Trying the Best Tik Tok FREEZE Filters!

Oct 9, 2020
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I love the time warp scan/ freeze filter trends and challenges but I gotta say, it's not as easy as it looks... it's hard!!!
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  • Yes I can do it

    Saramuskaan MohammedSaramuskaan MohammedHour ago
  • Wel wel wel welcome

    Kelly CummingsKelly CummingsHour ago
  • I DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

    Janelle TranJanelle Tran2 hours ago
  • gloom: why am I yelling? also gloom: continues to yell Love you gloom! 😂✌️💖✨

    『 blueberry 』『 blueberry 』2 hours ago
  • I was literally crying of LaUgHtEr then my mom came because I was on online school...

    Oreofeoluwatomi ShodipoOreofeoluwatomi Shodipo7 hours ago
  • I laughed the whole time

    Sheri McCardellSheri McCardellDay ago
  • She is so funny 😂

    Dorian FerralDorian FerralDay ago
  • People say dreams come true gloom: I believe I can do this *tries, fails*

  • The filter is also on Snapchat qwq

    n_masiarek :3n_masiarek :3Day ago
  • For this filter use Snapchat you can chose your speed

    Al FfAl FfDay ago
  • First keep your phone somewhere steady 😑

    Sreehary LaijuSreehary LaijuDay ago
  • tbh you remind me of luisa an old pal who tricked me hahahaha * glitches *

  • Wait when she did. That Giraffe that was funny

    Josie TownsendJosie Townsend2 days ago
  • i love you gloom by the way im a kid 11 yrs bye

    Tiffany LaymanTiffany Layman2 days ago
  • 0:21 Phoenix Wright

    Lillie M.Lillie M.2 days ago
  • (:

    yt_sunflower squad123yt_sunflower squad1232 days ago
  • Why dose your tic toc look like that?

    Gamer_goddessGamer_goddess2 days ago
  • Turn your eye to the left and turn then turn your eye to the right Dead stick your tongue out but first do the I do one eye the left eye and then that stick out your tongue and then do the other eye the right spice

    rachel Polorachel Polo2 days ago
  • I laughed a lot of time

    Dilu MolDilu Mol2 days ago
  • Too funny

    Corina DaiCorina Dai2 days ago
  • ❤️💛🦁💛❤️

    Jasmin FitzgeraldJasmin Fitzgerald2 days ago
  • its availeble in irland to

    Anne BolgerAnne Bolger2 days ago
  • Gloom you have the same phone as me

    Dariya SubkhanberdinaDariya Subkhanberdina2 days ago
  • Gloom For the balancing thing You did it wrong

    Shahnaj ParvinShahnaj Parvin2 days ago
  • Gloom: *WoooWw~ that is gore..tHat is hOrRor? thAt iS sCory?*

    ordinaryeraserordinaryeraser2 days ago
  • From wer can you gat the flter plees tall me “??

  • on tik tok

    Dorian FerralDorian Ferral3 days ago
  • Yay I can do it

    Dorian FerralDorian Ferral3 days ago
  • The hip one lol

    Milk WarMilk War3 days ago
  • I am using the fails and drawing them into monsters cause they look goods for that especially the giraffe one lol. im not insulting im just using them as inspiratoin

    Alexa ScribblesAlexa Scribbles3 days ago
  • I love when you try to do tik tok. And when you make videos with azzyland

    Jillian MayerJillian Mayer3 days ago

    Shamim AhmedShamim Ahmed3 days ago
  • what is this filter called?

    AѵıɑAѵıɑ3 days ago
  • I love how kassie say can I cut my hair and terry say no🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    rensi ayurensi ayu3 days ago
  • 😂🤣

    Elsa LaghariElsa Laghari3 days ago
  • It’s just hard to see you fail so I’m just clicking off I’m so sorry

    Maryam Maryamqtr9Maryam Maryamqtr93 days ago
  • Now from the fcky make it drop that so wet that so wet that so wet yeah 🙃🙂

    Nkechi ONkechi O3 days ago
  • Kassie: AGHHHHHHHH!!! Terry: Oh whoops-

  • Her: Can I cut my hair? Him: NOOOO!!!!!

    Brendan PassarellBrendan Passarell4 days ago
    • There kassie and terry thx

      super keahsuper keahDay ago
  • I know some bois are ther for this😂 7:23

    Ylia AbiaadYlia Abiaad4 days ago
  • I like your videos and your channel.🐯🐻💝🐶🐨

    Sheree KnoxSheree Knox4 days ago
  • only she can get this so u xoxo XD

    Saanvi VermaSaanvi Verma4 days ago
  • U made me laugh like i was making a plan

    Lisa DukuLisa Duku4 days ago
  • freeze frame is only in Uk? why do they have it on Philippines?Its on tik tok actually search "time warp filter,, then press the record it'll work

    •Itz_Aiko ••Itz_Aiko •4 days ago
  • Haha I love your video

    Erika IzaguirreErika Izaguirre4 days ago
  • Not perfect

    Mah MahMah Mah4 days ago
  • I couldn’t stop laughing

    Ainsley GuerraAinsley Guerra4 days ago
  • I like cake and knife and do the Tik Tok

    Benie LolaBenie Lola5 days ago
  • Hmm... I wounded why Cassie says happy day? I’m not trying to be mean but it’s like a pickmeup for soemone

    Thalia LabreyThalia Labrey5 days ago
  • I nely cryed with laghda

    Sarina walkerSarina walker5 days ago
    • I'm

      Sarina walkerSarina walker5 days ago
  • Your so funny 😂😂😂😂

    Sarina walkerSarina walker5 days ago
  • Don’t worry I can do it I’m an Exter expert maybe if we meet I can show you🤗🙂👩🏻

    Mike Letmeknow4sureMike Letmeknow4sure5 days ago
  • I did an amazing one for my dog my user on tik tok is katiebamforth

    Katie BamforthKatie Bamforth5 days ago
  • SIT!

