You like my dress? Gee thanks, just made it

Apr 29, 2021
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I'm in the mood to see some DIY prom and event dresses and some of these Tik Tok designers absolutely popped off with their sewing.
Please check out the fashion designers featured in this video
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
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  • Is it me or the first dress photoshoot was at Singapore Marina Bay Sands O.o

    Yixin LeeYixin LeeHour ago
  • ok this is so off topic but please read i soooooo ship "gordox mombay" (gordon bombay & alex morrow) from mighty ducks game changers who agrees?

    Hannah GarrettHannah Garrett2 hours ago
  • can u see da way tu nit

    Catcher JankowskiCatcher Jankowski2 hours ago
  • Fun fact from a history nerd 😁 Corsets were originally made for posture

    Chuck MattsonChuck Mattson2 hours ago
  • Kassie: I want to see more Me : more of what

    Kwthar IdrissKwthar Idriss3 hours ago
  • You: do you like dress it took 5 years Stranger: yeah sure You: do you not like it I said it took 5 years Stranger: No no I love... like it

    Jackie TrentJackie Trent3 hours ago
  • 9:39 Whats is it called? The flexible wire thing

    Lynn DelarueLynn Delarue3 hours ago
  • The large train bow skirt irl: 2:46

    Mystic RoyaleMystic Royale3 hours ago
  • You could react to just dirt and i would watch it

    Incognito CoversIncognito Covers4 hours ago
  • My sister she had the most gorgeus dress and won the prom

    edgar lopezedgar lopez5 hours ago
  • did you guys see that HUGE dog in the backround when she was talking about the strawberry dress but like the person was making it

    Leonie DavidsonLeonie Davidson7 hours ago
  • Did no one see her dog in the background :)

    Cara DrummondCara Drummond8 hours ago
  • Lol I love this! If u made it this far, CONGRATS 👏 💖 🥳🥳 Black Lives Matter and no one is perfect!!!! Be urself always!🥳🥳🥳🥳❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❣❣❣❣❣❣💗💗💗💖💖💖💝💖💗💗💞💕💕💕💢💟💟💕💞

    Rosanna McLennonRosanna McLennon9 hours ago
    • Never Give Up, ever Give In!

      Rosanna McLennonRosanna McLennon9 hours ago

    Jasmine JuniorJasmine Junior9 hours ago
  • no offence Kassie but that english accent wasn't anywhere near how we sound, no hate

    Lainey O'DLainey O'D9 hours ago
  • Is it just me or on some parts her mic went 💀

    Ocean VibbizOcean Vibbiz11 hours ago
  • I love frogm

    Animal jam girlAnimal jam girl11 hours ago
  • She said when I get married im wearing a corset. Me: I thought you and Terry already got married?

    Shelby AikenShelby Aiken12 hours ago
  • Someone help i am stuck in a game called "get a snack at 4am"

    Albert with a gunAlbert with a gun13 hours ago
  • Does Gloom know that her Nic cuts?

    Annette KlAnnette Kl15 hours ago
  • “Whenever I think or dress I think of.. strawberry shortcake” Me a crybaby: I mean, your not wrong

    bofooit gojobofooit gojo15 hours ago
  • some of the audio wont work. Just me?

    h hh h15 hours ago
  • :(

    Hayley ThomasHayley Thomas15 hours ago
  • Hi

    Hayley ThomasHayley Thomas15 hours ago
  • Royal high dresses be like:

    Munchkin loverMunchkin lover16 hours ago
    • and that means I will be able to sit in the corner and go on my hone instead of joining in.

      bofooit gojobofooit gojo15 hours ago
  • Your dog is bigger then he was in the eating servings of food vid or whatever it was named I don’t remember

    Elizabeth AftonElizabeth Afton18 hours ago
  • Petition for eret too get the straw berry dress

    Neon FishNeon Fish20 hours ago
  • I didn’t get to go to a prom, cuz I’m homeschooled. 🥲 now I can never tell if I want to wear jeans or a dress lol

    Ariana BellAriana Bell21 hour ago
  • I live in Canada and my high school has prom and semi-formal. But I don't think they're doing it this year lol, they didn't last year. I mean, even if they had it, I wouldn't have gone - I don't really like those kinds of things

    yummy friendyummy friend22 hours ago
  • ShE hAvinG tHe dAy oF hEr LiIiIiiiFe 🌅😂

    Heaven JohnsonHeaven JohnsonDay ago
  • wow

    Savannah KelleySavannah KelleyDay ago
  • I always wished that Canada had prom, just so I could get a tux and shove it in the face of the sexist boys >:))

    dang-geun and tokkidang-geun and tokkiDay ago
  • Gloom: Ooooooohhhhhhhhh Me: Gloom, that's the thing that I hear when I hear someone kissing. Gross 3>

    Miss Alexandra plays gamesMiss Alexandra plays gamesDay ago
  • I’ve been following her for years

    Avery MedfordAvery MedfordDay ago
  • 0:00 You know, for the longest time, I thought she was saying, "Happy day ON Gloom." I only recently figured out that she's actually saying, "Happy day, I'M Gloom."

