What girls play when the boys aren't home

Apr 7, 2021
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Time to get a hot session of Girl Genius in before Terry gets home, gotta learn how to deal with getting cheated on 100x in a row while also surviving a failed gold digging scheme. Survival is key, so is this high brow mobile app experience.
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  • The thumbnail: Me who’s played this game: *Ha, you can’t fool me Gloom ÙwÚ*

    WEllnessWEllness6 hours ago
  • Gloom I am a very big fan of you can you please make a video where you play Roblox

    Nikki. NicoleNikki. Nicole6 hours ago
  • ..........OK

    Raif MurshedRaif Murshed10 hours ago
  • 😱🥺😫

    Jade RobertsonJade RobertsonDay ago
  • 😕😕😕😕😕

    Serena SinghSerena SinghDay ago
  • What does your necklace say does it say your name in Arabic ??

    RoseyAsheRoseyAsheDay ago
  • you werent even dating him! 2:08

    Brian TessierBrian Tessier2 days ago
  • I respect that she puts makeup and get dressed up for us

    Cheer GirlCheer Girl2 days ago
  • 4:00

    a d a l e ea d a l e e3 days ago
  • 2:28 “oh jeez I just killed him with a coconut” I can’t stop laughing 😂

    a d a l e ea d a l e e3 days ago
  • 5:23 Wait....how is the fire still there?

    AshleyRandomsAshleyRandoms3 days ago
  • Happy det u ar Gloom

    Christina ØvregårdChristina Øvregård3 days ago
  • my boyfriend says I wish I had a girlfriend me: I’m here my boyfriend I love u but I have two me me too😎

    fausat yusuffausat yusuf4 days ago
  • "i hook up with all boys i have contact with" *gloom kills a guy*

    Destiney TomesDestiney Tomes5 days ago
  • “Happy say I’m GlOoM” will never get old lol

  • What hapen?😺

    Sam LunanSam Lunan5 days ago
  • Pls do more girl genius it is so funny

    KT GoMoKT GoMo5 days ago
  • What game called

    Queen of Slytherin HPQueen of Slytherin HP5 days ago
  • What game is that

    Estelle PenroseEstelle Penrose5 days ago
  • Again

    Marisol LunaMarisol Luna6 days ago
  • hey gloom can you play girl genius

    Marisol LunaMarisol Luna6 days ago
  • She do be like inflat it

    Paisley SumpterPaisley Sumpter6 days ago

    Em LouiseEm Louise6 days ago
    • What the heck?

      Furia the cool catFuria the cool cat6 days ago
  • Wow

    Mandy OttMandy Ott7 days ago

    Kimmie MooreKimmie Moore7 days ago
  • I already play that cheater boys or girl

    Eleonor IbañezEleonor Ibañez7 days ago
  • I played that game and completed all the levels

    Amber CalicaAmber Calica7 days ago
  • Its not for kids*

    gisele aurelliagisele aurellia7 days ago
  • That game is so uhh disgusting its not or kids to play

    gisele aurelliagisele aurellia7 days ago
    • i

      gisele aurelliagisele aurellia7 days ago
  • Gloom pretty please play Roblox

    JulieJulie8 days ago
  • I love it when she makes it look like she has a big brain lol

    juju delarosajuju delarosa8 days ago
  • Wow

    Ruby OgunsRuby Oguns8 days ago
  • jk

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  • I do not love you guys

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  • do you have a husband or a brother or a boyfriend?😑

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  • Ooof.

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  • The Title is true

    Audrey DonsAudrey Dons9 days ago
  • I think your smarter UwU

    Dinosaur FriendlyDinosaur Friendly9 days ago
  • Gloom can be a voice actor she is perfect for it👍👍

    Evez OrebeEvez Orebe9 days ago
  • I have this game but Kassie reads it like its Episode. I love watching her play this

    Wolphie-Chan c:Wolphie-Chan c:10 days ago
  • O.o

    mîñţXxmîñţXx10 days ago
  • Aw poor tiger 😢🐯

    Clearly a KitKatClearly a KitKat10 days ago
  • I LOVE this channel

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  • Peace sign!

