Is it wrong I really wanna try these lol

    Acelynns SibbaldAcelynns Sibbald5 days ago
  • I searched it up 😳😳😳😳😳😳

    Mr. MinecraftMr. Minecraft6 days ago
  • Gloom : do not search up Degloving Me: on googling degloving

    cody pagecody page6 days ago
  • Why is the FBI after her? She's Canadian 🍁

    Jeffrey StoneJeffrey Stone6 days ago
  • I.......searched degloving 🤢🤮

    Jade FitzgeraldJade Fitzgerald6 days ago
  • When you put the sauces in the bad with the fries it literally smelled like the sauces for a moment-

    Eben De Jesús RiveraEben De Jesús Rivera6 days ago
  • Now I want to bleach my eyeballs

    ashdancolesmommyashdancolesmommy6 days ago
  • Never look up devolving 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 its gonna scar u for life🤬🤬

    Santa marSanta mar6 days ago
  • Can u try the j balvin one

    Dude it's ReynaDude it's Reyna6 days ago
  • i really want Mc Donalds now but my dad refuses to eat there :(

    Brooke WheelerBrooke Wheeler7 days ago
  • I looked up degloving. ... *shakes head*

    HelenHelen7 days ago
  • Who else knows sandraciresart as a youtuber?

    Dayana LazcanoDayana Lazcano7 days ago
  • i searched up degloving and i almost passed out (。・ω・。)

    moira__xxcloudyapplesii __moira__xxcloudyapplesii __7 days ago
  • Ppl who googled degloving and died ⬇️

    Blake CosBlake Cos7 days ago
  • gloom ur making me hungry

    Yunong WuYunong Wu7 days ago
  • Me: trying to not watch food videos because i'm hungry Also me: watching this

    Nikonimi MeafuewaNikonimi Meafuewa7 days ago
  • When I was a kid I had those 4 chicken nuggets yeah, we all had em, but I looked inside of the small bag and there was 8 chicken nuggets! Another time I got two bags of 4 chicken nuggets!

    Lily JonesLily Jones8 days ago
  • That Fri with mayo thing look's delicious!!!!!!! Then again I like anything that could be potentially unhealthy for me.

    Abigail RonaldAbigail Ronald8 days ago
  • Gloom: don't search up degloving Everyone: im gonna pretend i didn't hear that

    Kristina SterlingKristina Sterling8 days ago
  • I loked up degloving and ewwwww

    Kristina SterlingKristina Sterling8 days ago
  • people who looked up degloving after she said not to ---------->

    GamingWithSavyGamingWithSavy8 days ago
  • After seeing a comment on what degloving is DON’T look it up if you are scared of blood, bone, and gore. For me... not bad at all honestly. It was slightly disturbing but not bad at all and wasn’t even close to nightmare fuel and because my aunt is a EMT so I’ve seen worse but I can see how people don’t like it or wouldn’t want to see

    Grace YoungGrace Young8 days ago
  • Try mixing mayo and ketchup together and then dipping your fries and that in Iceland 🇮🇸 that is called kogdeilsósa

    Aðalheiður Ágústa SigurjónsdóttirAðalheiður Ágústa Sigurjónsdóttir8 days ago
  • LOL I eat like that person(5:44)

    andy ziandy zi8 days ago
  • Its eaten 😅😆😆😆

    Susan SalamiSusan Salami8 days ago
  • 6:23 kassie i dont know why but i searched it and im dying oof,

    Mini-MeMini-Me8 days ago