Trying Tik Tok Trends with my NEW Baby Pup🥳

Nov 20, 2020
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Ladies and gentlemen, I now have 2 sons. Been a long time coming, and he’s everything I’ve ever wanted for myself, Terry and Twinkie.
My DISCORD SERVER (13 and up only):
My TIK TOK is @gloomdog, here's a link:
I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

  • Seriously someone tell kassie that crazy kartha is breaking into her house and claiming her pets.

    Addison ThompsonAddison Thompson4 hours ago
  • Uuuuhh hooolylylylylyyyyyy he is SOOOOOOO MFFF CUUUTTEEE

    Izzy CookIzzy Cook4 hours ago
  • I am not first. But I am not last But when gloom posts I click fast

    Gacha club potato ÙwÚGacha club potato ÙwÚ4 hours ago
  • hey gloom when he move his head to the side that mean they r listening 2 u

    Justice JeanetteJustice Jeanette4 hours ago
  • That black hair tho

    sunzkittysunzkitty5 hours ago
  • "Anjing" a swear word and also means dog in Indonesia 😃

    Imightjustgo PsychoImightjustgo Psycho5 hours ago
  • Aaawww... I have a white German Shepard that’s 1 year old

    Savannah BradySavannah Brady5 hours ago
  • The new dog is so cute i-

    •w e e b••w e e b•5 hours ago
  • I got a dog and I named her Kassie because she i such an inspiration to me whenever i am sad i always watch kassie

    Clark LeeClark Lee5 hours ago
  • What dog breed? Is the pupers

    Xshadow CherryXXshadow CherryX5 hours ago
  • Wow golden sun is older than me

    S1gh n1S1gh n15 hours ago
  • awww your dog is very cute but you should pay attention when he scratches himself or a girl well Im in have in the b video well I was saying pay a lot of attention my dog is allergic to mine carpet and we can’t take the carpet of so yeah but we are giving my dog stuff so nothing bad happens she used to bleed but now she doesn’t just take care of him/her ⚠️cute warning ⚠️

    Markeysha Acosta MendozaMarkeysha Acosta Mendoza5 hours ago
  • I got a new puppy too its a Pitbull and its 2 months old and his name is Primo

    Nona Enriquez CallaNona Enriquez Calla5 hours ago
  • How much did you bought herrr

    Ňašejūnie ClaireŇašejūnie Claire5 hours ago
  • She kinda reminds me or eri.....

    Parnian Ali's clubParnian Ali's club5 hours ago
  • I love your dog New dog

    Victoria FernandezVictoria Fernandez5 hours ago
  • stoppppp its to cute 😔🥺🥺🥺🖤🖤

    Melissa MartinMelissa Martin6 hours ago
  • "anjing" in Indonesian means dog, but it can insult someone by saying "anjing" to her/him. I'm Indonesian XD

    Ian WijayaIan Wijaya6 hours ago
    • I'm Indonesian too

      Milada S KMilada S K5 hours ago
  • My first dogs name was kyon which is Greek for dog he died last year sadly

    Eclipse MoonEclipse Moon6 hours ago
  • I want your puppy

    Tamanui ConstructionTamanui Construction6 hours ago
  • I looooove your dog :) yk your the one who made me love dogs now ngl

    Bou Younes TracyBou Younes Tracy6 hours ago
  • OH MY GAAAAAD!!!! Awwwww so cuuuute! Oml I want hiiiim awwww!!!!

    Be_ Careful_shes_dumbBe_ Careful_shes_dumb6 hours ago
  • My dog knows how to sit- but he barely does it ;-;

    An Ordinary LesbianAn Ordinary Lesbian6 hours ago
  • Awwww the pup is so cute 🐶

    Z SkyeZ Skye6 hours ago
  • Khartha:hi I am khartha gerwart. Caption: hi I am carthage

    Afshan HashmiAfshan Hashmi6 hours ago
  • Bro if his eyes turn brown will be exactly how my eyes were cause when I was a bby I had blue eyes

    Isabella Camacho-beerIsabella Camacho-beer6 hours ago
  • Ok you name your name anjing if you get a cat you can name it kucing😅😅😅😌

    intan asuarintan asuar6 hours ago
  • Awwww

    badwolf_Alexandra wolfbadwolf_Alexandra wolf6 hours ago
  • My granda lost her dog so we got her a dog like yours just its kinda golden

    Wolfe WolfWolfe Wolf7 hours ago
  • Respect your alders

    zoe Anna Juhaszzoe Anna Juhasz7 hours ago
  • Your new puppy looks like my dog

    Rumi ShresthaRumi Shrestha7 hours ago
  • I have a german Shepard too! She is black with brown paws and white patches on her back and tan around the ears I love you guys so much that puppy is so so so cute!

