Trying the Best Tik Tok TREND Filters

Nov 7, 2020
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Here we go again. You loved the Freeze Filters. This time we're doing Timewarp/Freeze, Among Us, Anime, Harry Potter, did I forget one? I dunno. Hope you like it!
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

  • what is your dog real name

    cooking with bonniecooking with bonnie8 minutes ago
  • To a part 3

    Lexi janeLexi jane20 minutes ago
  • Your just soooooo funny

    Kate DianneKate Dianne27 minutes ago
  • Ahahahahahahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ling MazenLing Mazen38 minutes ago
  • you got slytherine gurllll!

    Rajib RoyRajib Roy56 minutes ago
  • When she says I want to be in slythrin I’m in slyrin I saw that in tik tok

    Xhulie Ocean wolfXhulie Ocean wolf2 hours ago
  • If I see myself.. M O U N T A I N D O G

    Galaxy Phoenix sumayloGalaxy Phoenix sumaylo2 hours ago
  • 3:28 the feet drip

    Lubna FahadLubna Fahad3 hours ago
  • What is that among us filter called. Ik it’s on insta but what is it called I want it 🥺

    Tamzin HallTamzin Hall3 hours ago
  • 0:36 did you say Lia? As in Sssniperwolf? ARE YOU TWO FRIENDS? Edit: thanks for 1 like, I never got a like before 🤩

    Sunaina KamranSunaina Kamran4 hours ago
  • i'm gryfindor

    josie suttonjosie sutton4 hours ago
  • Bloom Is Watching Sang xD

    irene tumewuirene tumewu5 hours ago
  • Sorry your gryffindor and im slytherin

    fhea florfhea flor5 hours ago

    Jd JxJd Jx5 hours ago
  • gloom dont be sad that no one likes you everyone love you

    AANYA DASAANYA DAS6 hours ago
  • I loved it when she made the GOOFY laugh...Got me dead

    Alissa JosephAlissa Joseph7 hours ago
  • What was that at 10:05 😅🤣😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Hassaan farooqHassaan farooq7 hours ago
  • I almost peed my pants

    Alondra MonrealAlondra Monreal7 hours ago
  • The first tictok she saw ik that person not in person but they dont know me i was surpirse she found him bc i watch him on tictok

    James LlorcaJames Llorca8 hours ago
  • Hello. ⬇️

    Cruz_azual1710Cruz_azual17109 hours ago
  • I am Gryffindor

    Jayden Jordan MoralesJayden Jordan Morales9 hours ago
  • hi gloom

    Laya hiLaya hi10 hours ago
  • Terry:I don't like BENTO!!!!!!!!!! Gloom: senpai..? terry: I'm mad hehhehehhe

    crystal LPS gacha and more Acrystal LPS gacha and more A10 hours ago
  • No one: Gloom: 6:03 Me as yellow: that’s actually quite true

    Matthew ReilyMatthew Reily11 hours ago
  • I need to find that Harry potter filter I got hufflepuff on the quiz on pottermore

    Avery RileyAvery Riley12 hours ago
  • The jumping in air looks cool

    Avery RileyAvery Riley12 hours ago
  • Now I'm a go search installation for among us filters

    Avery RileyAvery Riley12 hours ago
  • Do more like a one hour vid of u trying some pls lol

    Avery RileyAvery Riley12 hours ago
  • 3:33 It looks like half of her foot fell off

    EDEN YOUNGEDEN YOUNG12 hours ago
  • oki that second one for the harry potter one was literaly HARRY POTTERS SPEECH FROM THE HAT p.s. im half and half slytherin and gryffindor

    Tractors ForSaleTractors ForSale13 hours ago
  • Today is my birthday 🎂

    Jamal NasirJamal Nasir13 hours ago
    • Happy birthday

      Avery JackAvery Jack13 hours ago
  • i have a freaking headaccckkkeeee

    Khloe GilliamKhloe Gilliam13 hours ago
  • Hat: Your urgy your stoopid you seem evil Slytherin Kassie: Did that actually happen Guy: yeah Kassie: No it’s not he said Gyrinthor again Me: rewatch the video

    iiAutumnberrieiiiiAutumnberrieii14 hours ago
  • Haha I love the hat one

    Cadie HenhefferCadie Henheffer14 hours ago
  • kassie must be truley griffendor sorry

    Linda CombsLinda Combs14 hours ago
  • hi i love your vids

    Deisha ReillyDeisha Reilly16 hours ago
  • Hi hi hi hi

    Soph SchultSoph Schult16 hours ago
    • Hi

      Soph SchultSoph Schult16 hours ago
    • Hi

      Soph SchultSoph Schult16 hours ago

    Luna ArieLuna Arie16 hours ago
  • Your socks just melted- 3:33

    Sophia JiangSophia Jiang16 hours ago
  • I so want You girl to try the anime filter you would look soo cute!!!!