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  • i like your vids

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  • If you say the youtuber s name three times you get pined let’s give it a go Gloom Gloom Gloom

    April StreberApril Streber11 days ago
  • R.i.p tiger 🦁

    ꧁Zoe The Neon Maker꧂꧁Zoe The Neon Maker꧂11 days ago
  • No

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  • My man is gone

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  • There’s boys here to btw-

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  • Terry if he found out Kassie was doing this... 😆

    •「 amy-chan 」••「 amy-chan 」•11 days ago
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    • Hi

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  • 5184619696

    Richard KirkRichard Kirk12 days ago
  • She has an Arabic necklace with her name on it

    타마라타마라12 days ago
  • I finished the whole game and It has restarted

    blouse designs Bilagiblouse designs Bilagi12 days ago
  • Yuh

    Etta MoralesEtta Morales13 days ago
  • Kassie/gloom: Yay! i saved my friend -Friend: *dies* -Kassie/gloom: idc all i care about is my probaly new bf

    Lori MatiseLori Matise13 days ago
  • Wait I a boy is that bad?

    Laurence BrainLaurence Brain13 days ago
  • 😐i will maybe secretly play this

    itz_melitz_mel14 days ago
  • I hope you keep playing this, I was laughing so hard!!

    RedVelvety JessRedVelvety Jess14 days ago
  • I have a tray-ehn? Yay we're starving!

    Aryn RossAryn Ross14 days ago
  • *this is me when nobody is home*

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  • You said bird water

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  • Got my phone I win

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  • Happy day on GlOoM

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  • I have this game...

    Meryl AbdelmessiehMeryl Abdelmessieh15 days ago
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  • I love your vids

    Chantel CantwellChantel Cantwell15 days ago
  • Game: Oh no you lost your keys! Kassie: What do I doohoo

    sof_xxsof_xx15 days ago
  • Oh so first episode Terry is chill girl genius Terry kassie is dating hot guys I am jelly

    Phoenix MontinaPhoenix Montina16 days ago

    Dona JosephDona Joseph16 days ago
  • My sis is level 178

    Litzy TorresLitzy Torres16 days ago
  • I mean... you are right

    Elizabeth AftonElizabeth Afton16 days ago
  • "hApPy dAy iM GloOm"

    Natasja SkovlyNatasja Skovly16 days ago
  • Hehe here eat this rock

    Davon WebbDavon Webb17 days ago
  • I have that game

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  • That’s see how much subs can I get form this comment

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  • Wth

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  • I your fan number 1Gloom

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  • Are u wearing a Muslim necklace I lover itt

    Aneela RaufAneela Rauf17 days ago
  • I just killed this guy with a boulder

    Ariel VazquezAriel Vazquez17 days ago
  • What kind a game is that?

    siti hajarsiti hajar17 days ago
  • I was watching and my puppy was laying down next to me and his paw hit the bottom and it started scrolling down😂😂😂😂😂

    Emily ReiartEmily Reiart17 days ago
  • Gloom:Your wish is my comand Me:He did nothinngggggg

    Miljana MiljusMiljana Miljus17 days ago
  • More more now now now

    Ducliem NguyenDucliem Nguyen18 days ago
  • Can you please be my friend

    Prudence WachterPrudence Wachter18 days ago
  • Am I the on,y one who noticed while she was cracking the code for the cannubals she called the fish a bird 😂😂

    ElieElie18 days ago
  • that isnt a girl only game btw

    Archer PULKETTArcher PULKETT18 days ago
  • What name game

    Jk FansJk Fans18 days ago
  • me when the blond boy cheated on her:*I SENCE GAYNESS*

    fasia badjifasia badji18 days ago
    • * n *

      fasia badjifasia badji18 days ago
  • i got level 100 to 1 day lol

    Xxitssnowy_wovlf M. DulayXxitssnowy_wovlf M. Dulay18 days ago
  • Don't go to the last level it's goes to the first level 1

    Lizette AndrewsLizette Andrews18 days ago
  • Me as a boy watching this:...

    Tegan RansomTegan Ransom19 days ago
  • Girl gennius is that how you spell

    gerene kategerene kate19 days ago
  • Mr chubby is sweating IN WATER!

    Sarah Jane MorrisSarah Jane Morris19 days ago