    Haley CHaley C7 hours ago
  • Ooh dog training! I work with service dogs and have my own so this is exciting! Do you plan on showing him in anything? (Agility, obedience, scent work, rock diving, etc) I usually work with Standard Poodles but GSD’s are definitely second on my list if I were to get another dog.

    Omg WhatOmg What7 hours ago
  • BTW i had a german shepard he was fully black to.Mine lived for 15 years so be ready lol

    Michelle AndrewsMichelle Andrews7 hours ago
  • thats her as my photo lol

    justoneteenageflutistjustoneteenageflutist7 hours ago
  • is that a bully stick we use to give them to my dog but they smelled horrible 😂

    Hoi ya WhalHoi ya Whal7 hours ago
  • My friend told me about this and I came here as fast and I’m dying itssss soooooo cute 🥰 congrats

    Pixie GamerPixie Gamer7 hours ago
  • I am literally in LOVE with Kassie’s new pup!! He is so adorable!

    Sour LemonsSour Lemons7 hours ago
  • congrats on getting a new dog! it is a happy day indeed.

    Kadence HutchingsKadence Hutchings7 hours ago
  • we had a dog like that recently but he’s golden we had him for months but recently he died because we fed him foods that are not allowed for dogs we didnt know😭

    BePanda EditsBePanda Edits8 hours ago
    • he had long legs and hes bigger than glooms dog and before he died he was puking and he pooped blood

      BePanda EditsBePanda Edits7 hours ago
  • I love your sweater thing!!! ❤️

    April HillApril Hill8 hours ago
  • i like two of them. the gold son worried for you getting lost and the black one is cute

    Thant TracyThant Tracy8 hours ago
  • Me to

    Laura, Katya & Jack WoodcraftLaura, Katya & Jack Woodcraft8 hours ago
  • My dog’s name is very simillar to yours because her name is Angie :)

    Ana Marie NoblezaAna Marie Nobleza8 hours ago
  • She kinda pronounced anging weirdly but I ain't gonna blame her

    Chloe WongChloe Wong8 hours ago
  • just so you know the German shepherd wont be that small forever they might be half your size when on a four paws

    Carron & Charon - Heisenberg KennelsCarron & Charon - Heisenberg Kennels8 hours ago
  • Give him a pupachino

    BTS A.R.M.Y ForeverBTS A.R.M.Y Forever8 hours ago
  • I had a doggo like your new doggo.☺️😊 But then it ran away.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    TheDoggoMasterTheDoggoMaster8 hours ago
  • You dog I my dream dog

    Scott SiterScott Siter8 hours ago
  • Thats strange i have cat and shes old and i just got a new kitten

    wholesome rapto buddieswholesome rapto buddies8 hours ago
  • Can you leave the link to the sweater plz I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvve it

    Emma SanchezEmma Sanchez8 hours ago
  • I have a rar talent i can see ded dogs🐕🐩

    Rebecca WrightRebecca Wright8 hours ago
  • I have 5 puppies 1 German shepherd dog

  • O want to be a vet i can be his vet wene I'm older

    Rebecca WrightRebecca Wright8 hours ago
  • oh... MY... GOSH!.... i screamed when i saw this little fur ball D: you don't know how much i love German Shepherds

    Alyssa HripkoAlyssa Hripko8 hours ago
  • Is it just me or is like every youtuber getting new members of their family???????

    mepuppypromepuppypro8 hours ago
  • He is so cute! Quarantine is getting a lot better!

    Alli WAlli W8 hours ago
  • I havhave a German shepherd and it's the best dog i had they are so.sweet and love able

    Tina SwingleTina Swingle8 hours ago
  • 10:43

    Dallas CaddellDallas Caddell8 hours ago
  • that face do be weird

    Dallas CaddellDallas Caddell9 hours ago
  • Also blow on is face gently and he will be very confused

    Cohen CassidyCohen Cassidy9 hours ago
  • I have a black German Shepherd

    Parker WeisserParker Weisser9 hours ago
  • I’m an Asian I live in Brunei and yes people insult with the word anging

    Rash ArfRash Arf9 hours ago
  • Give him an egg and he will not break it. Dogs are gentle with eggs because they now it is fragile

    Cohen CassidyCohen Cassidy9 hours ago
  • Am I the only one who noticed gloom is pan she is literally wearing the colors

    Dakota’s WorldDakota’s World9 hours ago
  • I thought that it was a cat for some reason 😳

    Ayuno AishiAyuno Aishi9 hours ago
  • My mom is a dog traner🐩🐕

    Rebecca WrightRebecca Wright9 hours ago
  • It’s free real astate

    Daytlynn MccallisterDaytlynn Mccallister9 hours ago
  • YES KARTHA I MISSED YOU!!!!!!! and congrats on the new puppy!!!!