    Fluffy UnicornsFluffy Unicorns17 hours ago
  • When the hat said Gryffindor the first time I already knew because that's what the hat said to Harry. I guess you didn't watch the beginning of the first movie😂.

    Grace GelskyGrace Gelsky17 hours ago
  • When she,got Austrian and said “Gday mate” I almost screamed my house downnn!!

    Comfy Couch Potato GachaComfy Couch Potato Gacha17 hours ago
  • 3:25 kassies foot casually drips off

    Kawaii-Queen10 MspKawaii-Queen10 Msp17 hours ago

    Nora PenningtonNora Pennington17 hours ago
  • Me hears its saz romanian Me gets exidet!

    Anita SzucsAnita Szucs18 hours ago
    • But Im not sure of that do Im Just living in romania or maybe not? 🤔🤔🤔

      Anita SzucsAnita Szucs18 hours ago
  • I'm a Gryffindor but I feel happy for a Slytheirn

    Glaci3rGlaci3r18 hours ago
  • well ur one of Poland and im polish so.......ya

    Nadia GamesNadia Games18 hours ago
  • NO you are not 😪😪😪

    Emily Maria FerreyEmily Maria Ferrey18 hours ago
  • I did a real test online and I got huffel puff

    Moonlight sis123Moonlight sis12318 hours ago

    Hung DuongHung Duong19 hours ago
  • kassie: "hi i always stand on vents, no im not trolling this is an actual play style, wait who am i? i don't even know who i'm being" we all know she's talking about sykunno lol

    LC BradfordLC Bradford20 hours ago
  • I love them😱😱😱😱😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘👌👌👌!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stan Van SchoorStan Van Schoor20 hours ago
  • I wanna know how funny this video is it's so funny that is making me choke on my own candy 😂😂

    Cristobal OrtizCristobal Ortiz22 hours ago
  • Tick-tock filters

    Allie ChildersAllie Childers22 hours ago
  • I am romanian

    Anamaria MolnarAnamaria MolnarDay ago
  • Kassie: if I don’t get Slytherin, this is rigged. Me: OH MY GOSH A FELLOW SLYTHERIN YESSSSSSSSSSSS

    Sarah TLK fanSarah TLK fanDay ago
  • I like you kicking like explode

    Peter Ndegwa MungaiPeter Ndegwa MungaiDay ago
  • Slytherin for the win! I’m sorry but Slytherin! 😏😈

    Kaydie AbbsKaydie AbbsDay ago
  • *terry noises* XD

    Liliana RobertsLiliana RobertsDay ago
  • Kassie: Austrian!?! G’day mate! Me: Kassie...Austrian and Australian are completely different 😂😂

    Yathin SoniYathin SoniDay ago
  • your not discusting i like your vids

    *itz_minaplayz**itz_minaplayz*Day ago
  • still...this scared me and made me look under my desk

    Zoevie Ethany ZhuangZoevie Ethany ZhuangDay ago
  • Yo where are my fellow Slytherins? Welcome to the house Kassie :)

    Julia BonaparteJulia BonaparteDay ago
  • Hi

    June MyersJune MyersDay ago
  • You have to be scared so you can get Slytherin I think🤨🤔

    Eongamer11 Eon Ortiz Kids channel Eon's worldEongamer11 Eon Ortiz Kids channel Eon's worldDay ago
  • 10:32 my sisters said Hmmmmm lazy yes expelled

    E. IsaacE. IsaacDay ago
  • These filters make me laugh so hard. Please don’t stop making these videos

    Dee LytefulDee LytefulDay ago
  • Morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 👏🙏👏🙏👏🙏👏🙏👏🙏👏🙏👏🙏👏🙏👏🙏👏🙏👏🙏👏🙏👏🙏👏🙏👏

    ziakay Anjaniziakay AnjaniDay ago
  • 9:20 the opposite of me im short and thats how i see people