    Lulu CamarilloLulu CamarilloDay ago
  • Why did it mute for a second

    Lenusha MilkshakeLenusha MilkshakeDay ago
  • “She looks expensive” Me who is a BTS army: no no no no no rm why no no no no no no rm why no no no no rm you have scarred me.

    *Sage Green Mountain**Sage Green Mountain*Day ago
  • 6:31 Uh gloom I think someone muted you

    • RosyCake •• RosyCake •Day ago
  • So like I am the only one out of me and my friends that is wearing black and a bit of red everyone is wearing blue or pink but I am the "goth" of my class I mean I wear a choker and edgy rings to school with jeans and I would wear my chain but I don't want the boy to take it coz they like to take our stuff and it is annoying, I like being different so it's okay and that means I will be able to sit in the corner and go on my hone instead of joining in.

    Alana AshcroftAlana AshcroftDay ago
  • i love the frog dress tbh

    imaginationimaginationDay ago
  • Eret dress lol

    {Beans}{Beans}Day ago
  • Ok is anyone over here in 2021 and in oline school

    Zoe TarkasZoe TarkasDay ago
    • Online

      Zoe TarkasZoe TarkasDay ago
  • Does she have a black BIG dog?? Wow just sniffing somthing in the backround

    Hannah KittenHannah KittenDay ago
  • i love the long dress

    eva chengeva chengDay ago
  • We need Kartha Gewart to make a dress

    Sara Rosi-KesselSara Rosi-KesselDay ago
  • I dont like dresses i feel very uncovered wearing one but ill take the top of the frog dress i like the frog hoodie

    Neko NovaNeko NovaDay ago
  • In Gacha Club I could make you a dress!

    Charles RobitailleCharles RobitailleDay ago
  • hermiones yule ball dress is acctually blue

    ilyana tunisilyana tunisDay ago
  • Gloom: finally talking about Harry Potter me: YES I HAVE REACHED MY GOALS

    Bea ChanBea ChanDay ago
  • Wait... Ur Canadian? Finally a Canadian USworldsr!!!

    J&C UpfulhamtonJ&C UpfulhamtonDay ago
  • I wore a suit - not a prom dress .....

    Tabitha McNealTabitha McNealDay ago
  • I'm 26 & I Had Prom Back In High School & I'm From Ajax Ontario Canada

    Princess Pink HeartPrincess Pink HeartDay ago
  • Other YT channels with titles:PRANKING MY GIRLFRIEND 😝😎😀 Gloom:You like my dress? yah thxz I designed it

    Kyre smithKyre smithDay ago
  • its Sopot to be periwinkle blue

    Alice WeberAlice Weber2 days ago

    savannah millersavannah miller2 days ago
  • You think it was like 1819 kassie you were born in 1990

    Kxlee KawaiiKxlee Kawaii2 days ago
  • I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up too.And I'm only 12.😂

    Morgan SpauldingMorgan Spaulding2 days ago
  • Can anyone tell me hacks for unlimited gems in fashion fantasy

    Dania KausarDania Kausar2 days ago
  • Did you know that Hermoine's dress was supposed to be blue, like in the books :D

    Olive TempelOlive Tempel2 days ago
  • I’m sorry you didn’t go......

    Saya -sanSaya -san2 days ago
  • ⚠️Don’t buy a corset off of Amazon because they can break your rib.⚠️

    N O T I Z Z YN O T I Z Z Y2 days ago
  • The first dress was definitely Grammys or Met Gala

    Julia McMillanJulia McMillan2 days ago
  • I am a big fan of you

    elizabeth springerelizabeth springer2 days ago
  • 1:50 I love Kassie just simping over Hermione here. It's amazing.