    Xxchocolover xXXxchocolover xX9 hours ago
  • gloom if you ever want to be a mom you would be the BEST mom ever

    Forest ButlerForest Butler9 hours ago
  • He's just precious! 🥺 Edit: And so smart!

    ChowMalfoyChowMalfoy9 hours ago
  • woah.. Anjing, she basically gave the puppy's name "dog" but in another language. creative thinking there.

    Cherrylice BlossomCherrylice Blossom9 hours ago
  • My dog I had when I was little was scared of literally *everything*

    RainDrop _RainDrop _9 hours ago
  • I've always wanted a black german shepherd or a white german shepherd but I haven't gotten one because it's to expensive so now Ill just live through Kassie.

    Disgusting Rat BoiDisgusting Rat Boi10 hours ago
  • lol we just got a new dog today :0

    Sofina GonzalezSofina Gonzalez10 hours ago

    Cookie_wolf _UwuCookie_wolf _Uwu10 hours ago

    potatoplayspotatoplays10 hours ago
  • MY GERMAN SHEPHERD LOVES TV TOO she is a puppy and her brother are dog too loves it too

    Asmr VidsAsmr Vids10 hours ago
  • when he ate the bone that was literally my dog with his big fat bleeding teeth (when i say bleeding i mean he bites stuff a lot and it makes his teeth bleed sometimes

    claire carterclaire carter10 hours ago
  • You look like Carly off of icarly. And that’s cool

    Lunar wolfLunar wolf10 hours ago
  • i love how he sticks one ear up OWO (i'm dying)

    claire carterclaire carter10 hours ago
  • Why does she look a little like azzyland with the black hair?

    Melon_girl_ytMelon_girl_yt10 hours ago
  • Is kassie pregnant?!?!?! or is she just a little chubby

    HotchipsmanHotchipsman10 hours ago
  • When she said you an alligator it reminded me of, Youre a wizard harry,

    HotchipsmanHotchipsman10 hours ago
  • AHHHHHHHHHH ITS A PUPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    arabella grayarabella gray10 hours ago
  • I also have a black German shepherd!

    Cookie DoughCookie Dough10 hours ago
  • My dog is going to be a 120 pound dog It's a doge de Bordeaux pretty much a French mascot

    Brooklyn DoyleBrooklyn Doyle10 hours ago
  • U know anjing means dog in malaysia so might as well call him dog

    Liza SallehLiza Salleh10 hours ago
  • Gloom getting a pet: her pet lays down on her Me getting a pet: my pet goes crazy

    ava the roblox playerava the roblox player10 hours ago
  • my dog got fed 3 times by me my mum and my dad more than ounce she’s very persuasive

    nomaccashaberfieldnomaccashaberfield10 hours ago

    Anna WilliamsAnna Williams10 hours ago
  • Puppy!!!!!!

    Tealicious TeaTealicious Tea10 hours ago
  • i just wanna know where she got her sweater✋😭

    wxnnxewxnnxe10 hours ago

    Talia ChaseTalia Chase10 hours ago
  • I. Want. It.

    Bringing Up BrookeBringing Up Brooke10 hours ago

    Jeremiah TaylorJeremiah Taylor11 hours ago
  • i am so happy for you he is so so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yasnay77Yasnay7711 hours ago
  • Beware: in about a week your black German shepherd will blow up. (I have a black German Shepard who has been huge since he was a baby)

    Soinas DoyiSoinas Doyi11 hours ago
  • i love watching gloom

    Laya hiLaya hi11 hours ago
  • I literally just got a puppy on Monday; he is an Australian Shepherd. He is my first dog that isn't a GSD. I have a two year old black German Shepherd, and he has blonde on the inside of his forearms and the middle of his back legs. Kind of a weird coincidence :)

    Lxmon Tea Animation StudiosLxmon Tea Animation Studios11 hours ago