    CoolKittensCoolKittensDay ago
    • 10:04 - 10:17 WHAT IS HAPPENING

      CoolKittensCoolKittensDay ago
    • 9:43 WHAT IS THAT (minecraft earape in backround)

      CoolKittensCoolKittensDay ago
  • 0:20 is 14 year girls who fake depression

    rosé’s cookierosé’s cookieDay ago
  • Gloom:That’s a cute cat Me:IT’S FROM AZZY YAYYYYYYYYYY Me thinking about viewers:...

    fikremariam gessessefikremariam gessesseDay ago
  • Please no

    Keven ArrudaKeven ArrudaDay ago
  • So i was bored so i googled 𝙸𝚜 𝚐𝚕𝚘𝚘𝚖... The first few answers were: Is gloom pregnant? Is gloom and azzy dating? Is gloom married? Is gloom still dating terry? Is gloom muslim? So yeah thats what i do in my spare time.

    Lucy BlanchetteLucy BlanchetteDay ago
  • Sorry Cassy but you are a Hufflepuff if there was ever a hufflepuff it's defiantly Cassy

    madison wydramadison wydraDay ago
  • ⬇️➡️↗️⏫↘️⏬↙️◀️⬅️⏭⬆️⏸⬆️▶️↘️⏬↗️⏪↗️⏩↕️🔼↕️⏹↗️⏬↙️⏭↖️⏩↔️

    Kyra BuchananKyra BuchananDay ago
  • i just appreciate when she starts singing potter puppet pals

    Grace HallGrace HallDay ago
  • Cool yeah yeah

    Kristin NorthernKristin NorthernDay ago
  • When you watch the CEO of BUT WHYYYY:

    Mama PMama PDay ago
  • No one Kassie : looks at azzys picture after cleaning mess

    AtTtAcK DuCk OofAtTtAcK DuCk OofDay ago
  • Love❤️💕

    Trinh BuiTrinh BuiDay ago
  • I keot on getting slitherin

    Emoji_man62 GamingEmoji_man62 GamingDay ago
  • That gooffy dog laugh had me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Kaylee TraisterKaylee TraisterDay ago
  • Everyone trust pink like everyone trust the butterfly but then the butterfly strikes theres nothing you can do about it

    Jolene silvaJolene silvaDay ago
  • Hey ima hufflepuff

    Olivia and Channing Channing and OliviaOlivia and Channing Channing and OliviaDay ago
  • He ur so funny

    Ezana BajricEzana BajricDay ago
  • me: We all love you gloom!!!!

    Bridget HBridget HDay ago
  • Do more filter video's

    Clair LilleyClair LilleyDay ago
  • I’m griffendoor 😭😭😭😭😭

    2018 Quality Matters Conference2018 Quality Matters ConferenceDay ago
  • Did anyone see her foot fall of

    GG’s TulipsGG’s TulipsDay ago
  • 6:17 Me:isn’t white Scott’s Color? Also me:I’m light blue/cyan I’m 1mil IQ :D

    KAccHan wE WeRE fiVe !!!KAccHan wE WeRE fiVe !!!Day ago
  • Gryffindor!!? Griffindork no offense to gryffindor's :)

    Tuula LutzkeTuula LutzkeDay ago
  • I'm Slytherin

    Tuula LutzkeTuula LutzkeDay ago
  • FiGhT mE- IM GRIFF

    Jennifer MorandJennifer MorandDay ago

    Saly MonzerSaly MonzerDay ago
  • I am in Griffin door I have an app where I had to guess things to see what house I was in and I guess all the things for Gryffindor

    Katie MillerKatie MillerDay ago

    zahraa abdulelahzahraa abdulelahDay ago
  • Pls

    Kiana BreytenbachKiana BreytenbachDay ago
  • More tiktok filters

    Kiana BreytenbachKiana BreytenbachDay ago
  • 2:53 tap on it if u dare ouch

    Game with MusfirahGame with MusfirahDay ago
  • *Glooms goofy laugh atempt: **0:34** amazing XD*

    Rebekah IsidoroRebekah IsidoroDay ago