    AAYLVAAYLV5 days ago
  • 10:14 When Denmarks art finally gets mentioned in a video: It's a celebration!!!

    Alma Salling GralitzerAlma Salling Gralitzer5 days ago
  • Hey, so when you do the silhouette one you are supposed to move forward

    Renee OsengaRenee Osenga5 days ago
  • Kassie if you cannot do it then dont do it

    Little Miss EUMEEverseLittle Miss EUMEEverse5 days ago
  • it is called time warp lady

    otamatone legendotamatone legend5 days ago

    Ingrid VegaIngrid Vega5 days ago
  • if it makes you feel better i dont have tictok so...

    Erika WareErika Ware6 days ago
  • Kassie : can I cut my hair? Me : steals scissors from mothers room and cuts all my hair off (I’ve actually done that before)

    Girly Cloudy xGirly Cloudy x6 days ago
  • I'm a big family you, but this is not my mom this is Mikayla Garrett

    Shawna GarrettShawna Garrett6 days ago
  • i love you . you are cool.

    Brandi SteffenBrandi Steffen6 days ago
  • Hahaha

    briana nyebriana nye6 days ago
  • P

    tara pattersontara patterson6 days ago

    Lexie’sCraftKingdomLexie’sCraftKingdom6 days ago
  • What music video???

    Quinn TedescoQuinn Tedesco6 days ago
  • Gloom : Can I cut my hair Terry : NOOO U CAN'T CUT YOUR HAIR

    buttercup Gachabuttercup Gacha6 days ago
  • Hi gloom im a fan

    Jessica BouwknechtJessica Bouwknecht6 days ago
  • My teacher has a scream inflatable in her class

    ASHLYNASHLYN6 days ago
  • Your so funny 🤣

    Fernanda MarFernanda Mar6 days ago
  • My wya to do the one with the eyes and tongue is for u too look right then quickly move your eye got rh left then for the tongue just stick it out 2 times really quickly

    Libby CrowleyLibby Crowley7 days ago
  • I can do 😡+😁 without a filter

    Grell SutcliffeGrell Sutcliffe7 days ago
  • You have to look the right then middle

    Khaleesi TenorioKhaleesi Tenorio7 days ago
  • Kassie: the freez filter is only available in the uk Me living in the US and having the filter:,wait a dang minut

    Starbucks gacha TMStarbucks gacha TM7 days ago
  • I live in the US and I can access the actual filter

    Emely PerezEmely Perez7 days ago
  • Wait is it actually called the time warp vilter

    Krystal BettrayKrystal Bettray7 days ago

    Yt_ItzJohnYt_ItzJohn7 days ago
  • i can do it

    Madison Benitich ( Student )Madison Benitich ( Student )7 days ago
  • Im not joking but this makes me like crazy my mom call me crazy because i'm laughing so hard i'm about to die for laugh and thank you so much gloom u make as better for this covid-19 i hope this stop because a lot of people is dying but you're making as much more happy you so much :)

    Lenlen PagalananLenlen Pagalanan7 days ago
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Alexandrea NicoleAlexandrea Nicole7 days ago
  • For me it's also available on Lithuania o.o

    ꧁ Sayakuru The Føx ꧂꧁ Sayakuru The Føx ꧂7 days ago
  • How do you edit videos

    Maddi O’ReillyMaddi O’Reilly7 days ago
  • Gloom : next time I’ll get an ace :) Me: no my dude you never tried:|

    RoseMary PerezRoseMary Perez7 days ago
  • My sister : this Visio is so cringe

    RoseMary PerezRoseMary Perez7 days ago
  • Terry:you can try again. Gloom: NO!, I’m not getting my hair pulled again;-;

    RoseMary PerezRoseMary Perez7 days ago
  • “Happy day I’m gLoOM!”

    Lily McGuireLily McGuire7 days ago
  • The thing is also on Snapchat

    Sophia WidveySophia Widvey8 days ago
  • Gloom:can I cut my hair Terry:Noooooooo

    Reagan AndersonReagan Anderson8 days ago
  • Gloom s my USworlds icon

    Mary-Christina KosmatosMary-Christina Kosmatos8 days ago
  • Terry:hu what

    Chantelle VoutilainenChantelle Voutilainen8 days ago
  • Gloom:oh she really got it:when she talking to her self

    Chantelle VoutilainenChantelle Voutilainen8 days ago
  • That giraff tho

    Cutie bearCutie bear8 days ago
  • You have the filter in missouri

    Marley MayMarley May8 days ago
  • Its time warp right

    Riley ChanYTRiley ChanYT8 days ago
  • 4:44 my sister thinks shes pretty-

    NotシlexieNotシlexie8 days ago
  • Kassie:can I cut my hair Terry:NO!

    Gracie WilkinsGracie Wilkins8 days ago
  • Wow

    Mutiara AmbaraMutiara Ambara8 days ago
  • Gloom: can I cut my hair? Terry: NOOOO!

    Jennifer SchwarzJennifer Schwarz9 days ago
  • Bleh

    Jennifer SchwarzJennifer Schwarz9 days ago