    •{Nova Playz}••{Nova Playz}•2 days ago
  • The cage is called a crinoline, it was popular at some time in the corset times

    Sophia Alexandra RosaSophia Alexandra Rosa2 days ago
  • cassie should've seen the ariana grande grammy's dress that cee made is was so on fleek

    soinhu foitusoinhu foitu2 days ago
  • Kassie (Gloom): Excuse me while I get into the hobby of sewing My Mom and I: *sewing until we die*

    Izzy GeerIzzy Geer2 days ago
  • That dress reminded me of Duusu the peacock kwami from miraculous.

    Toga HimikoToga Himiko2 days ago
  • Thanks for showing me hrmin

    Katherine RodriguezKatherine Rodriguez2 days ago
    • Can we see you react to more dress making tik toks?

      soinhu foitusoinhu foitu2 days ago
  • 8:03 Ayyy, she knows the meme UwU

    Lxmon BobaLxmon Boba2 days ago
  • 'When I was younger, I thought it was as easy as cutting the dress shape out and sewing it together' Same 😂

    Kiwi_CøøkieKiwi_Cøøkie2 days ago
  • Kassie: and prom season is commin' yeaaaahhhhh Me: *My school don't have prom....*

    Rowena LaurenteRowena Laurente2 days ago
  • Does anyone realise that ariana grande says you like my hair gee thanks just bought it in 7rings

    Paul JacksonPaul Jackson2 days ago
  • “GloOoOhoOoOoOom

    XxSleepy LlamasXxXxSleepy LlamasXx2 days ago
  • I dont have prom...... i just have sweaty, loud school discos -_- in Britain thats all we have

    Lillith The DemonLillith The Demon2 days ago
  • “nO oNe WaNtS a WaIsT oVeR nInE iNcHeS” The whole Gacha community: 😧

    LanaGirl GachaLanaGirl Gacha2 days ago
  • And I feel my mom could make some of these dresses

    Maria GreelyMaria Greely2 days ago
  • My mom made 20+ costumes for the play Newsies from a bed sheet. Yeah.....

    Maria GreelyMaria Greely2 days ago
  • Hermiones dress in the books was blueeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Not pink

    Lexi GannonLexi Gannon2 days ago
  • My mom saying wear a frog Me:I will go to pond If you didn't know a frog is dress

    Ankalika MondalAnkalika Mondal2 days ago
  • . . . . . .


    amethystamethyst2 days ago
  • A little marshmello puff... I like it

    Emmy BakerEmmy Baker2 days ago
  • Can we see you react to more dress making tik toks?

    Xx Yukka100 xXXx Yukka100 xX3 days ago
  • Who wants to meet gloom, but know they never will??!! :((

    Mila's KitchenMila's Kitchen3 days ago
    • Dress

      bssni touirbssni touir2 days ago
  • HA ppy DaY 0n g100m

    Crew PitmanCrew Pitman3 days ago
    • When Gloom said it gave me butterflies Emma Watson actually fell down the stairs bec she got butterflies!!!

      bssni touirbssni touir2 days ago
  • I love gloom but I’m starting to lose interest in her videos because THEY ARE ALL TIK TOK RELATED

    Anime- musicAnime- music3 days ago
  • is no one going to talk about that in that one seen their was just no sound ._.

    saifaldin hossamsaifaldin hossam3 days ago
  • You sing so beautiful like when you went HAHHHHHHHHHHHHH 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    bella _ gachabella _ gacha3 days ago
  • deff not looking at your black doggo in the background-

    ariella olivoariella olivo3 days ago
  • 6:31 who else cant hear her- and 8:56

    Corgi_PartyCorgi_Party3 days ago
  • why dose Kassie's voice glitch out like that?! lol

    Lilly Lam-JeniferLilly Lam-Jenifer3 days ago
  • Wait...I'm Canadian

    Chelsea TrevisChelsea Trevis3 days ago
  • Gloom... you radiate bi energy🥳 WELCOME!

    Gretel DeckGretel Deck3 days ago

    mijuo rouimijuo roui3 days ago
  • Gloom you should try to sewing

    Zero comfy CøzZero comfy Cøz3 days ago

    Elizabeth AftonElizabeth Afton3 days ago
  • Did anyone else lose sound at some points Just me okay

    Isla ProductionsIsla Productions3 days ago
    • Wait, gloom is Canadian?!

      mijuo rouimijuo roui3 days ago
  • My prom is actually soon but I'm waiting for someone to make a move first... dropped a few hints let's see what happens

    Maya SassonMaya Sasson3 days ago
  • When Gloom said it gave me butterflies Emma Watson actually fell down the stairs bec she got butterflies!!!

    lollypop pooplollypop poop3 days ago